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#1 Re: Game Discussion » I THOUGHT I HAD IT ALL TOGETHER » 2017-09-14 22:58:32


Lol im 12 and i think loud noises are funny XDDDDDDDDDD

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Ownership of EE » 2017-07-13 20:47:52

Devlin wrote:

If you haven't already then join the discord: We sometimes talk about this stuff there.

First of all I wanted Nou to come back but he says he's too old for it..

Naw I was kidding, I don't want anything to do with it anymore.

#3 Re: Game Discussion » WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - WITH REWARD! » 2017-07-11 13:00:26


Plus he doesn't have a heart issue.  I know for a fact that that "health" stuff was something completely different. He quit, then changed his mind as he does all the time, and created some excuse about a health issue. Where you got the heart thing is beyond me.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » {RESULTS RELEASED} Everybody Edits Teamwork Contest 2017 » 2017-07-08 13:37:32


I'll donate 250 gems, hit me up on discord or something for the code

#5 Re: Game Business » My Resignation » 2017-07-08 12:29:48


You've done great work for the game, TOOP, thanks for everything. While some of you know him only as a graphics designer, during development, TOOP always worked out detailed plans for his vision of the game, which were always extremely helpful and exemplifies his dedication. For example, an old one from while we were working out the plans campaigns (pink comments by me):

Sad to see you leave, but I completely understand.

Hit me up on Skype for a chat sometime!

#6 Re: Game Discussion » So whats going on? » 2017-07-08 12:14:38


Gee, who would've expected any of this? Totally didn't call this.

Kira wrote:
capasha wrote:

I'm missing nou. He was best person to own EE. Everything got done and such.
If we look at any famous game there is a person that hold the team even if the person doesn't know anything about programming.
I would be happy if such person could be the new owner of EE. I know that I ignored nou before, but like it is now I regret where I was staying before.

The fun part is that Nvd kicked out Nou for being "inactive". Lol :)

Wasn't "kicked", I became "inactive" after flogging the dead horse that is NVD for weeks on end; no progress was being made. I came back after some changes in my irl situation, but the horse was still dead. In an attempt to get things going again I tried to recruit some new people, who then turned on me. They (NVD, Jesse, Showpath) said they wanted to do a complete reboot*, which I found a bad idea but was willing to listen and look for a compromise. It was all just a ruse to get me out. I could've just dumped them and found new people, but I felt that'd just make things worse for EE, so with the hope they could actually keep the game going, I just passed it on to them.

*reboot in this case meant just keeping the name and core concept of the game, but leaving everything else behind, like the worlds/graphics/physics engine/etc.

This is how the conversation went:

Hidden text

I started signing over access of PlayerIO/website/Slack/etc., even paid a few months' worth of server costs for them to give them some breathing room and get things started. When I was done signing everything over and was about to say goodbye, my access to slack had already been revoked and couldn't even say goodbye anymore.
In the meantime, there has been an update or two for EE, but of course nothing Unity, and especially, no reboot. Which of course was never the plan anyway.

My little birds echo what MartenM is saying: nothing is happening development-wise right now.

#7 Re: Game Business » [Important] Everybody Edits Announcement » 2017-04-07 13:25:46


Three things:

1: How come Koya is suddenly back from the dead, rising as a zombie admin after not responding to anything for months?
2: "Koya will be working alongside Toop, helping to develop and improve upon the designs and layouts, old and new within Everybody Edits." -- Why? I thought you were dropping current EE development -the very reason the recent changes in staff happened- and starting anew? Or have you changed your minds and just used it as an excuse to push me away. Show me that transparency you proclaim to exercise.
3: Nice writing NVD's post Megalamb, I recognize that style anywhere wink

#8 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Why is my CPU above 50 degrees celcius always in idle load? » 2017-03-15 21:53:57


Q8200 is an old quad core, know to be hot just like the Q6600. 50C isn't the end of the world btw, just a tad hot perhaps, but not near the 95c damage threshold. It's a 95W TDP so ye it just uses lots of energy which means it becomes hot. Upgrade, or live with the heat.

#9 Game Discussion » I quit » 2017-03-12 18:14:00

Replies: 57

I quit.

As some have already pointed out, I have little experience as a developer, and after little development progress has happened on the Unity client, it’s time to hang up the hat. In the end, I want what’s best for EE, which means handing over the reigns to someone more capable. Considering NVD has previously shown his ability to revive EE, it’s going to him.
How did it get to this? Putting it politically correct: “creative differences”. We have “discussed” a potential reboot, meaning starting from scratch, not updating the current EE anymore, leaving everything online while starting over somewhere else. I expressed my counterarguments for this idea, mainly being all current work (your worlds) going down the drain, looking for a compromise. However, the discussion soon stranded because of NVD’s, Jesse’s, and Showpath’s unwillingless to work with me. I put “discussed” between quotation marks because my hand was effectively forced: they have explicitly expressed they want me gone. That means I could either choose between letting them go and finding new people, or do as they want. No discussion, no compromises available.
I find it painful that it has to have gone this way as I have always tried to create an atmosphere where anyone can say anything, but it seems they think otherwise.

Positive things
When I first joined the EE team, I loved it, especially the summer right after. Working on EE2.0 was a long period of intensive work. While indeed having little experience as a developer, I do know how team dynamics work, which allowed me to apply structure to the way EE was worked on, as there was none. There was a certain kick to getting people to work together and pushing everyone, including myself, to their limits. As a result, EE2.0 was born. Campaigns were added, community interactivity was significantly increased, crews were added for smoother teamwork, including awesome crew profiles with customizable UI, users started getting rewarded for playing, in-game mail was introduced, the ingame UI was greatly improved, so much more stuff, so much content in such little time. Considering my non-developer background, I can say I look back at EE with pride, despite the inactivity at the end. I got to work with a few great people and have learned a lot. It was exhausting at times, but definitely fun.

What’s going to happen to EE?
First of all, we’re entering a transition period. On the business side of things, it takes a while to arrange for transfers. This shouldn’t affect the game itself.  As for the rest of the team, that’s up to them, as well as NVD. As for the future of the game, that’s no longer in my hands. I hope the new team, in whatever shape or form, creates something amazing.
What am I going to do next?

I may keep playing the game myself, EE will always have a special place in my heart. I’d like to thank the team as well as the community for giving me a chance to learn and for all the good times we’ve had, and I hope you remember the good times as well.
If you want to say goodbye or ask me some questions, I’ll be here for a while for a talk:


#10 Re: Game Discussion » What has been going on? » 2017-03-06 22:44:26

Zumza wrote:
Nou wrote:

While we appreciate everyone wanting to help, we have all bases covered right now. If we need someone, we will approach that person and ask them.

Why won't you go to the people who are willing to help? Why do you prefer keeping busy, unmotivated persons on the spot?

A large number of game clients are open-sourced.
People could propose code changes, and after someone oversees them, they could be committed.
I'm sure that you got an Todo List which can be followed, and that the current admins/devs have enough experience to decide what its good and whats not. Overseeing something, most of the time, takes less than the actual coding process.
Believe me that there a lot of people willing to help, without needing any recognition. Their only satisfaction is helping this game.

Theres a large community of programmers that know about EE and it would be petty not to exploit them.

I may actually consider this, I have a lot to think about.

XxAtillaxX wrote:
Zumza wrote:

Believe me that there a lot of people willing to help, without needing any recognition. Their only satisfaction is helping this game.

The developers within the game had repeatedly asked to re-write the client from scratch, which is surely indicative of their willingness to continue progress.
Nou had declined their wishes, possibly out of fear resulting from a lack of understanding with the development process. Instead, he allows the project to stagnate and go nowhere.

This is still a point of discussion, one of the major changes things I mentioned. I personally vow for the continuation of the current project because starting over would mean losing a TON of already created content. This content is created by users, so scrapping this would mean thousands of hours of work down the drain. We may be able to find a compromise here.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » What has been going on? » 2017-03-06 22:41:07

MrJaWapa wrote:

You don't develop. This shouldn't have any affect on the progress made on unity.

So you're saying this has nothing to do with me. Why blame it on me? Except of course I do lead the team.

MrJawapa wrote:

Finals don't take 6 months. You shouldn't have hired kaslai if he didn't have the time. And why is Proc still on the staff?

Correct, they don't take 6 months, it transitioned from that into the period of demotivation I mentioned.
Kaslai approached me, then as soon as I got him in, stuff happened at his company. Unfortunate timing of events.
Proc still occasionally works in the background and I'd like to keep the door open for him. Why do you care if his name is listed somewhere?

MrJawapa wrote:

You've made it clear that you're after money. You don't want best for the game. You want whatever will rake in the most dough.

Wild unfounded accusations. Please elaborate.

MrJawapa wrote:

The game once sat in the hands of someone more capable. You can talk **** about NVD all you want, but he truly wants the best for the game. Plus, under his ownership, things were getting done, desired updates were being released, and numbers were rising.

This game doesn't need you, NOU. You're just an extra.

I have never talked trash about NVD, stop straw manning please. You may recall I was already leading the team while the game was still under NVD's ownership. Under mine, they were also still rising for a long time, until inactivity struck. I know NVD wants what best for the game, so do I, we all do.


XxAtillaxX wrote:

You've had the torch quite some time and from the developer you hired, the code is messy and isn't reminiscent of anything that'd take months to develop.

It's not the fault of your staff that the progress has stagnated. It's the fault of yourself failing to provide the incentive to develop on your behalf (for near non-existent pay might I add).
I'm fairly sure there's a valid reason for your staff disliking you, which includes NVD asking for the game back, and many staff openly against your decisions that were not on behalf of the community and not of necessity.

I've seen the staff you've hired go a full 180 on their initial stance when being chosen by you. They're bored and underpaid, and instead of resolving the conflicts preventing progress, you decide to hire a new developer every few months to finish where they left off.

I do take responsibility for the lack of progress, I'm not sure where you got the idea I blamed the others. As mentioned in my post, I consider EE a hobby, and when adding people to the team, I make sure they're clear about that, meaning little to no pay. It's more of a "sharing the booty" kind of thing, where, if there's some extra, it is shared, while the rest remains in the vault for future investments (such as ads, licensing, server costs). Unfortunately, the current state of EE is nothing to advertise. But perhaps you're right that I need to reconsider incentives.

About the staff disliking me: I joined an existing team I did not choose, so yes of course it results in conflict. For example, Jawapa and I have had our differences, while I'm sure it would have gone differently if we had grown to know each other under different circumstances.

The thing with a team is that not everyone will agree with each other, so yes some may openly disagree with me. However, I value everyone's input, and we discuss everything in-depth. In the end, I have to make a final decision, which may not always be one that everyone agrees on, but that's leadership. I welcome discussion and feedback from my staff, so if someone is angry with me, I'd like to hear it. Not communicating with me would be their own choice, but I have tried to create an atmosphere of openness.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I'd like most for you to answer what sets you aside from the rest of the team that have been productive whilst you've done nothing at all besides collect a pay cheque?

While it may seem like little work, coordinating everything actually takes a huge amount of time and energy. Especially in the beginning when I first joined as a mod the team was pure chaos, everything being a mash of spam in a single Skype group. I started to apply structure and order which was surprisingly hard to done as it was clear none of them had ever worked in proper project groups. When it was finally OK-ish I cancelled my summer holidays to work on EE, and so I did,  micro-managing 12 hours or more almost every day, the entire holidays. All this hard work has finally paid off and management now takes much less time and energy, but it still does. I haven't actually made any money off of EE. The only thing I got for myself was a pizza because the payment system here in The Netherlands called "iDeal" was down, but PayPal was functional, so basically I made 10 bucks. The rest is stored in the aforementioned vault. The fact that I manage it doesn't mean it's mine, it's the game's.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Undoubtedly there's slow points within the development process, however it certainly doesn't last for months at a time.
I know some hard working and persistent people, however they always still have enough free time to allocate towards their hobby projects.

It's the same excuses.

I have explained how it went, and that's how it went. Demotivation happens, so does life, so one can lose sight of hobby projects too.

#12 Game Discussion » What has been going on? » 2017-03-06 21:37:54

Replies: 84

What’s been going on?
Not much, that’s the gist of it. It has been quiet for far too long and I will explain why, what the current status is of everything (like Unity), as well as what the future holds.

Why has it been so quiet?
When Unity was announced, we were going in with full hopes, but a brick wall called “life” happened. For me personally, I started working full-time, which, being a university lecturer, means work usually extends into the weekends. At the same time, some things in my personal life came up that took precedence.
Similarly, Thanel started at a university which also took (and still takes) at least 5 days out of his week. NVD had to take his final exams, Kaslai never got around to starting out because of responsibilities with another company, CJ spent a lot of time working at a different job and has recently left the team, Yonom/Processor had already expressed his lack of motivation before all this.
This meant little to no progress was being made on the Unity client, which, in turn, caused everyone to become demotivated, again causing progress to slow down. After some time, EE seemed to fade into the distance for most of us, with the occasional demotivating discussion about how nothing was happening. This continued for a long time.
I recognize the painful hypocrisy/irony in this as I had personally criticized our predecessors for doing nearly the same thing. However, after having resolved most of my time constraints (except that I still work at the university) I am definitely spending more time on EE, if you’ll still let me. I want what’s best for EE, so I’ll give it my all in a final attempt, and, you can quote me on this, I’ll pass the torch if this doesn’t work out, putting it in the hands of someone more capable if need be. Still, I would like to give it a last try.

Current status
First: Unity. We have a stable client that runs smoothly, although it’s missing some of the latest blocks/smileys. However, the UI is still heavily under construction, especially the lobby needs a complete overhaul as its current design is overwhelming and deters new players. The shop, crews, settings, profiles, and in-game mail still need to be done completely, as well as plenty of other stuff.
We ran/are running a closed alpha for testers, so some have already experienced the Unity client, but from now on I’d like to at least make a bi-weekly update on the status of the Unity client to keep everyone informed. Even if no progress is made, you will still be informed on the lack of progress. Please do not ask to join the alpha testers team, we will recruit people if needed.

Here's a little video and screenshot of what it currently looks like:


Second: The team. As everyone got inactive, so did the mods, so we have added two to make it easier to rotate shifts, if you will. So, welcome Dream and Megalamb.
Dream will also focus on campaigns, so new campaigns should be released on a more frequent basis.
At the same time, we’ve added EEJesse to the dev team and he will initially focus on the Unity project. Later on in April Showpath will do the same

The future
The original plan is still there, albeit later. However, some potential major changes are being discussed If any are to be done, we’ll make sure you know.

P.S. I wanted to post this last week but more stuff in my personal life came up that took strong priority. I will be replying to the pitch fork threads on the forum as well.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » I'm starting to feel lied toooooo~ » 2017-02-26 19:06:10


I'll make an update thread somewhere in the coming few days, haven't forgotten about you!

#14 Game Business » [Update] - 29th of January - End of Christmas, January update » 2017-01-29 14:59:52

Replies: 38

Christmas Edition in Evereybody Edits is over, but that doesn't mean there aren't any more presents! smile

First, let's welcome three new smileys to the energy shop: Pigtails, Doctor, and Turban!

We also have a new colorful pack for artists and builders alike: introducing the tile pack! Using this you can easily make a variety of patterns for flooring, bosses, and much more.

Beta members also get a new aura and smiley to test out for some time: A cool Hazmat Suit smiley and a special star shaped aura.

#16 Re: Questions and Answers » What happened to koya? » 2017-01-07 18:30:08


Personal stuff.

Gosha wrote:

Please. Kys is not even funny
A month ago koya just gone. I noticed that after a week.
He didn't response me anywhere
I really worry where he is
I asked 1/3 of Ee staff about him many times - all I got is the ignorance
Where did he go
I miss him

You should look up the word "ignorance", it's not the same as "ignore".

#17 Re: Game Business » [Patch] 28th of December - Small bug fixes » 2016-12-28 16:31:27

Ernesdo wrote:

also christmas campaign description says "raindeer" and not reindeer



#18 Game Business » [Patch] 28th of December - Small bug fixes » 2016-12-28 15:49:08

Replies: 23

- Fixed blue Christmas lights not showing after rejoining a world
- Fixed being affected by physics blocks to the left when standing on non-rotatable halfblocks
- Fixed the ability to set the previous chat message to nothing
- Fixed duplicate smileys being added to the smiley menu
- Fixed the ability to spam the FCWIN tabs (Friends/Crews/Worlds/Inbox/News)
- Fixed false cheat detection on the 'Christmas Town' campaign world
- Added a 'Random' button next to the world key textbox (the worldkey is now also remembered)
- Removed minimap colors from the mine pack decorations

Note: worlds will need to be empty before some fixes take effect

#19 Re: Game Business » [Update] - 23rd of December - Christmas 2016! » 2016-12-25 19:32:14

BuzzerBee wrote:

you gotta stop adding campaigns every time you add new stuff i literally bought all the new items in like 10 minutes thanks to all the free energy from the campaign

Well sorry for giving you free stuff sad

#20 Re: Game Business » [Update] - 23rd of December - Christmas 2016! » 2016-12-24 15:33:17


Campaign is live!

Blue enjoying Christmas with its balloon family and totally isn't bugged? cool

#21 Game Business » [Update] - 23rd of December - Christmas 2016! » 2016-12-24 00:00:19

Replies: 55

Update - December - Merry Christmas Everybody Edits!

Christmas time is here again, which means loads of new gifts! First, let's unwrap three new toy smileys: the clockwork robot, teddy bear, and Christmas soldier.
Introducing more goodies for you all in the new Christmas pack! There are plenty of gifts to give in your worlds with five colors of half-block presents, topped off with bows. Also included are multi-colored stringed lights, a bell, hollyberries, and even an animated candle! All the decorations you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

Be sure to check out the new basic-easy Christmas campaign for holiday fun and games! Can you claim the Grinch and Scrooge smileys? Note: This campaign will be live on the 24th!

In unrelated news, we've added a new free smiley: the boy. Those of you who have already purchased the new years 2015 pack might also notice there's something else in the pack now, too...

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Is there a way to delete my EE account or change the username? » 2016-12-13 13:57:55

Prodigy wrote:
Nou wrote:
XxAtillaxX wrote:
AmdS wrote:
Atomic wrote:

That works, but i don't want to pay real money and the campaigns will take forever to earn 50 gems. I don't even know if beating every campaign level gives you a total of 50 gems. Is there any other way to get 50 gems?

You can buy gems.

Atomic wrote:

i don't want to pay real money

You could wait or PM a staff member. I know they do it for their friends for free, which I doubt they'd admit to.

I've freed up usernames of unused* accounts hogging names, but not changed stuff for free.

*Not active in years, never logged on, 200 max energy, etc.
You sure did smile. Now I have to be stuck here with my 50 gems wasted and never getting out...

I didn't say I cleared everything, I cleared a few on request. You never asked me :/

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Is there a way to delete my EE account or change the username? » 2016-12-12 20:42:39

XxAtillaxX wrote:
AmdS wrote:
Atomic wrote:

That works, but i don't want to pay real money and the campaigns will take forever to earn 50 gems. I don't even know if beating every campaign level gives you a total of 50 gems. Is there any other way to get 50 gems?

You can buy gems.

Atomic wrote:

i don't want to pay real money

You could wait or PM a staff member. I know they do it for their friends for free, which I doubt they'd admit to.

I've freed up usernames of unused* accounts hogging names, but not changed stuff for free.

*Not active in years, never logged on, 200 max energy, etc.

#24 Re: Game Discussion » Please Explain, I am confused. » 2016-12-03 10:53:04

Zumza wrote:
NVD wrote:

There are no secret moderators/admins in Everybody Edits. This is probably just a bug.

How can a bug like this can ever occur? This was made intentional. Some of you clearly edited EEJesse's privileges and you forgot to reverse them properly.
Why even bother lying?

He's a secret mod but don't tell anyone ok? Just between you and me.

#25 Game Business » [Patch] 26th of November - Small bug fixes » 2016-11-26 18:22:26

Replies: 6

- Fixed a bug with double jump in campaign restore
- Fixed a bug causing the horizontal vine to be unplaceable
- Fixed a bug where the Spy smiley was visible on the minimap
- Fixed a bug where crowndoors wouldn't reset using reset block
- Fixed a bug where Like/Favorite buttons would be invisible when minimap was disabled
- Fixed a bug with the Action Menu offset
- Fixed player list overlapping chat
- Added smiley searching by ID
- Smiley IDs now appear when hovering over smileys in the smiley menu
- Removed deprecated /setpos command

The campaign restore may only work after the map has been reset after the update.

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