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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of unannounced content » 2021-10-08 22:23:03

File name:jMZnawI.png
(I assume that means: Sprite of the Basic block Normal Map)

So far it looks that the staff plans to have the auras to emanate light
And the game to have some sort of dynamic lighting

Example of other games dynamic lighting using "normal map":


#3 Re: Game Suggestions » Movable Blocks & Collectible Decorations » 2021-09-22 11:23:49

After I finish with the pending suggestions:
- Liquid new mechanics.
- Grabbing effect action tool.
- Death and Jump visual cosmetics
- Cinematic camera tools
I would be done with the suggestion crusade (might do some extra ones if anyone request for so)
Then I would stop doing graphics and start learning a programming game engine, although as I am illiterate on programming, the success rate of learning is not yet determined. If successful, I would actually make my own games with the features I have been suggesting and some additional ones. (envisioning potential). (Graphics would be changed for new ones).
Downloaded Visual Studio and I have no clue what to do next lol, gonna see where it takes.

#4 Game Suggestions » Gravitaitonal Pulling Jelly » 2021-09-22 10:01:02

Replies: 0

Hold (CTRL for the GIF) to start being attracted to the Gravitational Jelly
The moment you release, you stop the connection and keep the current momentum*

Features, Settings, Mechanics,


#5 Game Suggestions » Fueled Dashing effect & Reversible Dashing Gates & Breakable Doors » 2021-09-21 15:37:23

Replies: 0

Fueled Controllable Dashing effect: Allows the Player to use Dash for the time determined by a fuel.

Reversible Dashing Gates: These revert their switch mode as the Player Dashes and remain switched for the time set by the builder.

Dashing Breakable Doors: Breaks as the player breaks them while using Dash.

Fueled Controllable Dashing effect:
Reversible Dashing Gates & Dashing Breakable Doors:


Keyboard for GIF:

#6 Re: Game Suggestions » Tracker Block & Hazard » 2021-09-21 12:30:33

MartenM wrote:

This would require a reset button. Or just soft-lock the world.
Very interesting though.

Also curious, how do you make these gifs?

Minisaurus wrote:

*PS: Additional feature: A key to reset the position of them all without the need of the smiley dying.

The key thing is inside the first spoiler tab at the end of it.

Wrote the process of the animations on this post: … 36#p791536

#7 Re: Game Suggestions » Tracker Block & Hazard » 2021-09-21 04:43:40

It is time EE! to evolve in something more interesting, less limitations and more mechanics, more settings for every feature, a simplistic platform game now-a-days is out-dated, EE! has the chances of being truly innovative and have the best mechanics ever seen in platforms games.

#8 Game Suggestions » Tracker Block & Hazard » 2021-09-20 08:22:03

Replies: 6

Direction available for selected Tracker:
- Horizontal movement only.
- Vertical movement only.,
- Horizontal and Vertical movement.
Ranged movement (For this one, the builder delimits the range using movement area).
- Speed:
The builder set the speed (in blocks per second).

Mechanics, Features, Types:
Situation: Two blocks collide each other in mid-air:


#9 Re: Game Suggestions » Movable Blocks & Collectible Decorations » 2021-09-19 01:40:04

N1KF wrote:


How do you make these animations? Is that an actual playable prototype you use in your posts?

The process is very extensive and time consuming:
- While the day I think on concepts and ideas, and write them down and do quick draws as memento.
- Create various prototype designs and polish the preferred graphics using Photoshop
- Make a minigame able to display central features and mechanics of the suggestion. (EEO)
- Use Pyxel Edit to switch graphics for the minigame made in EEO with new ones (blocks, hazards, backgrounds).
- Send the assets from Pyxeledit and Photoshop to Aseprite and order them with layers.
- Animate the frames manually one per one (reusing animations when possible) (this one has 200 frames)

Aseprite layer order for the animation above

Took one night (like 12 hours) to make the animation above, and I would LOVE to use an actual playable prototype to do these animations lol

#10 Game Suggestions » Movable Blocks & Collectible Decorations » 2021-09-19 00:45:59

Replies: 5

Movable blocks: Movable blocks are moved by push either by the smiley or by other movement sources.

Settings, Mechanics, Features:

Collectible decorations: The player is able to collect decorations, those specific decorations has a number of amount.

Quote from the EE Discord server:
Settings, Features, Details:

I: Open Inventory.
J: Show required items.
E: Give item (unlock).

#11 Game Suggestions » Shadow Clone action tool & Visual Effect Zones » 2021-09-17 13:17:01

Replies: 0

Clone action tool:

- They can do everything the current smiley can do, including using portals, activating switches and using variety of action tools. (Some exceptions might be spawn points, Visual effect zones).
- The clone and the smiley although do the same moves, perform those in different places, being susceptible to the environment.
- All clones die if the smiley dies.

Features and Settings:


Visual Effect Zones:
Variety of types.
Each type independent from the other visual effect zones.

Visual Effect Zone types

Shadow Clone, Obscurity Zone, Distortion Zone:

#12 Game Suggestions » NPCs enemy types & NPCs Health mechanics » 2021-09-15 14:09:19

Replies: 0
NPCs Enemy types:
Health system for NPCs:


#13 Game Suggestions » Smiley counter zone & Health PvP system » 2021-09-15 10:18:25

Replies: 1

Health PvP system:

Player1 jumps on top of Player2: Player2 loses a heart.
Player1 hits player 2 on a side: the smileys get repelled, none of them loses a heart.

Details and features:


Player counter zone:
Counts the amount of players of certain area.

Features, Mechanics, Setings:
Display of zones for the builder:


#14 Game Suggestions » Upcoming suggestions for EE! » 2021-09-14 00:25:51

Replies: 1

I will be doing duos (featuring two mechanics, one "new" and other one that wasn´t added ever to EE (up to modifications) and this time will be for EE!
Gonna feature a GIF with those, with graphics resembling EE! new style.

Enemy NPCs
Bat: Jumps and try to stomp on player
Tiny Smiley: moves from side to side (could has a version that makes unable to be stomped)
Goo: Moves in all directions, in a loop
Shadow clone action tool:

Requested by Discord user:

Spawn point: Where the shadow is cast.
Activator: Where the smiley activates the creation of a shadow.
De-activator: Where the shadow is deactivated.

Time: The shadow will be active for 0-999 seconds (0 representing infinite).
Cool-down: The time from each shadow to spawn.
Amount: How much shadows can be active at once.

Booboo: If it dies, the smiley dies.
Un-linked: It dying does not make the player die.

- They can do everything the current smiley can do, including using portals, activating switches and using variety of action tools.
- The clone and the smiley although do the same moves, perform those in different places, being susceptible to the environment of each one
Moving blocks:
Two types:
Auto-move: Tracks the player movement, and move to its direction, requires direct vision with the player and only moves in vertical and horizontal direction
Settings for auto-move blocks:
Speed of movement: blocks per second
Movable blocks: the player can move them by pressing the smiley to their direction, those are able to use conveyors and go through open doors and certain action tools which have no solid hitbox, such as spike hazards
Those falls in smiley speed in case of being on a "cliff"
Directional effects such as arrows or boosts and any other should not move the movable blocks, only conveyors should

Allows the smiley to dash in the pressed direction

Amount of dashes per mid-air (replenish when getting back to ground): 0-999 (0 representing infinite)
Checkbox: Dashes replenish when hit ground?: Yes/No

Dashes should be a bit shorter than jumps, to allow ease maneuvers

Grab effect tool:
Allows the smiley to grab to certain edges/borders of certain block

- Set the block who you can grab to:
When the smiley clicks on the place of the effect, it displays in a textbox (like signs) with the graphic of the block that the smiley can grab to
- Time: how much time the smiley can grab to the block before exhaustion, it replenish when hitting the ground.

- Grab effect tool


Collectible decorations: The player is able to collect decorations, those specific decorations has ID
- Decoration item: this is the ID of the collectible, differentiated from other IDs
- Amount required to open: 1-999.

Setting only for collectible (decoration):
- Max stack: Max amount of collectibles the smiley can stack for that ID.
- Spawn time: Amount of time per collectible spawn: (-1 Does not spawn again / 0 Spawn instantly / 1-999 Spawn in that amount of seconds)
- Positive/Negative: If it is a positive collectible, the player gains 1 collectible, if it is a negative collectible, the player loses 1 collectible.
- Stack amount per collectible: 1-999: The player gets this amount when collecting the collectible.

- Collectible holder: holds the decoration item being collectible.
- Collectible door: Opens when collectible amount is met.
- Range: Blocks 1-20
- Amount: 1-2-3-4-5 (Less to more Dark)

Effect giver: Gives the player the obscurity effect
Effect remover: Removes the player the obscurity effect
Light zone: Adds lighting to an area independently

Health system for NPCs: displays number and heart on top of NPCs enemies, the player can jump over them that amount of times, after that the NPC disappears and spawn again after cooldown
Health: 0-999 (0 represents infinity)
Cooldown: Time that takes to spawn again

Ultimately could be a mechanic that works for smileys too,
Player1 jumps on Player2: Player2 loses a heart
Player1 hits player 2 on the side: the smileys get repelled in opposite directions, none of them loses a heart
(Additionally could have a checkbox for repelled, ON: smileys bounces in opposite directions, OFF: the players don´t bounce, simple stops, (If so, the player only removes 1 hearth from the other player while on top, has to exit by jumping or moving away and go on top of the head of the other player again to remove another heart).
The heart showing the number of health only displays when being hit
Health giver: 0, 1-999: (0 being infinite)
Health remover: Removes the health effect
Only if both players has the effect, they can interact using it
Player counter zone:
Counts the amount of players of certain area

- Player counter zone
- Door: Only opens if the amount of players required is met

Open if:
Less than X: Will open only if there is less than X players on the current zone.
Exactly X: Will open only if there is exactly X players on the current zone.
More than X: Will open only if there is more than X players on the current zone.
(X being amount of players)
ID: This allows to set differentiated player counter zones

New liquids mechanics:
Checkbox for Dashing: The smiley can give tiny jumps while in the water in all directions (similar to dashing)

Bubble mechanic:
Bubble timer: Seconds the bubbles will last.
-1: Infinite timer
0: Instakill
1-999: seconds the bubble last

Color hue for water: Gives the water a hue selector to decide its color
Those mechanics are available for all liquids:

Trails: displays path that the smiley had taken
Death animation: animation of death is selected by the player.
Setting on game to show or hide other´s player animations.

Current planned duos: (up to modifications)

The GIFs will be posted soontm

#15 Game Suggestions » Elemental Cannon & Cannonball action tool » 2021-09-11 08:11:04

Replies: 1

Two types:
Tracker: Cannonballs starts from its center, and tracks the smiley movement. (It only active when the smiley is in range of its direct vision area)
Static: Does not tracks the player and the cannonball follows a linear direction.

Ice: Slows down the player when hit
Goo: Makes the player bounce when hit
Lava: Kills player when hit

Cannonball Speed: 1-2-3-4-5 (slower to faster)
Cooldown: Seconds of delay from each shot
Maximum active cannonballs per cannon: 0-99

Mechanics, Scenarios:


#16 Game Suggestions » Interactive Conveyor » 2021-09-10 22:37:22

Replies: 1

Able to move the smiley (and potentially items inside it)

Speed: Blocks per Seconds (0 means the conveyor won´t move but grasp function would still be available)
Direction: up, down, left right (and potentially diagonal conveyors)

- It allow to move the smiley in the direction of the conveyor while in it. (and in counter direction if the smiley is fast enough)
- While holding direction to the conveyor it allow the smiley to grasp to it.

#17 Re: Game Suggestions » Magical parachute&levitation effect action tool: » 2021-09-09 20:56:04

HydraK90 wrote:

That's it, I can't anymore, I want to break up with you.
I love you, but this relationship isn't working out. I don't even know what "editing" is. What are we editing, hm?
I'm sorry.

But every body edits!

#18 Game Suggestions » Magical parachute&levitation effect action tool: » 2021-09-09 20:43:58

Replies: 4

- Allow to jump (if jump is available)
- Levitation: While pressing spacebar in mid-air, the smiley will gain some altitude back for the while the spacebar is holded (Only if levitation has enough fuel).
- Parachute: While in mid-air, reduces fall speed.

Details, Settings, Interaction with other effects:


#19 Game Suggestions » Event&Trigger Zones » 2021-09-09 00:29:44

Replies: 2

- Trigger zone: Triggers the Event zones of same ID.
- Event zones: Where the Trigger Zone of same ID will have influence (where the items are switched).

Allows to do various actions:
A. Timed Event: Switch temporarily a item to then return to previous one
To trigger A. the Trigger Zone timer has to be set in the range 1-999.
B. Switch items: Makes a item switch to other item when activated (could be for example an empty block to a spike hazard, or a normal block to a sticky block, etc.).
To trigger B. the Trigger Zone timer has to be set to -1.
C. Linked Event: When the smiley stands inside the Trigger Zone, it activates the switch item event, the event will persist until the smiley leaves both Trigger and Event zone.  (To allow the smiley to keep the Event Zone active, the Trigger and Event Zone of the same ID has to be next to each other).
To trigger C. the Trigger Zone timer has to be set to 0.

Settings and Details:

The GIF below displays the 3 types of settings for the Trigger Zones and how the Event Zones with the same ID of each of those behave: Order: A, B, C

#20 Game Suggestions » Channeling Jelly - movement action tool » 2021-09-08 06:05:47

Replies: 3

Channeling Jelly:


- The player enters the Jelly by being near it´s center.
- Remain there until pressing both a directional key and spacebar.
- If the player press both a directional key and then spacebar, but the direction selected is obstructed by a block, then the action won´t take place as it is not possible to perform.
- The number on the action tool display is the amount of Jellies that the smiley would be channeled through OR the resulting speed in case the smiley is getting ejected from the Jelly (Blocks per second speed).


#21 Re: Questions and Answers » Smiley Physics » 2021-09-07 23:27:34

I just tested 4# and got a result of around 84 blocks per second in terminal speed fall
Now that EE is "finished" product, is the fall speed 84 blocks per second in terminal speed?

I also tested horizontal speed and got a result of around 42 blocks per second (half the speed of fall, friction seems like reducing the speed in half)

Used cursed action tool and let 4 seconds for acceleration and one second to take coins, the amount of coins taken in the last second is the number I used to calculate blocks per second at terminal speed.

#22 Game Suggestions » Crumbling Block action tool » 2021-09-07 07:41:11

Replies: 0

There is two settings:
Time the Crumbling Block takes to crumble.
Time the Crumbling Block takes to recover after crumbling.

Crumbling Blocks are activated in two situations:
A. The smiley is next to the Crumbling Block and the player press the directional key to the Crumbling Block direction, that triggers it.
(If the player does not press the directional key to its direction, even if the smiley is near it, the Crumbling Block won´t trigger, unless situation B is met).
B. The smiley has enough speed to hit the Crumbling block and is going to its direction (and hits it).
(For example, if the gravity is down, and a Crumbling Block is right below the smiley, it will be triggered)


#23 Re: Game Discussion » Anyone knows a game like EE? » 2021-09-05 23:28:28

I wanna Maker (IWBTG inspired) on Steam
Mario Maker building franchise From Nintendo
Meat boy (Editor extension) on Steam
Celeste (Editor community made) on Steam
Battleblock Theater Editor on Steam

There might be more

#24 Game Suggestions » Automatic Retractile Spikes » 2021-09-05 07:01:07

Replies: 0

Retractile spikes automatically activate after being touched, giving a time of delay as preventive warning (about half a second of warning time, could be adjusted using advanced setting for the builder)

The hazard remain active for the while the smiley is in contact with the spikes, when the smiley leaves the hazard area, the spikes return to resting.

Those are on client side.


PS: Added more shiny to the spikes on v2:

#25 Game Suggestions » Interactive Laser action tools » 2021-09-04 06:22:42

Replies: 2

- Laser: While active, kills any player who touches it.
- Reflector: When a laser gets inside of it, the laser get reflected into the available directions of the projector.
- Pressure plate: for laser activation. (There is 3 types: 2 directions, 3 directions and 4 directions)
- Glass slopes: When the laser hits one of those, the laser get reflected on a new direction (rotates the laser in 90°).

Abilities and features:
- The laser can move through rails, allowing it to move.
- The laser could be able to activate switches (Switches off → Laser is turned on → Laser hits switches → Switches are triggered once when so).
Or have their own unique switches set, would allow the fastest possible switch systems.
- There could be various laser color skins, each one independent of the other colors.

Additional setting:
Intermittency: Sets time for intermittent laser (delay between laser beam and time duration of laser beam)

Laser concepts: (Laser, Reflector, Pressure plate, Glass slopes)
PS: Additionally there could be sparks where the laser hits an object.

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