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#1 Re: Off Topic Discussion » soniiiety tests his microphone and headset » 2018-01-14 18:00:16

0:40 is a killer and then the ending is also good

This guy is an enigma.

#5 Re: Debates » is it nudity if you are invisible? » 2017-12-15 04:41:36

hummerz5 wrote:

consider, for a moment, the trouble of Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison's)

lol wrong one, I think you mean H. G. Wells

I don't see how you could make an argument that you aren't naked if you aren't wearing anything. Being visible is not part of the definition of nudity. I guess if it were an accusation of public nudity and indecent exposure, the defendant might say that they caused no harm because nobody saw them. I don't think this would actually work as a defense because it is just too creepy and inappropriate to not convict.

#6 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Spotify Wrapped » 2017-12-07 03:42:25

Pingohits wrote:

is spotify free worth? thinking about switching

If you are going to be listening mainly on pc, I think yes. I'm pretty sure you can block the ads if you use the web browser version and can select specific songs to play. The free mobile app kinda sucks because you can only shuffle play. Or you can do the $5 a month for spotify and hulu, I'll probably do that next year but right now I'm in a family plan with my friends.

I know you listen to some niche stuff, idk if those artists would have their stuff on spotify. EDIT: I'm pretty sure there is a way to add your own songs to your library, so you would just have to rip songs from youtube and keep them saved on your computer if you wanted to listen to them. idk tho I haven't really looked into this.

Pingohits wrote:

-ability to favorite tracks or like them?
-anything else that makes spotify "better" than youtube?

-You can create as many playlists as you want and play them in order or shuffle.
-You can like songs if you are listening to the 'radio' where it suggests new songs. It creates a Liked Songs Playlist automatically, but I just have all the songs I like in one master playlist if I want to listen to any song I like.
-I don't really use youtube so idk what makes it better other than it probably uses less mobile data. Spotify seems to be pretty good at recommending new stuff and is great for listening to songs you already know. Looking at and playing an artist's entire discography is very easy on spotify, so that's probably nicer than on youtube.

#7 Off Topic Discussion » Spotify Wrapped » 2017-12-07 03:27:06

Replies: 23
giant pic

Comes out to 67 DAYS of music. That's like 18 percent of the year. Share your things here.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » I am thankful » 2017-11-26 22:48:02

Mega Lamb wrote:
Latif wrote:

Unity is finished? Where is it then? Is EE going to revive?

As far as I am aware, Unity was finished a long time ago, ready for launch, but Unity costs a lot more to run and serve than Flash does, so unless there is any investor funding, Unity is an unreasonable option as a business decision in the current state of the game.

Do you know why the community was never told this?

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Nou's Prank Video » 2017-11-25 22:38:17

I saw a new one on reddit. Apparently Nou is still doing pranks, what a jokester.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » Policy of releasing contest worlds » 2017-11-03 21:43:44

you guys are retarded if you think you have any argument for things like that belonging in a children's game. This isn't the place to "educate" people on the holocaust and whatever else you find edgy. Start a blog or something if you really care that much.

#13 Re: Game Suggestions » Let us type in movement » 2017-10-24 00:25:01

is this advanced **** or an actual suggestion?

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Swim competition » 2017-10-15 17:17:53

Onjit wrote:

what does rapping have to do with swimming

they both require good lungs

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » **** free » 2017-09-22 01:26:51

Bimps wrote:
Evilbunny wrote:

yea that's why I just do meth instead


I'm not going to give you a serious response on this because that's awkward. This is all you get.

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » **** free » 2017-09-22 01:20:55

yea that's why I just do meth instead

#17 Re: Forum Games » mafia 15 signups (slots filled, backups available) » 2017-09-21 21:19:31

not playing because I think I'm bored of forum mafia again fyi

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Dancing with a partner » 2017-09-18 23:26:48

maxi123 wrote:

which is why im speculating that you've hit grade 11

AnatolyEE wrote:

As of farer news, I am now in grade 8

good work detective

also my advice is to just remember to keep it fun like it's supposed to be

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » a GOOD suggest » 2017-09-18 03:09:55

I know that I personally do not appreciate the dev team cutting corners.

#20 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-12 23:42:15

Am I the only one who has no idea what happened this game?

#21 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-07 23:04:29

HeyNK wrote:


I'm the wizard mentioned in slabdrill's card. At night I can witch hunt a player and see if they are magical. I investigated MartenM N1: Not Magical. I investigated Hummerz last night: Not Magical.
So basically I'm a townie who wants to kill the mafia and the witch.

I walked the first night and tried to take my car last night just to see if it would be stolen, and it was. Somebody stole my car last night and idk what that means except somebody that can do that is alive.

#22 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-06 19:58:56

Processor wrote:
Evilbunny wrote:
Processor wrote:

Sure I'll jump the wagon

!vote MartenM

ok wow I was going to do that but now I probably shouldn't until those guys clear up whatever plan they are trying to come up with

so let me know when to hammer and I'll do it


aha slab took his vote off so now it isn't up to me when to end it

!vote MartenM

#23 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-06 19:56:50

Processor wrote:

Sure I'll jump the wagon

!vote MartenM

ok wow I was going to do that but now I probably shouldn't until those guys clear up whatever plan they are trying to come up with

so let me know when to hammer and I'll do it

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-06 00:43:43

jkdrip wrote:

Marten: If you did indeed try to role claim as Joy Rider, whose car did you steal?
Otherwise, explain your most recent post.

yea I agree with this, let's just get some clarification and then see where to go after that

tbh I don't really know what is going on because I read 0 rolecards and don't really intend to memorize them

#25 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-03 14:00:01

Since nobody has anything to say apparently, I think it's best if we all just vote for a person or for nolynch.

If we are going to pick somebody I suggest Abelysk just because he's said he doesn't think it is safe to lynch anybody right now and will probably be less likely to vote on future days. The town needs lynches to win and if he isn't going to help with his vote then he doesn't have much value.

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