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#1 Worlds » [EEU] Station_01.exe (Remastered) » 2020-08-09 05:21:52

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Station_01.exe (Remastered)


Three months ago, the EEU port of Station_01.exe was finished, and it was ready to release as soon as Yellow and Blue Coin doors were implemented. That did not went down, not because there were technical or creative difficulty. It was because at the time, I just wasn't satisfied with it. It just did not feel right to simply duplicate the original level into here and release it as is. I had a personal need to add more into the map.

It started by completely rewriting the log section of the original Station_01.exe. The original logs were a simple fluff, really, a filler content to take up the space of the minimap. When I was contemplating at what to do with the logs in EEU, I knew I wanted to reboot the narrative of the Station trilogy in EEU, and link all three in a more cohesive manner. If the Station trilogy was eventually getting ported, now would be the best time to soft-reboot the universe. New lore logs were written, and it became the reward for the players who dedicate themselves to completing everything the level has to offer.

As the new logs were finished, the need to add more and more content continued to snowball. I knew I at the time I wanted to create a B-Side to the level. If you've never played Celeste, you might not know what that means, but it's essentially an optional challenge the game has to offer. The problem is: I have no idea how to design brutal and fair minis. I really have no idea what I was doing, so I had to spent some time playing through 10+ Hard-Extreme campaign worlds in EE to get a feel on what I'm looking for. These log challenges are what I've come up with after the fact, and I hope veterans here will enjoy the experience I have to offer.

I also knew at the time that I wanted to come up with an alternate game mode -- Something new that would give a new feel to the level. After some experimentations left and right eventually settled with a Dual-Jump Mode, which as the name implies, essentially introduces double jumping to the players and unlocks access to additional coins otherwise inaccessible with a single jump. I was pleasantly surprised with how much it changed my platforming perspective as a player, completely underestimating the flexibility of having an extra jump and I was satisfied with the new game mode as soon as I was done (which is a very rare thing in my case).

At this point, the volume of content for the level had tripled. There were almost twice as many Gold Coins to seek out and collect, in addition to the five brutal challenges that took me a long time to finish. It was at this moment that I realized that I should probably stop. The scope of the level was growing bigger and bigger and if I chase down this rabbit hole, well; you'll never see this level ever finished. So, I finished up that very day, and here it is: Station_01.exe Remastered.

Please enjoy what the level has to offer.


  • Creator -- Aoitenshi

  • Helper (Original Version) -- AndreiTan2000, BioManiac, Mast, Peker4241

  • Original Inspiration -- Star

#4 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-07-04 10:33:24

RavaTroll wrote:

HEY GUYS ANOTHER WEEK ANOTHER GAME DEV LOG! is my favorite sentence now.

It's his trademark at this point.

#5 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-06-27 05:15:30

It's better if we lock action packs behind level progression system like Kongregate in my opinion. That website has an account level progression system which levels up as you play multiple games and collecting badges. That way, EEU newbies can either do plenty of easy worlds to collect XP, or experienced ones do a few insane worlds to get as much. It would be a system that can cater to both newbies and veterans.

#6 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-06-20 11:06:11

Kirby wrote:

The argument that "if someone abuses (x), it's just bad level design, therefore this feature/suggestion should stay/shouldn't be overlooked" makes sense, but for invisible arrows I do think there's another factor that should be taken into account.

Invis things aren't useful intuitively. Unless someone has a really good idea or is really good at level design, invis things are extremely difficult to not "abuse". When coins were introduced to the game, people definitely could've just flooded worlds with them if they wanted to, but if someone wanted to create a decent level it wouldn't be hard for them to figure out how to use coins to benefit their world.

With invis things, it's REALLY hard to make them work, as it's easy for the owner to falsely assume that their locations are obvious. This is an inherent issue with anything invisible, and unless the level builder really knows what they're doing, it's inevitable.

As I actually extensively use these invisible gravities and portals, I would be pretty opposed to having them removed. Though they have less use case than coins, they are still a level designing tool as much as the former are, and how good they are depends on how you design the gameplay around it. If one comes across invisible gravities that makes no sense, or just adds to the frustration, that is not a good level design.

Invisible things in itself are not inherently bad, but they are certainly not a tool you want to abuse as much as visible gravity arrows. Running into invisible arrows takes control away from the players and may add to the frustration because by itself, there is no way to figure out where exactly they are until they stumble across it the first time and memorize it. Players hate losing control in any case and this also applies to the game, and this is probably why so many shunned upon any usage of invisible gravity.

Done right though, invisible gravity can also contribute to the experience. What the level creators could have done with the invisible gravity was to take advantage of what they are good at, and minimize possible frustration and/or loss of control as much as humanly possible. What are they good at? Being hidden and therefore not detracting from the background/in-game art. How do you minimize frustration? Make them predictable. How do you make them predictable? Make it a recurring pattern, over and over. How do you make sure they realize the recurring pattern? Make a controlled environment where it's required for them to take advantage of the recurring pattern.

This is essentially what I've implemented with the concept of ledge climb in my third Station (which utilizes invisible dot). I dedicated the entire six first mini games to have them familiarize themselves with how ledge climbing works, and commonly implemented dozens of these ledge climbs throughout the level consistently on every single corners. Ledge climbing ended up adding more to the players' repertoire of possible actions, which I believe ultimately added to the experience, not detract.

#7 Re: Worlds » [DEMO] Singularity: » 2019-03-05 15:43:28

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:
2B55B5G TNG wrote:

Gonna try it out in the weekend. Looks awesome!

Why not try it now though.

Spoiler Warning

Aoitenshi, do you think this gameplay might be a bit too simple?

Not to worry, this is just a piece of what I had in mind. The full level (if it's ever done in EE or EEU) will expand more upon the storytelling. Thanks for the support, though!

#8 Worlds » [DEMO] Singularity: » 2019-03-05 07:09:13

Replies: 8

Singularity:, Altair-Side

List of Credits

Hello! Welcome to the thread of Singularity:, a demo for a level that I have had in my mind for a long time. It's been a few years since I've last released the third Station, and behind the scenes, I've been wanting to create a new, original level to start fresh with. I've been working on multiple experimental concepts such as timed levels, unique puzzles, platforming with powers and more, many of them ended up being a repeat of what I've already done. I did not want to stay too comfortable on the same formula, and so I wanted to create something completely new, something experimental that I haven't seen anybody tried before. What came out of the initial brainstorm was Singularity:.

Singularity: is an experimental level, an open-ended exploration world with puzzle platforming elements where you are stranded within the Singularity, traversing from universes to universes in hopes for an escape. In this demo, the only playable universe currently is Altair-Side. The core concept of the level was for you, as the player to figure out the differing rules of physics of the "universe" you're in, and how to apply what you've learned about the universe to overcome the platforming challenges presented. As such, this level will not be made too minigame-based (may be tentative), and to an extension, this level will not be too hardcore in terms of difficulty.

So why am I releasing this as a demo?

  • The original scope of the level was to include multiple type of universes (called "sides") each with differing rules and laws of physics, each with a different set of platforming challenges you need to overcome. Expectations are high thanks to the Station trilogy, and I'd like to do said expectations justice. So before going full throttle on this concept I'd like to collect different feedbacks and opinions from you, as the players who knows better than me.

  • Story. This is a big one. I do not feel as if they are truly necessary for you to have the full experience, but if you guys prefer the level accompanied with a story, I will do my best to deliver. Do you prefer this level gameplay-only? Do you prefer this level to have a storyline? Tell me down below.

  • EE is approaching the end of it's lifecycle with the approach of EEU, and there is not much players left to enjoy this level. As such this thread really doubles as a survey program, to determine how well this concept is received, and as a big determinant for me to decide if I should create this level series in EEU.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this demo level and please tell me what you think below!


By the way, here is an unfinished preview of Singularity:, Rigel-Side

#9 Re: Game Suggestions » Idea for EE/EEU: 3x3 block placer? » 2019-03-05 05:34:24

Joeyc wrote:

I think they mean without the use of bots guys

That, and quality of life features like this should be included in the base game instead of relying on a third party application.

#10 Game Suggestions » Idea for EE/EEU: 3x3 block placer? » 2019-03-04 18:13:53

Replies: 8

Hello, would it be possible to have a 3x3 block placer? Filling backgrounds with just 1x1 block placer is pretty tedious and 3x3 would be a nice QoL feature that would help a bunch.


#11 Re: Game Discussion » EE Universe - What To Expect? » 2019-01-05 22:26:21

PiotrGrochowski wrote:

I hate the idea of 24×24 blocks, it would make the game larger which would look dumb. What would be the resolution of the new game? I have a 1366×768 screen and EE's resolution of about 850×500 looks nice on it.

An arbitrary zoom feature would be nice.

Edit: Here are the features I'd like to see:

Customize foreground and background colors for the user interface. This way it's possible to configure a dark theme or a light theme which would be visible in chat and lobby.

Allow more colors for everything. For example, they could make every block type have those 32 colors:

Does it? The game is pretty bad on 1900x1080 and I had to squint at times. I'd like to see it in 24x24.


#12 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody edits growth thingy » 2018-08-25 08:46:45 only made the link suspicious tbh

#13 Game Discussion » I brought 100 gems to support the game. » 2018-08-23 13:59:17

Replies: 3

I don't usually pay in this game, and frankly it's not much (due to inflation), but this is a donation of support from a developer to developers. Good luck, dude.


#14 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Patreon! » 2018-08-18 13:57:27

Dudes. There's a difference between MTX and Donation.

#15 Re: Game Suggestions » Clairevoyance Effect + Illustration » 2018-08-02 08:59:01

I suggested this before, but now that the development team is now more active than before, I'd like to bring this topic back up. It would be cool to have this functionality in the game. //

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Stuck in Station_02.bat » 2018-07-26 12:32:11

MWstudios wrote:
The keys are right at the start

Holy crap. I didn't even realize making yourself stuck this way is possible. Thanks for pointing that out.

#17 Re: Worlds » Station_03.nex -- Non-Executable » 2018-04-04 05:47:32

HeyNK wrote:

If its so predictable why isnt it visible?

It's part of the level design to not break player immersion.

#18 Re: Worlds » Station_03.nex -- Non-Executable » 2018-04-03 07:36:34

Kirby wrote:
Xfrogman43 wrote:
Kirby wrote:

of course hidden ****

well the hidden **** is a gimmick that was explicitly stated at the very start of the level. the main illusion in this mini was the fact that you had to bounce along the top of the up arrows so you could stay at that height longer

Correct! I ensured the first six minis incorporated those exact gimmicks to teach how it works. //

#19 Re: Game Discussion » Emalton abusing his power, being a hypocrite » 2018-02-20 16:45:45

I'm so used to reading all these anti-mod posts that when I saw this one I immediately thought: It's probably nothing.

If you're gonna complain about mod abuse at least try not to be so hyperbolic. There's so many of those to the point that every single anti-mod titles had lost their legitimacy.

#20 Re: Campaign Suggestions » [MEGATHREAD] List of Creators' Permissions » 2018-01-21 16:11:14

kreacher wrote:

Level 1: Inferno, Level 2: Torrent, Level 3: Toxic

If you want any of my other worlds as campaigns then pm me on forums or find me on ee.

This link is broken, btw.

#21 Campaign Suggestions » [MEGATHREAD] List of Creators' Permissions » 2018-01-07 07:15:23

Replies: 16

Do you want to give your consent for your world to be used, without having to wait for years until a curator asks you? This is the place to do it. This thread is where you can put a list of worlds you're fine with becoming a campaign tier. Just follow these simple rules:

  • To grant your permission, simply post your worlds here.

  • To retract your permission, edit your worlds out.

  • You cannot grant a permission on someone else's behalf.

There are the worlds I grant my permissions to:

#22 Re: Game Discussion » WHEN DID ICE CLIMB BECOME A CAMPAIGN LOL » 2018-01-06 23:18:12

Luka504 wrote:
Napakeun wrote:

Maybe staff didn't ask because they thought Aoitenshi isn't active in game.

I don't think that's a valid excuse. Just because a player wasn't online at that exact time doesn't justify to steal their world and make it a campaign.

I just wanna ask something Aoitenshi. Did you receive a PM on the forums about your world becoming a campaign in the Advent Calendar?
Since I have a PM from Megalamb and he asked me if I give him permission to use ''Mediocrity Land'' in the Advent Calendar. I said no since Mediocrity Land was just that. Mediocre.
I thought he finally learned his lesson and started asking for permission but if he dun did it again and only contacted me so I wouldn't whine about it later, then wow.

Nope, I didn't get a PM.

But I think it's plenty fine considering this campaign isn't permanent, we'll get our worlds back. Plus its in their right anyway since they technically own our worlds.

#23 Game Discussion » WHEN DID ICE CLIMB BECOME A CAMPAIGN LOL » 2018-01-06 21:37:44

Replies: 29


#25 Re: World Creation » What shall I make? » 2017-09-29 14:01:18

kreacher wrote:

Maybe you wake up in a futuristic jail cell in a space ship and have to defeat the alien queen to get out and escape. (if aoitenshi doesn't use this idea then it's mine //

Do use it... It'd be nice to see your take. :]

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