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#1 2020-08-27 14:39:20, last edited by Minisaurus (2020-08-27 20:50:51)


EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

Trigger Zone that is sorta like Happy wheels trigger tool but instead of pre-defined commands the player in EEU can freely decide how to use it, it has a text box to add the code that triggers the defined actions in the map.

It would be only to interact with the player, and not to interact with the other players (Unless it is defined to do so by the builder).
The zone could have settings like in happy wheels.
Having settings such as:
Triggered by: Player, player´s collected items, amount of players inside the zone, etc.
Repeated by: Defines the repeating behaviour of the trigger zone, if once or many times, if maintain after trigger, or so.
Delay: To define for how much time the trigger is active before getting turned-off or either to define the time of cooldown the trigger has before being able the player to trigger it again.

Uses examples:(Something like the commands listed below but using programming language).
1. After the player triggers the zone, activate or deactivate various switches pre-selected in the text box of the zone (at the same time, for example |activate switches: 1, 3 , 6 | deactivate switches: 4, 7, 8 | If switches 10, 20 are active then activate switches: 4, 6, 7)
2.a. While the player is inside the trigger zone: If the player press movement keyboard key to the left, then player dies (This would make possible to only allow movement to certain directions).
2.b. While the player is inside the trigger zone: Disable completely movement keyboard key to the left in-game (This would make possible to only allow movement to certain directions).
3. If the player has 10 coins: Give crown and then teleport player to "X,Y" position.

The commands available for this zone is determined by the staff, it should have a manual of commands and rules.
This feature is not meant to be used by average player but by players that take their time to learn to use the command box (Rules and commands are available for everyone who want to use this zone).

P.S: I say programming language but I mean rather a simplified version of it specifically to add simple tasks or commands

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

It is possible but I'm don't think it worths the complexity.

The code could be simply written in JavaScript, although that would be a security hazard, so your intuition to make a limited programming language specific for this scope (a DSL) is good.

Considering EEU is mostly targeted for young audiences, I consider that a visual programming language (VPL) would be more suited than a textualized one; not that it would matter much with the idea in general.

This special game-logic should also be time sliced. As in run x ms each y ms. So that an endless loop, made by a creator-programming-error, won't hog the game.

Commands such as "after the user entered the zone, wait 5 seconds, and if the user hasn't left the zone, then kill the user" or "each 5 seconds, trigger the red doors / gates";
would also require a limited-sized priority queue. Limited, so that if it exceeds, in the case when too many events are registered for the same user, out of a creator-programming-error, it would just ignore them so it won't create a a performance hog for the game.

Now another debate would be whether this code should be executed server-side or client-side. Some types of instructions are more suited to be client-side executed, while other to be server-side executed.

I'd believe that a server-side approach would be better.

If this were to be implemented, I believe it would change EEU a lot, and it would become a primary feature for the game.

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#3 2020-08-27 17:09:34

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

eval() does magic //


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#4 2020-08-28 07:32:02

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

just maeke it simply ask do this nad if this then this or else this sliek you said wiht switch example it need sot be clear an usable by everyone


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


#5 2020-08-28 07:40:04

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

Gosha wrote:

eval() does magic //

I vouch for this. Definitely does the magic



#6 2020-08-28 10:42:11

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

I did rather see a good bot API.


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#7 2020-09-06 00:40:28

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

The problem is the lack of clarity of what happens, also it makes impressive things like 3D mazes less impressive
Everything being a block you can see what will happen, if you need to do multiple just put them in a vertical line.

If it does happen just make a good bot api, and make a drag and drop scratch-like language (you could use JS with a custom interpreter to convert) which while structurally limited will at least be able to run all the time.


Thank you eleizibeth ^


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#8 2020-09-06 18:22:24

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

EEU might be setting as asynchronous model for the Shop and Zones ... It's clearly unsure which algoritm use to type the codes . It's likely at them , more preferable to use Html5 models than Javascript codes in the game . If their ideas are redacted in Java are transcript into system by generalized codes .



#9 2020-12-25 07:03:10

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Re: EEU Trigger-Zone that uses programming language

Honestly, a simple if-else mechanic would go a long way in creating a really dynamic level. Ricochet Infinity does exactly this and you could practically design your own game... in a Brick-Breaker game.



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