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#1 Bots and Programming » API reference for EEU » 2020-05-27 16:42:23

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Is there an API spec (or anything along those lines) for bot requests in EEU?

#2 Game Discussion » Game Business Page 2 » 2018-01-01 22:31:12

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None of the posts on Game Business Page 2 were authored by current EE admins or moderators.


#3 Re: Game Discussion » My thoughts after playing the latest test build of the UnitEE client » 2017-09-18 09:10:56

maxi123 wrote:
MrJaWapa wrote:

It's unreal, how far they've gotten

powered by unreal engine 4

Yeah that was the joke, thanks for pointing it out!


#4 Re: Off Topic Discussion » About EBE, and it's community.(not a hate post toward ebe) » 2017-09-16 08:45:22

destroyer123 wrote:

NVD definitely could get EBE taken down if he wanted to. I'm not saying he will / is likely to, just that he could.

Copyright laws state that if someone copies your intellectual property (e.g. a game you own) you can force them to take it down, and claim any profits they may have made as your own.
You can do all this without even getting an official copyright, and if you do you can also get them to pay for your legal fees.

Note: I'm not a lawyer, just did some research about this a while ago, so some parts could be wrong

Copyright is very very iffy when it comes to software though,

If you think about Valve's DotA2, they literally ripped off characters, abilities (with same cooldowns, names, everything) from DotA1 and DotA Allstars. Blizzard owned copyright over a few of the characters and all that happened was a slight model redesign.

When it comes to a videogame copyright can be of two types:
1) The actual sourcecode. Code that behaves the exact same way, yet wasn't copied from the original one, is not (generally) subject to copyright.
2) Sprites. Literally changing any minor detail in the design of any sprite will make it become "your intellectual creation" making most copyright regulations unnaplicable.

#5 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] MRbot V1.7 » 2017-09-15 17:09:55

EEJoranasc wrote:

this error says: I don't have enough rights to open mrbot 1.7

Try sudo open bot

#6 Re: Bots and Programming » "write"'s gayness » 2017-08-27 20:14:38

destroyer123 wrote:
Swarth100 wrote:

This is just an overcomplicated example from a very old bot.

Trigger over-engineered code waring

You call that overcomplicated???

I once had a 150+ line mess of code that queued messages (had seperate queues for each players PMs, global chat, commands etc), split messages at convenient points (it would split it trying to keep the messages as long as possible, but also not cut at confusing places, e.g. in the middle of words, or sometimes list items), auto generate a load of commands, etc.

Edit: seems they deleted it, but ill this here because I put time into it );

I figured that ninja was worried about "write" commands and I answered regarding "say" //

I personally consider over complicated code anything that isn't modular nor scaleable, and back in the day I had none of the two in mind XD

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » New text font? » 2017-08-25 21:20:11

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I'd highly recommend not using recovery tools built within Windows, they typically result in even more data loss from my experience. … 44731.aspx

On a sidenote System Restore can help you recover (and spread) removed viruses! //

#9 Re: Worlds » MageWars [Revived] » 2017-08-23 22:36:42

Hello everyone,

Recently tried keeping the bot online to see if the Community still had interest in BALs.
As quite a few players showed interest I thought I might give this Bot a revamp, possibly merging it with a current EE-related side-project of mine.

If by chance you played the Bot in the past and/or would simply like to see the source-code published either leave a reply or PM me.

#10 Re: Bots and Programming » EE Animation (Revisited) » 2017-08-19 10:28:46

Doodle wrote:

Hey fellow EE players,
I don't know if there was a discussion about this a while ago, but i'm curious about what happened to people creating animated-level worlds in EE?

[...] Mage Wars as fourth, because of its advance gameplay territory battle style.

If possible, can I see a well made animated world?! I would love to play it.  //

On a sidenote I'm working on making a tool to enable unexperienced users to create custom RPG-like Bots. Expect something over the next month or so.

#11 Re: Bots and Programming » Replace group of blocks » 2017-08-03 07:04:48

|Molten|x|Blitz| wrote:

I'm not the best at making bots, far from it to be exact; I was wondering if there was a simple way to replace a big group of block (world border, boss border, blocks in an art piece etc...) quickly without having to send "b" a ton of times and selecting the co-ordinates.
As I said, I'm not amazing, so I've probably overlooked something really simple.
Thanks :3

As of now there is no way to replace more than a single block with a b command.

What I do though suggest is to create yourself a custom wrapper for block updates. You can either spawn a new thread or use a background worker to act as Observers over a specific Block data structure (I personally use a PQueue).
Adding to the data structure (which could be done via custom-functions which generate "really big groups of blocks") triggers the async updates.

Note: If you're quite new to bot making, remember to take into account server-sided packet drops and your personal latency; it might be wise to introduce delays in the thread which updates blocks.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » Community Project » 2017-07-31 10:16:25

destroyer123 wrote:
Zumza wrote:
XxAtillaxX wrote:

We have your full name, and if you decide to publish anything belonging to Everybody Edits, I'll make sure you're held legally accountable.

I'm sorry to interfere, but since you made this public.
To sue CJMaeder you have to had have a connection to the material which he is planning to release. That means that you contributed with your code to EEU(?).
Or you'll try to convince somebody who did contribute to the project to sue him for you.
Removing the part of the contribution made by the plaintiff removes his right of suing either way, so CJMaeder could just remove the portion of code which you're suing him for.
In the worst case scenario then you'll want a compensation which by the profit number of EE will be small, and won't require the court anyway.
And everything before said is valid only if the contributors didn't agreed to any type of license before committing, which would be a big mistake made by NOU.

I'm pretty sure there would be at least some sort of license, in which case the whole code belongs to EE, and they could sue for the whole code, or any part released to the public
Plus even the small amount EE makes is a lot for a normal person, plus with a good enough lawyer (although they probably couldn't afford one // they could say their predicted growth after UnitEE would be similar to the original EE

If you were paid to code, your work belongs to your boss (unless agreed differently PRIOR to starting the project).

If you agreed to work with a group of friends, everyone in the group holds the copyright (even if they had a one line contribution). You need everyone's agreement to disclose the code (unless agreed differently PRIOR to starting the project).

#13 Re: Bots and Programming » shuffling a list of blocks » 2017-07-26 21:06:02


XxAtillaxX wrote:

You're instantiating a new Random() every time, which means every list will be shuffled exactly the same.
If you look at the source code of Random, there's a seed built in by default, which you can override yourself in the constructor.

It's much more reliable and sensible to use a simple Fisher-Yates shuffle, rather than using the OrderBy method in Linq.
OrderBy uses a variant of the quick sort algorithm, which is O(N log(N)) compared to the Fisher-Yates shuffle which is O(N).

I see no need to post any code whatsoever, as thorough, excellent, and unbiased shuffling algorithms (such as the afore mentioned Fisher-Yates) can be found with the most basic of google searches.

Bumping Attila's advice, just do not re-instantiate Random every single time

#14 Re: Game Discussion » everybody edits is DEAD??!?!?! » 2017-07-18 08:43:16

N1KF wrote:

No, you're being a cynic. Everybody Edits is still alive. If it's dead it's not alive but it has players which means it's alive but not dead! Stop using incorrect semantics!

"And when we're dying EE'll be still alive.
And when we're dead EE'll be still alive.
Still alive.
Still alive."

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Help me figure out this encoding? » 2017-05-20 01:27:04

destroyer123 wrote:

We already know that it isnt just a normal baseX
This is because adding a 6th / 7th 'a' changed the values of the first characters, plus a few other things

Also, have you tried decompiling the program you have, or would that be cheating / not possible?

"Decompiling" code, or rather "disassembling" executables in the case, will always result in unreadable code.
Taking C files as an example, compilation without the -O flag will lead to heavily optimized code (something as simple as a loop could be turned upside down). Labels will have meaningless values and any abstraction above the function level (i.e. classes, interfaces, class extension) will simply not be comprehensible.
Optimised binary files could potentially share no similarity (except behaviour) with the original uncompiled program.

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » [Trakk] color trakk - testing cool idea woot if i should continue this » 2017-05-19 23:14:29

destroyer123 wrote:

Just thought I would add, its probably best not to use multiple cookies if you dont need to, just use one with either something like base64 for more complicated, or just a colour string for simpler things like this ("#RRGGBB" or "#RGB" with R, G and B being their hex values)

Most websites would assign every user with a unique cookie identifier.

Said identifier is sent down in the TCP/IP header to the server when connecting.
Server is thus responsible to keep track of user's data, performing lookups over cookie ids.

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » [Trakk] color trakk - testing cool idea woot if i should continue this » 2017-05-19 06:20:02

destroyer123 wrote:

I guess it isnt actually a ping message, but wouldnt the time taken to ping a message be approximately the same as the propagation delay (x2)?

Either way, what I meant was that the time for the request to be sent and routed to his server could play a part in it, as Im guessing that the connection isnt left open between images loaded, so there would be 13 * however many messages need to be sent / recieved per image (usually just one there and one back, but as he is using php idk) requests, which would mean that for about a half second load time, each request would have about a 40ms delay, which isnt too bad.
Earlier when it was 2-3 seconds im guessing that it wasnt just the delay, as it would have had to have been 200ish ms per image, which is much longer than you would expect

Usually the main component of RTT is packaging/processing delay.

Where possible TCP's windowed approach will likely have sent all secondary 13 requests in parallel to the server.

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » [Trakk] color trakk - testing cool idea woot if i should continue this » 2017-05-18 22:03:51

destroyer123 wrote:
ninjasupeatsninja wrote:
destroyer123 wrote:

Thats quite cool //

Although it loads a bit slow... How do you generate / send the image?

via php

its my terrible internet connection

It shouldnt take that long... The images only seem to be just over 100 bytes. I guess ping might come into it though if a lot of requests are being made
Are you sure that the delays arent server side?

Edit: It seems to be faster now (less than a second instead of 2-3), maybe it was just that a lot of people were all viewing this page all at once

Propagation delay, what you here mistype as ping, is measured as the time that it takes for packets to travel through the physical wires between a client and a server.
Note: Bits travel at a speed of (2/3) the speed of light across a double twisted copper wire (i.e. 200 000 km/s).

RTT, the roundtrip time, is, instead, the time it takes for your packet to:
1) Be processed by you, the client,
2) Be dispatched
3) Be sent through the network
4) Be processed by the server
5) Do the same on the way back.

In this scenario, the transfer delay is the least of the problems.

Low bandwidth at either end (client/server)? The MTU of packets will be low regardless of propagation delay.
High service delay from the server? Clients will wait for up to seconds before timing out, propagation delay is usually in the order of magnitude of milliseconds.

Ping is instead a network utility used to test ICMP packets.
For instance, routers would usually ping other routers to test their respective RTTS during BGP routing.

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » ? Eurovision : Song Contest : 2017 ? » 2017-05-15 06:59:16

Emma333 wrote:

Can anyone explain whats so good about Italy's song. The lyrics may be good but his voice is annoying and the melody is just basic europop and not very original.

Can anyone explain whats so good about Portugal's song? The lyrics may be good but his voice is annoying and the melody is just basic funeral trash and not very original.

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Can EE get rid of scoundrel copies? » 2017-05-02 22:13:47

Koya wrote:
Vitalijus wrote:

I've never played this before, this remake is fan made and is nonprofit, since you can't buy gems. So it's not stealing money. You might say it's stealing players, but as I saw most of the time this remake is down because it uses free Player.IO plan or has 0 players, the most player this remake had as I saw was ~10 players.

Conclusion - Let kids have fun.

Just don't use the same login details there as here (or anywhere else), no idea about their security because they made it - it might be stored as plain text.

[email protected] was already taken //

#22 Re: Off Topic Discussion » So what's your coding style? » 2017-04-27 11:07:56

destroyer123 wrote:

(In reply to Swarth100)

The same thing could be said for spaces couldnt it? How can you ensure that everyone will use them, if one person uses tabs, then that formatting may not be correct if all of the IDEs are not formatted the same

Ehmm,.... that's why nobody ever uses the tab '\t' character when indenting code.
Hopeless discussion, one day you will understand.

Do you want a quick example?

Code from my Pintos group Repo

Cheeck out lines 150-154, 159-161 and 163-167.

This amazing team mate decided to indent using tabs. His IDE made him visualise tabs with an indent level of 2.
Too sad gitlab (if not configured differently) visuaises tabs as 8 spaces.

Result? Unreadable code that had to be forcepushed upon.

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