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#1 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits! New Artstyle | Progress Report (May 28th, 2021) ☆ » 2021-05-29 06:11:50

those grass textures are managing to simultaneously burn my eyes and look absolutely amazing at the same time
jokes aside, this all looks pretty cool; although that smiley having an aliased outline just looks so weird to me... i guess i'll get used to it eventually
edit: also, is lighting gonna be coming from the top right now? just seems like a really unorthodox change to me

#2 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Logo Contest ~ The RESULTS!!! ☆ » 2021-04-16 05:12:06

the logos are cool but i cant help but notice the first one's block has inconsistent bolt coloring (bottom one is grey) and that the ninja smiley's top black part is darker than the bottom black part

#3 Re: Bug Reports » eeo wehdgcdsfuyjh » 2021-03-05 02:04:04

if you delete pre-collected coins after placing them i think it does this

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Obstacle concepts: » 2021-03-03 21:01:12

TowerOfDustAndDecay wrote:
Minimania wrote:
TowerOfDustAndDecay wrote:

Basically you jump over 4 blocks, it's impossible without effects

Nope, you can do it with ice


also not to nitpick but "gap walks" are traditionally called hovers (and how would you force them to not let go (assuming unmodded eeo)? a timer?)

#5 Re: Off Topic Discussion » how the heck do you create a username » 2021-02-27 09:14:38

misspell a phrase that's just uncommon enough for you to not realize it's mispelled
...i thought for most of my life that it was spelled "yippy ky yay" and not "yippee ki yay"

#6 Re: Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-18 02:33:57

- orange large dots (force player to jump) don't force ground-pound even though that shares the same button as jumping (for reference, going into an orange up arrow while you have glide effect makes you glide)

orange dots dont activate the spacejustdown variable, only spacedown, so it doesn't act like you just pressed space (which is the only time groundpound is activated).

- the doors that disappear when you jump off them don't react to wall jumping. this might be more like a feature request though // (by this logic maybe wall-sliding on crumbly blocks should count as standing on them)

interesting thought but dunno if i can easily make it work

- if you have double-jump, you can jump off of slime, consuming 1 jump. similarly, if you have double-jump and wall-jump, you can walljump off of slime
- your double-jump is reset when you cling onto a wall via wall-jump, but not when you cling onto slime

yeaah... didnt think about that whoops (slime just makes you ungrounded instead of disabling your jumps or whatever)

- you can jump while clinging onto the bottom of a slime block, which does nothing and consumes a jump if you have double-jump

i mean you're technically in the air... if i made you not in the air then you would replenish jumps when sticking to the bottom of slime, so... :grimace:

- if you have double-jump and are in quicksand, your jump count at the top-left of the screen flickers
- on some frames, you're able to jump while in quicksand (noticeable if you hold space). not sure if this is intended but it's super finicky and odd

yeah it's bad quicksand. it's just a block that toggles between solid and non-solid really really fast

- if you're standing on a crumbly block, with frame-perfect reflexes, you can jump at the same time that it disappears. this could cheese some levels that use purple crumbly blocks and "require" you to fall from them in order to open or close a wall of other purple blocks

dunno how to fix that

- directional block redirected against a wall will still try to move away from the wall, and so show the "wrong" graphic

this would be pretty hard to fix but i dont think it's that major anyways

- being nudged by a directional block resets your momentum entirely and lets you jump again (this also happens with vertical directional blocks but less obvious). ideally it should only reset your horizontal momentum if you're moving toward the directional block horizontally, and likewise with vertical momentum. vertical directional blocks should never reset horizontal momentum and vice versa, and jump should never be reset unless you're nudged upward

this is a problem with how i implimented moving blocks' pushing mechanic (it goes after stepx() and stepy() are done, checks if you're still inside a block, if that block is a moving block then you get pushed. i dont know any better way of doing it currently)

- directional blocks disappear if they hit the exposed border of the level, but not if they hit full-black blocks (which are meant to seem exactly like the border). if you add this you should also probably make it apply to the full-black unsolid secret (id 243)

yeah that's... a thing. i guess the best thing to do would be to check if the blocks are about to move into the void, and if so, bounce (currently they dont check for the void at all, the disappearing is just because it gets "blocks" outside the world as nothing i guess so it thinks it can move)

- directional blocks can bounce off of other directional blocks turning a corner. i guess this is correct behavior but it feels weird considering how directional blocks in a line work perfectly well

this would... also be really hard to fix. the code for the moving blocks is already pretty long so it's kinda yikesy

#7 Re: Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-12 03:48:15

yes, but as i said in the post,

/movedelay which alters the "speed" (delay before next movement) of all moving stuff, and said speed saves with the world!

#8 Re: Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-12 03:29:28

update 1.2 oh yeah
now you get moving stuff in eeo
look at this A07WnlZsil.gif
oh and also i completed the contact pack, connecting fragile time doors have been added

#9 Re: Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-01 22:57:34

update v1.1! a new effect has been added which lets you glide in the air, and the contact action pack has been extended
edit: ok sorry to update again so quick but 1.1.1 makes the mod have it's own cookie directory which is kind of important if you want to play other mods without crashing the game sometimes so yes

#10 Re: Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-01 17:25:18

soniiiety wrote:

So what does the action blocks do?

you can hover over them and see the descriptions when playing to find out

#11 Game Discussion » EEO: Operation K-8 (v1.2.0) [The Moving Blocks Update] » 2021-02-01 01:47:00

Replies: 24

Hello, I've made a mod.
It adds a lot of action blocks, and also some other stuff i've made i guess
Here, have a preview. yeah take it all in, it's a lot
This mod brings with it:
-those new block and background packs
-new auras and colors
-purple dragon & spikes
-full shadow deco
-ice slab
-blocks that disappear for a bit when you jump on it
-blocks that disappear for a bit when you hit your head on it
-blocks that disappears for a bit if you stand on it for too long
-a liquid that forces you to go up
-a block (& slab) that you bounce off of
-a block (& slab) that you stick to
-3 new effects, groundpound, walljump, and airglide (or just glide)
-slower and faster time doors/gates
-quicksand that's not really that good
-arrows that push without affecting gravity
-arrows that mess with inputs
-transparent background lol
-moving blocks and moving spikes, which both interact with orange switches, and redirectors, and respective spawners for said blocks and spikes, and deleters, and switch toggled verisons of those last 2!! yay
-2 new commands, /domovement which freezes the moving stuff, and /movedelay which alters the "speed" (delay before next movement) of all moving stuff, and said speed saves with the world!

More info can be found by hovering over the action blocks in-game.
Miscellaneous changes include upping the max brush size to 100x100 (quite laggy!), unhiding the collected coins in coin pack, and slightly uncapping the world size limit (1x1-999x999) and basically uncapping the gravity limit (0-99999%).

Known bugs:
-can't use g to disable godmode when on top of a small purple dot [Fix unplanned (minor)]
-movedelay is set to 0.1 in pre-1.2 worlds (the default is 0.25) [Fix unplanned (easy to mitigate)]
-the 8 cycle loop of moving block spawners gets reset upon saving and loading (so save your worlds on the cycle right before they spawn blocks if you use them) [Possibly unfixable (could lose .eelvl compatibility)]
-in terms of moving blocks, [>][  ][<] becomes [  ][>][>] [Possibly unfixable (hard to fix without having to handle more variables, and technically not a bug, just an exploitation of the updating order)]
-cannot jump on jelly when gravity is leftwards or upwards [Fixed for next update]
-moving blocks can reset velocity and jumps if you interact with them weirdly [Fix planned, but unstarted]
-some bugs with slime blocks and jumping [Fix planned, but unstarted]

Worlds made with this mod are saved in the .k8lvl format, so you cant load them in normal eeo unless you change the extension like a dummy
It is compatible the other way around though. .eelvl and .k8lvl are put in separate filters when opening levels, for convenience.

Download links:
Version 1.2

#13 Re: World Creation » An Impossible Ascension » 2021-01-10 21:18:55

"this isn't even my final form" but an ee level is saying it

#14 Re: Forum Discussion » post your most cringiest forum post » 2021-01-04 02:20:29

i've only been on here for like a year so i dont have many posts but this one is probably the "weirdest"
mostly because i have no idea why i made it dark green, much less green at all?
i think i was just trying to get into a habit of coloring my posts to stand out but that obviously got lost considering i never did it again
(it was a response to … p?id=46301 if you're wondering)

#18 Re: Forum Games » rock paper scissors » 2021-01-02 09:02:41

Bigger Super Ultra Mega Magical Lock Deluxe v1337.43 plus
This special type of lock is 142.837% resistant to:

Basically, this lock is extremely overpowered. Therefore, it is simply unbeatable.

#19 Re: Forum Games » rock paper scissors » 2021-01-02 06:44:32

magical nuke to destroy magical lock

#21 Re: Graphics Suggestions » KyYay's Graphic Dump » 2021-01-01 23:20:14

Doors doors doors and a team thing too

#22 Re: Off Topic Discussion » The Rememberance of Flash Games » 2021-01-01 07:22:56

i liked castaway 2 (though i never completeted it), the music was nice

#23 Re: Game Discussion » The Final Statistics. » 2020-12-31 01:21:33

Gosha wrote:


to be fair that is probably including private worlds

#24 Game Discussion » The Final Statistics. » 2020-12-31 01:05:26

Replies: 4

330 players. 28 worlds. 6 worlds with >44 players. Refreshed lobby 10 seconds before the end.
Thank you for the memories.

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