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#1 Re: Creative » 100 Frogs » 2019-07-06 22:37:00

SmittyW wrote:

I hope to look back at this a year from now and spot mistakes I don't currently see

Okay it's been a year now I have questions if you want / are still alive

1. What mistakes do you spot that you formerly didn't currently see 
Do you think you improved over the 100 days, and do you think you've improved since then

2. Which artists are you influenced by
Obviously the whole thing is based on Pixel's Neko 100, but each piece is so unique I assume diverse influences
My favorite frog (32) reminds me of Ken Sugimori's old watercolor artwork

3. Uhh where do you post your art
Your art is beautiful and I want to see more, it would be a shame if we never got to see "Smileys in the Nude" again

#2 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Stop hating Touhou » 2018-10-04 00:04:24

Touhou is the worst media franchise to ever be conceived in the history of this planet, and it's existence is an insult to the masterpieces that are other STG.

Touhou Fan wrote:

B-b-but the music!

Hidden text
Touhou Fan wrote:

B-b-but the gameplay!

Hidden text
Touhou Fan wrote:

B-b-but the cute girls!

Hidden text
Touhou Fan wrote:


Hidden text

#3 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Who do you think will respond to this thread? » 2018-07-15 01:55:48

hey guys bet you weren't expecting ME to respond to this thread huh, HUH??? x3 *nuzzles*
anyways here's who I think will reply to this thread LOL:
0176, 1have1eye, 1nsanity, 222hockey222, 4649, abrar11, addi, agentfire, akatsuk1, anch159, aoitenshi, asspirate, atilla, badoosh, bass5098, becks32, bee, benje00, bimps1002, biomaniac, bjbl, blizzard10, blockzoid, bob, boh, buzzerbee, cakeje, captain9, cercul1, Chiscorey, cjmaeder, claytonbs, Cola1, cow, curdflapper1, cyph1e, dadito, daniel1234, dclevels, derekfarias, devilchild, different55, dklevels, doh, echo, eedd, emalton, esterellas, ewoke, express50, failgirl101, failsnail, famey, ****, fdoou, fir3fli3, firecrackericebreak, firedragon123, flamex, forcesniper, fradeshan, gadgetgeek, genesis00, gkabyssflorida, glenn, gumble, haka, hallo111, helvi, heromaster, herosbow, heyimcool16, honeybuckles44, hopperkk, hummerz5, imgood9, implosion, ipwner, itsmeandersonlol, izereal, jaa, jabatheblob1, jawapa, jaybm, jesse, jr2, kaslai, kentiya, kingoftheozone, kiraninja, kirby, legacy, legitturtle09, lickagoat, lictor666, lpeugliot09, lrussell, macandcheese, master1, mat, maththeking, matt, megalamb, meredith1999, merengue, mfl, mihb, minisaurus, misterhihi, mkgamer, mochonoob, mousey123, mrcurry, muffin, muffinator, musicman, mustang, mylo, nialla, nickolai, ninja, norwegianboy, nou, numberkirbyfan1o, nvd, orangecrix, pdc, penguin180, phinarose, pingohits, processor, pyromaniac, raon, ravatroll, rayofLight, rdash, reidolol, rgl32, rpgmaster2000, rubixguy, saintcool, sensei1, shadowboy, shadowf0xx, shinyporygon5, showpath, skullz17, skyward911, smittyw, spiderman, squadfs, stagecrew, starblinky, stubby, superbowlboundraven, supermouk, t4ken, takoman, teleporthacker1, terrorcookie, thanel, thecoolguy, theditor, thegame, threewheeldrive, thwinkt, tiken, tomch, toop, tork, toxic, toxicma, treejoe04, ugotpwned, ultrabass, wambo, whatter, xfrogman43, xjeex, zalgryth, zeldaxd, zoey2070, and last, but not least, zxcpl!!!!!!

hah if any of these people actually respond it would be EPIC roflcopter GANGNAM STYLE awesomesauce!!! OwO *rubs your bulge*

#5 Game Discussion » summergirl containment thread » 2017-08-13 07:40:23

Replies: 12

it's summer and you know what that means


draw summergirl

#6 Re: Game Discussion » {RESULTS RELEASED} Everybody Edits Teamwork Contest 2017 » 2017-08-10 22:05:28

congrats to the winners

Kirby wrote:

You fools! Did you actually think we’d rig a contest for fake internet points?

yes, because you did

doc wrote:

-People who hate each other matched up
-Pair artists with other artists, and minimakers with other minimakers.

there were a lot of people who could have been potential winners but had their chances ruined because they were paired with another artist
my partner and i were zero percent compatible, he had a massive hate erection for me because i'm incapable of making boring generic minis
not that i would have won anyways
but who cares haha trololol trolled roflcopter being an **** is so funny everyone is laughing **** epic! 卐卐卐

#7 Re: Off Topic Discussion » what's your favorite soft drink? » 2017-08-09 07:39:59

i don't like carbonated drinks for some reason

Firecrackericebreak wrote:

ive been enjoying crystal pepsi recently


#9 Off Topic Discussion » What do you enjoy? » 2017-02-19 21:40:59

Replies: 15

Life can be sad sometimes. If something gives you pleasure, post it here!

Here's mine:
35.698357, 139.773108

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Don't Starve Together giveaway! + 25$ Visa card!! » 2016-12-27 20:45:38

medeia wrote:

Don't Starve Together

Good thing I have friends.

#11 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What are you postponing? » 2016-11-28 07:17:58

I've postponed turning in any and all of my assignments since the start of the term to the point where I have a 40 in AP Biology and a 50 in AP Physics from just tests and quizzes. I've postponed my Anki reviews to the point where I have to learn the entire Japanese language by Sunday. I've postponed wearing my retainers. I've postponed exercising. I've had the past 96+ hours free to catch up on my responsibilities, but I ended up spending it all sleeping and playing a Famicom game called Gimmick.

Earlier this year I postponed preparing for the ACT to the point where I ended up taking the exam having not studied a minute. I got a 33 on it.

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » unoffical q&a thread » 2016-09-21 04:35:03

I don't think I have given any sort of pleasure to anyone I have ever met. I have no friends, my birth was an accident, and I'm terrible at everything I do. I have brought nothing good to this world and my life thus far has therefore been a waste of resources as no beneficial product comes out of the continuation of my existence. I try my very best to succeed intellectually or socially, but it appears that my maximum potential is that of zero output as I waste every day of my life doing what I like — that is, browsing the internet — rather than something that has any sort of use. I have read so many guides on how to achieve academic success, but no matter how hard I attempt to, I never have the motivation to do any sort of work.

I hate being like this. I want to change, but something forces me to refuse to. Am I really responsible for my failure at life, or is there some sort of entity that is to blame for me being this way?

#13 Off Topic Discussion » What disability do you have? » 2016-08-07 02:34:07

Replies: 32

A significant amount of people have either a mental or a physical disability. If you have one, post it here!

Here's mine:

#14 Off Topic Discussion » What do you eat? » 2016-05-24 00:18:00

Replies: 23

What foods do you eat? A meal, a snack, or a binge to treat your crippling anxiety, post it here!

Here's mine:

#15 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Contest: Spring 2016! [Registration and Rules!] » 2016-03-20 22:52:51

Team Name (may change): aHR0cDovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tL3JjbUtMQmwuanBn
Members (may change): Seinfeld, Dilbert, Wonkathing, ****, Itsyouandersonlol,
World ID (may change): PWBbB4YyGSb0I

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Puzzle and Dragons » 2016-02-08 18:56:03

Rank 241. I'm addicted, the game is ruining my life. And it's literally just a waifu slot machine.

#17 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Smiley Revamps Suggestion » 2015-03-29 06:30:00

I know I can't force you not to add these smileys to the game. You've worked very hard on them and it seems the majority of the community wants them implemented in. However, I feel that users who don't want to see these new monstrosities in game, such as I, should be able to use an alternate downloadable client with the original unedited smileys. And I'm not gonna make the client myself; I'm a pathetic talentless sub-human.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » Ban » 2015-03-15 04:48:11

First Atilla and Meredith, and now Showpath. Goodnight sweet prince.

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Note to most of you... » 2015-03-08 12:47:42

Instead of complaining about the mass of idiots, why not take action?
If you didn't notice, all the Illuminati posts are made by twelve year olds. Similarly, the people who act like five year olds are LITERALLY FIVE YEARS OLD. You chose to let this be a family friendly game, and that means people of all ages are going to play it. The cancerous posts by Snivy2014 should be excused, because as evident in his username, he was born in 2014, and is therefore only one year old. If you really don't want the brainless spams expressed by this portion of the game's audience, then a simple solution would be to make the game for ages fifteen plus (like everyone already told you).

#20 Re: Game Business » Official Everybody Edits Loading Screen Contest! » 2015-02-26 03:19:30

TEAM: "The Loveseekers"

Wonkathing, 8enje00, Gka


#21 Re: Game Business » [Update] Shop Prices » 2015-02-23 19:12:07

JaWapa wrote:

Well now, it shouldn't take nearly as long.

Invisible portals were my life. Thanks for ruining the game.

#22 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2015-02-16 03:36:41

Your EE Username: wonkathing

Your verification token: 5a92de91debee3ed3f70a30dc0d92567

#24 Re: Off Topic Discussion » IF Voting Topic » 2015-02-11 21:25:16

Add "Romance". You know, like a dating sim.

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