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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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Re: This thread on fire :(

Onjit wrote:

Yeah that's a no from me dawg

So, I'm a 15 year old in India. I use my phone for hours a day. Not watching **** the whole time or anything. I use it for everything from entertainment, news, studying and gaming. My parents think it's some kind of vodoo that'll rot my brain. Then they go ahead and give my 3 year old brother a tabby just so he'll shut up and he plays on it for hours. It's apparently fine when a 3 year old is watching weird freaky elsagate stuff on YouTube unsupervised, but me, a responsible 15 year old who'll not copy the things I see and become a violent brat. And they suggest I may fall into "bad company" online. All the kids outside are saints. I'll end up getting into trouble, get kidnapped or murdered. They'll show me some B's about the "dangers of the internet". Ignoring that that's much more likely to happen when I'm outside, doing the perfectly safe activity of playing and wandering about. **** this hypocircy.


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Re: This thread on fire :(



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Re: This thread on fire :(

Could say this topic is on fire.

Hi yes my discord account was disabled. ZeldaXD#9082


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Re: This thread on fire :(

ZeldaXD wrote:

Could say this topic is on fire.

Notre damn

Click to see my graphics. Now.


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Re: This thread on fire :(

Holy hell.

This has been split off from Anatoly’s thread about Notre Dame in Off-Topic. Read at your own risk.

One bot to rule them all, one bot to find them. One bot to bring them all... and with this cliché blind them.


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