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#1 2018-12-31 04:49:17

From: aids lizard
Joined: 2015-02-15
Posts: 7,591

Naked Under My Clothes

I Have Two Knees and I'm Naked Under My Clothes

What are ya gonna do about it? Huh? My neighbor did something about it and I handcuffed him to himself.
I roll two dice. One shows up six. This six represents the number of time you have left to live. WHat are you gonna do about it?

I bet you're naked under your clothes too, you ****. I bet you're naked in the tub. I bet you wish you were alive. I know I am. What are you gonna do about it?

Einstein once said, "Hoo!" And guess what happened? He Hoo'd his way into a relative grave. Machiavelli once said, "Perche la vita e brieve e molte son le pene che vivendo e stentando ognun sostiene; dietro alle nostre voglie, andiam passando e consumando gli anni, che chi il placer si toglie per viver con angosce e con affanni, non conosce gli inganni del mondo; o da quai mali e da che strani casi oppressi quasi sian tutti i mortali."

Hell's bells, what are we gonna do about it?

A wise old man climbs 1000 steps to the top of a Bangladeshi summit. His organs, stricken with coronary heart disease, fail immediately. By divine fortune, a young boy of the age of 20 steps from the shadows and approaches him with three gifts. "Choose four," she whispers. The old man glares at the object and smiles. He slouches deeper into the recliner and watches the news.

There is nothing you can do about it. All is chaos. All is woe. When we try to make sense of the things that don't, it recedes into further confusion. So don't try.

Just accept it.



#2 2018-12-31 06:02:56

Formerly Killerthegreat
From: Chile (Homeland: UK)
Joined: 2015-02-18
Posts: 246

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

Are you a visionary?

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#3 2018-12-31 06:39:07

Formerly Arizona0117
From: the blevins
Joined: 2018-06-08
Posts: 261

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

did you know that when writing the bible, it was discovered that albert einstein was listening to "noisestorm - crab rave" the whole time he was writing? that is also exactly why the song is popular today


just remember when you criticise anatoly, diff will swoop down and defend him regardless
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#4 2018-12-31 08:57:14

From: Germany, Bavaria, Munich
Joined: 2015-07-31
Posts: 5,958

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

"Naked Under My Clothes"

"Red Under My Skin"

"Dead-White In My Bones"

"Fantastic, if only"



#5 2018-12-31 11:09:07

Joined: 2018-06-18
Posts: 247

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

Hey guys, I think we just found a gold mine


#6 2018-12-31 11:27:09

From: Hell
Joined: 2015-03-31
Posts: 2,554

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

Soooo... are you going to send nudes or what?

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#7 2018-12-31 11:55:17

From: admin land
Joined: 2015-08-10
Posts: 5,065

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

naked un rmy clothes?.... what woudl you think?

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#8 2018-12-31 12:37:21

Joined: 2015-02-15
Posts: 7,790

Re: Naked Under My Clothes

pingo i **** love you goddamn

Watashi wa a victim of cyberbullying. Everyday someone online calls me a "weeb" desu. Watashi won't stand for this. 26 percent of bullying victims are chosen due to their race or religion desu. I may look like a basic white boy, but deep down I am Nihongo desu. Watashi religion is anime. Anata wa bullying me because of my race and religion desu ka? Disgusting desu. Anata should be ashamed of yourself, racist pig. A baka gaijin like anata is probably jealous of my race and culture, cause Nippon is more sugoi than your kisama country desu. Watashi pity anata. You'll never be Nihongo like watashi. I'm a weeb? Pfft. I AM AN OTAKU DESU. Educate yourself on nani a "weeb" is before anata try to insult watashi desu. I WILL NOT BE CYBERBULLIED ANYMORE. REPORTED.


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