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#1 2015-10-02 16:12:52

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Campaign user agreement & general info


Now that Campaigns are available to everyone, we would like to start receiving more campaign suggestions from the community (for the requirements/guidelines, click here).

Because having a world added to a campaign has some consequences for your world, I've decided to post the Campaign world user agreement here to clarify some issues.

Note: you don't actually have to sign here, it's just an example.

I would also like to add that the staff members cannot teleport people, enter god mode, or edit whenever they wish in campaign worlds. Edits can be made, but the world needs to be taken out of campaign mode through the database. This means that asking for help by teleporting has no use.

Campaign world user agreement.

Congratulations! Your level has been selected to be part of a campaign. However, to make a world part of a campaign, some changes in rights have to be made. Of course, we will only make it part of a campaign if you allow us to do so, because it has some consequences for you and your world:

1: You are locked out of your world
    - Lose edit rights
    - Lose kicking rights

In order to make it fair for everyone, you will lose most rights you would have in your own world. Instead, joining the world would make it seem like you are in someone else's world. This way, you will have to beat the level like everyone else and others can't be teleported or given god mode to cheat their way to the end. However, once you have beaten your own world in the campaign, you will be given access to the powers of /givegod. This allows you to enter and exit godmode by pressing G, without the ability to edit. Note: in campaign mode you will only be given the powers to use it, not to give it to others!

2: You may request edit if really, really, REALLY, necessary
If a terrible exploit in a mini is found, you may request edit rights from one of the admins, who will then decide whether it is justified. Again, only if really, really, REALLY necessary.

3: Your name will still be there to credit you
It still says "By: X" so people will know who made it.

4: It will still be on your profile
It will stay on your profile because it's still your world.

5: You will be offered an empty world of equal size for compensation
You will get a free world of equal size of that to the world added to the campaign.
Furthermore, in order for your world to be added to a campaign, it must meet the following requirements:

1: You cannot make any more edits
Once your world is part of a campaign, it cannot be edited anymore! So make sure you test your world very, very well before handing it over. If there are exploits or holes in the map, this will be problematic later.

2: The staff has the right to make any edits
A world needs to have a win trophy in the world in order for it to work. Your world may have been created before these were available, or you have chosen not to add one; it must still have one before adding one, and we may do this ourselves, while discussing this with you. Similarly, world portals are not allowed. For any reason, we may edit the world to meet the requirements.

3: The staff will moderate these levels just like others
You will lose your kicking rights, but the staff takes over here. Use /report as usual.

4: Beta only worlds are not accepted
We cannot accept beta only worlds because they need to be available to everyone.

5: Optional: your crew name will still be there to credit your crew
You can add your crew name to be credited alongside your own.

6: Note: This cannot be reverted!
We want to make absolutely clear that, once it's part of a campaign, it will remain part of that campaign. This means you will lose your rights and they will not be given back!

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