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#1 Re: Forum Games » minecraft make your own crafting recipe » 2019-09-13 18:52:01

You get a terrible object that kills the thread because no one wants to reply to it anymore. Also it crashes minecraft and makes your world unloadable unless you use external tools to delete it.

Brewing a poisonous potato into an awkward potion.

#2 Re: Off Topic Discussion » 9/11 today... » 2019-09-13 18:49:59

Custom warning: Libtard


Up to the mod's discretion

#4 Off Topic Discussion » Neat IRL effect » 2019-09-13 01:47:20

Replies: 13

Have you ever gotten so angry that your vision jumps? Sometimes it happens to me when I'm posting on the internet.

I'm angry, and I'm writing a post. Then, my vision freezes for a second while I turn my head slightly downwards. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

#5 Re: Off Topic Discussion » 9/11 today... » 2019-09-12 13:11:37

Who cares about the My Lai massacre? Why don't we get widespread recognition for [even more unknown event where people died]. At least a few people still remember that one, not that you would. But I do. I'm morally superior.

#6 Re: Forum Games » minecraft make your own crafting recipe » 2019-09-12 04:25:13

The potion blows up in a splash effect as soon as you take it out of the crafting gui.

One of every hoe.

#7 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-09-11 16:28:44

Sounds good man look forward to working with you //

#8 Re: Off Topic Discussion » 9/11 today... » 2019-09-11 15:49:15

NorwegianboyEE is a libtard confirmed //

#11 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-11 02:22:54

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

But just to make sure... there won't be rampant security issues ending up with my google account being sold for 5$ in a Nigerian auction right?

Kongregate had absolutely no issues throughout this whole rollercoaster. If Kong could come out of this completely unscathed using their GameAuthToken, do you think the goog would fare any worse?

t. Kong user

#13 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-09-09 18:33:10

Too bad we will never know what it was.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Good Place To Prepare Microsoft Exam » 2019-09-08 00:35:09

Hot take: Was this actually a spambot that made a response so human that it survived getting reported?

#15 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-09-07 23:35:00

Why do you people insist in increment the number when the game doesn't even happen?

Also, who said this feature wasn't being added?

#16 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-09-07 22:34:52

Who said this feature was even being added?

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » A Daily Dose of Positivity. » 2019-09-04 20:31:57

"Don't smile because you fixed it, cry because you allowed it to happen."

- Management

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » Level Rating » 2019-09-02 12:56:20

sounds convoluted, not worth adding

#20 Re: Game Suggestions » [EEU] on join actions » 2019-09-02 12:55:50

Make a world. Set onJoin to kickUser. Save. Leave. Come back. You get kicked. You just created a mods only world.

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » Show Offline Setting » 2019-09-01 20:19:56

Lol... the game is going to be solved rather quickly without this.

#22 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-08-31 20:44:00

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Ehh... This isn't looking very balanced.
Is there no way to set up an anonymous mafia game that's not super broken?

Just off the top of my head here's an idea:

It would probably be an open / closed normal game where a bunch of weak town power roles are handed out based around anonymous mechanics, where "name" means ingame name and "identity" means identity in real life. ie. Name: "slippery-carrot" Identity: NoNK


Identity cop: Choose one name each night. You will learn that person's identity.
Informed townie: You know that NoNK is aligned with town, and NoNK2 is aligned with the mafia.
Informed mafia: You know that NoNK, NoNK2, and NoNK3 are town power roles.
Anonymous friendly Neighbor: Choose one name each night. That person gets a message "[your identity] is aligned with town!"

Of course that would take effort to make and balance. If someone decides to take that sort of thing on, I would volunteer to help.

#23 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-08-31 20:31:08

Kirby wrote:

just out of curiosity, how are you making these calculations? are they under the impression that the votes are made completely at random, or is there more to it than that? Since the town knows the true identities of those who are mafia, it should theoretically be a little bit easier for them to identify who the mafia is than a standard mafia game

I'm just doing expected value. Expected value is just a baseline, and you need to take into account real life factors. For example, town tends to do better then expected in setups without a nightkill (ie. PurgatorEE).

Can town probably catch 2 out of 3 of the mafia and win the game based on typing style? I'm just the numbers man. And yeah, I do think town outperforms EV in this case based on the whole anon mechanic.

11 vs 3 might be somewhat balanced in practice if you massclaim. Is it fun? That's up to you guys to decide

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-08-31 20:27:44

peace wrote:

nonk what if maf keeps guessing correctly

Right, my no massclaim number doesn't take into account that mafia could still guess people and pull out some double kills. Meaning it's even worse then 20%.

#25 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 30 Signups » 2019-08-31 20:26:52

Another fundamental flaw of this setup is that massclaim, which tends to be the best (or at least better) strategy, clears a majority of town, and probably makes the game less fun to play for all of them, since all the action is now focused on 6 or 8 people.

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