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#1 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-12 01:02:07

I see. Now the PM option’s at the top. Thanks!

#2 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-11 23:51:00

That whole segment is missing from the page when I opened the link. Is it not available for new users?

#3 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-11 23:23:06

Different55 wrote:
Superstar11179912 wrote:

I'm SuperStar11179912 from ee.forumify

everybodyedits . com/games/PWQ4UCJqISbEI

Off topic, but how can I send PMs? I need to send one to the admin and to someone else.

You're merged, you can send PM links by clicking the "PM" link in the navbar up top then selecting "Compose new message". There's also a "Send a private message" link on their profile, and a shorter "PM" link attached to each of their posts.

None of those are showing up here.

#4 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-11 22:59:30

I'm SuperStar11179912 from ee.forumify

everybodyedits . com/games/PWQ4UCJqISbEI

Off topic, but how can I send PMs? I need to send one to the admin and to someone else.

#5 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2018-04-11 13:50:42

I see. Thanks. Looks like the profile I knew him under got deleted too (same name). Hopefully this is the one I know. How can I send a PM?
Edit: That’s him, and now I have contact with him. I’m happy. //

#6 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2018-04-11 02:42:30

Hi. I'm Superstar11179912. I used to play EE until 2012, then I left when the game became completely unplayable due to a bug on the title screen. I used to have an account here on the forums with the same name, but it got deleted for inactivity (or at least I think that's what happened). Anyway, I'm just here, looking for an old friend. His EE username was Crastopher. I doubt I'll ever find him, but it's worth a try. Anyway, nice to meet you.

#7 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:36:59

Here's what I think of the builder's club update...

this is the WORST update. I worked hard catching up on all the block packs after leaving for 2 months, and when I just finished, MrShoe decided to come up with this. All my hard work for nothing. One thing I liked about beta is it didnt give too much and not too little, and it lasts forever. Now, this builder's club shows up and you can buy it, which lasts a LIMITED time (I hate when games make buyable things that last a month or two) plus, it ruins the game because you get everything, even the classic things. Whats the point of energy if this is around? One other thing to notice: I can just use the gems to get most of the block packs that I dont lose in a month. Plus I can't buy more portals and all that during the time for when its over. Did I forget to mention potions are useless with the godmode? Also, you can't even show off all your stuff with this going around. Overall, MrShoe traded the fun of EE for his money. He doesn't even go by popular demand! He does whatever he wants to do. Maybe there were a few good things he's done but this... seriously. And what happened to Chris? There... There's my review. Theres alot more problems but this post already shows my point, plus its so long I might get my first warning for this. Let me sum it up for you. MrShoe, REMOVE THE BUILDERS CLUB! //

#8 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:36:34

One other thing I noticed is that when my free month is over, I have to catch up AGAIN...
If they're going to make something like this, at least let us buy the new stuff too, especially if someone decides to get the year subscription... Wait a minute, people cant buy beta? How can they add friends then? And are the beta blocks/smilies really for the beta people and cant get with builders club? Wow, nice. I also like the new commands, but is the code thing still around? I havent checked yet. (one more thing.... Potion + new godmode = BOSS GODMODE // If MrShoe lets us buy the block stuff in the shop while the subscription is going on, THEN I'll be happy with this. I'm also hoping that Julian adds new action things next week, since thats what EE needs a bit more than themed blockpacks. (Maybe ice blocks, or blue coindoors/gates? The blue coins are pointless right now and I dont pay attention to them while playing EE.)

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2015-02-14 22:18:03

Julian raised the chances of magic? Well, I'm just SUPER unlucky. I've been playing EE since October 2011, and I still don't have the wizard, even after a better chance of getting it. Why, why can't I get it once and for all //

#10 Re: Crews » Central Recruitment Topic » 2015-02-13 20:10:15

Desired crew: Any GOOD crew

In-Game Name: SuperStar11179912

Current crew: None


Minis- I can make some decent minis, just not like the famous EE pros, but I can test minis.
Art- Basic shading, and thats it.

Timezone: Pacific

Notable levels: None, because I always delete them. But I have an unfinished team boss I could use some help on. But that's only if I'm in a crew.

Activity: Almost every day, as long as there's   good levels to play. (lol it rhymed)

Other: My main problem is coming up with ideas. That's why I didnt get far with my levels yet. And try to keep me from guest bombs because basically I'm lag's favorite victim.

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#11 Re: Worlds » Jababot DigDig On/Off » 2015-02-13 08:58:54

Nice bot! Now I have a reason to keep playing EE //

#12 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:23:15

Whats with the snake chasing everyone?? I lost my first diamond last night because of it //

#13 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:22:20

I decided to go for emeralds so...
SuperStar11179912's Emerald Shop
Subject to availability
I wont mix 2 different kinds of ores.
20     Coals-1 emerald
15     Iron-1 emerald
10     Silver- 1 emerald
5        Gold- 1 emerald
3        Amethyst- 1 emerald
2        Sapphire- 1 emerald
1        Ruby- 3 emeralds
1        Diamond- 30 emeralds
1        Painite- 100 emeralds

Also, I have a digging service. Just pay me emeralds and ill dig in a layer for you. All ores I find will be yours.
Layer 1- 1 Emerald per 5 mins.
Layer 2- 1 Emerald per 4 mins.
Layer 3- 1 Emerald per 3 mins.
Layer 4- 1 Emerald per 2 Mins.
Layer 5- 1 Emerald per min.
Layer 6- 2 Emeralds per min.

Ask me about hardening pickaxes ingame.

Last edited by SuperStar11179912 (May 14 2012 6:59:30 pm)

#14 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:19:46

Floddy, why does my pick keep breaking? //
Picks broken yesterday
-Emerald (Epic) x1
-Ruby (Flawless) x2
-Ruby (Superior) x1
Picks broken today
-Coal (Flawless) x1 (Broke right away)
-Ruby (Exquisite) x3
-Ruby (Superior) x2
-Sapphire (Legendary) x1 (I gave ysoserious 2 diamonds and hockey 1 diamond & 4 rubies so they can harden this and it broke in 30 mins)

Is there something wrong with pickaxes now? I am running low on supplies. I know its unusual for a level 44 to ask for help, but I need some people to donate some ores, preferably rubies, since thats what I'm trying to harden. If I this problem continues then I will be eventually scrwd.

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#15 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:15:32

I have some ideas for spells. Also, make them buyable with coins too?:)
Previous Spells:
XPB (XP Per Block)- 100 Coins
DOE (Dots Everywhere)- 50 Coins
STU (Store Underground)- 200 Coins
DLC (Double Loot Chests)- 200 Coins
DLL (Double Loot Lamps)- 225 Coins
OTE (One Tap Everything)- 400 Coins
RLL (Reload Level)- 300 Coins
DOX (Double XP)- 500 Coins
TRX (Triple XP)- 750 Coins
New Spells
PSB (Portal Snake Blocker)- 200 Coins- Disables the Portal Snake for a while.
SPA (Super Pickaxe)- 250 Coins- Mine everything in a 3x3 area every time you mine a block.
TAL (Trade All Layers)- 100 Coins- Allows trade/giving things in all layers for a while.
CH (Chest Hunter)- 90 Coins- Makes Chests show up more often in your layer.
LH (Lamp Hunter)- 150 Coins- Makes Lamps show up more often in your layer.
OH (Ore Hunter)- 200 Coins- Makes Ores easy to find in your layer.
ROH (Rare Ore Hunter)- 300 Coins- Makes rare ores more common in your layer.
MFL (Mining for Lives)- 200 Coins- Every block you mine, you get a life.

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#16 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:14:33

when I said make the spells buyable with coins, I only meant just the spells. buying/selling ores in the shop kills the point of the game. Maybe add lamps/chests, but keep the ores out! Spells mainly should be in the shop because they are hard to find with the chests.
EDIT: Ok, seriously, theres something wrong with the chests these days. I bought 2 of them and both of them are empty. I bought one more and only got a few lives. Chests arent worth it.:/

#17 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:13:47

Floddy are you going to add my spells? And if you do can I test them or get one of them? Heres the list again if you forgot...

PSB (Portal Snake Blocker- Disables the Portal Snake for a while.
BTL (Bank/Trade All Layers)- Allows trade/giving things in all layers for a while.
CH (Chest Hunter)- Makes Chests show up more often in your layer.
LH (Lamp Hunter)- Makes Lamps show up more often in your layer.
OH (Ore Hunter)- Makes Ores easy to find in your layer.
LD (Lucky Day)- Makes rare ores more common in your layer.
MFL (Mining for Lives)- Every block you mine, you get a life.
Also another spell...
Make it possible to find coins underground. Mineral Yellow would be 1 coin, and the factory box could be a coin box (5 or 10 coins, you choose) but make them common too since everything in the shop costs alot of coins
MM (Money Money) Makes coins and coin boxes more common in your layer, and multiplies coins/boxes found by 5 for a few minutes.

Last edited by SuperStar11179912 (Jun 4 2012 8:37:02 pm)

#18 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:05:32

Something was wrong with the bot today... The commands dont work, digging is slow, and the portal snake was on a rampage then it ramdomly left //

#19 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:04:42

Please update the bot soon, this level is just not the same when there isnt anything new. I noticed that the shop prices are insane. Increase the sell price a bit. Also, make an update that you can find coins underground.
Yellow Mineral- 1 coin
Factory Box- Coin Box (5 or 10 coins)
Also, make it possible to find spells , like the gift blocks (make them rare though)
EDIT: heres an idea for a spell...
MOU-More Ores Underground- It does what the name says, ores will show up more often in your layer.
ORM- Ore Magnet- If an ore is 3 blocks away from you (or closer) then it shows up as if you found it

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#20 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:04:26

Everglade wrote:

Agh, Floddy!

I don't know if you read this thread anymore, but i keep getting this bloody error message saying "Client doesn't match server" or something like that, and then it proceeds to kick me off!     I lost 8 diamond in my bag because of this message kicking me off!   //

so im not the only one then! even if that doesnt happen, I still get lag kicked //

#21 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:04:13

is this bot on anymore? seriously, I hope I didnt waste 5$ on a donator that I wont get to use anymore... I didnt get to use it for alot of time... //

#22 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:04:11

I think Floddy quit, because it hasn't been on in a LONG time and his forums are gone.

#23 Re: Worlds » Floddy DigBot "I Can Dig It" » 2015-02-13 08:04:05

Forget what I said, the digbot was on today (and jaba used two SHOs //
but his forums are still gone...

#24 Re: Worlds » FLD Temple Wurm » 2015-02-13 07:46:08

Here's what I think of Temple Wurm. Another great idea by Floddy that brought me back to EE once again.:) Great job floddy, this was a great level to play, and now here's some ideas for it.;)
Leaderboards: How about damage done as a survivor and crowns collected?
Crown: Instead of adding HP (wurm) or Dig (survivor) you can make it random from your ideas and these ones listed below.
Dig: The usual dig you already have. However, make it last 2 minutes instead of infinite otherwise it's almost impossible for the wurmer to catch him when he's the last one alive and using a specific strategy (not mentioning otherwise it will be overused)
Freeze: Stops the wurm & blocks for 10 seconds, allowing a chance to escape.
Burn: Destroys all blue blocks and vines.
Lightning: Use the spacebar and all blocks, water, whatever it is to the left, right, above, and below you will disappear.
Drain: The wurmer slowly loses HP until the person who got this powerup dies.
Ghost: All hazards disappear for 5 seconds then reappear.

Healthy: Instead of just gaining HP right away, you will gradually gain HP at a good speed until someone hits a red key.
Insta-Specials: Allows you to quickly use 3 specials.
Minions: 2 very small wurms controlled by the bot help you for 10 seconds.
Avalanche: Random blocks show up much more often for 20 seconds.
Speedy: The wurm moves faster for 10 seconds.

Also, I noticed that the wurm doesn't respond right away when you use the arrow keys or spacebar. Any way to fix that? Also, how are these ideas?:cool:

#25 Re: Worlds » Slender: The Eight Coins » 2015-02-13 07:26:01

I win! I took a screenshot, but how do I post it to the forums? or how about this? can I PM you the path I took to get all the coins (and cake and crown?)

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