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#1 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-10-10 15:19:28

After watching the recent documentary video that Kirby made. I feel like i should have posted this earlier.

I got a screenshot of xeno and satanya playing EE Party within the last minutes of EE :d


#2 Re: Forum Games » Kill The Monster » 2021-10-05 14:40:12

I'll keep holding tight I guess xd

Get em bois


#3 Re: Forum Games » Kill The Monster » 2021-10-03 04:17:33

Alright, I have a plan to stop the Krax from razing EE town. This monster has a whole lot of heath so we gotta chip it's heath down, and its also heavy.

Who wants to volunteer in stopping the krax from moving. If no one, then I will I guess.

After the kraz is paralyzed or is unable to move near to us. I need people to attack it before it breaks free and goes on a rampage to attack us.

Spells work really good I guess. I think this monster has resistance against piecing weapons such as spears or arrows.

#5 Re: Off Topic Discussion » I am just tired of online school. » 2021-09-11 05:17:07

Online School sucks, I'm too lazy to wake up. I can't answer assignments, its not motivating anymore.

Why don't we work together. Like teamwork, or something.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Anyone knows a game like EE? » 2021-09-06 03:09:20

If you are familiar with the game Super Mario Construct, It's a web game and it's the successor to Super Mario Flash (and its series) in the flash era. I'm part of that community as a very underrated level maker. I have the title of 1st place in story-telling contest.


It's like Mario Maker but very different. The moderation is more strict then EE however because of annoying kids. These two images below are two sections I made.



You can play and try out SMC on this website. Just a warning, it lags if you have alot of enemies or stuff and the current developer is working on something else. That means this game won't be updated until next year or when the developer goes back in developing it.

If you are also familiar of playing Super Mario 64 in the Flash Era, they also made a sequal called Super Mario 127. There's a discord server where these both communities unite, and they started making a website for all Web Mario Games with editors on them. As far as I can remember, it's still in development.

I still perfer EEO because its portals, switches, and signs bring up alot of possiblities.

#7 Re: Game Suggestions » Interactive Laser action tools » 2021-09-04 11:00:42

We need these interesting features implemented

#9 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-08-16 01:19:47

I have a video of Raprap's Birthday Party in EE

However, it sucked because I had really bad internet.

#10 Game Discussion » I'm curious of EE Art » 2021-08-02 05:07:15

Replies: 8

I always wondered how you guys managed to make good minimaps in EE worlds. I have complied some of my favorite ones all located in EEO. I always admire the colors, the creativity, the structures, the ideas built in these minimaps, especially how they also represent as fun challenge rooms. So I really wondered how did EE players actually did this. I really wanted to try it out in Everybody Edits Offline because I wanted to start improving in art. Although, I'm quite a noob in art but I like sharing my creativity and ideas.






If your a beginner in EE arts, how does it feel likes to begin in doing art? I know that people get frustrated about plates? prattles? platelets? what was it called? But ehh, I feel like I'm used to it. As long I get to make something that helps me in art. I'm okay with it. Do you guys have tips in doing art in EE? Do you have art in EEO you like to share? Maybe I could get inspired.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-07-26 02:45:44

I was a member since 2012

I think i have a bunch of 2018+ Screenshots of EE

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Domino's Pizza Order » 2021-07-05 05:42:49

Hi, I would like to order a pizza made to actually be dedicated to someone.

It has mushrooms on it and the pizza should be like a shape of a heart.

Make it its colored pink. Because its 4th of july.

And, do you guys take coupons?

#14 Re: Forum Games » Mafia Universe Championship 8 Invitation » 2021-05-24 16:33:24

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

In case anyone wants to follow along, my game is starting very soon.

Good luck duuuud!! :>

#15 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 50 - Rise of the Phoenixborn Game Thread [VAMP/WITCH WIN] » 2021-05-11 05:49:15

Different55 wrote:

Another option would be this, the blackmailer just getting a digest of all whispers that happened that day. A potential twist to prevent it from being too powerful would be that the blackmailer doesn't get to know who was whispering to who, they just get the content of the whispers in their digest. As long as you have PM emails turned on, it wouldn't be too hard to collect all whispers of the day in chronological order.

Big Brain

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Rewritten | MULTIPLAYER IN 2021 | v1.2.5 » 2021-05-10 15:27:05

Rivelka wrote:

This project was made to restore multiplayer functions.

wait... really?

#17 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 50 - Rise of the Phoenixborn Game Thread [VAMP/WITCH WIN] » 2021-05-10 13:44:16

Luka504 wrote:

Oh, it's over.
Gotta say, whispering is a super annoying mehanic, at least for the people who aren't playing but are actively reading, like me. But it was fun checking in every now and then, so gg I guess.

I personally think that the !whisper mechanic can potentially be separated as a role. With some changes.

#18 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 50 - Rise of the Phoenixborn Game Thread [VAMP/WITCH WIN] » 2021-05-10 05:02:41

I wish I wasn't like a wimpy coward who couldn't answer jawapa's questions, they were fun to answer but I was busy and oop. Yeah, I didnt paid too much attention to the game sadly, tho, I am willing to try and improve in the future hehehe.

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