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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits 15 gems treasure hunt » 2015-06-30 16:09:37

Firecrackericebreak wrote:
Nou wrote:

I was gonna make a blog post but UB has been afk for the past 3 hours :/

I guess I didn't find it then.

I found this though:

Yeah, that has always been there. Sadly it's not a clue, I think I remember hearing it was some plug-in for the blog.

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Categories of Level Creators » 2015-06-07 03:59:47

Anak wrote:

Plotmakers (I.E. storylines for The Pier, stuff like that, all the signs and stuff)

Another name for these level creators could be Adventurists?

#3 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Bruce Revamps » 2015-06-03 05:08:44

Honestly this is the best thing I've ever seen... We need this for April Fools or something..

Edit: The bunny one looks like it's gonna sneeze real soon //

#4 Re: Creative » Stubby's Signatures (Taking Requests!) » 2015-05-17 23:48:36

I'd love one of these signatures! Maybe something space themed (stars in the background), with white shiny letters? Also if possible, include some glitchy pixels on either side. A pixel font or a really modern font would be cool for "Glitcherkid" (the modern font similar to Anch159's or the pixel font used on the others)

Thanks! //

#5 Re: Graphics Suggestions » fishbole » 2015-05-15 00:59:54

How funny would it be if all of a sudden, in a world you were alone in, this smiley just dropped in and started playing without chatting at all. I would just laugh //

#6 Re: Game Discussion » [Plan] Operation Reach Out » 2015-05-15 00:56:52

I'd be glad to share on Twitter! I'm guessing the official account is @everybodyedits, but if it's not then a link to the correct one would be great!

Good luck on gaining more players!

#7 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Glitcherkid's Ultimate Graphic Topic 2 » 2015-05-11 01:24:27

Added a new smiley! The sunburnt smiley!


EDIT: ptkQRzQ.png -- updated the shading a bit!

#8 Re: Creative » Benje00 Makes Signatures » 2015-05-02 20:18:30

I'd love a pixel art styled one! Maybe the background could include sprites from Super Mario Bros or Super Mario World?

#9 Re: Game Discussion » [Improved Survey] Analysis on making EE popular from your ideas » 2015-04-21 00:22:49

I do, in fact, take a programming class in school, and I think if I could learn to make a bot for my final project, that would be amazing! This survey actually gave me some great ideas! //

#10 Re: Forum Games » T.A.B.=The Abbreviation Game » 2015-04-11 22:10:28

Cutting into noodles can't incinerate nerds.


#11 Re: Game Discussion » EE Main Website Backgrounds » 2015-04-11 22:06:52

I made a couple more tiles!

1. Cave



2. Pipes (just noticed I need to fix one of the pipes)



3. Neon (May need to be darkened because it's too bright)




Any suggestions for new tile sets or for improvements on these?

#12 Re: Bug Reports » EE Down? » 2015-04-11 18:10:13

Yeah, i tried to go to a profile, then both the normal website and the beta one didn't work for me. // Maybe later it will //

#13 Re: Bug Reports » EE Down? » 2015-04-11 17:34:26

It's not down for me. Must have been an internet issue or you may have typed it in wrong.

#14 Re: Game Discussion » EE Main Website Backgrounds » 2015-04-08 15:59:45

Here's one small 8x8 tile. (Or would you prefer larger tiles such as 16x16?)


If put together, it would fill the background of the website with something like this.


#18 Re: Game Discussion » How do you think the Everybody Edits Staff is doing? [Survey included] » 2015-03-11 04:23:08

Just finished the survey! I think the moderators and admins are doing a great job with listening to the community more. Keep it up! //

#20 Re: Creative » Sigs and Avatars » 2015-02-21 16:37:29

I'd love to see how my name looks in this style! Could you make mine green with a little blue in it as well (doesn't matter where, just sort of throughout).

#21 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2015-02-19 01:12:13

Your EE Username: glitcherkid

Your verification token: c14c82c6c976d304fb3e515dbb3b1ef5

Old Username: Glitcherkid

Thanks //

#22 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:44:51

I can't log in on now and is having a runtime error. Something to do w/ the update?

Btw, I like the idea of a win brick, although it can get spammed a lot. And, I wish each person could keep the crown so others know you won.

EDIT: I can get in now.

EDIT #2 : go to

He has a red ninja! A new magic coin reward possibly?

Last edited by Glitcherkid (Jun 7 2012 9:27:41 am)

#23 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:44:42

Also, now that the Win block has been added (named "Complete"), there is too many things on the top row of the "Action" tab in EE. When you click on the portal block, some of the + button is cut off. Maybe this can be moved to the second row? Or, instead of "Complete", it could be named "Win".

jQheC.png   This is what I mean. Look at the portals.

Last edited by Glitcherkid (Jun 7 2012 10:18:18 pm)

#24 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:44:35

Glitcherkid wrote:

Also, now that the Win block has been added (named "Complete"), there is too many things on the top row of the "Action" tab in EE. When you click on the portal block, some of the + button is cut off. Maybe this can be moved to the second row? Or, instead of "Complete", it could be named "Win".   This is what I mean. Look at the portals.

Thank you Admins!! In EE, this has now been fixed. The Win block was put in w/ tools. (With the Spawn)     Yay! Admins are reading the forums now! WOOT! (Or they just noticed too pFhcd.png )
Anddd, they must be reading the forums, because now, as many people suggested, you will keep the crown on when you win a level, but no one else will see the crown you are wearing.

Last edited by Glitcherkid (Jun 8 2012 12:57:28 pm)

#25 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:44:22

Ahh! Every decoration is solid! and ladders and coins used to be solid too! What is happening!?!?!

Also, Cowboy pack was added.

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