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#1 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2019-08-23 17:41:09 … or_var.png
Even more smiley variants from Toop. I believe most of these weren't previously posted because there was still a chance some would be added to the game, but this never ended up happening.

"Fun" facts: The blue robot was inspired by a really old graphic by someone named Ice. The yellow one was unfinished. All the Terminator variants were deemed as ugly and would have been entirely redone, too. … Jester.png
Jester Smiley - Was never finished, and so was never added. Created by Toop.

Toop had a giant bucket list of smileys he wanted to add. This one was planned in 2015, and would have been released in a themed update with the princess smiley. The first draft looked bad, and Toop had decided to make it a misc. smiley update with his 3 most wanted smileys instead: chef, princess, and clown. Later, it was finished, and planned to be released in September 2016, but he quit just a couple months beforehand. … illain.png
Supervillain Smiley - The enemy of the earlier Superhero Smiley. Created by Toop.

Toop really didn't like this smiley, at all. The idea for the superhero smiley was to give EE a generic superhero, because we thought it would be lots of fun to use in your own worlds, for people who liked roleplaying and stuff. This villain is one I just begged him to make, because I thought it would be really fun. Originally part of a superhero contest, it would have been a small-themed smiley update instead, but was pushed off because Toop really had so many plans and it wasn't turning out well. … /Miner.png
Miner Smiley - I don't think Toop ever quite got this one right. Was also considered that the helmet could be switched on and off whilst being worn, but ultimately never came to pass.

Jet is pretty much right about this one. Also, I think Toop wanted to make something that matched RPGmaster200's smileys at the time. This was meant to be released with the Mine Pack, but because of a conflict with his smiley releasing schedule, and the fact that it was not looking good, he put it off. In the update world, he added a sign about the missing miner smiley that would have been released soon. I can't remember when exactly it was going to be released, but I guess it would be alongside the jester. … nk_WIP.png
Cyberpunk Smiley - A Toop work-in-progress that will never stop being in that state.

In addition to what Jet added, there was also a cyberpunk pack that was paired with this smiley that didn't pass due to being too similar to the sci-fi pack. … 65/pug.png
Pug Smiley - May be cool, but never fit EE's style. Created by Toop.

No comment. … er_now.png
??? - I really have no idea why the latter three smileys were made. I presume they were created by Toop, but I really don't know.

     Placeholder smileys using old graphics from Brushfire's Graphics. [Edit: The latter three smileys are: the earliest version of the cyberpunk smiley: he wore futuristic computer glasses and a communications microphone, a mardi gras jester (a prototype for another update Toop never got around to), and a jazz musician smiley, but edited with the glasses tinted red.] It wasn't anything serious, since Toop wasn't making graphics for the game yet.

     Aura colors are as follows: Admin, Guardian, Developer (staff who code for the game), green one is for graphics designer. The red one is a joke: Secret Moderator: who would toggle this right next to someone who broke the rules, just to spook them.

#2 Re: World Creation » TOOP and Badoosh Cut Content » 2017-09-02 02:49:53

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I don't think I was intended to see this, so I'm glad you're being honest. This topic was meant for a small niche of the community that appreciated the worlds Toop and I produced, and for people to see that the vast majority of the creative level-creation process goes unseen for casual players.

Toop wrote about 50% of this topic, and this topic was started before Toop's cut content topic (it was wip for a year). It's an honest mistake to think that I'm copying Toop's topic due to bad timing. If you posted here I would have been able to clarify that for you faster. Don't be afraid to communicate with me. //

I can understand why you (and the majority of EE players) don't like our levels. Honestly, I hate them too. Lots of wasted potential.


Like most of our levels, this topic is an eyesore to read through. And like our future levels, this topic isn't really worth finishing.

Wow look at me ramble on and on I'm a pro at making boring posts. Also I think it's funny that the only image I uploaded is here instead of the OP. Hiding stuff at the bottom of posts is so out of style, like me.

#3 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2017-08-31 01:43:03

I ended up getting my hands on an image toop shared with me.


Cut April Fool's 2017 Smileys - Sometime before the update these smileys were scrapped in favor of making all of the smileys the O.o face, apparently.

(Might not count as "cut content" since it was never really added but I thought it was neat)

#4 World Creation » TOOP and Badoosh Cut Content » 2017-08-22 15:23:49

Replies: 11

TOOP and Badoosh are no longer making levels. Here's everything that didn't make it into the game.

Pearl Diving: (November 2012)

-Was originally supposed to be a minigame level for a community hosted summer contest [that ended up failing], but after filling the whole level with tedious minis, we erased it and put in a musical elevator gameplay.
-Before boosts were added to EE, the level used regular upward gravity to bounce you back up to the top,which was difficult to see and slowed the gameplay down.
-There were originally warning sign decorations above obstacles because it was hard to quickly see where an obstacle originally was, but when boosts were added and replaced the upward arrow obstacles, they fufilled that purpose.
-The thunderstorm area was originally the 1st area, and in the sunny area a steam ship was supposed to be in the background. It was changed to make the progression of day to night more fluid, and the daytime area looked more generic for a tutorial area.

Quest: [Cut] (December 2012)

-An early iteration of Heroic Quest, it had no systems, making the gameplay simply moving on isometric landscapes while avoiding spikes, with a minigame boss at the end of each realm. It wasn't a very captivating level.
-The realms in this level in chronologial order include: Farm [similar to Town in Heroic Quest], Mountain, Volcano, Castle, Desert, Canyon, and undecided between Dream and Gardens.

Motorcycle Delivery: [Cut] (February 2013)

-Top view, non-stop driving level in which you delivered newspapers to peoples doorsteps while avoiding traffic.
-Introduced the health bar system that was later used in Heroic Quest.
-The level got canned because Mrshoe "fixed" purple switches by having them reset when a player died, ruining the system. After the level was cleared, Mr.Shoe reversed this decision.

The Market: [Cut] (May 2013)

-This was our 1st attempt at a dialogue level.
-This level took place in a Chinatown-esque city. It included an emporium (later added to the plaza), hotel (added to the square), and a restaurant (added to the pier).
-The level originally had alternate endings we later added to the pier.
-One part of the walkthrough included turning on the electric restaurant sign for the chef to increase the restaurant's publicity.
-There was a slacking office worker in an idling car who wanted to sneak out for a lunch break, only to discover his boss was in the restaurant! You could order his meal for him, or tell his boss he was slacking.
-The deranged sewer dweller from the pier was originally included in this level.
-The street performer was originally in this level, but carried over to the square because Badoosh liked the character a lot. (This is also why he shows up in all 3 levels)
-There was a canned character duo, the shady businessmen, who sold items from the black market to you. They were also going to be in the pier, but were replaced with the merchant. Lines of the merchant's script were taken from the businessmen here too.
-There was also a character called 'Market Owner', who talked to you in a different language. It was cut fairly early in development.
-Most of the side characters on the streets were given the title 'Citizen,' and they just said random boring stuff. They were also going to be added to The Square, but we ran out of space.
-The story of this level is very simillar to that of the pier's. You fell asleep on the bus, and had to get money to take a taxi cab home.

The Square: (May 2013)

-The flower and hat puzzle from The Plaza was originally planned for this level, but it didn't fit.
-A hidden character "Cake Man" was supposed to give you the cake action item as a bonus.
-Other cut characters include: Street sweeper, and Window Washer, which show up in the sequels.
-There was supposed to be a fountain in front of the town hall, but it got in the way of the entrance. The fountain was eventually put into The Pier as a detail.
-The bad joke you tell the Cafe Dweller was supposed to be funny, but all the jokes we made were bad, so we made the dweller get upset at how bad they were.
-The original plot, before Badoosh suggested losing your hotel keys, was to buy a toy ball for a character called 'Friend' in the shop. You can still see the beach ball decoration in the shop window.

Pearl Diving II: [Cut] (June 2013)

-It had 4 new areas: Morning with beach and beach huts in the background, evening with a steam ship in the background, a foggy area with large sharp stones, and a glacier at night with the northern lights in the background.
-It was cut due to the success of the square, and it was not innovative enough in comparison; just a reskin of the original.

Stop The Train!: [Cut] (June-July 2013)

-An alt/guest would sit on an afk 'railroad' track, and the player woud run around and frantically switch keys [railroad switches] to keep them from falling off the track and derailing to certain doom.
-Music blocks would act as an alarm bell if the "train" was getting close to a hazard [DING DING DING].
-This was canned because players appear to be in different places on different tabs (IE: It looks like you saved him, but he actually died).

Backyard Racing: [Cut] (July-August 2013)

-A time trial level where you complete laps in a suburban backyard obstacle course.
-It was cut upon realising there were no ways to create a proper time trial, especally because time doors are not able to have set times. This is also before curse effects existed.

The Quarter (Attempt 1): [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Our 1st attempt at the sequel of The Square, the level went through several iterations before it was renamed and recycled as The Pier.
-The Quarter included the trolley, it took you to several locations, The Square, The Docks, and Downtown. We considered adding 2 more areas (Park and Street) but that would have made the level far to big, so the Park and Street got merged into the Downtown area.
-There were 9 total interior buildings: (Museum, Service Station, Bank, Hotel, Greenhouse, Jewlery Shop, and more.)
-The 1st of 3 failed iterations was finding the comically large amount of items you lost (your keys, phone, wallet, credit card, and briefcase).
-You started out right where the square left off in your hotel room. You find out that you are missing several items and go hunting for them, only to find out that the trolley driver had pickpocketed you and sold them to random people around the whole town.

The Quarter (Attempt 2): [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Again, there was a trolley that took you to a few locations (Main Street, Downtown, and Docks).
-The original plot was that your friends basement was flooding, and you had to collect several items (such as duct tape) to help him MacGeiver out of the situation. After deciding that it wasn't good enough, the story shifted to you cooking an omlette, and getting disctracted to help your friend, only to return after the level was complete to your burnt breakfast on the stove.
-This attempt didn't make it far past the concept stage.

The Docks: [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Another attempted sequel to The Square.
-This area takes place at the docks area of town in winter, and it's one of the two attempts at the sequel not to include a trolley.
-Originally, the concept of the level was to fix a broken down trolley and start using it, but it got replaced by a lighthouse (you used the lighthouse to light up areas to explore).
-Re-introduced the idea of moral choice from The Market, except it was much more harsh; your choices could even get people killed. The only remaining moral choice from this level is the poisoned gumbo. [Although originally you served it to a customer, the customer got the chef fired, and for the rest of the level the chef was sad while packing up to leave the kitchen.]
-The level never got past the concept stage.

The Hero of Future City: [Cut] (December 2013-January 2014)

-Originally a wasteland themed water puzzle levels, but after realizing Gkabyssflorida's Water Levels existed, we changed it because we wanted to make something new.
-Platforming level set in a Sci-Fi city.
-The player collected colorful star powerups to solve platforming based puzzles.
-This was before effects existed, so there was a lot of wasted space. It used invisible portals and identical rooms, but there was not enough room in any world size, nor enough portal IDs.
-The powerups included: Red-Survive 'Lava', Blue-Swim In Water, Green-Toggle Bridges, Yellow-Toggle Trampolines.

Maze: [Cut] (January 2014)

-A dream world themed maze that used invisible portals and changing paths, making it extremely complex to solve.
-Included illusion themed minigames at each of the 4 switches.
-It was canned because we feared it was too much like Thanel's Delusion Valley. In retrospect it probably wasn't. Oops.
-The pathing of the level was planned out, and still exists, probably.

Heroic Quest: (February-April 2014)

-Original systems were much slower before being redone. Each enemy had 3 HP to get killed except the  knight could kill them in 1. This trait was given to all the characters so you wouldn't die of boredom.
-Elf had a cut character trait: Scavenging gold off of fallen enemies.
-The Ruins level took 3 attempts to design, and the Dream level took 4. (this means an almost finished level was cleared 3-4 times each) Lots of headaches.
-Teleporters were originally exclusive to the dream area, but were added to earlier levels because.
-The dream area was designed based off the style of the cut Maze level.
-There was supposed to be another release of 3 more levels (expanding the tower to include the area that is currently an atrium), but it was cancelled for being too excessive.
-The three cut levels were:
    -Fort - a castle area.
    -Sky - a flying fleet of ships in the sky.
    -Cave - the creepiest place you've ever seen. The stuff of nightmares.

The Quarter (Attempt 3!): [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Same as the previous 2 attempts, but it included some different buildings and locations (Tenement, Arcade, Graveyard, Museum, Scrapyard).
-The plot had you solving a museum heist mystery that had happened earlier that day. You ended up using a jar of fireflies to light up the inside of a dark tomb in the graveyard, where the stolen idol had been dropped into a pit. You use a magnet on a string to get it back.
-This level got far enough into development that it had a complete walkthrough draft, which has since been lost.
-The level also had a guard dog outside the backyard of the Jewlery shop, which was reused later as the dog outside the shed at Morose Manor.

Main Street: [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Yet another failed attempt at a sequel, what did you expect?
-The main concept was to use a payphone and phonebook [from the library] to call people in their houses / apartments to wake them up so you could talk to them and enter their townhouses/shops.
-The level included a library, several town houses, and a service station (as well as a couple other miscelanious buildings).
-This level also didn't make it past the concept stage.

Untitled: [Cut] (2013-2014)

-Another failed sequel attempt...
-This level took place in 3 areas, a suburban neighborhood, a downtown city, and the docks. The level was also going to have different times of day for each area.
-The only contribution this level made to The Pier was it introduced the moral choice of the butcher and cat section.
-The level idea was deemed as "too out there" compared to The Square, and was thrown out after some ingame sketches had been made.
-After this attempt we finally gave up and moved on to Morose Manor, leaving the sequel for a later time.

Morose Manor: (July 2014)

-You were originally supposed to have a car at the beginning to serve as the exit, but there wasn't enough room. The car was later used at Dour Station.
-After listening to the final recording, you were supposed to find your way into the trophy room and collect the Morose Fortune, but the level already reached its capacity and was cut short. (we ran out of room and portal ids)
-It was originally a ghost story, and in the climax after you find the body, you were going to use matches and gasoline and burn the manor down. (take a wild guess why this couldn't fit)
-Cut rooms include: Conservatory, Theatre, and Widow's Walk. (I actually considered making another morose manor level with these rooms because of how much I liked them)
-Cut puzzles include: Using electrical tape to fix the dumbwaiter, using a pen and paper to write down the panic room combination [because muh memory is so bad], and moving the ladder from the library to reach the attic on the veranda.

Odious Carnival: [Cut] (July-August 2014)

-What would have been an astonishingly bad sequel was cut at the last second, the entire level was complete except for one room before it was cleared. (!)
-This level integrated the dialogue system from The Square, and refined it to be the same as the finished product of the dialogue system in The Pier.
-Characters included: Ticket Puncher (A grumpy person that inspired the Gate Keeper in The Pier), Newspaper Vendor, Clown, Medicine Man (Much like the Merchant in The Pier), Magician, Game Host, Fortune Teller, Park Ranger.
-This level still has a complete walkthrough that didn't get lost. (probably)
-Locations: Midway, Rides, Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel, Magician's Tent, Snack Bar, Big Top, and more.
-The haunted house ride got cut midway through production because there wasn't enough room. Instead the protagonist remarks "The haunted house ride is broken, not that I'm complaining."
-Some parts of the Walkthrough include: Getting your ticket you found to the ticket puncher, Using a pot of water to soften the soil so you can dig up an item stuck in the ground, Playing carnival games such as darts and the test of streangth, Giving a teddy bear to the clown, and turning on the rides so you can use them to access other parts of the carnival.
-The plot, due to a bad combination of goofy and serious tones was deemed as very bad for a level series that relied heavily on story.
-Learning from the failures of this level improved other levels we made afterwards.
-"The story deserves to be forgotten forever" -Badoosh

Odious University: [Cut] (August-September 2014)

-Another attempt at the sequel for Morose Manor.
-This level also used dialogue for supporting characters.
-Characters included: Janitor, Dean, Campus Guard, Professor, Artist, Music Professor, and Student
-Locations included: Chemistry lab, Theatre, Cafeteria, Several halls and balconies, Dean's office, library (later used in Dour Station), and Greenhouse,
-This level still has a complete walkthrough that didn't get lost. (probably)
-Some parts of the level include: Collecting agenda pages for information on a shady student, using a reception bell to wake the sleeping dean, using a tv antenna to reach an object (later used in Odious Laboratory), finding a secret passage, and rescuing the dean from an attempted murder.
-Although the plot was an improvement upon the last attempt, it lacked the suspense compared to Morose Manor and the already planned Bismirch Station (Later renamed to Dour Station).
-The plot was pretty much giving a backstory to the goons who went to Morose Manor, this was partially carried over to Odious Laboratory.
-After this was discarded we decided to move back to the sequel to The Square.

The Pier: (September- October 2014)

-To save room, instead of 7 areas some of the areas were continous and blocked off by barriers such as the construction site and wall next to the tenement.
-The lighthouse torch was intended to be an interior room, but was moved to the exterior as a balcony.
-There used to be a separate tutorial area, in which the bus was in front of the service station and later drives away instead of driving away as soon as you get off.
-The bad choice at the end of the level wasn't originally to threaten to break the watch, but to actually break it, which wasn't easy to convey using dialog witout it sounding forced.
-There was originally a Poet, who had lost their journal pages for you to collect. If you are a bad person, you could give them to a journalist to publish as their own work. The published newspaper that would be collected at the end of the level is the only remaining element of this.
-After the chef cooks gumbo, you were supposed to give it to the beggar, but because of the moral choice of possibly poisoning it before, it created a plot hole and was replaced by a candy bar. (yeah that was a really dumb oversight smh)

Odious Laboratory: (November 2014)

-The Administrator's intercom was supposed to be used more often, but the lack of portal IDs made the level a lot shorter than hoped.
-The Administrator would yell at you every time you used an item incorectly, but that was cut because it hindered the tone of the level. (Toop and badoosh disagree on this factor. Badoosh still thinks it's a good idea)
-While talking to the administrator, he was supposed to get more panicked by the end of the level, yelling at you to hurry as the secondary pipeline lost pressure, which would cause the entire facility to melt down. Due to the shorter walkthrough and lack of interaction, this ended up being forgotten.

Dour Station: (December 2014)

-The level was originally called Bismirch Station until it was renamed late in development.
-There were originally more contacts in your phone other than Anonymous, but that would have complicated the level too much.
-Desiory Town was originally an industrial area, with a tenement and abandoned factory. Both of these buildings were instead moved to The Pier. There was also a grand hotel in that city, which was moved to The Plaza.
-There was originally a couple of NPCs in desiory town, including the concierge and a homeless person. This was changed to having the town evacuated because it caused a plothole.
-The gift shop was originally a mech workshop until the walkthrough was refined.
-The copse area was meant to be a little longer but the level reached its limit. (they always do)

The Plaza: (February 2015-January 2016)

-The Concierge and Chauffer originally dropped hints when you talked to them.
-Cut Characters: Mechanic, Unnamed hag, Sewer Dweller, and Cake Man.
-There was originally a hospital, and the gardener from the pier was a patient that ended up passing away, but it clashed with the mood of the level and was turned into a florist shop, complete with the gardener who now owns the shop.
-The hospital also had a morgue, and you had to search the body drawers to find a piece of jewelry. It was cut for being too morbid and creepy. Also there were morbid jokes on the toe-tags, so...
-The lamps originally lit up platforming to get to the upper levels of buildings, which is why most buildings are designed with second floor entrances. It was almost useless, however.
-There were some lamps on the interiors of the buildings, but due to the lack of room and complexity it would have added, it was cut out of the level.
-Cut Abilities: You used to have to learn different abilities. These were instead given to you to make the level easier.
-The lights were originally changed by using the payphone in the pub. The vandal told you how to use the lights, and gave you a quarter on a string so you could use the payphone infinitely.
-The detective used to teach you to combine items.

Valor Quest: [Cut] (2015-2017)
-Heroic Quest but refined and heavily story-based. Gameplay includes: stamina, health, dice rolling, treasure chests, and hidden rooms. Cool stuff
    -Knight - Defensive armor
    -Warrior - Could kill 6 enemies in a single attack (if lucky)
    -Archer - Long range attacks
    -Asassin - Stealth
    -Dwarf - Set and disarmed traps
    -Wizard - Cast spells of awesome power
    -Glade - A magical glade with giant mushrooms and vines. But it's been overrun by goblins! Boss: Troll.
    -Town - During a zombie uprising, only the town's citadel stands. Mow through hordes of the undead to reach it, and help the mayor defend it. Boss: The Plauge Source. 
    -Temple - An ancient desert temple crawling with bandits looking to steal some treasure. Guarding the abandoned riches are undead mummies. At the heart of the temple, you find a tomb: you can steal gold from it or protect it. The mummy then rises from the tomb and helps you or attacks you based on this choice. Boss: Ghost.
    -Sky - A group of pirates in an airship have captured a real dragon! In your attempt to defeat the dragon you are captured. However, some pirates are tired of their old captain. During the mutiny, fight through the pirates, or let them kill themselves. Kill the dragon and finish what you started. Boss: Dragon.
    -Coast - Under the sea dwells an ancient beast. A mysterious fisherman helps you navigate the rough cliffs to get to the lighthouse. However, he betrays you and you must defeat him. Afterwards, you reach the lighthouse and sound the foghorn to lure the beast out of hiding. Boss: Sea Creature.
    -Mountains - Reach the chilly POW camp at the summit of a mountain. Infiltrate it, kill the warden, and escort the prisoners to safety while avoiding the yehti. Boss: Yehti.
    -Hell - The Wizard of Chaos has opened a gate to a twisted realm of nightmares. As you progress to his throne, he will cast mind spells on you. Dethrone this SOB and save the world! Boss: Chaos Wizard!

-Cut Levels: Dream, Forest, Fortress, Battlefield
-Cut Characters: Jester

The Mystery of Morose Manor: [Cut] (2015-2016)
-The year is 1972, and you recieve a phonecall from an old friend of yours from your time at the academy. He's now the bodyguard of a man named Mr.Morose. There's a big party at the Manor, and Mr.Morose has invited all of his worst enemies (this guy is taking the "keep your enemies closer" thing too far).
-Anyways, your friend wants your help in protecting Mr.Morose. As a detective, you aren't really into the whole body-guard thing, but what are good friends for?
-Interrogate the potential suspects during the party. First impressions are everything: if you annoy a guest, they'll be more difficult to talk to later.
-All of the sudden, MURDER! Somone slipped poison into Mr.Morose's drink. However, due to a mix up, it's your old friend who drank it instead. : (
-The manor is sealed, and Mr.Morose hides in his panic room (you can still talk to him from outside though).
-Solve the mystery! Everyone at the party has their own reasons for hating Mr.Morose, but who would kill him? (Evidence is randomized so every time it's a different person who did it)
-There's a knock on the door. Everybody collectively groans when it's Constable Barney who arrives with the police on scene. Constable Barney is the worst cop you know, botching case after case. (you know if you don't solve this case he's going to incarcerate the wrong guy)
-The race is on! Race Constable Barney to collect the evidence and solve the mystery! Good news is Barney loves to brag about his findings, so you have that going for you. Oh yeah, the police have the area locked down so you can explore outside to collect evidence now.

????: [Cut] (2016-2017)
-You awake in a torture chamber. The year is 2032, last time you remembered.
-Your memory isn't so good, but the interrogator is playing bad cop. Try to remember your past, and how you got here. It's your only chance out.
-Memories return, but in fragments. As more information pours in, earlier memories change to fit the current story. What is real?
-Your interrigator is asking some important questions...
-Where did Mr. Morose get his fortune from?
-Who was the Administrator of Odious Laboratory working for?
-What do you remember? The Quarintine Zone? A corrupt judge? Some shady company ransacking the Council Estate? What's going on?
-The clock is ticking. Something bad is about to happen...

TL;DR: A mountain of cut content = A wall of text.

#5 Re: Game Business » August 2017 Update! » 2017-08-17 22:26:51

Devlin wrote:
Badoosh wrote:

To Cola1: you are a good graphics designer, but honestly nobody could have filled the large boots Toop left behind. Nothing I complained about in this update is truly your fault. You'll get better with practice and experience, don't let my angry ranting turn you away from something you love to do.

I thought the only thing Cola1 made in this update was the raccoon smiley?

Yeah I realized that later. My bad.

XxAtillaxX wrote:
Badoosh wrote:

....wall of text....

tl;dr tl;dr:
1. this update is awful cowgirl is gross, stop sign is bad, fire hydrant doesnt belong
2. toop was the best and nobody could ever replace daddy toop, these graphics were cut because they are bad
3. there is a balance that is so sophisticated and complex that i cant be bothered to explain it's far too extreme algorithms and quantum artistic dynamics
4. cola1 you are a good graphics designer but nobody could ever replace daddy!!! you are tainting his legacy by adding cut content!!1

Well when you say it like that it's kinda depressing, really. I thought we could have a discussion about this without petty mockery. :\
I don't deny that I am biased towards liking toop's graphics, though.

#6 Re: Game Business » August 2017 Update! » 2017-08-17 22:00:22

As someone who understands visual design (and insight on Toop's graphics), this update is awful.
I'm terrible at explaining many of the fundamental concepts behind the failures of this update so bear with me.

Cowgirl smiley is gross. TOOP began that smiley about a year ago and never finished it because it looked bad. I wanted to see a better version of it but we get his sub-par rough drafts.
Same goes for lots of stuff pulled from the cut content archive. It looks really bad.

The stop sign was a **** failure that Toop and I laughed at and he threw in the trash bin. This also might be news to you: stop signs aren't for construction sites! There's a reason it was in a city pack!

Again: the fire hydrant makes no sense in the construction pack. It was designed for a city pack but it looks like the staff couldn't be bothered to put time and effort into the graphics so they just stole it and shoved it in a city-like pack. Shame on you.

Domestic pack has a brown bar morph for some reason?? Oh it's a picture frame (honestly couldn't tell). Toop had this in a rough draft of the domestic pack, but it was cut because there's already a picture in the pack.
Packs have a balance to them that I'm not going to spend the time to explain because it's complex **** that nobody got time to misunderstand.
Honestly I'd be okay with this if it was in a museum pack, but whatever.

Rotating the wild west pole is a mistake.: WHAT THE BLOCK IS HAS MORE IMPORTANCE THAN IT BEING BUILD-ABLE. This is a concept  to ensure that packs don't have **** like upside down TVs or sideways porches.

The extended I beams on the construction pack are pointless. Just get rid of the 2 dots if they bother people that much. Furthermore, the pack is now bloated with useless blocks and backgrounds.
Toop had a system to make his packs "balanced" which involved color balancing with ratios. Here's Toop's balance with the construction pack compared to the new one:


Percentage of red in TOOP's pack: 40%

Percentage of red in new pack: 67% (too much red)

There's so much more wrong with all of this that I don't even have the time to get into.
People say that art is all how people feel about it and that's what makes it good or bad. That's wrong. This update is objectively bad. (that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it though)



Toop is not perfect: he made some terrible mistakes in his time as a graphics designer. However, this update pushes his mistakes into the limelight and **** all over what he put into EE. Toop's attempts to make the game a more clear graphics experience has been muddled with seemingly random junk thrown in the mix.

To Cola1: you are a good graphics designer, but honestly nobody could have filled the large boots Toop left behind. Nothing I complained about in this update is truly your fault. You'll get better with practice and experience, don't let my angry ranting turn you away from something you love to do.
EDIT: This wasn't Cola1's update sorry buddy //


Now, the items in this update are useful, and builders will have lots of fun with it I'm sure. Honestly, as someone who adored what toop did to the game I can't help but feel that by scraping the remnants of his work from the floor you're tainting the rest of his legacy. (With this in mind I also accept that I am heavily biased towards liking toop's work so take my post with a grain of that salt)

#8 Re: Game Suggestions » add option to skip/shorten death animation » 2017-03-12 15:30:23

Or just redo the death animation to be shorter and less laggy.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » EE is Dying? What u think? » 2017-03-03 04:17:37

Based on how many topics there have been on what's wrong with EE, where is unity, is EE dying, etc, my answer is yes. Doesn't mean it's too late for the staff to pick up their game though, so to speak.

#10 Re: Game Discussion » Is EE too complex/messy? How would you feel about a fresh reboot? » 2017-02-23 04:56:24

N1KF wrote:

I'm not sure I exactly agree. I think one of the reasons why the classic Everybody Edits became so popular is because people could quickly join an open world and have some quick fun. The simpler something is, the more people can understand it and enjoy it. The more complicated you make something, there will be less fans, but they will be more dedicated fans. Right now, we don't have many players, and not many of those are actually "dedicated" anymore (and while I'm dedicated to the community, I've barely done anything for the actual game). We need something that looks simple, but has lots of depth for those who look into it. Half of the blocks in the game look simple, but have no depth, as they add very little substance to the game or metagame.

If this game ever rebooted, all the filler junk (mostly that of MrShoe) should be cleaned up. I'd like to just see the most basic packs we have now (basic, brick, etc.), a few themed ones (such as nature), and many of the action blocks we already ave. Some of the blocks we have now add nothing but very small visual differences. For example, compare the white basic block to the white metal "outer space" block. Why do we need them both? They're both white metal blocks with bolts on the corners. And that's not even looking into the amount of grey brick blocks (bricks, Halloween 2011, prison, marble, etc.) we have. The more blocks we give the player, the more oddly specific they'll get. And the more we'll rely on buying meaningless virtual materials than using our imaginations to fill those small gaps.

I think complexity is one of the two main reasons this game has fallen from its classic state, along with the neglect from Cape Copenhagen.

I agree about the complixity being a big issue with EE. But I think you underestimate the problem with action items.

EE used to be about momentum, physics, and collecting coins. There were also one-ways and portals that added a new dimension to blocks.
Now we have pointless effects that are broken like curse and zombie. Checkpoints and spikes when they serve little difference to portals, and death doors are seldom used outside death-grinding levels.
And then there's invisible portals and arrows, which are often used where normal arrows and portals should be.
Teams are poorly implemented and what was a potential game feature is just fluff.
Before players get used to the controls of EE, we now have to throw effects at them, and they must learn jumping new heights, speed, low gravity, flying, not dying on spikes, etc.
Boosts are completely broken and are inconsistent to the rest of the physics in the game. Many levels require you to hold down on upwards facing boosts to win. This isn't told to anyone, anywhere. You just gotta know your bugs.
Then there's the fact that you have to hold down and up repeatedly to get out of 1 block of water.
Here's something else too.

Everybody edits used to get physics engine updates, but now that those are gone, the game's become clunky and dated. It's an embarrassment that the promo video can no longer boast a powerful physics engine. It's all so inconsistent, new players complain that the controls are slippery. This will never change with the staff's current direction.

There are so many inconsistencies in the game steepens the learning curve. I haven't even gotten into the crappy interface, crappy block designs, crappy campaigns. It all needs cleaning up. Maybe the only way to save the game is to do a semi-reboot, and pray that the learning curve is fixed so new players can replace and exceed the stubborn players who quit. I don't like these chances, but the other option would be to let the game continue this decline.

#11 Re: Game Suggestions » /showsecrets » 2017-02-20 04:53:41

Tomahawk wrote:

Nubs saying use godmode; that's not a solution. What if you're building a mini with secret bricks? - Do you expect the guy to remember where the platforms are while testing it?

I mean, if the guy is testing a mini with secret bricks and thinks it takes too much time/effort or is too difficult to play through... isn't that a sign that maybe they've built a poorly-designed mini?

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » anti-bullying topics » 2017-02-16 16:01:06

MrJaWapa wrote:

being rude is not the same as bullying

This doesn't legitimize people being jerks to each other. Maybe victims of being rude can be over-dramatic, but that doesn't mean that the rude person isn't to blame. You phrase this topic in such a way that people who open up and feel hurt about people being mean on EE are somehow "little ****" and dodge the real problem: the toxic community.

MrJaWapa wrote:

being kicked from a world is not bullying

not getting edit rights is not bullying

not getting code is not bullying

I agree, but you've oversimplified  here. There are instances when you can politely decline to give someone the code. In this instance, they have no right to throw a tantrum. If they are told to **** off when they ask for code, then they have every right to feel attacked. It's all in the delivery.

MrJawapa wrote:

being told to stfu because you're being an annoying ****... is not bullying

Speaking of, this right here. Telling someone to shut the **** up is rude.
You may be upset at someone for spamming, but you shouldn't lash out just because you're upset. They might not know what they're doing is wrong. Provoking them only makes things worse, instead of being polite and seeking to understand them.

MrJawapa wrote:

stop being little ****

Of course there are some people who are too sensitive, and I doubt treating them like this will make them any better. Sure you see it as trying to toughen them up. But all they see is more "bullying". Both sides are acting immature, and I'm sad that some of our more respected and older community members are on one side.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding Master1 and Koya » 2017-02-02 16:32:59

Kirby wrote:

To put it simply, he (Koya) does not act like he is one of us.

-I agree with your point here. However, Koya's disconnection with the community is a double-edged sword. You fail to mention that his disconnect with the community lends him to be more fair to the entire population of EE.
Master1, on the other hand, lets insults slide, for they are in jest. But, a downside to this is an outsider can interpret this as a toxic community. This deters newer players from joining the community.

-Which is better? I personally think a moderator like Master1 would be necessary for a stagnant community (which EE is), while Koya's moderation is necessary for a game who needs the community to grow (which EE needs to be). Why not have another mod with the cultural awareness of Master1 joint-moderate with Koya? Both would be able to catch each other's mistakes while having their own unique advantages of their moderation style.

-These problems that have been introduced in the past few months, are they really Koya's fault? Koya is enforcing the rules of EE to make the game a less hostile place. If there were a better warning and ban system, would Koya's strictness would be a non-issue?

-On the topic of Insanity... Master1 (being Insanity's friend) would be able to join worlds Insanity was on his friends list. Because of this, it is safe to assume that Master1 spent more time in worlds with Insanity in them than the other staff did. Thus, Master1 would be able to catch Insanity breaking the rules more, resulting in more bans.

#14 Re: Game Business » [Update] - 29th of January - End of Christmas, January update » 2017-01-29 18:58:57

Evilbunny wrote:

How long was it between the release of the nurse and the doctor smiley?

5 years, 7 months, and 8 days.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2016-09-18 16:58:04

I beat Parisian Peril and got +10 max energy.

#16 Game Discussion » Badoosh's Summer Contest Reviews » 2016-08-09 03:25:28

Replies: 2

Here are my reviews for the summer contest.
The total scores in brackets represent the true score. Disregard any total scores of 0. This is because part of the rubric we originally used really sucked.
Tip: Use the search function (ctrl + F) and search for your name to find a review on your level.


Keep in mind that these results are a rough draft, and were heavily refined in the process of discussing levels with the other judges.

#19 Re: Bug Reports » Cloud Pack » 2016-08-05 17:10:05

Sensei1 wrote:

Clouds used to be in front of the player but they changed it, don't remember why.

Wasn't it because the smileys' beards that stuck behind the cloud decoration and in front of the block made it look really weird?

#20 Re: Forum Discussion » Change "Woots" to "I have this issue too" in Bug Reports » 2016-08-05 02:17:52

For now I think that having people post "I have this problem too" is the best way to do this. It gets the topic bumped closer to the top, and would also catch the devs attentions better. I think that woots have already caused a few good topics to sink into obscurity, and I wouldn't want bugs to do the same. Given that the bug is urgent enough, more people will feel inclined to post on the topic, right?

The writer of a bug report can always end with "Woot if you've had this bug too" if they want to use this system.

I tend to woot bug reports that involve clever finds or are humorous though so there's that.

#21 Re: Game Suggestions » What Happened to the Gem Options? » 2016-07-31 16:45:57

It's been a long time since I posted this, but Rudik3000 found the original gem options image for me to share.


I've also updated the first post to contain the image.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Imgs of chats on ee/forums » 2016-06-21 23:38:30

IamJoranasC wrote:

Toop is in nutshell.

Also Badoosh in a nutshell.

#23 Re: Game Suggestions » Option to remove animations » 2016-06-20 15:00:50

Let's not add more minor options (that may be rendered useless if unity fixes animation lag). Fix the root of multiple problems (lag) instead of adding things to fix individual parts of the game affected by this.

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