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#2 Re: Game Discussion » Would people be interested in Speedruns? » 2016-12-25 01:49:59

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Why would anyone enjoy watching people play Everybody Edits? I sure wouldn't, nor can I recall any success in others attempts at doing so.

In terms of playing the game casually, I totally agree; Nobody would be interested in watching that. However, I do believe there could be interest in speedruns of the game.

A reason casual audiences would watch speedruns, of any game, is to see a game they enjoy pushed to its limits as well as to see the skills and knowledge shown off by the runner. I believe this applies to Everybody Edits. I've chosen to run colourful campaign first as I have found lots of impressive exploits and skips and it should get people thinking how or why I did certain maneuvers. Over $8 million has been donated to Games Done Quick which demonstrates that there is an interest in speedrunning. One problem with this is that I'm assuming that our community is large enough to have an interest in watching Everybody Edits speedruns, which is partially why I created this topic.

Despite this, the main audiences of the speedruns I plan on doing will be other people considering speedrunning. Speedruns would appeal to some players as they are competitive achievement hunters and will strive for world records. Other potential speedrunners would be those who've already mastered the game and are bored with it. Therefore, they would speedrun as it tests their skills which would bring new life into the game for them. Speedrunners would watch the videos to keep up with the latest exploits to decrease their own times, especially if the game becomes competitive. This is the second reason I made this topic, to see if a speedrunning sub community could develop.

You say you don't recall any success in previous Everybody Edits videos but, the fact that this has been talked about before, and has been a few times, tells me that there is an untapped audience. I believe that the only thing that's missing is a kick start into speedrunning. If I can produce speedruns regularly I think people might start to watch and join in. The problem here is that this is just speculation.

I think it's also important to highlight that doing this has the end goal of increasing activity in the community. The casuals who watch the videos would be inspired to start playing the game and, in turn, start making levels. There is also the possibility that levels that are intended for speedrunners will be made as Frogman said. The other Speedrunners would introduce activity as they will have to play the game to get good times (obviously) and they might also start making speedrun focused levels.

Having the game more active would encourage new players to stay longer as more good worlds will be open. They may also pick up on speedrunning and start to invest in the community (as in, they might start coming to these forums). These two things work hand in hand with more levels being created as the longer they play the more interested in creating they will become and investing in the community would get them to take part in more projects, which is further encouraged as there may be more creation from current players designing speedrun levels who could cooperate with the new players.

#3 Game Discussion » Would people be interested in Speedruns? » 2016-12-22 17:05:23

Replies: 14

EE is kill. Maybe speedrunning the campaigns would bring some life into the game but it would have to be competitive for people to be interested. I will do it if other people are willing to participate. I'm considering running colourful campaign to kick start the idea of speedrunning but don't know if it would be worth my time.

Post to let me know whether or not you think I should try a run and let me know if you'd be willing to compete if speedruns start emerging.
Any futher thoughts?

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Speedrun Leaderboards » 2016-02-10 08:12:23

Xfrogman43 wrote:

If you've seen any speedrun, there are glitches in most of them. There isn't really cheating unless you stop the timer for whatever reason or something else (idk what else would be cheating besides this).

I'm concerned about exploits though, because they could be fixed later.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Speedrun Leaderboards » 2016-02-09 20:25:51

I'd be interested in trying some speedruns.

What counts as cheating, though? I understand that obvious exploits would be banned but if I were to hold space for a mini in not supposed to, for example, is it cheating? How will you know?
Also, does the order I beat the levels matter? Someone may decide to try harder levels first so they can reset if they make a mistake.

#9 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What are yours plans to 2016? » 2015-11-21 17:12:59

Goshanoob wrote:

What a hell am i doing with my life now:

You can time travel?

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Black hole emits mysterious energy for the first time ever » 2015-11-18 19:29:37

0176 wrote:
Insanity wrote:

My side chick's **** emits mysterious things too but that doesn't stop me from exploring the hell out of it

But is she black?

I thought she was white and gold.

#12 Re: Questions and Answers » Xx.ASK FOR MINIGAME/CAMPAIGN HELP HERE.xX » 2015-11-08 18:14:14

Arkonagames wrote:

help me :C

Hidden text

picture isn't working

#13 Bug Reports » Forgotten Veil #7 is impossible. » 2015-11-08 12:12:36

Replies: 4

Forgotten Veil mini 7 is broken making the fractured fingers campaign impossible. I realised this when trying to help a friend. I have beaten the level so I know how to beat the mini but I can't do it. Even if you follow the instructions here it doesn't work.

I've read the recent bug reports and found this.
"Fixed a bug where you could fall through one-ways when exciting a portal."
I'm not sure if this is the cause as there are no one-ways in the mini. However, it's the only mention of portals in the update. Here's a picture of the mini.

Link to the world.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Near Death Experiences? » 2015-10-25 17:02:59

Once I was choked by a guy who was watching a guy get choked by a guy with seaweed.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Announcement - Streaming world building start to finish » 2015-10-24 10:13:38

You can go back and use fly to get this coin. Pretty sure it's an exploit as I saw Nou do it without fly.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Smileys as text emoticons » 2015-10-10 13:31:17

(:) is ninja, I'm not sure how people came up with the stupid version.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » The maestro smiley wasn't what I thought it was O.o » 2015-10-02 15:55:08

Not only was the maestro based of Mozart, the Postman was based of Hitler.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » [Going Home] Results » 2015-09-09 01:42:56

Stagecrew wrote:

The honorable mentions!

When are you releasing the reviews? Did you do them just for the winners or for everybody?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » [Going Home] Results » 2015-09-09 01:30:38

Amazing work, oranj and ZeldaXD! You nailed it! //

So, uhh, when's the next contest? :3

#23 Re: Game Discussion » [Going Home] Results » 2015-09-09 01:14:49

Congrats, Master1, Thwinkt and Badoosh! //

#24 Re: Game Discussion » [Going Home] Results » 2015-09-09 01:01:00

SmittyW. wrote:

More winners.

Congrats guys!

Onjit's prediction was correct.

#25 Re: Game Discussion » [Going Home] Results » 2015-09-09 00:41:54

Pyromaniac wrote:


Congrats guys! //

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