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#1 Re: Game Suggestions » Surveillance Camera » 2020-01-03 01:36:19

But sometimes I like to disrobe my smileys in levels~! }'; ~ Crymore ~ ;'{

#3 Re: Game Discussion » Xenonetix » 2019-10-20 22:09:27

Different55 wrote:

Weird feeling knowing that this will probably be the last drama to hit these forums.

Can you/anyone make a way for us to salvage all our PMs and posts in a document or something before gets "taken down" in a composed fit of manly rage? I've been meaning to do that at some point, because I expected this would happen at some point, but I haven't had the time; I'm going to try to do that now but it seems that the "takedown" of ee may begin soon, once all the furniture is finished being thrown and the scragglethroat screeching stops! Also, I have another question, is this forum and all the PMs (including the previous inbox PMs) backed up somewhere?? plz reassure me kthx i spent alot of time writing posts on this forum and dont want it all trashed in a fit of manstrual heat ;0 thx

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Why isn't ee loading OMG WTF » 2019-08-23 17:09:54

Typo: *Ratchet --> *Ruckus


Also can someone help me get this image to function? Thanks!

#5 Game Discussion » Why isn't ee loading OMG WTF » 2019-08-23 17:05:34

Replies: 5

WTFFFf y u do dis 2 meeeeeee i never did anything 2 yoo-hoo, like, YOO-HOO!!  Wake up and get it movin ee! asterisk snap snap snap snap snap asterisk >:((((( such COLDHEARTED and CRUELMINDED MotherFRANNIGANS in charge of this RATCHET lie SERIOZLY WAI?~

#6 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2019-08-23 16:50:34

Fleeting hello` ` ` ` ` UGH my chest is VERY itchy & & & & &  Thinking about posting a face reveal . . . . . Bb Bbs !^ @ ^ @ ^!

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Happy birthday, Everybody Edits 2.0! » 2019-08-20 13:25:47

itz adorable itz surefire itz like a mole on my back that i itch and i grab and i wax with expired, fatigued, mouth groggling love, but love nonetheless, like the love my talkative screamative aunt debora bestows on her child marcuss, but despite the effort, the mole never really seems to fall off ⚈

it's actually a real backscratcher!

Speaking of backs and age and all that new age buzzcrap, I don't think the age of our stable residence (which now appears to have infolded by the looks of it) matters: At the end of the day when those last crisps of firelight blow out, we may not have a roof or a stable supply of clever & entertaining nutrients but we can look in the mirror and smile with our brush-ed teeth and feel comfortable knowing we spent our days time quite well indeed!!


If we DON'T spend our time jiggling/emotionally expressing our thigh on, we spend the day sending prayers and healing connections to every person we passed by on the street that looked like they had a slight frown or a pecke® in the stomach walls or however you wish to adress #it; after all, we have a lot of time, dahling!~ As the old saying goes, "There's a lot of time on our hands in childless retirement!" So why not spend it prayin' in conjunction? Don't we make a happy couple?  -->  8()-< <3 >-(); 

Now check out my fauna! ?? And feel free to slowly walk (with a bend in the arch of your back!) into the next paragraph, appreciating the natural glow of each and every letter on the screen. We've got all the time in the world*!*literally

We are of course obligated to use our precious infinite time to help those in need and play mahjong and eat mooncakes and at sunset we can even spill some mooncake crumbs on the mahjong pieces, and jab the crumby mahjong pieces into our bellies and laugh and holler and HONK and lose ourselves in the moonlit fun of it all because we're just that LOOSE with our discretion and consent, Juuuuuuust that 'IN on it' with the spiritual energy that unites us all; just get STUPID with it !!! And if that takes 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 80qua years a life, 42P.o. lives an ütmå then who the helldestined CHUCK is ANYONE to judge but the bony man on the mountain? We are a very empathetic metaphoricouple.

GROUP HUG everybody !! c(> ◡ <)つ Edit me blushing now! c(?> ◡ <?)つ  And now snoozing.  c( < ◡ > )つ                        z

Re-Paste this message to 10 different subfora to undulate your spiritual connection!
Ban Repellant

#10 Re: Crews » EE Crew!! » 2018-03-16 02:02:55

Whoa. They still pay for this site? o-o Craaaaaaaaaahst. Also the page count just significantly lowered on this topic... o<o why do random people delete their ancient posts every blue moon to "purify" their post history? I just reread the beginning and it no longer makes sense. ;O Seems like I'm just talking to the air. I only do that in actuality startong on page 6! Goll. >:O Just posting this to know I posted my full NINJA CREMATION on some other hellbound topic from several months ago to inform him of his <snip> stature, a post that said 70 year old man at heart likely will never read! Petty days, bae, petty days. ;B Or I was going to up until the epiphany I had 2 seconds ago at which I realized it was too much work! I also was going to conclude this crew update with a quotient of relevance up until about 2 seconds ago when I had the imbuement to start a movement! But first, I'll have to start an uprising! (off my chair!) Then inspire a revolution (a 180 degree one at that!) to walk it off (HAH!) <snip>

IN CONCLUSION: Toooo much work to write a conclusion. ;@

where am i o-o all i see is bars...

#11 Re: Crews » EE Crew!! » 2018-03-08 20:02:03

maththeking wrote:

Hey Ipwner! You are the founder of the EE crew!?? //

  Yeck. ;# I sorta UNbirthed recently: unlearning all those BRASH bullenzymes and toppling those well established pillars of logic, reason, integrity, etcetbeyonder so that I'm mentally as fresh as a newborn, so dunno what the shalala youre talking about!!!!!!!! !  !      !

The world is lying. Fly past it.

#12 Re: Game Suggestions » When EE goes Offline :@ » 2018-01-10 05:08:20

Schlog wrote:

ipwner can't even form a coherent sentence why are you taking his idea seriously

Ninja NL Party Beat: 'Apathy Abound' --an original composition by iPwner

---oops... removed for now; i just realized i got 11 active warnings, and not a clue how the ban system works and i really dont wanna get banned for a year cause i doubt ee will survive that long so all my posts/pms will go down with it :C so i'll paste the song back here when the warnings go down a lil' ;3 hopefully at least a handful of you got to see it--

ban repellant: Yes! Very cool! I agree! But also not! in relation to "When ee goes offline"; Emalton 15:3 quote=Doodlequote=Emalton][quote=Doodlewhen EE shuts down.[/quote
This won't be happening.[/quotePerhaps when it happens it wont even matter.[/quote}

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » FINDING MRSHOE (Scratch) aka SHOEZAURUS » 2018-01-08 23:52:06

I may be of assistance! ;-3 In fact, I have a julian up my ridley right now! Ay, jokes: but jokes away, PM me the shoo-babies and the mamasitas and the sheer undulating SPLOOGEY BOOUGIE of it all and I can point youu in the general correct direction. :-() I have a history of depth and breadth with this man and know quite a few things about him (in addition to his wife, whom which he fruvulently strolled into an evergreen during a car pass'a'ge together 3 years a-yond, however off-the-radar that may be). Anyways, private message me, your overly tense, socially awkward, and briddled investigation could be in for a - wait for it - private... massage! Ay, quipes - they really penetrate the lolhole!

PM me. ;-)

#15 Re: Game Business » Goodluck with EE. » 2017-12-27 01:32:27

maxi123 wrote:

this feels a lot like showpath is trying to shift all the blame onto NVD to escape with a clean reputation

**** NVD. Showpath ftwz. ;3 Don't even know who the caremalized crabapple "NVD" is or why he was ever modded in the first place, and he shouldn't have ever been. endthisgarbanzo.RAR!

And if ee must die, so be it. ;~; After years of war and shoes and all those other neat little pi-peckies that come with neglect, it was a slug-occupied shell of its former self in 2014; a strange slug, but still sluggy and whole. It was a hollow shell by 2016, the slug just got the hell out of there at that point. At this point, its a pulverized bag of shell dust that the brother-sister conglomerate of the devil sniff for survival cradled hand in hand in bed. Who are they? What are they? At the sound of a bark they cuddle together and rock. If they see a mosquito, they open the sewers and jump onto the backs of rats to orchestrate their grand escape. When seen in public, they stick to eachother, wear the same shirt, nipples and breasts lewdly jiggling in sync, and whisper to eachother en-constatum; turn an eyelash at them and they'll throw a nipple at you in raw anger. If prodded, they'll release an "official" statement through the vent on the happabouts of whatever -- the sad part being, without any hearts willing, no one cares nuff to prospect. So a farewell, indeed, a farewell to minis, a somber farewell to smileys and cod.


#16 Forum Discussion » signature history (?~;-o)? » 2017-12-22 08:25:43

Replies: 4

pLZZZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzz? : 3 THNKX.

#17 Re: Bots and Programming » Retrieving past save states... -- I mentioned this prior -- did I not? » 2017-12-18 03:20:28

Ah-kay. :o But it appears to only show revisions up from about mid 2016, and nothing before that, and 2016 is exactly when I started not deleting prior content... :\ Oh well, guess it's gone forever. ;< But if there's a way to peer back past then, let me know, even a year before that is useful. <;

#18 Re: Bots and Programming » Retrieving past save states... -- I mentioned this prior -- did I not? » 2017-12-18 02:36:30

Wow... how did I not see this? Thanks ma! ;O Super useful. Goodlymore.

edit: actually it barely gives any versions... it doesn't let me get the level i want :C

double edit reply to below response: o i c :o spanks!

triple edit: you need to update eeditor though right? is the only way to update the client by redownloading it?

#19 Re: Game Discussion » How can the smiley menu be improved? » 2017-12-13 08:28:46

Option to unbuy, or "return" smileys to the shop. :>

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Today's campaign world » 2017-12-12 05:44:52

Mega Lamb wrote:

I discussed with Luka504 about VVVVVV becoming campaigned before he completed the level. After level completion, I said I would add it to the campaign, and after its addition, he started saying it wasn't good enough to be campaigned, which, to me, is a view only he seems to have, but that's an aside.

I just wanted to say that I strongly second this view with utmost reverboir. ;-0 There are many other unkempt doo's that shouldn't be campaigned, but that's a shining star e.g!

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