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#1 Re: Worlds » All of them » 2021-03-28 08:16:40

N1KF wrote:
JME wrote:

I want to play my old worlds but windows says the program could be dangerous //

What's your username? If you don't mind somebody seeing the names of all your worlds in a list, it should be easy for somebody to get the worlds and send a link for you to download. I wouldn't mind volunteering. If you want to do the work yourself without running the possibly "dangerous" program, it's a bit more complicated:

The program is open-source, so if you know C# well enough you could go through the code and check it for anything malicious. The download has a big sqlite3 file with all the worlds in it, so if you want you can also get a program like DB Browser to browse through lists. The database also has the raw world data which you can export, but it doesn't seem to line up with EELVL files so you'd probably to do weird stuff to get it to work.

Thank you! I would be glad if someone could search up my old worlds. I used multiple accounts to play the game: JME, asdfghjklo, JJis, JJJJJJJE. Asdfghjklo got permabanned so I don't know if those worlds could be seen.

#2 Re: Worlds » All of them » 2021-03-26 17:29:51


I want to play my old worlds but windows says the program could be dangerous //

#4 Re: Game Discussion » whos ur favorite ee mod? » 2016-06-30 12:32:28


I hate mods.
They only support themselves and other mods.
They also ban me often.

#5 Re: Bug Reports » I see blocks instead of smileys. » 2016-04-01 13:28:59

bgic wrote:

press alt + F4 at the same time to fix the issue.

It worked but just temporarily. //

#6 Bug Reports » I see blocks instead of smileys. » 2016-04-01 13:19:40

Replies: 13

When I joined the game today I noticed that it was a chain instead of my smiley in the daily reward window.

While playing in worlds I see blocks as smileys. It actually looks like I steer a block. I tried to log out and played as a guest. The same thing happened.

There are different blocks for different smileys and they have the same functions as smileys. They can for example get chat bubbles over them and overlap each other.

I also see no smileys in the preloader.

I think this issue begun after the latest update. I am not sure.


#7 Re: Game Discussion » The EE staff need to take better responsibility of their actions. » 2015-11-11 18:02:04

Aoitenshi wrote:

oh hey there my dear love josef how are you doing

Shutup lirum youre not alowed in here

#8 Re: Game Discussion » The EE staff need to take better responsibility of their actions. » 2015-11-11 15:25:04

Nou wrote:

While key spamming itself isn't a bannable offense, you have a long history of chat spamming with literally hundreds of accounts, so any additional offense can weigh more heavily in that case.

But yea key spamming needs to be blamed on the world owner and in case of a campaign world on the staff.

Thank you for the kind words Nou. This is the way I would like the EE staff to choose!

Anak wrote:

Speaking of which JME, are you Josef Eliasson who has been spamming the Kong EE chatrooms for years with "JJ"?


Arkonagames wrote:

i didn't read all ( just at the part you said that master1 said ''u sux''

Oh no. I should have been more clear. It was I who wrote "you suk".

actually, i was there this day, i also call master1 to came there, and i think what jawapa said about key-spamming, wasn't about key-spamming on campaigns, i called master1 for fixing that, not to ban you
actually, speaking of this, master1 give you a chance to stop spamming, and after that you said ''no, u sux'' i can't prove this because i don't have a print, but many people will agree with me

Now when I think of it, it could be true that the moderator just came in curiosity to see if there really was a possibility to key spam in a campaign world. That would explain why the mod asked where the key spammer was upon joining. For what I know, moderators cannot edit campaign worlds, as well as other worlds, that admins can. Correct me if I am wrong.

edit: i actually have seen you spamming kongregate chat, the world you were in that day, and many other worlds

It is true that I did spam JJ in that world after the mod had come. Perhaps I should have included it in the OP.

if you want to say that you don't like master1, or think you were doing a normal thing, then freely say it, do not start making lies, because i was there and i see all what you did, and i think kira screenshoted the chatlog on that world

Nah, I think I have enough proofs in this topic. Don't need a screenshot.

#9 Game Discussion » The EE staff need to take better responsibility of their actions. » 2015-11-10 22:52:36

Replies: 25

For what the forum description says, game discussion is where this post belongs. I am however not sure if this should be brought up on the forum.

I can not be all positive as regards EE's current management. With their leading position they have much responsibility in how they act in the community. People see up to them and act the way they act. What they do, though, is supporting old on-or-over-the-edge rule breakers, joking about everything and everyone and promise something while another staff member do the opposite of it. NVD is the only friendly admin. As for the other they can be taken away their positions.
   I do not want to be too strict or accusingly. The Everybody Edits staff work hard to improve the game. So much improvement have been seen from February this year, including the biggest update yet in Everybody Edits history. I can only disagree with the campaigns being released. Rewards based on how good a person is at completing minis is not the way EE should be taken along, but that is more of a personal preference.

Key spamming gets people banned from Everybody Edits.

I am now going to try to explain what I mean:
Some days ago while I was playing in a campaign world I found a place I could block the way by key spamming.(the world got edited the next day and it is now harder to key spam there.) When I had key spammed for some minutes a moderator named master1 came to the world and wrote:
"ok, where is the key spammer?"
At this point I had already got some threats from people writing they are going to report me in that world. When the moderator had come to me I wrote something like:
master1: you suk ololoololoolool
Some seconds later I got banned from the game. The last row of the banned message read:
"Reason: Key spamming in campaign and spamming in chat."
   Some months ago when I got banned with asdfghjklo, I key spammed the day before. Asdfghjklo was an account I had used for about half a year. One day I decided to key spam in a popular world. People got very upset while I held on for hours. I finally left. I did not spam in the chat in that world but I did spam in the chat in another world that day. When I tried to log in the next day I noticed I was banned. It was a permaban. I had spammed in many chats until that day without getting banned. The purpose for why asdfghjklo got banned may not be for key spamming, but key spamming certainly led to asdfghjklo getting banned. The earlier mentioned case with the campaign world was different in that way key spamming was written as reason for ban. It was also different in that way the moderator asked where the key spammer was directly after joining as a proof (s)he only came to deal with a key spammer. I had also been silent in the chat until the mod came.

My theory is that the staff get notified about users when they get reported. The staff may then be able to see other behavior from that user. For example spamming in chat which is against the rules. Key spamming gets reported very often so they who do that may be looked up more than those who flood in the chat.

With that summarized I now thank for me. I hope this gets taken as something to improve on rather than a complain or something insulting. Bye bye.

#10 Re: Forum Games » Dear Chris, » 2015-11-10 12:19:35


Dear Chris,

    I went to the shops today and saw that you are advertising Everybody Edits, You said I want pancakes not smileys. then someone gave you a pancake, and said "Improve Everybody Edits, or i will kill you." You were surprised because you saw a player of you game. Then out of nowhere bananas, you ignored them and went back to your home. Then you took Spencer Pootis out of the house and took it back to examine it with a BOMB.

    *BOOM!!* the item exploded. then few years later, I heard the news that you were removing Minecraft by crashing the whole site, but Notch said "I will stop him by advertising on his site, so he will have to deal with Richard Stallman and Freedom?." However, you ignored them and continues crashing Minecraft. Then a lot of MC player came to you house with a diamond sword to kill you. You were playing Kirby Super Star Ultra. when they broke your NDS, you cried and killed their Charged Creeper, which exploded you. Then the world explodes, leaving you with Wheatly and the space core.

    You ended up falling from a giant cake of death.However, you didn't die. You transformed into an angel and got out of the cake. Then you killed your mother and you father with a muffin! and ate the muffin after you kill them. Then you said: ''I'm an idiot'' Then I came to your angel spirit in heaven and   killed your angel spirit.

    One time, I tried to kill you because you ruined EE because you accept the bots.

    Then the world exploded. Ha! It implodes back to normal, avast Chris' booty (do she got it?)! He actually plays Kirby Super Star Ultra! But he threw it away and got it back FOREVER but he destroyed it FOREVER.

    Noobs opened a black-hole up and Kirby Games flew out and ate a strawberry sidewalk.

    I got Kirby Super Star but it broke. Flying Smileys invaded Everybody Edits and destroyed all the moderators by trolling their best stairs run the   high cool and mined some redstone with hands and got Kirby Games to eat GamingGuy and tortilla monsters. Giant cookies blew all the Kirby Games...OH NOES! IT'S HAMMER TIME, MOTHER[BLEEP]ERS! THE KIRBY GAMES ARE DOOMED - I'M GONNA CRY NOW MOMMA.

    I fell into sewers then I did a barrel roll. T'was an epic barrel roll, but Chris told me that he likes apple pie. I saw Sewer Jack and ran away because Toby ate cake and yelled, "THE CAKE WAS A NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!" There was an explosion and the cake was a lie. My fried chicken exploded too. I got sad after that and so I built taco trucks. But the tacos were laxatives. I found my way out, but the cookie was a GIANT LADYBUG! I realized that a cookie does not move.

    I went to the mall, and then a cow fell on me. I called the doctor because I got a cow pie stuck in my ear. The only cure was Superpills. The doctor accidentally gave me a Hair-loss pill. My head was insulted by many bullies. He got so sad that he ate Taco Bell for 3 1/3 months. Then he ate GamingGuy's flower tortilla after doing barrel rolls. I went to Sheepyland but all the pies that came out of the cow died and the police thought that they were confused. The police arrested him and went to the Funny Farm. He stayed for OVER NINE-THOUSAND YEARS LOL LOL

    You were playing Kirby Super Star Ultra. when they broke your NDS, you cried and killed their Charged Creeper, which exploded you. Then the world explodes, leaving you with wheatly and the space core but then space starts to collapse on itself and with no other choice you begin to say sorry to Notch and jump off a really high diving board and land into Nyan Cat's poop, filled with rainbows.

    I ate a banana that turned into a creeper in my stomach. I exploded and everybody ate my blood. How is that possible you can't eat blood. W O O O W. That is a very interesting fact so interesting on Everybody Edits everyone made pictures of me saying that quote in real life. But then I pressed a button on banana and then Missingbana. I killed it with my Missingaple. Missingaple and missingpineapple teamed up with the BWAB. They destroyed something very, very, very, unnecessary.

    The unnecessary "thing" was gregregreg. But then gregregreg was revived. Gregregreg posted before revived, soaconfusingparadoxconfusedtheuniverseanditdisappeared. And the whole universe endedalongwiththisgamesosomeonebetterstartanewparagraphbecausethiswordisgettingreallylongtheend. A Nintendo DS appeared along with a wish of a banana. But it was really a missingaple. People have to stop making refrences to other games or else Benjaminsen will be a missingben. I like trains.

    A wild WhyshouldI appeared! His trainer thought we should actually talk about Chris instead of MrShoe and his unnecessary andexceedinglylotofupdates. We agreed with the trainer, and wrote a letter to Chris. ThereWe put something, it was a hill. Everyone tried to take over it but ended up being Some Man who had it. He had it forever. OMG NEWS FLASH FOREVER NOW MEANS HALF A NANO SECOND EVERYONE TAKE OUT YOUR PITCHFORKS AND OMG NEWS FLASH FOREVER NOW MEANS UNTIL THE END OF THE UNIVERSE EVERYONE PUT BACK YOUR PITCHFORKS AND OMG ANOTHER NEWS FLASH "THE UNIVERSE" NOW MEANS A SECOND. PICK UP YOUR PITCHFORKS AND LETS GO OMG NEWS FLASH I HATE THESE NEWS FLASHES PICK UP YOUR PITCHFORKS AND STAB THE CREATOR OF THIS NEWS FLASH IN THE DOUGHNUTS OMG THAT WOULD HURT

    The newsperson, who was Chris, said the cake was a true fact. Everybody went crazy. Then they stabbed his doughnut. He then rode on Nyan Cat to fly another CheeseCookie. Everybody should read the secondsentence of the original post. A Wild Magby appeared! YOU SAID FOURWORDS NOT FIVE. Fine, A WILD MAGBY APPEARED! A WILD CREEPER APPEARED! "BOOM!"

    After the explosion, you feel so weak, you can barely see the face of another person. The person tells you that he baked you a pie. You weakly reply "...A pie? What flavor?" The person says that it is pie flavor. A pie pops out of the pie and hits him in the face. He gets so angry that he throws cheese at some man and eats combustible lemons. The combustible lemons hit a person saying OMF NEWS FLASH. It was Slenderman. YOU REALLY SCREWED UP THIS TIME.

    I did not screw up, because Slenderman now means chocolate milk. Logic is unlogical, because Slenderman is not a type of milk. Slender man is now a milk, because I said so. The chocolate milk blew up. Then we saw a white person in a suit with no eyes or mouth. He said his name was Slanderman, and he was going to kill us. WRONG! LOLOLOLOL A NOOB HAS BEEN DETECTED OMG NOW YOU MUST EAT BABIES. But instead I ate you. And that was quite gross. And quite satisfying because you are very annoying and you cut a hole in my stomach to escape.

    I was really bored, so I went to the shops today and saw you (Chris) advertising Everybody Edits.   And I was like askingifyouwererealandyousaidyesiandithenaskedwhyunoupdategamechrisandyouwerelikeuhhhandisaidmrshoeisruiningourgameandyousadiokiwillupdatethegame. Wow, everything shortened fast but awesomenessgood is going to have to stop making everything code and editing the message or else I'll kill him. In fact, I killed him today when I accidentally stepped on him. I thought he was an ant so I flicked him off my awesome face shoe and he landed on a can of noob repellent, so he died. Well that's taken care of, so let's start another paragraph.

    Wow, this letter has gotten so crazy, offtopic and most of all long, so much that we can never talk about Chris ever again. Who's Chris? I think we have a case of Slendeanamnesia. OMG THIS IS BAD WE NEED TO SOUND THE ALARMS. BWWBWWBWWBWWBWWBWWBWW STOP IT STUPIDBOT POUND THE ALARM! I ALREADY POUNDED THE ALARM ON STUPIDBOT

    Stupidbot was deleted because itwasuseless. Lol that's great because at least I didn't create NUBBOT. That was so crazy, a black hole spewed out Probot. He pwnd Stupidbot, and NoobPwnisher was not needed, okay. OMG PARADOX EVRYONE EVAAUATE DND FONT OVSEDJDOW OSHCKAK OR XELS ATOU WILL ZKE.

    Am I understood? Nubbot was not programmed to understand things. So then I flipped Levelbuilder's coffee so it landed in my awesome expensive jeans. I was so angry, I punched a creeper, and I was like OMG RUUUUUN!!! Harry Potter ate cow pies. The cow pies exploded the creeper, and then Harry Potter used Stupefy on Levelbuilder to knock him out. LevelBuilder0728 died from magical spells. One does not simply use magic spells on the server, so the server banned Harry Potter. So, Ron drove into server and a wild Enderman appeared and ate Ron and died. But then random Harry Potter fans came and started quacking. "QUACK QUACK". "Out of my server, idiots." said the legendary Bill33 with his banhammer. "I don't think so!" said the Wall of Flesh. Damn, I shouldn't have thrown that useless voodoo doll in lava. That's why I took bananas, with them we killed them

    Chris. Come back. THE HARRY POOTTER FANS ARE HER. COE ME BACL. I know you like white potatoes so why don't you just pick them up to eat on the way home? I really hope you get what you seek in life.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » I feel there is a mistake. » 2015-11-09 16:55:27


Hello Daneeko,
It is good that this gets brought up as many wonders why it takes longer than expected.

272 wrote:
JaWapa wrote:

Pretty sure this is an issue due to time zones.

this happened to me, this happened to a bunch of other people... i think its a bug. The only way it would be timezone related, is if it's coded to be un-banned on the specific day, rather than exactly 24 hours from when the ban was given.

I have the answer:
While you are temporarily banned it shows how many days there are left before the ban gets lifted. When it is between two days left, i.e. 17 and 18, it shows the lower amount of days, 17 in this case. This means if you get banned in two days it would show one day when you try to join a world just after you get banned.

What is pretty cruel is that it shows one day even if it is less than one day. Between 1 and 0 days is the pattern breaker that shows the greater amount of days. It would be good if it shows the amount of hours instead.

Have a nice day.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » Trolling and Spam Reports » 2015-11-09 15:46:55


Key spamming gets people banned from Everybody Edits. It is a fact.

#13 Re: Bug Reports » Scroll bar in news disappears when it shouldn't » 2015-08-29 12:52:17


Oh I see both these issues have been fixed now. Great!

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Scroll bar in news disappears when it shouldn't » 2015-08-27 15:55:28


I experienced this too.

Something other I noticed is that the scroll bar change back to the old size after removing contest if the cursor is on it.

#15 Re: Bug Reports » World disappeared? Reply here » 2015-08-26 18:39:32


Hello EE nerds,

I have this issue with my worlds not loading. I just get the loading cug in the Worlds tab at lobby. No worlds show up for anyone in my profile although I have 30. I can still reach them since all of them show up under the Mine filter.

I think this is due to three worlds being too similar to each other. I was just done with my latest small saved and thought I could begin on the next. I made the foudation for the next world and left it after failing to figure out a name to it. Then I filled two more worlds with this foundation(different bricks and background from the same package). I have now three untitled worlds and cannot load any of my worlds. I could have named or changed the worlds but decided to play some other worlds first, in which I key spammed and got banned for five days. If you are banned you cannot even play your own worlds.

In-game name: ASDFGHJKLO.

In summary. I saved three almost indentical worlds without naming them. After that no one could load my worlds from my profile and it remains so. I CAN load them(but not play since I am banned) from the lobby, but only through the Mine filter. Now I leave this to you to decide if there is something I can do about it and if my theory is just gibberish.

I am thankful for any help.

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