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#1 Game Discussion » EE: Offline - semi-official Discord » 2021-01-18 03:45:09

The 135 Guy
Replies: 2


We have speedrunning, we have modding, and we're open to more categories if anyone has ideas. You don't have to be interested in either of the two existing categories to join and participate in the server - we still have general chatting and world submitting/building, and you can submit graphics for other people to use in their mods. And who knows, maybe eventually you'll submit a time for a world, or try out some of the community-created mods.

Join us at!

(Credits to Minimania, Quitin, and myself for the above mods)

(A sheet maintained by EE speedrunners, with all time trial times imported from EE)
(You can submit times to be added to the sheet on the discord!)

#2 Re: Game Suggestions » [EEO] Allow interdependent world portals » 2021-01-01 21:29:30

Yeahhh that's not possible with the way flash works, not to mention that the .eelvl doesn't even store the world ID (I didn't make the .eelvl format, don't blame me).
The reason that world portals can only travel to sub-worlds is because that is the system we came up with to circumvent flash's restrictive access to the filesystem. You can give flash a zip (which an .eelvls file is), and it can load everything within that zip. You can't give flash access to the whole file system, or even a folder, only a single file for every popup window. You would have to manually open every single world, one by one, to be able to use world portals between them.
The other issue with using world IDs is that in EE, this was all managed by a server, and no two worlds could have the same ID. This is not true for files stored offline.
And the final issue is that if world portals did somehow magically use the filesystem, it'd be inconvenient to share levels that utilise many worlds - you'd have to send every .eelvl that is part of it, probably in a zip, and the user downloading the levels would then have to unzip them all. And then open them all.
We briefly considered making it so that world portals brought up the file prompt so that you then choose which world you travel to. That idea was quickly discarded.

I guess to fix the Tutorial world portals, we could've either removed the world portals from the level, or hardcoded them to go to the next tier (it would have to be an exception specifically for the Tutorial campaign - other campaigns utilise world portals within the same world).

Oh well. Either way, the definitive edition of EEO was built on the 23rd of December, and no more versions will come after that. It is the way it is, and any possible bugs will stay the way they are.

#3 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Fallen Angel Smiley » 2018-10-07 16:26:25

Notcarksss wrote:
IanJanes wrote:

the image is from the hacked 667 version of EE. I was digging through it's files and found the smiley.

The whole reason it was made was because of 667. I personally made it for my EE remake but I thought it would suit 667 at the time. I sent the image file to Seb135 and he added it in. And at the time it was a smiley for my username only. It shows that inside the code

Can confirm. Sure the smiley can be found in the files but obviously you didn't dig much through that mess. If you'd have checked, you would've noticed that the specific smiley ID related to the Fallen Angel is only usable by Notcarksss
He designed it for his remake of EE, but when he noticed I was adding in a bunch of random smileys, he wanted his in too
For the record, he also created an animation for propeller, which also got added into 667 because I had a smiley animation system in there

EDIT: The Fallen Angel was the best smiley in the whole .swf and it looked pretty satanic so it was also used for the icon for the .exe xD
Obviously with his permission

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-06 16:42:18

Spetsnaz wrote:

I dont envy you because that hunt isnt worth it and its crap so i dont care if i get the egg just saying you are lucky because of the average demand for it is so big-a**

Whoa someone's salty. Sure the egg looks terrible, but it's the process of getting it and figuring it out that counts. By the way, use commas and periods when trying not to rant about how obviously not envious you are.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-03 21:56:23

azurepudding wrote:

Oof I just beat this world a couple weeks ago with 99 coins

And now that I've beaten it, I'll probably lose progress with my bad connection, now that it won't save my spot.  //

Funnily enough, there's only 75 coins in the campaign :^)

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-01 21:19:34

Trytu wrote:

hmmm, [creative expression][musketeers][damp fog without tea] - [art/painting/something created/theme/book/decorative][3 NPCs/or idk][steam/st/just fog block]

You're late to the party, that one was already solved //
The creative expression is art, musketeers is 3 musketeers or just 3, damp fog without tea, mist without t, mis
Arty's Missives

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-01 21:01:00

Going back a bit, ML said the first hint will still apply, although 2-4 were solely for the copper key

Xenonetix wrote:

As people haven't fully figured out what "Four famous faces" means yet, I'll leave that for now.

I just re-read that and I remembered the packet the server sends for smileys is "face"
Would "four famous faces" refer to four smileys? One of those smileys was templar, as used for the copper key. Would 3 different smileys be needed for the other two keys and then finally getting the egg?

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-09-30 18:03:02

Whoever made this thing, it's an absolute eyesore
I can agree with the sick smiley in the original screenshot

EDIT: one thing I thought of, what happened to not giving players blocks that went outside of their own 16x16 boundary? This thing goes like 1.4 blocks in each direction
While it looks really kinda bad, it'd be nice to have it. Kinda like the red dragon, rivals the cowgirl in terms of design but it's a trophy of sorts. Something to show off.

#10 Graphics Suggestions » Attempted fix for dragon smileys » 2018-09-19 18:24:32

The 135 Guy
Replies: 1

I was gonna recreate the dragons entirely but that just seems like so much effort for a dead game. Instead, spent a few minutes around half an hour modifying the existing dragons. Besides, it would be a tad weird if you logged on and suddenly two smileys looked completely different cough mrshoe and half of all smileys cough
Original dragons included for reference, screw trying to make a gold border for it lol

#11 Re: Game Discussion » ee invasion worth 100% » 2018-03-04 22:21:05

LukeM wrote:
TaskManager wrote:

you know what is the most ridiculous part of all of this?
the fact that a random account can create a world with a campaign tag and hacked plays count. like, how retarded the coding of this game is supposed to be to make things like play count and campaign status of a world adjustable from client?

Not sure about this, but it might be due to how PlayerIO handles room creation, which would mean it's out of EE's control apart from maybe some hacky fixes.

Actually EE can very easily fix this by monitoring what packets are sent on room creation, and blocking it if it has completely incorrect data to the pIO tables.
I mean come on, 667 million likes and a featured campaign shouldn't be hard to detect.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » ee invasion worth 100% » 2018-03-04 22:14:14

Even better is the fact that showpath 'fixed' this last year when it happened before. It appears only likes and favs are fixed, or the spammer decided to set them to 0.
Don't forget that these worlds are also featured, and appear in the featured tab.

...I was gonna include a screenshot of that, but it appears that this happened 2ewoDEB.png
EDIT: actually that's a bad example since it only shows featured, but now, it doesn't load whatsoever and I can't get another screenshot.

#13 Re: Bots and Programming » [Request] CS:GO Bot ($) » 2018-02-24 22:15:15

LukeM wrote:
Tomahawk wrote:

The main limitation with BALs like this atm is the serverside block delay, which afaik is still a thing.

You basically can’t have lots of moving blocks because then the bot will be drawing too fast and some of those blocks won’t get placed.

I don't think it's a solid limit anymore, but people will start disconnecting if you go much above it

Not sure if anyone remembers, but I had a 'brush' mode for editing in 667. You could go from 1x1 blocks placed to 4x4, as 16 packets per x ms was the limit. Then, the packet limit for world owners was completely removed and I made a ridiculous brush which placed massive colored yoshi eggs, and I filled a world with those. I disconnected 4 times in total, but after going a bit slower, I managed to fill the world and save.
So yes, server technically accepts infinite packets from the world owners, but it crashes easily.

#14 Re: Creative » hey I made a thing for EE (cubies) » 2018-02-21 23:25:31

capasha wrote:


 public static const server_type_guestserviceroom:String = "$service-room$";


 public static const server_type_guestserviceroom:String = "LobbyGuest" + server_type_version;

Wait, are you serious? It's that simple? Lemme go change it right now to stop people complaining about me trying to steal accounts or something.
On the same note, who **** up that variable?

EDIT: Okay, who the actual **** did this mFg9hmQ.png

#15 Re: Creative » hey I made a thing for EE (cubies) » 2018-02-21 18:05:57


I'm this not trusted? I guess that's fair, but are people seriously wondering if the .swf is safe? The **** would I do?

EDIT: cmon I even put the mediafire link to the .xcf file, an image file for Gimp, so if you don't trust the .swf, take that and just put it in the .swf yourself. Actually, to save you from having to export it as a .png from Gimp, here's the .png:

Xfrogman43 wrote:

clicked on "login as guest" and nothing appears when i refresh

Frogman, guests are kinda broken. And that's not my fault, that's just EE. Guests just love to break.

I also haven't used weebly since v194 of EE, because around that time, it started counting it as a virus on weebly. I uploaded it and went to bed since it was late, but now I realise that on weebly it runs on 15-30fps. I'll make it a google sites link, I guess, since that works.

#16 Creative » hey I made a thing for EE (cubies) » 2018-02-20 23:46:21

The 135 Guy
Replies: 11

So I was bored. Nexus221 had the idea of changing smileys into squares. Anatoly figured out a method of how to do it efficiently with a blank 'cubie' base.
Here's my results. Lots of hours and boredom went into this.

EDIT: okay since weebly is a laggy mofo, here's a google sites version:
Didn't really wanna use google sites since Palemoon doesn't wanna open it, meaning I have to open Chrome every time, but eh.

I haven't done lion, Laika and raccoon because eenope. That's more effort than it's worth.
I wouldn't mind if someone reading this decided to cubify one of those 3 smileys, or improve one of my existing ones, because I know some are just horrible.
EDIT: forgot to mention that I also didn't do 3 of the 4 gold smileys. The // gold smiley was a pain in the **** and looks more or less nothing like the original.
EDIT2: forgot to mention that my cubie raindrop makes me die inside and I completely deleted peasant's hat because it was being a ****.

If someone's really bored, I haven't done gold borders yet. glhf.
For anyone interested in improving mine, here's the gimp file for my smileys: … cubies.xcf
It has 2 layers, the edited smiley layer and the cubie bases behind.
I'll make sure to credit you on the site if you do help with any cubies //

If you just want to make your own cubies with my base, here it is: aQwH7tR.png

pls r8 8/8

Thank you Capasha for showing me how to make guests work. I expected it to be a serversided thing, and I never would've thought to check to try fix guests.
Yes, that means you can use my swf 'safely' without being scared about me stealing your account in some way, shape or form.

Can someone just do a side by side, line by line comparison to show there were no changes to the scripts folder? kthxbye

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » soniiiety tests his microphone and headset » 2018-01-18 20:50:14

This guy has great taste in VPN.

Though, Jesus, what even at 1:09

#18 Re: Game Discussion » demod zoey » 2018-01-08 17:22:12

zyhrllos wrote:

why are u hating on zoey when shes literally done nothing

nvd has been given 3 chances and u cant give her 1??

Here's the thing. Most people aren't giving NVD a chance, he basically just forced himself onto the team. Because who cares about the vote of the community in this game? And Zoey. You actually think she has done nothing? I can think of a few examples. Just as most people here can. She had her chance last year. Let's just all pretend that never happened and gladly accept her into the staff! /s

Also Emalton, if you're reading and you consider demoting Zoey in the future, do not announce it before demoting. 99% sure there'll be an angry perma-ban rampage and you'll end up having to unban a few hundred accounts.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » demod zoey » 2018-01-07 22:56:43

hummerz5 wrote:
The 135 Guy wrote:

Instead of iguesti,


anywho I'm confused as to why the acronym even appeared. First I heard it on this site, we were debating some application process for mods. Then Emalton says "don't worry, we're making an NDA" and then everyone rolls with it like that made sense.

IguestI is Ernesdo, aka Zhyrllos. Emalton was considering having him as a staff member, and he would abuse power just as much as zoey.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » demod zoey » 2018-01-07 22:42:30

There's a small issue with this, though.
Namely, NDA contract. Emalton is not allowed to demote zoey, and I bet that he made it for a year, the fool he is.

Instead of iguesti, we get zoey. Either way we get power-abusing staff. And now they can't do anything about zoey, and we don't even know for how long. A month, a year, a few years?

#21 Re: Game Suggestions » Smiley Selector Scrollbar/Resize » 2018-01-05 20:11:07

'Cool preview'
I'm not trying to start drama or attack but Jesus Christ, Mysternion's scroll bar is **** ugly. At least this one is inside the box.

Also yes, rm42 was told by Emalton to make a forum post after he told him the scroll bar idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Live footage of Emalton fixing EE » 2017-12-30 17:15:07

Meme aside, if this is what Emalton was doing, then I'd still be happy as it is more than what the previous staff was doing.

#23 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Find the mistake » 2017-12-30 16:28:30

Found the mistake

Hidden text

#24 Re: Creative » Spongebob Fanfic » 2017-12-27 23:01:15

Nah fam, today it's all bout dem sonic fanfics.

In all seriousness, 200 words is not a chapter. I read fanfics with over 10k words per chapter. Around 200 chapters and over 2 million words

#25 Re: Creative » I draw what you say » 2017-12-27 22:28:10

You if you somehow impossibly became the owner of EE.

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