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some woman
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[EEO] Allow interdependent world portals

If a world portal links to a world ID corresponding to a world you've already downloaded (and isn't a portal to a subworld, of course), make it send you there rather than back to the start of the world. This would fix the world portals in the Tutorial levels not actually linking you to the next tutorial.


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#2 2021-01-01 21:29:30

The 135 Guy
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Re: [EEO] Allow interdependent world portals

Yeahhh that's not possible with the way flash works, not to mention that the .eelvl doesn't even store the world ID (I didn't make the .eelvl format, don't blame me).
The reason that world portals can only travel to sub-worlds is because that is the system we came up with to circumvent flash's restrictive access to the filesystem. You can give flash a zip (which an .eelvls file is), and it can load everything within that zip. You can't give flash access to the whole file system, or even a folder, only a single file for every popup window. You would have to manually open every single world, one by one, to be able to use world portals between them.
The other issue with using world IDs is that in EE, this was all managed by a server, and no two worlds could have the same ID. This is not true for files stored offline.
And the final issue is that if world portals did somehow magically use the filesystem, it'd be inconvenient to share levels that utilise many worlds - you'd have to send every .eelvl that is part of it, probably in a zip, and the user downloading the levels would then have to unzip them all. And then open them all.
We briefly considered making it so that world portals brought up the file prompt so that you then choose which world you travel to. That idea was quickly discarded.

I guess to fix the Tutorial world portals, we could've either removed the world portals from the level, or hardcoded them to go to the next tier (it would have to be an exception specifically for the Tutorial campaign - other campaigns utilise world portals within the same world).

Oh well. Either way, the definitive edition of EEO was built on the 23rd of December, and no more versions will come after that. It is the way it is, and any possible bugs will stay the way they are.



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