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#1 2023-11-17 04:07:27

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It's been a minute...

I've been thinking about Everybody Edits lately, so I figured I'd try taking a trip down memory lane today. To my surprise, these forums are still here and still alive! (How on earth did I remember my login?)

I first discovered EE back in 2011. After harassing politely asking my mom to pay $0.01 to unlock chat, EE became my first experience in being part of an online community. I remember spending hours talking to other players about anything. I posted countless graphic suggestions to these forums, got to chat with the moderators (who were like celebrities to me at the time), and made rows of in-game smiley art.

When my cat passed away over a decade ago, my friends joined me to create a memorial world for him. It brought little 11-year-old me solace during a time of grief.

I put effort into a world called Moderator Land, which went on to become THE spot to get magical coins (and eventually, turned into a yearbook for the moderators over the years). I sent a post card (twice) to the game's creator in order to receive the fanboy smileys, which I wore with pride. I enjoyed this game for many years after, even winning a level-design contest and having one of my worlds become a campaign level.

Thanks to memories like these, there isn't a single game I look back on more fondly than Everybody Edits. It truly was something special.

I hope everyone is doing well! To those who knew me or remember me, I miss you and wish you all the very best!




#2 2023-11-17 11:35:54

Moderation Team
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Re: It's been a minute...

Though Brushfire/Toop, Cola1, and Sleepy were incredible graphics designers and influenced me early on, you're the reason I got into it. I'm glad to see you still kicking

Click the image to see my graphics suggestions, or here to play EE: Project M!


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#3 2023-11-18 10:51:45

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Re: It's been a minute...

Stubby wrote:

To my surprise, these forums are still here and still alive!

Still alive is an overstatement. Maybe on life support at most

At any rate, thanks for stopping by again




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