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#1051 2022-09-25 22:42:30

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Re: Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER)

Pqwerty wrote:

Why do these games sound so fun in theory only to devolve into anguish?

Murder tends to be like that //


#1052 2023-04-26 08:59:55

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Re: Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER)

ShadowsEdge wrote:
Minimania wrote:
ShadowsEdge wrote:
ElijahBaley wrote:

Was a fun game, I'll definitely play more games here in the future.
I'm also down to host ^^

I also have a game idea which Minimania knows about (fear not though, him knowing about it isn't detrimental to the setup). Although I will mention that if I host it anytime in the next couple months I will still be in a pretty busy schedule where I can only really come on at night (ignoring Saturdays, where I generally can't come on at all).

If people are fine with that though I can host, but obviously there would be downtime between this game and the next since Im fairly certain people will want it.

If you got enough peeps and need a cohost, ya boi is here

Has there even been a situation where there's been a cohost on EE Forums? I think Cohosts are pretty cool though, I generally like having someone I can talk about the game with.

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