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Eternal Pain [W.I.P]

Just a Endless Pain and Infinity Pain inspired world I'm working on, even though not a single human would ever attempt to complete the whole thing.
Oh, and yes, I'm aware that Kira's "Eternal Pain" already exists but I'm making my own NIGHTMARE version of it along with ridiculously long, inhumane mini games. //

Eternal Pain


100%? Complete so far...
(Currently refining some things and adjusting some mini games so they're theoretically possible.)

I'm not sorry for making this world, but I had to. I made it just for fun.

Edit: If I ever finish making this world, then I would like to see this in the Worst 2 campaign and see if they'll ever make it alive, even though this world may be unlikely to be campaigned, but I'll see.
(Though I'm expecting it to not be campaigned, but if it does, then I'd be shocked and feel satisfied.)

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(I'm now more rarely active on the forums ever since things seem to have gone quiet.) (If you can read this, good for you.)
You know what? I like this signature, so I'll keep this until I feel like changing it to something else. (I know the image may not fit properly here, but oh well.) //
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Re: Eternal Pain [W.I.P]

Can't wait to try it out!

bloom into you


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Re: Eternal Pain [W.I.P]

Make there be no checkpoints

Click the image to see my graphics suggestions, or here to play EE: Project M!


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