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#1 2019-08-04 03:24:29, last edited by Minisaurus (2019-08-04 05:42:32)

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Let´s introduce Bots officially to EEU

EE has got Continue hacker attacks, breaching accounts is only one problem, but gore & **** pictures uploaded to maps make the game toxic and cause several damage to the game reputation over anything else.

Breach could happen by using bots that contain a way to collect data from the players that uses them, so the idea that I suggest here is in part about that issue.

For EE the only way to get a bots is to download it from random websites, not telling all bots could be trojans (or any other type of virus or troublemaker), or making a bot yourself, and that is a real issue for the security and safety of the game, as Staff have no real control on what can be done with a bot.
EE is a pixel game with a minimap, in that minimap can be uploaded inappropriate content very easily using bots.
EE forums even have a Bot and Programmin forum for it, that mean bots are part of the game, why not integrate bots as an official part of the game instead of keeping it in a dangerous dark corner.

Making for EEU a workshop like Steam workshop is the solution, the art bots in the workshop should follow all the same rules: No external picture posting, no bot in the workshop is able to have a tool to upload external files to it, if that is the case, the bot is removed from the workshop.
Players can post their bots in a section for it´s greenlight, and a staff team dedicated to that task aprove or dissaprove them, there should be a staff team that do check and test the bots greenlighted, as bots is an important part of the game, EEU bot workshop is a secure and easy way to introduce bots to the game, players can easily subscribe/unsubscribe to a bot and use it in the game, "open/activate/manage bot" in-game (With a in-game tab for the bot settings, one tab for each bot activated).
Players who spam bot suggestions, could be banned from suggesting them.

If a single player (A programmer) do want a bot that do an specific task, that no other player require or even want, there is no point to satisfy the needs of a single programmer that could be a hacker trying to break the rules.
The bots are optional and as so, only a portion of the game community use them, and the whole community could be affected and damaged by the use of bots, as it happened to EE recently.

The workshop could even encourage programming knowledge by making a bot contest anually, with it´s rules of course to avoid introducing to the game an usafe bot.
Players can flag unsafe, broken, glitched bots, and also give reviews for them, their developers can check and fix the issues and improve the bot.

The maps should have a list that only the staff can see, this list contain all the bots connected to the specific map, and if any trouble happen in the map, staff can see what bot caused it.
If EEU is about to be as open as EE for bots, the same problem will occur in a not far future, lets prevent this to happen to EEU, as an stronger security is only a portion of the work, a single breach occasion is enough to severely affect the whole game.

Please, share your knowledge about programming here to correct/modify the ideas exposed.
Post below if you want to share ideas and your knowledge to explain ways to make bot-making easier and safer for programmers.

Note for EE Staff: I allow the introduction of any of my worlds for any official campaign.



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