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#26 2018-05-16 13:41:18

From: need to find a new home
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Re: Which political party in the United States do you align with and why?

Emma333 wrote:
Xfrogman43 wrote:
John wrote:

then why'd you post? lol

freedom of speech?

I will accept my first ban or warning to say that you must have the brain of an ant.

thank you

zsbu6Xm.png thanks zoey aaaaaaaaaaaand thanks latif for the avatar ?type=lastmagic&name=xfrogman43


#27 2018-05-16 16:45:40

From: Duluth Minnesota
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Re: Which political party in the United States do you align with and why?

NorwegianboyEE wrote:
IanJanes wrote:

I'd say i'm more of a conservative, so republican. I don't agree with  a ton of the ideas we have as a party, but at least i'm not some nut job who thinks science is ****, school shootings are done out of privilege, and that pedophiles are acceptable.

Science is what?

What do you mean by school shootings being an privilege? Privilege for who?

Why should pedophiles not be accepted? It’s not their fault that they were born that way, nobody willingly chooses to be an pedophile. And just because you’re an pedophile doesn’t mean you’re inherently an rapist. It’s important to distinguish between the term pedophile and child molester.

Uhhh I was poking fun at things Sjw people have said, now I can't really give you any sources but If you look around the media you'll see some weird **** they say.

Also you aren't born a pedophile, that's not how it works; It's an actual choice believe it or not. I doubt when someone is born they want to pry on children, or rape them. I don't know why people are, or chose to become pedophiles but to me they appear to be fetishes. We all have our kinks, and for some people they dive deep into some tom ****.

Also this should be like a debate topic, It would be better off I'm sure.


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