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#26 2016-02-18 13:37:00

Formerly goodsmile
From: Slo
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Re: Fake gem code lands should be reportable

Wait, how about this:

Add the idea of tips to loadscreen!

Add Tips to loadscreen idea by Brain
Tips and tricks thread by Tako

All kinds of tips could be added, even the more simple ones, from the Help page because not many people would actually take time and read all that. But when simple stuff like this is casually displayed when players enter new worlds every time, new players would slowly get to know EE better and better.

In this case, the tip would be something like: "Don't always trust the worlds that say they will give you code or gems!"

Example 1
Example 2


#27 2016-02-18 15:26:26

Campaign Team
From: Crait
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Re: Fake gem code lands should be reportable

A rep system sounds like it'll cause more harm than good. Think about it for a minute, this game is primarily made up of kids 10 or younger. These guys will -rep people for literally anything. Don't give them edit? -rep. Add one too many hookjumps to your world? -rep. Refuse to join their boss to code? -rep. The list just goes on and on. Not to mention, if someone does something they don't like, they'd probably get their friends to all gang up on them -rep spam them. Rather than publicly ruin someones reputation (especially for what could have been complete nonsense), I think it would be best if you guys just made your own personal lists of who you don't trust, and just leave it at that.



#28 2016-02-19 00:59:40

Formerly minimania
From: Wilted
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Re: Fake gem code lands should be reportable

I'm less disappointed in the people who make these scam worlds and more disappointed in the people that actually fall for them...

I'm liking that reputation system idea. To those who are worried about spamming the reputation system: simply one - or + rep for every user per person

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