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#1 2019-04-28 05:18:59, last edited by ByteArray (2019-04-28 05:20:37)

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Finn's Fantastic Food Machine — A game by ByteArray and Kentiya!

Hey, just thought I'd notify anyone who might be interested—Alex and I just released a small game called "Finn's Fantastic Food Machine" last night! It's a fairly simple game based around a quirky concept, and I think we're generally happy with how it turned out. We initially made it for a game jam hosted by Coolmath Games, but it was never released since we didn't make it into the finalists. But we decided that we should finish the game and get it released, and here we are! //

You can play the game now on Kongregate: … od-machine
Be sure to leave a rating over there to let everyone else know what you think!

I did the programming & game design, and I also created the music & sound effects. Alex created the graphics and figured out most of the details about the story elements. It's definitely nice to do smaller projects like this every once in a while, but of course we'll be trying to focus most of our time on EEU, especially with the closed beta release coming soon (no specific date just yet).

Anyway, hope you guys have fun with our quirky little game! //

— Joshua Stone (aka ByteArray), lead developer of Everybody Edits & EE Universe. —


#2 2019-04-28 06:46:18

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Re: Finn's Fantastic Food Machine — A game by ByteArray and Kentiya!

Wow it’s finally finished! Can’t wait to play.


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