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Hardware Synth MIDI to MP3: Get your MIDI conversions requested here!

I have made an email based MIDI converter by me using Google Forms/WIX. The conversion is done using a MIDI player and audio recording/editing software. I do certain synths I have like the unique First Act Keyboard and the LG 500G and more.

The list of synths for conversion are:

  • Android (a.k.a. Embeded Audio Synthesis on Samsung Tablet)

  • LG 306G/840G

  • LG 500G

  • Casio CTK-800

  • Casio CTK-2100

  • Yamaha DD-55 (New to my collection! Thanks FedEx for shipping this eBay drum product!)

  • Yamaha DD-14 (Vintage drum sounds. And also to my collection. It worked okay with 9 volt power. Partial GM Support for the drums though.)

  • Casio LK-100 (Restored/repaired. I will do a trick that outputs more than 4 MIDI channels on this MIDI keyboard via multitrack recording if possible.)

  • Casio CTK-491 (The recording technique is same for the Casio LK-100 because it still shares the same MIDI engine but a few tones have been changed like Voice Oohs instead of Synth Voice.)

  • Casiotone CT-460 (New to my collection and also semi-restored! Non-GM vintage synth keyboard version of Casio CSM-1)

  • First Act MI075 Keyboard (I have discovered unused features in this thing so I will have to add extra buttons and MIDI in/out sockets.)

  • Scratch Soundfont

  • Miracle Piano Teaching System (Note that this is not a GM synthesizer, I can tweak input/output files.)

  • Roland HP 137R Piano (Note that all channels share the same channel a.k.a. Omni)

Coming soon:

  • Ensoniq (AudioPCI) 2MB, 4MB, and 8MB emulation via VMWare

  • Roland Sound Canvas (e.g. SC-88Pro)

  • LeapPad (those still have MIDI support, but no MIDI adapter cartridge for this has been released yet)

  • Nintendo Switch (MIDI file support for Nintendo Switch's Music player app which the app is not released yet, don't have a Switch anyway)

  • Nintendo 3DS Sound (update for MIDI file support has not been released yet)

  • Wii U (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse) (update for MIDI/Music files/SD/USB support for the Music Room has not been released yet)

  • Figure out how to put/play MIDI files on old discontinued Tracfones with special connections

  • And more MIDI keyboards!

Convert your MIDIs now!

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