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The Super Mighty Morphin' Gameforumblogwiki Turbofusion Megasuggestion

I wrote:
Different55 wrote:

What if they were world comments, were public, and reportable?

I personally would like to see a game-to-forum integration, that allows people to make a forum topic for their level and connect the two. While I doubt it would happen (at least until I get control over the game), I have had this idea for a while now. This is probably kind of off-topic, so I can explain some more in a private message or other topic if you want.


Koya wrote:

We should just be able to chose from the smileys we have bought in game, or not have flairs.

:spartian: is clearly the best and is towards the bottom - the ordering is not accurate to everyone's preference.
You did put in a lot of work into this which I do have to commend you for.

I would like it if both the game, forum, and blog were connected. It is an idea I have had for a while, but have not really discussed in much detail before.



Update essentials


  • Game, blog, forum, and wiki integration (may discuss this in detail some other time)


game, forum, and blog account integration pls


Or, instead, we could have a large game/forum/blog/wiki integration that I keep speaking about and also keep procrastinating on making an actual topic for.


skullz17 wrote:

Another alternative which I've thought about is a feature where you could leave little comments in a level which the owner can see. This would not help the consumer, but it would help the creator to improve their content through the feedback. I think these are similar to reviews, except they would be an in-game feature and linked to a specific level, so the owner of that level would be likely to read them. Also, there should be a character limit, which I think will also increase the likelihood of the owner reading it. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but I think another reason this feature would be good is because the main ways to receive feedback on a level is either in the chat in-game, or from the forums. The problem with receiving it in-game through the chat is that it is unreliable, as the owner may not always be there, or they might be afk. The problem with the forums is that not everyone uses the forums. This feature would offer a reliable platform for feedback that is accessible to everyone.

Or, we could always implement a game/forum integration thing that would make it easier to post level topics on the forum. Don't rush me I'll make a topic about it some day I promise


0176 wrote:

I think a lobby redesign is long overdue

A really big idea I've had for a long time would really help allow long world titles. Maybe I'll post it one day.


It is time.

The moment you've all been waiting for, it's my Super Grand Mighty Morphin' Gameforumblogwiki Turbofusion Megasuggestion.

My suggestion is a very big one. It's probably not realistic to expect the current staff to do anything like this anytime soon considering that they probably have higher priorities. Even if they did decide to add it, they'd probably have to have a slow development period the same length of that of the Unity update. Also, simply just remember the acronym P.A.L., of course. Now that the introduction and disclaimer is out of the way lets get on the show on the road.

My Gameforumblogwiki Turbofusion Megasuggestion is that a certain four websites (guess which ones) would be combined into one coherent one. Accounts, features, visuals, and some other things would be combined and changed up to make things consistent. Below, I will be describing how the Turbofusion Megasuggestion would work.

Account conversion

When logging into the forum or wiki, you'll have the option to merge your account with your game account. This conversion pages has four forms:

  • In-game email/userID

  • In-game password

  • Forum username

  • Forum password

After you're done, your forum username will now be changed to your game username.

You can only have one forum account for each game account, and vice versa. When this conversion system is in place, it will be impossible to register new forum accounts. Instead, you'll log into your game account to access the forum.

Only users who have made at least one post will appear on the user list.

Unconverted accounts on the forum will have the title "Unconverted account". They cannot post or send messages.


There will be two ways to access user profiles: the quick in-game pop-up you get from user lists, and a non-game version on the web. The latter is like a fusion of the current game profiles and the forum profiles. Except the "messaging" settings, because, really, nobody uses that as anything but a joke.

You can purchase skins and junk just like with crew profiles. You can also subscribe to users. Also you can make announcements.

Each user has an avatar. Your game avatar will also appear on the forum. You can have one of the following as an avatar:

  • A purchasable avatar world like how it works with crews

  • Your most recent smiley will appear instead (like in friend lists)

  • Your chosen badge


The blog website could be removed we already have a game announcements forum and maybe a blog-esque way to view it could be added or something and be putted a redirect to it at and its pages or something also if you really wanted to view the old blog comments for some reason the blog posts could moved to a special archive forum that would go in the "business" category like the game and forum businesses although the topics there would be locked since pretty much everything posted on the blog but not the forum is something thats outdated and not worth talking about especially considering that many blog posts are simply duplicates of topics already on the forum.

World/crew topics

Worlds (only saved ones) and crews can be given topics to link up to. There can only be one topic per world/crew, and they must be in the Rooms and Crews sections respectively.

Likes in worlds will automatically be linked with woots on the topc.

Crew announcements are removed.


We already have a forum inbox. Just combine the two. Even if you're on a website like Kongregate, you don't need it because you can send messages to other users there already.

Subscription stuff will also be combined into this, meaning that the "news" tab will not be needed.


As a replacement for the forum themes, there are different themes you will be able to buy in the Energy Shop. They will work consistently on all areas of the website, including the game itself.

The REAL moment you've all been waiting for

Wow, that was a lot easier to sort out than I expected. I was planning to do this for some big ol' milestone like 9,000 but I don't care anymore and just want to get this idea out there.

I go by she/her pronouns nowadays.


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Re: The Super Mighty Morphin' Gameforumblogwiki Turbofusion Megasuggestion

N1KF wrote:

Kongregate, you don't need it because you can send messages to other users there already.

What about people who don't play on kong? I want to contact them too //

EDIT: First link is not a forum link?

zsbu6Xm.png thanks zoey aaaaaaaaaaaand thanks latif for the avatar


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Re: The Super Mighty Morphin' Gameforumblogwiki Turbofusion Megasuggestion

Xfrogman43 wrote:

First link is not a forum link?


I go by she/her pronouns nowadays.


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