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Finally !
After several weeks of preparation, it's time to open up this wonderful world that will surely come to your fingers. This level is the sequel of Octorage , itself a sequel of Maze Runner, itself a sequel of MoonBase, but do not worry, in a few levels I will post a thread clarify this. The minigames are the best-of my "Lictolab" version 1 and 2. Initially created with fun to make a ridiculously hard level, friendly concepts have emerged, and here the result : 16 minigames, with 4 bonus for the brave and curious of you.

About the story
After each level (MoonBase, Maze Runner, Octorage), there are bonus levels (total of 11). After finishing Octorage, there are 2 alternative ends. Once the bonus levels visited, the player will understood that his only option to escape this island is to destroy its heart.
From here, there are 3 alternative ends : a good, a bad, and an evil for the true player.

Win List

Good luck ! 1456803608-sm28.png



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