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#1 Re: Debates » Jiff as in Jello or Ghiff as in Goat » 2017-02-01 18:15:26

Giff, as in "gift" (you don't pronounce it "jift", do you).

#3 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What are you postponing? » 2016-11-30 01:23:30

i have a ton of biology homework but for some reason im posting here instead

#4 Re: Debates » abortion » 2016-11-30 01:21:47

Different55 wrote:
XxAtillaxX wrote:

What difference is there between a flower and a fetus that has no, and never had, cognition?

The difference is pretty obvious. Wait a few weeks and that fetus will be cognitive. Wait as long as you like, that flower's not going anywhere.

However, until that happens they are essentially the same. I view abortion as simply never allowing the baby to exist in the first place, which is exactly what is happening with abortion regardless of what would happen in a few weeks. Besides, where would you draw a line? Is a single cell that has just been fertilized "alive"? After all, wait a few months and it will be cognitive.

#5 Re: Debates » mac, pc or linux » 2016-11-30 01:15:28

osx is ok, but the problem is the ridiculously overpriced and underpowered hardware the computers themselves have. plus, apple has decided to go full retard mode lately with the new macbook pro that doesn't even have a usb-a port or proper function keys (not to mention a phone without a headphone jack)

windows is evil and it spys on you, but for video games it is sadly usually necessary.

linux is pretty cool, but sadly not practical a lot of the time due to bad application support.

#6 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What did you buy on black friday? » 2016-11-28 15:39:44

a bunch of pc parts

i have ascended to the glorious pc master race

#7 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Flat Earth » 2016-11-27 19:16:47

N1KF wrote:

Why would God not just create a scientifically consistent universe? That seems like it would make the most sense.

something something test our faith

#10 Re: Game Discussion » what is the best world ever made? » 2016-11-02 17:55:25

There are so many amazing worlds, maybe EX Crew Odyssey, Pancake Quest, or Endeavor.

#11 Re: Worlds » Hotel Horror refurbished » 2016-11-02 14:46:39


haha, beat it without spoilers

great world

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » I lost a tooth in ( i think ) the coolest way possible. » 2016-11-01 17:33:07

AnatolyEE wrote:

@OP, which from these items have you eaten often?

he doesn't eat those, he brushes his teeth with them

#13 Re: Worlds » Red Rock Landing » 2016-10-30 15:34:38

pretty fun, short though

#14 Re: Game Suggestions » More magic for harder coins » 2016-10-27 17:08:45

I feel like it would help because it would make magic more merit-based and not so random like it is now.

#15 Game Suggestions » More magic for harder coins » 2016-10-27 15:47:54

Replies: 6

Basically, for coins in worlds unchanged for a certain amount of time, the chance of magic gets higher for coins that a very small percent of players (who were in the world a certain amount of time) collect.

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2016-10-27 15:43:57




just one more level...

#17 Re: Forum Games » Questions only » 2016-10-25 17:22:44

why are we doing this anyway?

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » For what reward would you kill someone? » 2016-10-25 17:10:29

Provided a very large reward, it matters more to me who I would have to kill. I would be much more likely to kill a serial murderer and rapist than I would be to kill a good person (in fact, I would never kill them).

#19 Re: Game Discussion » fanboy » 2016-10-25 17:07:38

imo contest winners should always get fanboy 1 for a prize

#23 Re: Campaign Suggestions » an ACTUAL campaign » 2016-09-12 16:21:55

that would be cool
it would take a while though

#24 Re: Debates » Blox City vs. Roblox » 2016-09-12 16:19:10


im pretty sure roblox was first, as stupid as it is

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