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#2 Questions and Answers » how to play Ee in linox » 2020-07-14 04:46:27

Replies: 2

hi how do play Ee in lonix? EEPerfectLoader doesnt work on wine

#5 Game Suggestions » Redstone » 2018-10-21 04:57:55

Replies: 6

Or something similar, at least

#6 Re: Forum Games » Fortunately Unfortunately » 2018-10-21 04:54:09

Fortunately you're a neck romancer.

#8 Forum Discussion » [BUG+SUGGESTION] Buttons on phone » 2018-10-14 04:16:24

Replies: 3

Hey, I want to do two things in this post: report a bug with the UI, and suggest an improvement to the UI.
First, everything is WAY too small. Please increase the font size on mobile devices. (You can afford to do it. Look at the amount of free space.)


Now, here's the bug report. The font on the text areas are relatively larger than the text outside (1em).  Weirdly,  the text area just expands as well, placing it awkwardly below the submit button.


When I have text that's placed directly below the buttons, it's difficult to edit.

This is the same for replying to posts, but when you copy/paste something into the box, if it's large enough to induce scrolling, it fixes itself.


Also, this problem doesn't show up when I'm editing the post after initially posting it.


This bug has been around for a long time, and I'm slightly surprised that even after a year of my inactivity, it's still there.

#9 Re: Forum Games » Fortunately Unfortunately » 2018-10-14 03:59:19

Fortunately you respawn after 15 seconds. Press the comma key to change your class.

#10 Re: Bots and Programming » Running a bot 24/7 » 2018-10-14 03:57:07

Have you tried OpenShift? It's free (node.js, Ruby, python). If you're using C# you can make it a console app, you can just upload the EXE and run it as a child_process.

#11 Re: Forum Games » Fortunately Unfortunately » 2018-10-13 20:30:37

Fortunately, the earth is a part of a giant supercomputer system predicted by Deep Thought, created by pan-dimensional superintelligent being. You hitchhike to a Vogon's ship with Ford, your best friend, from Betelgeuse. The Vogons read poetry and throw you into space, only to be rescued by Zaphod Beeblebrox in his infinite improbability drive which he stole during his presidency. You see Magrathea and discover the true ancestors of humans, who are many people including telephone sanitizers. You visit Zaphod's planet, see holographs of his granddad, and Zaphod sees the universe in a piece of cake. He eventually figures out that his memories were removed by him on purpose. You learn how to fly by throwing yourself at the ground but missing. You hear multiple "foop"s and Somebody Else's Problems, and witness the most pointless game ever invented. You visit space parties. Now, you're magically back to the earth, only transported six months into the future than when you left. All the dolphins have spontaneously disappeared. You meet Fenchurch, who blacked out at the same moment the planet was apparently destroyed. You fall in love with her, and at this very point, I stopped reading the books as they started becoming slightly boring.

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Game Breaking Bug » 2018-07-31 06:21:33

Why should this happen? Corrupted binary?

#17 Re: Bots and Programming » Anti-Troll Bot, maybe? » 2018-07-30 13:24:40

You don't need weeks, you could just have a bot connected to free edit worlds and ask people to flag trolls. And as for the learning part, we could share processing to learn different epochs (although I'm not exactly sure how that would work)

#18 Re: Bots and Programming » How do I read local text files? » 2018-07-30 13:19:06

You could use the fetch API. It can load pretty much any type of file, and is recommended over XmlHttpRequests now. Also, if you want to load a local file using fetch, you can't; you need to host it on a server, because you can't fetch from file://

#19 Re: Bots and Programming » ? PyPlayerIO - A Python PlayerIO Client ? » 2018-07-30 13:17:20

How did you get access to the PlayerIO inner protocol documentation? Did you have to reverse engineer it in some way? Or is there a place where they have documented everything?

#20 Re: Game Suggestions » A better anti-cheat algorithm » 2018-07-13 03:40:16

Avoiding concurrent physics simulation is the whole point of this algorithm. You just plug in the told and velocity and stuff and you get the current position. You could limit this checking to things that include movement/position. Collision could be a problem, true. You could determine a collision point right at the keypress and edit the function to return a constant if the time is greater than a specific value. The function's variables are changed with each movement message, so it would work well imo

#21 Game Suggestions » A better anti-cheat algorithm » 2018-07-12 13:29:18

Replies: 7

This post assumes knowledge of calculus and exponentials, so if you don't know those, ~~shoo~~ you won't understand what this is about.

What you could do is use this as your velocity function: (Derivation)

Graph with v = 0, k = 3 and r = 1.5

Integrating that, you get this:

Graph with C = 0, v = 0, k = 3 and r = 1.5

You could substitute the initial position of the player when a keypress event occurred as the *C* value and set *r* and *k* based on the current game mechanics. *v* can also be calculated using the first function.
Latency issues can be solved easily by sending the time difference between keypress events along with the message. This can be substituted in the function to verify the position and can be stored for the next verification.

This would mean changing the physics for both the client and the server, so I think you could do this for the rEEboot (if you're not lying about it //

P.S. Yes, I'm not dead. And yes, this is my first forum post in a long time.

#22 Re: Game Suggestions » Monument block » 2017-05-29 08:05:27

Are EE devs smart enough to Does EE even do filters? I've heard that filters are a pain in the backside.

#23 World Creation » [BAL] Conquest » 2017-05-29 07:52:36

Replies: 1

This is a JS bot thingy I'm making where you rule a country and battle other countries to annex them to your country.

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