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[BUG+SUGGESTION] Buttons on phone

Hey, I want to do two things in this post: report a bug with the UI, and suggest an improvement to the UI.
First, everything is WAY too small. Please increase the font size on mobile devices. (You can afford to do it. Look at the amount of free space.)


Now, here's the bug report. The font on the text areas are relatively larger than the text outside (1em).  Weirdly,  the text area just expands as well, placing it awkwardly below the submit button.


When I have text that's placed directly below the buttons, it's difficult to edit.

This is the same for replying to posts, but when you copy/paste something into the box, if it's large enough to induce scrolling, it fixes itself.


Also, this problem doesn't show up when I'm editing the post after initially posting it.


This bug has been around for a long time, and I'm slightly surprised that even after a year of my inactivity, it's still there.


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Re: [BUG+SUGGESTION] Buttons on phone

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Re: [BUG+SUGGESTION] Buttons on phone

The suggestion is good but the bug is just Chrome's ridiculous "font boosting" garbage that should have never existed in the first place but now we're all (well, those of you that use Chrome on mobile) stuck with it. No idea *how* someone even came up with the idea, let alone thought it was better than just re-wrapping text but.

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Re: [BUG+SUGGESTION] Buttons on phone

1448 wrote:

First, everything is WAY too small. Please increase the font size on mobile devices.

If know there is a setting for mobile devices?
PROFILE -> DISPLAY -> "Mark this device as mobile."



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