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#1 Re: Game Discussion » FINAL ELEMENT LEAKED » 2018-11-27 20:31:27

Oh nice, makes it another extreme campaign for this year. Its not that we already have TONS of them already. Good job campaign team - for creating content for your friends again. I cannot stress enough to care for the general community which you fail at. If you were my children, I would be ashemd of you.

#2 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-27 20:17:53

So, Xeno nerfed ipwners water level twice. Especially at the end with the very tight timed race against the green keyblock - it was just nuts.

The last water level also lacks a checkpoint, yet he refuses to add a checkpoint because "a well known, non-skilled user also beat this". And still I see people having many many troubles with this map.
Serious, who is evaluating the maps? On which base? I would like to ask the campaign team to make their homework.
For the entire year 2018 we got this weird, hard nut content "on community demand", yet I never requested something like TNT or BS. And certainly not a wonky portal based map from the water tier.

#3 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-27 17:03:05

minimania wrote:

I think there's something to be said in the fact that every current campaign curator has already passed a huge skill gap that the large majority of EE players haven't, yet.

You pretty much summed up everything we said several months. I salute you and hope the responsable personnel re-evaluate everything.

Also, remove the 1-life-only map from the campaign. Its a tedious grind.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody 3dits » 2018-11-26 22:28:36

I bookmarked this to read it at work tomorrow. Looks nice.:)

#5 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-26 17:46:26

peace wrote:

uhm who tought an 1 life only camapgin was fun for a MEDIUM rated world? (water tier 2)

peace wrote:

dude medium isnt that hard to do and can be done by almost everyone medium-hard isnt hard either it just requires a bit more skill i does NOT exclude much of the comunnity

Oh .. really?

#6 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-26 15:20:08

The water tier has a funny blocking 1-life-only mechanic and is rated medium - which is rather nuts.

#7 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-26 14:43:24

I do see how these work. Yet, two of them rated "medium-hard" again with the ending difficulty of "hard" to determine the actual skill requirement to finish the campaign in question. And finishing half a campaign is still not finished. So we end up with 2 more hard rated ones and 2 medium ones while of these has a 1-life-only mechanic to scare away more people than intended. On the fan-discord the difficulty was discussed and noted that it aims for most skilled people only, while excluding a major part - once again.

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » Elemental campaign question. » 2018-11-26 14:37:36

Yeah I know, I also did not try the editor thingy cuz I'm lazy. Good luck //

#9 Re: Questions and Answers » Elemental campaign question. » 2018-11-26 13:59:48

Did you try to ee-editor the lobby map and get the world IDs? Does this actually work?

#10 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-26 13:49:14

I really appreciate this hard rated campaign (technically medium hard, but hard anyway at a point). Loving to see new content added to exclude a major part of this dwindling community :-) Personally I believe the remaining few people will stay and move to EEU soon while the new and 1h-a-day-gamer refrain from doing so with the everlasting frustration of exclusive no-lifer content. Really, I love this part he most. I mean, my rant not the campaign.

The campaign team certainly did a great job at creating a nice campaign for their friends and buddies. Again

#11 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (Metaphorically) Everyone's Getting Muted » 2018-11-21 22:17:11

some man wrote:

Maybe I should state my views more clearly.

Memomemo wrote:

Anyway, i'm just gonna say that Zoey really needs to know the difference between Homophobia and Satire.

Zoey and Zumza are mediocre mods at best, and they must realise that my habits don't change because of a simple mute

I was not supporting your behavior. Saying gay for teh funnies is still childish, and it seems like people here who do it have the same mindset as a rebellious preteen told not to say bad words (and then post mocking copypastas to prove how edgy they are). I just can't justify muting for it since you're not outright intending it to be offensive, it's not breaking the flow of the chat, and (unfortunately) muting for it is not really going to change how you act in the future. Don't piggyback me just because I'm "the normal one" and I don't mute as many people as the other mods.

One can argue bout the infractions issued. An hour off doesn't change much. But a week will, or maybe more.
It is not uncommon on certain forums that bans are issued at the lenght of at least one month and can vary, up to 3 or 6 months and even 12.

It is the same issue with speeding in your car. In germany the sanctions are so low for speeding (going 69km/h in a zone for 50km/h results in a fine of 35 euros and nothing more) that people just don't care and not reconsider their behavior.

And with self centered people within a society nothing will ever change toward the greater good of the communuty itself. Its pure ignorance toward others. This applies to chats and forums as well as .. speeding on the road. One only thinks as far as the own big Mercedes star on the end of the car hood. When small or minor infractions won't work and the usual discussions seem to be a work in futility, a long term ban is the only answer to make people rethink the way they approach others.
And weighting the loss / ban of a single user against the general constructiveness of the entire community seems a good sacrifice imo.

#12 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (Metaphorically) Everyone's Getting Muted » 2018-11-20 23:12:31

some man wrote:

^ Nope, I was wrong there. Zoey's back at it and muting repeat offenders for up to an entire day:

Most people here use "gay" to mean "lame" or the like, and while this is annoying, the answer is not slapping people with a mute for continuing behavior they consider natural. Anyone who's not an extreme prescriptivist can tell whether the word "gay" is being used to actually shame the queer or as a filler word that doesn't actually refer to sexuality. "Lynch the gay" is homophobic. "That **** is hella gay" is probably not.
And from what I've seen, people being muted for this aren't changing their behavior, they usually just regard it as a problem with the person muting them. Even if there are results, it's not because they've learned to stop slinging around the word gay, they've just learned to stop using it only around the people who are muting them. So their behavior isn't actually changing, they're just stopping for the sake of people who are overly sensitive about the word itself. Come on, this is obvious.

Using "gay" or other terms and descriptions in a defametory context seems legit for a few while others do feel insulted or offended. This also applies to the ni***** word, or in general everything "nazi" which is my personal favorite because it de-values what it actually stands for. It is heavily offensive toward the vicitms of former nazi germanys war crimes. People are using this term very narrow minded and lightly. Just saying.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Halloween 3 Campaign thoughts and opinion » 2018-11-02 14:29:57

Not enjoying the entire campaign so far. For me its just another case of "lets try to make everything unfun"

#14 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Political Problem in Germany » 2018-10-31 16:10:51

Not sure where you got this "in germany 50% are rich" thing, but ok - thats just very wrong.
Also, the AfD is a temporary issue only and won't make it far for the next election. Also, Merkel won't candicate either as her popularity was dwindling anyway.
SPD are on a constant downfall since decades (with Schröder, H4 and other very silly desicsssions) and never recovered from it and propably never will.

Furthermore, people voting for AfD are dumb as nut - not realizing that this party is just another unwanted classic liberal party for rich nazis. Weak people follow the blind after all.

Overall, the current changes reflect Merkels mistakes over the past years. Things could have been done in a better way - but ultimately nothing serious will change here which is good and bad at the same time.

#15 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » this is sera fina my cat » 2018-10-24 16:37:39

soniiiety wrote:

blub i mean you could get part time job or half time or what ever you call it and at multiple part ime jobs at different places on certain days?

Please go and work for your own money before you further comment on work, money and jobs :-) // //

#16 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » this is sera fina my cat » 2018-10-23 21:28:01

@soniiiety, I could change certain aspects of my life - but money is undeniably an important factor and therefore requires me to go after a full time job //
Please understand that I cannot discuss "work and having another job" with someone who could (age wise) could be my son. When you get old you propably understand.

But FYI lemme sum up a few things:
-Insurance for home
-Indemnity insurance
-Phone, Internet
-Gas, electricity
-Food, beer and everything my body needs
-Clothing and hygiene products

Now, lets discuss what I pay and what you pay.
I pay around 1200-1500 euros just to sit here and write up this post.
What do you pay to just sit there?

Please don't take it personally. Its just summing up some facts. Please care for your cat. It saddens me to see young people with no sense for responsibility.

#17 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » this is sera fina my cat » 2018-10-23 18:56:15

capasha wrote:

>support animals that need home and care!!

I don't really understand how you can get a cat that need to get love and food. But you live hard and can't get money or food to your self.
Remember the patreon you made? You need money for food because your mom had it hard.

The weird part is that every animal you have had have died young, I don't know why. You had a dog. But that dog died.
You had a cat before, but that animal died too. Do you kill them or what? A dog and cat can live in so many years.

I want to have a cat myself. I have enough money to buy a cat BUT the cat need a lot of stuff to live good and need a lot of love.
I can't take care of a cat because of this. You need to do so much.

Same reasons which keep me from having a dog or cat. The time I cannot dedicate to my beloved pet I just not possible on my time schedule - its a responsibility many people forget before they get their pets, unfortunalety.

#18 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (Metaphorically) Everyone's Getting Muted » 2018-10-21 15:20:56

Zumza wrote:

All in all, I agree there's room for improvement, I want to make clear I was looking forward to offer a better moderation for a long time, and this is where I currently am. If you believe I adapt too slowly, and if the EE Discord would generally benefit from my step down as a moderator I'll hold to my promise.

I just want to be sure you understand the possible consequences of your choice:

  • Someone better than me can come

  • Someone worse than me can come

  • There will be no one to replace me, it may be possible that the number of rule-breakers to grow

You are asking for help which I am willing to provide based on 7 years experience as a forum mod for a MMO with around ..several thousands of users.
As a mod you should engage in discussions or explain what is going on instead of speaking out threats and just mute people for something they cannot or will not understand at this point.

"Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have"
"Hey guys, make sure it stays appropiate // "

Both sound alot better than just

"Post in general or I mute you"
"This is Everbody Edits, not Debate. Wanna get muted again?"

In all cases, work on de-escalating a situation as everything else makes it worse.

But you act like good ole Gaddafi


Why not just say "maybe you find some help in general". That would have been much better // and does not make you look like an idiot for everyone.

#19 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (Metaphorically) Everyone's Getting Muted » 2018-10-21 14:06:55

Zumza, just retire from your mod postion. As a result of your mere presence and random moderation no one is actually keen on discussing or argueing something.
Furthermore you just issue random "mute threats" whenever you feel like. Even the smallest mistake leads to actions from you.

You know what this is? This is called autocracy.
Step down for good.

#20 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (Metaphorically) Everyone's Getting Muted » 2018-10-21 09:52:10

Censorship is ok in some forms. Like extreme and very harsh insults.
However, in most cases overly zealous discord mods just prevent a free flow of discussion and negate the actual reason for having a group chat - hence they are doing a bad job at what they do.
Btw. Is it ok when I ask zumza or anyone else if he / she is not hetero? Does it make any difference within the sense of rhetoric?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-06 18:07:36

It was not about getting the egg. It was about having a puzzle at all.
Like a few say

         The Journey is The Reward

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Golden Egg Easter INSTRUCTIONS + Other new stuff in the game preview » 2018-10-05 15:21:03

peace wrote:
Helvi wrote:

I did the map lol.

100% completion? jsut fror lols and then acidentlay oh hey i got the key while accidentlay standing in that symbol wiht ninja smiley?

100% to get my name added on the list of winners. Its there now. While I was doing the key thing unintentionally, Xeno discovered the issues with the map when he was around. Btw I stumbled upon this map based on spezis hint - who is now blaming me for some weird reason, nice irony..

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