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#1 Re: Game Suggestions » [EEU] fast movement trapdoors » 2019-10-10 00:00:23

Crumbling blocks are planned later in development. I feel like they'd be similar to this concept.

#2 Re: Game Discussion » We are almost ready to start the closed beta » 2019-10-04 22:00:11

I'm officially stating that October 4th, 2019 is the official birthday of EE Universe! First day of Closed Beta!

#3 Re: Game Discussion » I'm confused about EE archives and stuff » 2019-10-03 14:50:53

N1KF wrote:

To staff and any others who have archived all worlds, I'm still wondering, what's going on here? When can we expect to have access to a world archive?

The Staff have posted nothing about EEO since July, even when their speculated August deadline for EEO passed a while ago. The whole situation seems more bizarrely silent than ever before.

Sadly, Cercul1 had broken his arm, so EEO was basically put entirely on hold while he healed up. He should be back to working on it soon.

#4 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-10-02 18:36:51

Charlie59876EE wrote:
Xenonetix wrote:
Thegame wrote:

*patiently waits to be invited a month later even though I opted-in day 1*

*patiently points out he opted in day 15*

i thought you weren't allowed to say when ppl opted in  👀
I opted in day one, now xeno tell me what day i opted in

I'm allowed, but I did worry if I tell one person, everyone will want to know.

You did indeed opt in day 1, but even though you did, you did so in the afternoon of Day 1 (2018-12-31 14:32:45), which puts you in Batch 5, after around 200 people had already opted in by that point. I've so far created accounts up to Batch 10, which the latest opt in is at 2019-01-01 23:23:33. There are now 1382 people total opted in, so we're looking at around 28 batches total.

As for when people will be invited, apologies that there have been further delays, but they are relatively short delays. Various issues have naturally cropped up in our testing that require attention, but we're still hoping to invite the first batch this week. Following that, it really depends how many game-breaking things occur during the first Beta Testing that we need to address before inviting more people, but we're still hoping to be able to invite at least one batch a day.

For the most part though, we're almost fully set up and ready to go. //

#5 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-10-02 18:16:09

Thegame wrote:

*patiently waits to be invited a month later even though I opted-in day 1*

*patiently points out he opted in day 15*

#6 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-30 13:54:47

So this was a mocked up suggestion by Security-Drone:

Not a spoiler - No plans to include this

There are currently no plans to include shrinking in EE Universe.

#7 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-29 13:28:07

PiotrGrochowski wrote:

won't EEU have universes instead of worlds? worlds are too much of an EE thing to have in EEU

The idea is that the levels themselves are worlds, and they collectively make up the universe. //

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Can we get updated statistics on where the Patreon money is going? » 2019-09-17 20:22:22

To date, a total of $5,455 have been paid out to staff from Patreon funds. Remaining funds have gone towards servers and domains, and then into an Advertising Budget.

When we get to the right time to start advertising, the initial plan is for a Facebook Banner Ad Campaign, but that won't be until at least some way into Open Beta. Primarily, I'd rather the advertising budget go towards promoting the smartphone app when we launch that, and sure, we would love to be able to attend Gamescom, but we do require approximately $12,000 in the Advertising Budget to do so, which we're nowhere close to currently. We'll see how things go.

I do indeed work as a freelance Sheet Music Curator. I create sheet music for online sale for a couple of companies regularly, and this pays me approximately $250 (£200) a week. It's nothing spectacular, but it's enough to pay my rent and live on, and I'm certainly not (yet) depending on EE or EEU for money.

We all want EEU to be successful, and in time, I would love to be working on EEU full time, but right now, most of the staff have alternate forms of income, and I really hope none of them are depending on EEU as their source of income, because they'll be very disappointed. I make it very clear when recruiting new staff that they're voluntary positions with potential for occasional pay. As the game scales, I hope to be able to pay them more as time goes on.

#9 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-11 13:02:04

Luka504 wrote:

Can we, like, have a list of players and dates when they'll be able to play? I mean, I'm not sure if such a list can be made, but it would really help because then I'd know when to expect my EEU invitation instead of just checking my e-mail daily and hoping I'm going to be able to play soon.

Although I can't give out full lists, a little over 350 people opted in on 31st December 2018, which was the day we added the Opt In option. If you opted in any time after that, you'll be in one of the 1000 people from Batch 8 onwards. We may try to invite more than 50 people a day, but right now, the aim is going to be 50 people or so daily, so people in those 1000 are unlikely to receive invites until at least a week or so into the Closed Beta.

#10 Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-09 14:10:11

Replies: 202


Hi Everybody!

The time draws near for the Closed Beta of Everybody Edits Universe! The first invites are very likely to be sent out this month, so we thought it was about time we gave players an idea of what to expect from this early development phase!

Firstly, please remember that everything is subject to change, and nothing is final. We'll be making adjustments based on your feedback over the coming months!

Staff and Patrons will be the first people invited to the game. Following this, we'll be sending out emails and Kongregate inbox messages to approximately 50 people at a time out of the massive 1350 of you who have opted in to play EE Universe! Naturally, we know people want to get playing the game sooner rather than later, but we have to invite people on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on when accounts have clicked "Opt In" in Everybody Edits. Please be patient with us over the coming weeks, as if you have opted in, you will get your turn! It just may come a few days later than others. We'll certainly try to get everyone in within a month.

Important point of note though - We do not plan on storing emails or passwords. If you wish to play Everybody Edits Universe, you will require either a Google account or Facebook account. We will be introducing more login options as time goes on, including on Kongregate and Apple ID.

With that out of the way, what can you expect from the start of Closed Beta EEU? Well, right now, there are gravity arrows and dots, coins, transparent blocks (for the minimap), and up to 46 blocks to build with. Naturally, we plan to add content periodically as time goes on, and ByteArray is currently working on getting at least Edit Zones working ready for the Closed Beta Launch! In addition, we hope to have Portals very early on, and Beta players can help us test and tweak EEU's physics!


Every account will start with a 50x50, a 100x100, and a 150x150 world for free to build in! We won't have a shop from the start, but we do plan on allowing people to purchase at least new worlds if you wish using the Energy System present in the game. Accounts will have Jewels and Stardust compensation from EE, and this will display to you in-game, but even though they can't be spent initially, we'll provide things for you to spend these on when we introduce the shop system at some point during the Closed Beta period!

The Smiley Customizer won't initially be available, although we do have plenty of accessories planned and created for when it is. Here are some of the items that will be added:


That's not to say you won't be able to change smileys. We have some base smileys present in-game already, and you'll be able to switch between them freely until we add the Smiley Customizer!

The User Interface is fleshed out a bit at this point - The username list pops out, and chat works as an overlay. We welcome your feedback on these features too! There are a few chat commands, and we plan for "/bgcolor" to work from the outset!

During the Closed Beta period, we expect to add the following to the game:

  • Smiley Customizer

  • Shop System

  • Smiley Accessories

  • Switches & On/Off Systems

  • More Blocks

  • Backgrounds

  • Liquid(s)

  • Music Zones

  • Vision Zones

  • Magic Coins

Some things probably won't be added until the Open Beta begins, including:

  • Daily Featured Levels

  • Time Trial Archive & Leaderboards

  • Level Publishing

  • Decorations

  • Hazards

  • Alternative Minimap Display Options

  • Jewel Purchase System

  • Auras & Aura Unlock System

  • Membership Subscription Services

During Open Beta itself, we have even more planned, including:

  • Effects & Effect Zones

  • Camera Zones

  • Auto-Tiled Blocks

  • Movable Blocks

  • Crumbling Blocks

  • Collectible Keys

  • In-World Shopping Systems

  • Building Contests

  • Leaderboard Contests

  • Extra Game Modes

There'll be far more, so we look forward to you joining us in making Everybody Edits Universe an epic game for everybody to play!

See you in EEU!

~ Xenonetix ~

#11 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2019-08-22 19:29:23

mrjawapa wrote:
Xenonetix wrote:

??? - I really have no idea why these were made. I presume they were created by Toop, but I really don't know.

Admin aura, guardian aura, developer aura. Idk the green one or the red one.

The auras are not the part I was talking about. Look at the smileys.

#13 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2019-08-22 18:36:43

Update from Xenonetix on August 22nd, 2019!


Even more smiley variants from Toop. I believe most of these weren't previously posted because there was still a chance some would be added to the game, but this never ended up happening.

Jester Smiley - Was never finished, and so was never added. Created by Toop.

Supervillain Smiley - The enemy of the earlier Superhero Smiley. Created by Toop.

Miner Smiley - I don't think Toop ever quite got this one right. Was also considered that the helmet could be switched on and off whilst being worn, but ultimately never came to pass.

Cyberpunk Smiley - A Toop work-in-progress that will never stop being in that state.

Pug Smiley - May be cool, but never fit EE's style. Created by Toop.

??? - I really have no idea why the latter three smileys were made. I presume they were created by Toop, but I really don't know.

Gravity Badge - Before the Relativity Campaign was launched, this was the original concept art.

Arrow Decorations - Adding these was a much-debated topic in 2017. In the end, I believe it was decided that they may be used more for trolling (sadly) than for helpful instructions in levels. Also, newcomers may have been confused if they saw arrows which didn't propel the player, and world builders were able to build their own arrows from existing decorations anyway. Created by Cola1.

Designer Smiley Alternates - Before the Designer Smiley was finished, Cola1 produced many alternative options for the Artist and Designer. Before deciding to have the Artist smiley as a reward a second time, it was considered to have a variant instead. After that, these were all the alternative considerations for Designer before we landed on the final result.

2018 April Fools Smileys

2018 April Fools Smileys - The full collection! The idea was born out of the fact that so many people had wanted the Bird and Bunny smileys without ever having the chance to wear them, so we overcompensated...

Fire Aura - It was planned for the Fire Aura to be a unique reward for completing the Trial & Terror Campaign, but we could never quite get it to look good enough to work in-game. It was intended to combine with the Devil Skull smiley to show off if you had completed both campaigns.

Demon Skull - After abandoning the Fire Aura, the next plan was to have a variant on the Devil Skull called the Demon Skull, but it was never finished before deciding to use the Red Dragon instead.

Christmas Time Trial - As an early ambitious experiment for Time Trials, it was planned that potentially the entire border of badges would be changed if you completed the time trials associated with the campaigns. However, not only did this prove to be impractical in most campaigns, we also decided not to have Time Trials for Seasonal Campaigns, so this became useless on two counts... Created by Minisaurus.

Scrapped 2019 April Fools Smileys - This was the initial plan for how all the smileys would look on April 1st, 2019, but the idea was formed too late to be able to put the hours in to doing this for every smiley in EE.

2019 April Fools Smileys

2019 April Fools Smileys - In the end, these were the smileys we went with! Similar to the previous year of people wanting Bunny and Bird, everyone wanted a Superman Cape, so that's what we gave them.

#14 Game Business » Bringing EE Back Online! » 2019-08-15 01:11:13

Replies: 44

Hi Everybody!

Thankfully, today, we're able to bring the Everybody Edits main website back online! We have migrated a large portion of the site away from Player.IO. We're keeping the main website to minimal functionality, at least for the time being.

This is what we've done from an account point of view:

  • All main site accounts that logged in since July 18th, 2019 have been rolled back to their state on July 18th, 2019. This does not include items bought on accounts, worlds, or campaign progression. Kongregate accounts have not been reverted.

  • Login Streaks have been maintained on all main site accounts that logged in since July 18th, 2019. It's been adjusted so that the system believes these accounts last logged in on August 15th, 2019, and you will not have lost your streak if you have not logged in since July 18th, 2019. This does not apply to Kongregate accounts.

  • Over 15,000 worlds have been restored to their states on July 18th, 2019. This has only been done on any worlds which were compromised during the hacks. Any worlds created since the hack attacks should still maintain their current save state. We believe a few worlds may still be affected (possibly about 10), so if you do find any of these worlds, please report them immediately, probably through PM on these forums, and we will restore them as soon as possible.

  • Any accounts affected in the breach listed in this thread post will need new passwords. Please use the Change or Recover Password link from the Login Screen in order to set a new password. We highly recommend setting a password at least 10 characters in length with a combination of letters and numbers. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you need to change your email address. Make sure never to reveal your password to anyone, and please don't email us any password details. After changing email, you should be able to use the Change or Recover Password with the new email address.

We can assure everyone that the current build of Everybody Edits is safe to play, without any malicious coding on the website, client, or server. The website and client are now being hosted in a more secure location. The server is hosted with Player.IO, but only running the most recent code we have uploaded, and nothing prior to July 21st, 2019.

We apologise for the inconvenience during this difficult time, and look forward to seeing you back in-game soon!

~ Xenonetix ~

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Xenonetix was the owner all along! Surprise » 2019-08-10 16:36:44

Kira wrote:

I was thinking of multiple polls, the most voted ideas will be implemented into the game. A survey would be nice too.

Ok. What's the first poll?

#16 Re: Game Discussion » What are like the actual differences between EE and EEU? » 2019-08-03 02:28:43

As Forum Administrator, quite comical that you're asking, but I sort of understand the ulterior motive behind it. //

This is the original thread I think you may have been referring to, although a lot of things have changed since:

So here's a summary of the differences I believe I have announced in various places to date, whether they were in-game, on the forums, or in Discord chats:

  • HTML5/JavaScript/TypeScript/C# instead of Flash/ActionScript/C#.

  • 24x24 graphics instead of 16x16 graphics.

  • Smiley Customizer - Instead of lots of individual smileys, we currently plan on having base smileys, and up to 2 accessories for smileys, in the forms of headwear and eyewear.

  • Vector Graphics instead of PNG - This provides much better scaling with the graphics, usually to Full-screen, and for the upcoming Smartphone App we plan on releasing.

  • More Render Layers - Decoration layer will be separate to the Block layer for example, meaning most decorations can be placed in front of most blocks!

  • Better World Purchasing System - Although we haven't gone into too much detail on this yet, the plan is that people will be able to purchase worlds in 50 block increments up to the current planned cap of 600x400 (which would be 24,000 Energy total).

  • 3 Currencies instead of 2:
    - Jewels - The Premium Currency - Won't be the exact same value as Gems.
    - Energy - The Rechargeable Currency - Very similar to EE's Energy.
    - Stardust - The Magic Currency - Instead of Magic Items being collected in order in EE, when collecting a Magic Coin in EEU, we plan for it to explode into Stardust, which then sucks into your smiley. This can be used to purchase Magic Items in any order you wish, or things such as Max Energy Increases or Energy Potions.

  • Energy Potions instead of Energy Refills - Most likely refilling 250 Energy per Potion.

  • Planned Starting Maximum Energy of 500 instead of 200 - Currently planned to recharge at the same rate.

  • Auto-Tiling - This won't apply to every block, but will hopefully apply to a few. For example, a brick wall could look more like a single brick wall rather than lots of wall 'squares'.

  • Immediate Hold-Jump - If you hold space, you'll continue jumping until you stop holding space!

  • Daily Featured Levels instead of Campaigns - We don't plan on having any Campaigns in EE Universe. Instead, there may be featured levels with rewards daily.

  • Time Trial Archive - After the day a level is featured, it may enter a Time Trial Archive (if suitable for time trialing).

  • Uniform Rewards/No More Time-Limited Items - We don't plan on having any items that could only ever be received "only within a specific time-span", such as most Contest Rewards in current EE. There may be a uniform trophy decoration that's always possible to be earned for every official contest we hold. Basically, everything should be available in some form to newcomers as well as veterans. Still plan on Seasonal items, as they would always return in future.

Finally, for now, the most exciting thing for me at least:


Multiple types of zones are planned, including more than I'll list here for now, but the 3 most notable ones are:

  • Edit Zones - Very similar to the edit zone found in one of the earliest Everybody Edits Tutorial levels. Anyone will be able to place specific zones within their levels for people to edit in!

  • Vision Zones - Pretty much exactly what Vision Blockers would have done, but without the 'block' needing to be placed. Players whilst in these zones would only see the area within the Vision Zone!

  • Music Zones - RavaTroll has composed some epic music for Everybody Edits Universe, so world owners will be able to place their choice of his music tracks in their levels, and can do within specific zones!

I hope this is a decent summary of our plans to come!

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Imagine if Benjaminsen had EE ownership again » 2019-08-01 23:31:45

Kira wrote:

-Nobody Edits was made in 4 months yet, without any budget yet it is 10 times better than what EEU currently is.

Did you get into the Closed Alpha without my knowledge? Not sure how you know any quantifiable amount of what EEU currently is to make assumptions that another game is 10 times better.

Kira wrote:

You find money to pay staff that don't do anything? You're funny.

Why would I pay the staff that don't do anything? If a member of staff hasn't done any work to contribute towards EE that month, I don't pay them. I don't know what would make you think I would.

Kira wrote:

If you want to do a good action you should probably refund all the patreon money and officially abandon the project, it will never be successful. Or, you can keep the patreon money and keep promising the community that it will eventually happen, It's up to you.

Option B please. Good thing that it'll eventually happen.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » Imagine if Benjaminsen had EE ownership again » 2019-07-31 10:24:40

Gosha wrote:

Old errors aren't helpful, but they mix with new potentially helpful errors. This is not a big deal, i had been doing that almost every month.

And I had repeatedly stated how worried I was that the error log had been cleared regularly while you were staff. I asked the staff outright when it happened, worried the game had been breached, and it had repeatedly been put down to a glitch in PIO deleting them. Not once did you reveal that you were responsible, even when I asked all the devs directly in the development chat. It was a big deal when inexplicable things were occurring, yes. You regularly made changes and updates completely in secret without discussing it with any other staff, let alone myself.

Gosha wrote:

Who is being unprofessional here, xenonetix?

In the private staff chat that you technically just breached the Non-Disclosure Agreement by revealing publicly? There's a massive difference between professionalism in public and professionalism in private. I obviously don't go around swearing in public areas because that would be unprofessional.

I initially reasonably asked you to explain yourself, and instead of doing so, you claimed I have no idea what I'm talking about and couldn't understand what you're saying because I'm not a developer. This was immensely insulting and disrespectful, not to mention untrue.

Gosha wrote:

You acted like a child.

Gosha wrote:

A good manager would listen to his developers and trust them on fixing the issue.

Nothing in those screenshots indicates acting childishly. As a responsible owner of the game, who felt his game was being attacked, only to find out one of his internal developers was responsible and refused to explain why, I disabled the development powers of the individual at highest suspicion and least co-operation.

Everything stated in those screenshots happened exactly as stated. Once ByteArray came online, he did offer a "different fix", which worked, was tested properly before going live, and then we made it live. It was asserted to me that the "only" way to handle it was to upload the exact same code a second time, which had previously broken the game, and then the Error Logs were deleted AFTER the crash, so we couldn't even tell who was responsible. Gosha can claim PIO was responsible all he likes, which is amazingly rich considering how much Atilla insists PIO isn't responsible for the majority of the issues we have with the game, but if you want to show that PIO is responsible, you don't then delete all evidence that PIO may have been responsible, which is exactly what Gosha did.

Exactly as stated, the same code was uploaded, the game broke again, and both developers were fired. The fact that Gosha didn't even discuss any of it with the Team Leader ByteArray, who Gosha definitely can't claim wouldn't know what he's talking about, and didn't want to even wait for ByteArray to come on, especially when ByteArray was meant to be the one primarily doing the merges and the updates, and not Gosha or LukeM, all just indicates many further reasons why I was right to fire Gosha.

Gosha wrote:

You are talking that your ego isn't a problem at all. What about this line?

So, you're saying that I'm egotistical because I claimed I know what I'm talking about? Have you seen the immense amount of effort and care I put into every single word I portray? I know what I'm talking about, always, and the fact you stated outright that I did not was immensely offensive. If you didn't treat me as if I'm an idiot for months on end, then none of this would have happened.

I feel also it has to be pointed out how much more egotistical you must have been to me statistically if this is your reasoning, because that means by saying "I know better than you", as you did so many times, is purely a show of ego, and little else.

Gosha wrote:

...while being completely ignorant about your retard behavior towards me (like shown above) is ridiculous.

Just a further example of why I was right to fire you. I said it at the time and I'll say it now. There are very few bosses in the world that would ever tolerate such offensive, derogatory, and insulting language as you put to me for many months. Many would have immediately fired you for the targeted insults on the spot, and I gave you multiple chances instead of firing you instinctively.

While we're at it, going to admit yet that you exported the QuickConnect on 5th January? None of Luke, Josh, or I did, and you were the only other one who could have done so. If so, I would love to know why you did it. If not, that means the backend was already compromised prior to any of the firings I made, and in order to investigate how that could have been the case, some error logs would have been mighty handy.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » Imagine if Benjaminsen had EE ownership again » 2019-07-31 08:02:24

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I just find it funny how you don't give any shares to any of your staff and would rather rely on charity.

Well, firstly, none of them have asked for shares in ZendroForce Ltd. I don't see why I would give out shares of such a fledgling company right now, and I think until October this year, I don't believe I can even legally trade shares in this company. I could promise them shares in future, and not pay them directly now, but that seems far worse than just paying them regularly? If any of the staff which to discuss share options, they're free to do so, but this is literally the first time you've brought up shares, and for some reason "find it funny I don't give any shares" when that's never ever been discussed or even considered. You make it sound as if I have at some point refused to do so?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You claim below that it is for EEU server hosting costs, and here you claim it is for the advertising budget. What's with that?

I claim, as I have always claimed, that the money goes to various costs, including, as it has stated on the Patreon the entire time the Patreon has been up:

  • Advertising

  • Domains

  • EE-Servers

  • Reboot-Servers

  • Patreon-Fees

  • Staff/Equipment

  • Taxes

It has also been stated the entire time on Patreon also:

Patreon wrote:

By reaching $500/month, we can assure that Everybody Edits Universe can live on with regular updates! These funds cover unlimited data monthly server costs, along with any other necessary regular monthly payments.

I really don't understand why you keep on trying to pick me up on what I say about where the money's going when I've never once changed the facts.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I know you had contracted Jet create graphics for the game without the permission of NVD. I still don't know why you chose to use your status as a staff member to do so.

You know that? How? Especially as I did speak to NVD about it, and Cola1. You're not part of every conversation in the community, so I don't see how you could possibly "know" such things.

Also, while we're at it, if you believe what you've said here, why was it therefore acceptable for Gosha and Phinarose to choose to use their statuses as staff members to make executive decisions without the permission of the owner?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I'm referring to whatever term, alpha, beta, gamma or omega you're referring to "Early 2019" with.

That's Closed Beta.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I am merely questioning why you feel the need to be hypocritical in your remarks about halting the flash game development when you're literally doing that right now.

It's not hypocritical. I literally said "until now", so yes, what we are literally doing right now is halting the Flash Game Development, and I have made no effort to try to hide that fact. I even announced it in the last update post.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You don't know where the ego trip comes from? You literally fired several staff because they dared criticize you.

This being your opinion. I know, and will always know, that I literally fired staff for legitimate reasons, and had nothing to do with criticizing me. If I were to fire staff for criticizing me, pretty sure I'd have close to 0 staff. I welcome constructive criticism, and many staff have retained their staff positions, regardless of disagreeing with and criticizing me on several occasions. We discuss things rationally and come to compromises.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

The only thing that he did wrong...

Why isn't deleting the entire Error Log wrong? Especially during a time when we were literally testing the game and it was going down? Surely the last thing one should do is delete the only evidence of why the game is crashing?

It's also very odd that Gosha very rarely spoke up to staff with his concerns. He has regularly said on these forums that he knew that we could never deliver on the time-frames we were projecting, and he often went to non-staff to tell them this while he was still staff. He said I didn't know what I was doing outside of staff to the community a lot while he was staff himself, and yet never discussed his concerns with staff at all. I consult the staff to find out the necessary information to attempt to give accurate projections, and instead of giving us any indication of realistic projections, Gosha decided, from September through to December of 2018 at the very least, to just work on everything by himself, often without consulting me or other developers. He occasionally discussed things with LukeM, and LukeM was the one to bring them up in the staff chats, or discuss them with me directly.

I would have had no problem at all with Gosha disagreeing with my methods and my projections if he just communicated with me more, but instead, he preferred to discuss things with the community, and literally, as staff, contradict the official staff position on these matters. The problem was primarily that the official staff position on these matters literally wouldn't have been the official staff position if Gosha had told us more often what he knew, what he expected, and what he was doing.

I can only announce things based on the information I have been given, so for Gosha to contradict me publicly every step of the way was incredibly unprofessional. I spoke to him many times over many months about this, and he never made any effort to change his ways to show any level of professionalism as staff. He was given multiple warnings before the point he was finally fired, and the deletion of the Error Log was just the last straw after many months of ongoing issues.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You then proceeded to demand her to apologize

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Oh yeah, telling someone that you refuse to give them their job back unless they apologize is totally not demanding an apology.

I mean, you'd have to post a screenshot of me asking for an apology that can be verified, because this is something you have continued to assert that I do even though I don't recall ever doing so. I wouldn't hire someone back purely because they "apologise" anyway. That's very rarely enough to be rehired in any position.

If I were to have demanded an apology, then I would accept your proposals that I would only make such a demand to "stroke my ego", as there would be very few other reasons to demand an apology. I don't care in the slightest whether I receive an apology from Phinarose, and naturally, it would be way too late for that to happen anyway. Pretty confident she has no interest in returning to staff, so I don't really understand why you keep bringing it up.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I know you aren't getting rich off of it. I never claimed that, I said that you are financially profiting from it because the net sum you receive is positive.

Ok, and that's a bad thing? Is it wrong for me to profit from the labour I do? Isn't that what billions of people around the world do?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I do know more than you in regards to their security because I did do a security audit for Yahoo.

Yahoo hired Player.IO?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I never claimed development is the only requirement, there's literally no statement of me saying that in that quote. I would say Koya and Kentiya do an exponential amount more than you do. You do everything that literally anyone else could do. Not everyone could make quality artwork, not everyone could write quality code. Anyone can create a spreadsheet, however.

Since when does that make it not "work"? You said "I don't understand why you say that you personally work on EEU". Just because "anyone could do the work I do on EEU" doesn't mean I don't personally work on EEU. If I could do all the work by myself, I wouldn't require additional staff to do the work that I struggle to do myself, so your point appears moot.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Yes, it is pure speculation so I don't know why you stated it as a fact that they would've not used Player.IO.

I didn't.

Xenonetix wrote:

If Nou had stayed owner, I believe EE Unity would be out by now, and the game would have been moved away from PIO.

I stated I believe that EE Unity would be out by now, and I believe that the game would have been moved away from PIO.

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Zumza wrote:

As LukeM mentioned, there are around 20 supporters who use PayPal to send you money instead of using Patreon, in exchange of the Patreon benefits.

Where did he say that? 1 supporter uses PayPal to send money instead of using Patreon. I don't see how Luke would have calculated "20" unless he's basing it on the number of people in the Patreon Discord Server, which is 47 accounts, 3 of which are bots, and 14 of which are staff. At time of writing, there are 30 Patreon supporters shown on the Patreon site, although there are 31 in total. 1 has chosen not to join the Patreon server, so the numbers add up.

Zumza wrote:

Calling Atilla for omitting things, while doing the same thing a few paragraph later, it's not sending a right signal.

Completely agree, but I didn't think I was omitting much of relevance, and certainly not enough to contradict my earlier point. It's still far from enough to pay rent, and it's still far from enough to pay multiple staff.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I don't know how much you've paid to your staff. I know you haven't paid Phinarose very much. I could only speculate as to why, perhaps because you disliked her the most and weren't receptive to any of her ideas. I would also like to know how much you've paid your staff.

We paid her $50 per month while she was on staff. It was the 2nd most of any staff members at the time. That money is now going to Zoey2070 each month.

As we have made very clear to all staff, all staff positions are voluntary with potential for pay. There was no commitment to pay staff, and most have accepted that it would be more important for money to go into the advertising budget and not into their pockets.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Would you mind citing where that $250,000 figure originates.

If you didn't say it, then I guess NVD must have done, but I definitely recall there being some mention of $250,000 in the Slack chat. Naturally, (and as you would probably claim is convenient,) the Slack chat history has completely gone at this point, unless you have full logs of it yourself.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I don't really believe that your Patreon goal of "funded server hosting costs" really amounts to the $400 figure because I know for a fact that Player.IO asks for about $75 a month.

Indeed, this was a comfortable figure designed to pay for both EE and EEU servers, and not only EE servers alone. The figure also wasn't supposed to 'only' pay for servers, as there are obviously other costs involved.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Well, that's an absolute lie. NVD did not halt development, he spent a majority of his time offline, however.  I assisted with development alongside Jesse and Showpath, new graphics were made and several updates were pushed.

From September, after an entire summer of me desperately pushing for updates. Please feel free to consult with Jesse and Showpath over this, but Jesse did not want to work on the game if it was just going to be given to Chris anyway, and Showpath helped me to deliver updates I had proposed.

New graphics were made... by me. I believe you only got involved in development during the summer of 2017 after I directly asked you for help in development because Showpath and Jesse had chosen not to help at the time. I made the campaign badges, and reworked some of Toop's graphics (such as Thor and Cowgirl). Jet produced some graphics that we agreed upon. No staff made any art, and I believe you delivered some concept art of "critters", but they never ended up in the game. Toop left in earlier 2017, and Koya was nowhere to be found. Cola1 was recruited by me, and he consulted with me on the graphics for the game, but actually very few graphics were made by him before he also disappeared for many months.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You have had over a year on the other hand and have been proactive with campaigns and yet halting the development of the flash game purely on the promise of "Everybody Edits Universe" which, to date, over a year later, has not had an alpha and is less developed than the Unity project.

We've had over a year, never once halting development on updates until now, and we've been in EEU Alpha for a good many months now, so I don't understand what makes you think it "has not had an Alpha".

XxAtillaxX wrote:

In addition to that, you've actually had funding whereas Nou had nothing except for in-game profits.

Yes, and in-game profits have been considerably lower than they were during Nou's time. The Patreon has been the primary source of funding, and I've been trying pay staff and save up an advertising budget. I don't understand your complaints here.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You honestly don't think you're patting yourself on the back a bit too much there, attempted to help the game over all 10 years of its existence, for free and without asking for gratitude? Wow, what a hero.

And yet you also complain that I don't pay staff?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

1. You fired Phinarose for trying to reason with you and tell you to stop stirring up drama in the community forum.

Of course not. I fired Phinarose primarily for being unprofessional in a public EE space, and for consistently demanding what I needed to do. I have no denying that she was an excellent moderator, but I had given her multiple chances over her time as staff, and she continued to assert that she disagreed with the way I was handling running Everybody Edits. Over time, it became clear that she would never come to agree with our plans for the future, no matter how many compromises we may have made in her favour.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

2. You fired Gosha for disagreeing with one of your assessments over a bug which he was absolutely correct about.

No, I fired Gosha for making an update without testing, and then deleting the entire Error Log during testing during the live game. It was unacceptable behaviour, and I wrongly trusted him too much, especially considering the amount of hidden code he had added in secret during the "cleaning up" of EE's code.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

3. You fired Luke for the same reason as above. You later re-hired him after he apologized to you.

I fired Luke because I over-reacted in the situation at the time. He couldn't defend Gosha's decision to delete the entire Error Log, but he was defending him over his decision to test an important update that could literally bring the game offline on the live servers. I had thought that, like Gosha, Luke was suggesting it was acceptable to bring the game down without consulting me first, but it turns out I had misunderstood Luke, and have done many times since. I do not believe Luke ever apologized to me over that, nor have I ever asked him to. I apologized to him for firing him.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

4. You demanded Phinarose to apologize to you before you'd consider making her a "lower-ranking" moderator.

I don't recall ever demanding anyone to apologize to me. Most people who do apologize by request are rarely sincere in their apologies anyway, so what would be the point in me asking for an apology?

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You have profited from it, just because you conceive of some losses from it like being suicidal doesn't mean you've never financially profited from it.

At no point did I mention being suicidal as being any form of loss. As you're well aware, I'm far too logical and pedantic to accept that I would conceive of losses in this context that are not financial.

I have paid to create ZendroForce Ltd., reserve and pay for domains, and continually pay for servers. If we were to even ignore all of that, and hypothetically presume I were personally receiving $500 a month (even though I'm receiving far lower than that) through EE, that would be approximately $125 a week rounded up. Minimum wage in the US (which is lower than minimum wage in the UK) is $7.25 an hour, which would be a little over 17 hours work a week. Considering I put in far closer to 30-40 hours a week in to Everybody Edits, and have done since becoming owner, that means I'm "profiting" at lower than minimum wage, so why are you complaining at my attempts to make some form of living and want the game to be more successful than it is now? It's ludicrous.

If I abandoned EE and worked a full-time job, I would be making more money and profit in my life, so yes, I have literally monetarily made financial losses by sticking to working on EE instead of getting full-time employment elsewhere. I accept that it was my responsibility and gamble to make that decision, but that doesn't change the fact I'm really definitely not "profiting" from Everybody Edits, and even if I were, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

If you believed Nou could have possibly continued doing a better job than you were doing, why didn't you hand the game to him instead?

I offered. He declined. He no longer wanted to work on the game after the community and staff had pushed him out, and he had a content enough life without EE.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

You wonder why people criticize you when you fail to, or refuse to be transparent with what drew you to such conclusions.

No I don't. I wonder why you, and very specifically you, criticize it, because you, of all non-staff, are the most likely person to know exactly how these compromises occurred, and probably better than me exactly how much of a part Player.IO played in it. You are one of the people who has previously admitted to using flaws in Player.IO's security to hack the game, and mostly could not have been helped by non PIO staff.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I don't understand why you say that you personally work on EEU when literally Josh and to a lesser extent Luke do all the development work.

What makes you think development is the only requirement? You've really done Kentiya and Koya a disservice there by making it sound like their contributions mean nothing.

I have indeed worked on EEU, creating the Design Documents, calculating EEU's planned economy, including hundreds of account compensations, creating many spreadsheets for all items, accounts, account requirements, world calculations, world options, projections, and EE transitions, just to name a few. A huge amount of work goes into creating an online multiplayer game that isn't only to do with development.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

They still used Player.IO with EE Unity. I suppose you haven't the slightest clue of what you're talking about.

They did indeed, and they could well have moved away from PIO by now. We will never know, and it's relatively pointless for us to speculate, but it doesn't change the fact that I still believed in Nou enough to think he would be the only other owner to have been able to keep EE alive until now.

Returning to the points about paying staff and profit, I would be very interested to know how Atilla would choose to divide up the money. This is June 2019's income:

June EE Income

That comes to a total of $507.38. If we were to pretend we live in a world where there would be no further deductions from that, may I ask how you would choose to split that amongst staff? If Phinarose were still with us, she would still only be paid $50 a month, and even that would be a stretch at current income figures, so I do wish to know where this so-called "profit" is. If I were to keep it all for myself and not pay anyone, based on current conversion rates, that would be £417.50 over a period of 30 days. I pay rent at approximately £450 a month, thus making a clear profit of -£32.50 to spend on mainly food. I bet you're so jealous of that epic profit I'm making...

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE officially shutdown? » 2019-07-30 16:38:59

Spongelito wrote:

I think the hackers changed my username to SPONGELITOOWO

Yeah, they did that for thousands of accounts, but for now, fixed this at least.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE officially shutdown? » 2019-07-30 06:16:08

XxAtillaxX wrote:

I don't know why Xenonetix wooted my reply above.

If he agrees with my statement that it is not an established fact that Player.IO is the cause of these issues and such claims are unfounded speculation, then why did he state that there's nothing more that he can do and the fault is upon Player.IO? It is contradictory, and considering Xenonetix is a self-described "Logician" I don't see why he contradicted himself here.

Purely logical:

Raphe9000 wrote:

The original game will not be returning since the issue lies within PlayerIO

This is an assertion that it will not be returning, and currently, I have not lost hope that it may well still return. It's also currently still up on Kongregate, where we're still miraculously getting approximately 150-200 players a day, which I am very grateful for.

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Pure speculation. Not an established fact, zero evidence provided of this being the case and it is rather convenient.

Unless I misunderstood what you said, everything you said in your post was factual and worthy of wooting. As far as I can tell, it is "pure speculation" that "the game will not be returning". As such, it is not an established fact that it will not be returning. As you have astutely pointed out yourself, you did state that there's "zero evidence provided that this is the case", and yet you then provide some evidence that Raphe could have been referring to, potentially misunderstanding my previous statements. Not sure what was referenced in being "rather convenient", but I logically felt that the post was mostly a true reply to Raphe's post, thus warranting its woot.

You may have been completely sarcastic for all I know, but at face value, the post you made appears to be truthful.

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE officially shutdown? » 2019-07-30 04:50:06

Spongelito wrote:

Has EE officially shutdown?

It is currently still available on Kongregate. I cannot say for certain at this moment in time whether it will return on the main site or not.

#24 Re: Game Discussion » Imagine if Benjaminsen had EE ownership again » 2019-07-29 04:28:32

Processor wrote:

You are:
- no clue how it could happen

I am no clue?

Processor wrote:

Have you considered that one of your internal staff might be the hacker?

Yup, although motives would be a complete mystery. If either Josh or Luke have done this, they've then just made a huge amount more work for themselves by doing so, which would be counterproductive. In theory, Cercul1 could have something to do with it, but he also had the least access of any developer. In addition, all current staff are fully aware that, if caught, they'd legally be fined under the Non-Disclosure Agreements.

mrjawapa wrote:

who even is on the staff now?

ByteArray, LukeM, & Cercul1 are the Developers.
Zoey2070, LRussell, & Grandswordsman26 are the Moderators.
Kirby, Master1, & Tiralmo are the Campaign Curators.
Kentiya & Koya are the Graphics Designers.
RavaTroll is the primary EEU Composer.
Different55 is the Forum Administrator for EE & EEU.

#25 Re: Game Discussion » Imagine if Benjaminsen had EE ownership again » 2019-07-27 17:58:02

Slabdrill wrote:

Is there really 882 people that log on in a 24-hour period? I'm online, but I don't type my password every time I'm on and I assume the same is true for most of the community.

It's a fair point I hadn't really considered, but we really have no idea how long the compromised client may have been present for. It could have been over a period much longer than 1-2 days, but that was our previous estimate. We suspect they wouldn't have wanted to keep it present for long, because the longer they would have kept the client there, the more likely we would have been to find out.

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