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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Cheating Survey » 2018-12-09 10:39:01

It's an interesting debate.

Firstly, I'll say that both are indeed cheating, but one is something the staff can enforce punishment on while the other really isn't.

For me, the quandary is a combination of the two:

If you give your account to someone else, and the person you've given it to hacks to complete it, who should receive punishment, if any?
Should it be the account that hacked, even though it wasn't being controlled by the account owner, or the account of the person who took control to hack the campaign, or both?

capasha wrote:

(Yes we give out this npc or smiley or aura at the end of the campaign) = Always a hard world.
I have never seen a campaign where you get npc, smiley or aura in an easy world.

Thor Smiley - Journey Campaign - Easy

Also, who completed the Spring Campaign for the Raindrop Smiley for you if you've never seen a campaign where you get a smiley in an easy world? //

#2 Re: Game Discussion » I've been gone for 2 years now. What happened in those two years? » 2018-12-06 04:11:49

Welcome back! Here's a general rundown of what's been going on:

In Q1 of 2017, ownership transferred back to NVD from Nou. From an update point of view, here's a list of the general updates:

  • March 2017 - St. Patrick's 2017 Pack & Leprechaun Smiley

  • May 2017 - Angry, Smirk, & Sweat Smileys, Guitar Pack, Gravity Effect, God Mode Block, Half Blocks, and Big (150x150) Worlds.

  • August 2017 - Journey Campaign (and Thor Smiley) and expansions to the Cloud, Industrial, Domestic, Construction, Wild West, Farm, and Beta packs.

  • September 2017 - Relativity Campaign and return of Laika and Fishbowl.

  • October 2017 - Everybody Edits Design Competition, with Designer Smiley, and Slime Smiley for Halloween.

  • December 2017 - Advent Calendar, and Bittersweet Campaign towards the end of the year.

Without going into too much detail, this is where the staff situation drastically changed. I became owner of Everybody Edits in January 2018, and have been ever since.

I think that pretty much brings you up-to-date. The staff team is completely different now to how it used to be, and we now have a Patreon in case you're interested, in preparation for Everybody Edits Universe, which will be a completely new version of Everybody Edits, but no longer in Flash or with Player.IO.

~ Xenonetix ~

#3 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-12-03 23:31:36

skullz17 wrote:
Grilyon2 wrote:
KirbyKareem wrote:

never let your levels be campaigned if curators add it without permission stop em

  • User Generated Material
    In this agreement you give Everybody Edits the right, without special compensation, to publish the Worlds, Games and Material you make for an unlimited time throughout the world on the internet, on TV or any other medium. Thus you give Everybody Edits the right to use, copy, present, reproduce, display, edit, integrate, license as well as distribute the Games and Material which you have created, for both commercial and noncommercial use.

Really gosha, you wooted this post? Horrible misunderstanding of the relationship and proper dialogue that should exist between staff and players. Considering what happens to a world when it gets campaigned, most people would not want their world to be campaigned without their permission. I know there has been a case where the world was not even finished when it got campaigned. Now that user cannot go back to complete it even if they want to. If the staff blatantly chooses not to respect our wishes and justifies it with "because we can", what are we supposed to do?

We got permission for every level in the Elemental Campaigns. Took us months. Not sure why this conversation even went in this direction. Even tried to make sure the world owner was present whenever possible if we wanted to make any changes, including when we edited Deeper after release, when I asked CommanderKitten to edit it. //

#4 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 20:03:03

MWstudios wrote:

I want to play a free game //

The game will stay free-to-play (with optional micro-transactions), with the intention of never becoming “pay-to-win”. As such, any items in Everybody Edits Universe designed to affect the physics and gameplay will remain free forever! This includes most action items, although variants of some action items with new aesthetic properties may not be free (such as climbables), as they would purely be visual variants on existing free action items.

Most aesthetic options will be purchasable, either with in-game currency or premium currency. This includes most smiley items, such as headpieces and accessories, whilst most (but not all) eyes and mouth options would stay free for customization.

Luka504 wrote:

- For the music zones, can we input our own music? I have plenty of video game soundtracks in my files that I'd like to place in my worlds, but have never been able to do that.

Won't be able to upload your own music, sorry. It'll be multiple original music tracks available which people can choose from for use in their worlds. We hope to expand the music collection over time, and if the community wishes to submit their own compositions for consideration, we're open to that possibility! That being said, we also want to encourage streaming and recording playing of EEU, so we simply can't allow people to upload copyrighted music, which is why people won't be able to upload their own choices.

Luka504 wrote:

- Regarding save slots, what happens if a world owner places a save point, some users use it to save their progress, and it gets deleted later?

Don't know yet whether they would spawn at the previous checkpoint, spawn at the spawn point, or just spawn at the location they saved at anyway even if the save point is deleted. We'll experiment and get back to you. //

Luka504 wrote:

- I haven't spent any money in EE yet I have every classic block pack and a good number of classic smileys, will those items still be converted to gems in the reboot? I presume no, but it's worth asking for a confirmation.

The conversion process, at least initially, won't be completely automatic. I'll be personally checking the accounts on a case-by-case basis, so if you've paid nothing, you are still likely to get some form of compensation for items on your account, but just not as much as people who have spent money. You won't get nothing!

Luka504 wrote:

- For edit zones, do the players need to stand in the edit zones for them to be able to edit them, or can they edit a zone they are far away from?

For now, the intention is that you have to be standing in the zone, or at least within the vicinity. We'll experiment to see what works best, but I agree if people fill an area completely with blocks and people can't enter it, that makes it a little unfair!

~ Music Blocks / Sound Effect Blocks ~

If we were to include Music Blocks, they shouldn't be executed in the same fashion they are now. However cool it is for the few people who use them to have an music-creation outlet in EE that's unique and creative, it is simply too niche a system as is currently implemented.

This isn't to say Music Blocks will never return - They just won't be available during the Closed Beta. If they do return, I would guess it would end up being only piano and percussion, and people will be able to set chords in the piano, so no matter how we look at it, it won't be the same as it currently is in Everybody Edits.

That being said, someone also mentioned about using the percussion for effect. Although I would hope most of the Ambience Zone sounds would cover that, I have been considering the possibility of including "Sound Effect Blocks", which I believe would have the intended effect, and short "Music Stings" may be included in that. If that's the case, people could theoretically use Sound Effect Blocks in a very similar manner to how Music Blocks are used now, if they want to.

In answer to the question of whether Zones can be 1x1, yes! So you may find some new creative ways to create music in weird and wonderful ways.

Nevertheless, we have a lot to work on, and Music Blocks is currently very low down on the priority list, so if they were to come to Everybody Edits Universe, it would probably be much later on in development.

Also, I feel I should at least throw out the reminder that I feel like I may have used the Music Blocks in EE perhaps more than almost anyone else, so this was a hard decision for me to come to too! //

#5 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 07:05:30

Anatoly wrote:

Items which you can buy only for jewels there we go //

We plan to make all action items free though. If there are variants on some action blocks (like climbable items), they may be purchased or included in packs like they are now, but anything like effects and coin doors and gates will be completely free, along with having no minimap color. Action items are meant for action and not minimap art! //

#6 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 06:24:32

KingN24 wrote:

If some of us were to design some 32x32 blocks, would they possibly be accepted per chance?

Probably not, considering they're going to be 24x24 blocks. //

#7 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 05:15:21

Slabdrill wrote:

Will the birth of this remove the reduced energy timer on patreon or is this actually a lie?

Neither. The default flat rate is 150 seconds, and there may well be ways to reduce this time, including support through Patreon. Another may come through the new Membership program we're likely to have, which I can't go into much detail on yet, but it'll probably be a system which lies somewhere between Gold Membership and Builders Club. It wouldn't have doors and gates unique to them though. At the moment, the plan for this membership program is that you can sign up for it when you wish, and your account will have Jewels automatically credited each month unless you wish to cancel or can no longer afford it. The membership program in question may not be until Open Beta rather than Closed Beta though, which is primarily why I haven't mentioned it in this thread. We're hoping everything mentioned above can arrive at some point during the Closed Beta, if not immediately at the start.

Slabdrill wrote:

Does this also include contest prizes?

If you mean prizes of Maximum Energy Increases and Gems, then yes.

Slabdrill wrote:

Considering the existance of bots, is there a reason for this limitation?

Not really sure I understand your question here.

Slabdrill wrote:

Also, since you didn't mention anything about larger worlds costing more, is there even a reason to not just make all worlds max sized?

You caught me there - I neglected to mention that World Size Cap increases are likely to be available for purchase in the shop(s). There are many reasons we wouldn't want to just allow anyone to create worlds of any size they like up to something like 10000x10000 or something, just one of which that we feel it will most likely put off and/or overwhelm new players coming to the game. 200x200 will not be the largest available for free at launch though, even if it's the default.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 02:46:13

KirbyKareem wrote:

Is the stardust per coin going to be equal to the cost of a magic block? Because if not uh wierd.

It probably won't equate exactly. So, just as an example (the prices are yet to be confirmed), you could save up the stardust for the Magic Blocks, or use them for Maximum Energy Increases. So you could randomly receive, let's say, 3 Magic Coins giving 18, 12, and 22 Stardust, so you'd have a total of 52 Stardust. Then, if we were to pretend that the 7 Magic Blocks currently in-game were 50 Stardust each, you could pick which one you wanted first (instead of getting them in order like you do now), or perhaps choose to spend 20 Stardust twice on two Maximum Energy Increases.

It just gives people more flexibility over receiving what people would actually like for their Magic rather than receiving something completely random they might not actually want. //

#9 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 02:35:44

Vitalijus wrote:

"I've come to realize a lot of this community prefer lists rather than long paragraphs"

I personally prefer pictures.

Rather than lists and long paragraphs, but probably still prefer lists over long paragraphs. //

#10 Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 02:20:03

Replies: 66

Hi Everybody!

So, a lot of people want to hear news on Everybody Edits Universe, and, even though we're still not ready to show any screenshots or anything, I think it's about time people hear of some of the primary planned differences between Everybody Edits and EE Universe.

I've come to realize a lot of this community prefer lists rather than long paragraphs, so here's a list of the primary differences, and if you want to find out more about any in particular, you can click the links or read the associated information below!

So let's jump in to more information!

~ 3 Currencies ~
EE Universe Currencies
~ Zones ~
~ Dynamic World Sizing ~
World Size Adjustments
~ Player Progress Save System ~
Save Slot System

That's it for now! We hope to be able to bring some gameplay footage of the Alpha version of EE Universe soon!

~ Xenonetix ~

#11 Re: Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-27 00:33:31

Helvi wrote:
peace wrote:

uhm who tought an 1 life only camapgin was fun for a MEDIUM rated world? (water tier 2)

peace wrote:

dude medium isnt that hard to do and can be done by almost everyone medium-hard isnt hard either it just requires a bit more skill i does NOT exclude much of the comunnity

Oh .. really?

Hi guys - We've now updated the starting oxygen time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. We hope this helps!

#12 Game Business » Elementary! » 2018-11-26 07:56:53

Replies: 64

Hi Everybody!

Today, we bring you a great variety of brand new campaigns, with an incredible 4 Elemental Campaigns to choose from!


But these are no ordinary campaigns - Not by a long shot! Access the Elemental Campaign Hub to pick which campaigns you'd like to play! Complete all four to take off for a special final campaign!

Other stuff in this update includes:
- Updates & Fixes for the Keybinding System.
- Fixed a World Description bug.
- Fixed Halloween Logo still showing up on the website.
- Added 3 new site backgrounds.

We hope you enjoy the new campaigns, and look forward to playing them with you in-game!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

P.S. Special thanks to the Campaign Team for putting so much effort into making this Campaign Set a reality.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Something I found in the game files... » 2018-11-26 04:38:00

chzandham wrote:

I am assuming the sack of gold on the right is an decoration, and the block on the left is an help block?

Both are decorations.

#14 Re: Questions and Answers » Patreon Question » 2018-11-26 04:14:50

frostflare wrote:

On the Patreon for EEU it says for things like Legendary Supporter, that get things like 'Access to Everybody Edits Universe Alpha'. Well is it permanent after paying only once? Or do you have to keep paying 80 dollars a month to keep access to Everybody Edits Universe Alpha.

Although we'd prefer if you can give regular support, you do unlock access after paying once as long as you're over 18 years of age and willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. // - When Everybody Edits Universe comes out, the NDA will still apply, so you will find out more confidential details about upcoming updates and be able to give more direct feedback!

#15 Re: Game Discussion » how to get the golem like smiley? » 2018-11-24 00:42:57

pwnzor wrote:

I'm pretty sure it's going to be a campaign reward for the upcoming campaign.

Yup - Hoping to launch new campaigns over this weekend!

#16 Game Business » EE Hoodies & Black Friday Sales! » 2018-11-23 06:42:12

Replies: 5

Hi Everybody!

The time of year has come around again where we give massive discounts! Happy Black Friday 2018!

From 9am UTC today, in-game, you will receive up to 50% off almost every item in-game (excluding memberships, diamonds, and Big Spender)!

Not only that, if you purchase gems now from our main website, you can get up to 20% Bonus Gems until the end of Cyber Monday!

We're also discounting our Teespring Merchandise with 25% Off! The code EEBF25 can be used until the end of Cyber Monday too!

Now that we're entering the winter months in the northern hemisphere, we're also launching a range of Hoodies, both pull-over and zip-up, with all the T-shirt designs, now available in the Everybody Edits Stores! Grab one this weekend to receive that 25% discount!


We're working on fixing some of the keybinding issues that have come up, and hope to solve them when we release some new campaigns at some point over this weekend!

See you in-game!

~ Xenonetix ~

#17 Game Business » Custom Key Binding! » 2018-11-22 06:00:38

Replies: 21

Hi Everybody!

A deceptively large update today with not much to show, but finally, after 8 long years, you can finally select your own choices of controls!

Key Binding!

In addition to this, we have finally updated the NPC selector to be easier to use as well.

NPC Selection

In preparation for upcoming campaigns, some other adjustments have been made to the game, and the Black Friday Sale is coming this Friday!

The Black Friday Sale will last from Friday until Monday, so you'll have the entire weekend to make the most of the sales! Everything in the entire game will be half price, except for Diamonds, Big Spender, Gold Membership, and Beta Membership. Not only that, if you choose to purchase gems during this time, you'll receive Bonus Gems! Also, all of our Teespring Merchandise will have a 25% Off Discount Code you'll be able to apply! Purchasing any of the items on Teespring and taking a photo of the item can net you a Fanboy of your choice as well!

Other changes in this update include:

- Halloween has come to an end.
- You can now use Shift+0 to Shift+9 to quick-select between your saved favourite smileys!
- Updated Divine Tier name colors.
- Updated some of the warning popups.
- Players can no longer remove edit from staff members. (Hard luck //

The developers are aware of the bug where your current smiley sometimes resets, and we are working to fix it.

Finally, we welcome Minisaurus to the team as a new Graphics Designer!

See you in-game!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

#18 Re: Questions and Answers » When will the halloween sale end? » 2018-11-19 23:04:11

Might be ending sooner than Black Friday by 24-48 hours. We'll see. But then everything you could purchase in the sale will be discounted again for Black Friday anyway.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » gosha got kicked out of staff but is sitll admin? » 2018-11-19 23:03:00

Gosha is still a fully-fledged developer and staff member.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Is EE political right or left? » 2018-11-19 02:03:40

Life is never so simple politically as to band us into "Left", "Right", or "Centre". As far as I'm aware, it also really doesn't matter. //

#21 Re: Game Discussion » What's the thing? » 2018-11-16 03:40:30

If I had taken them from Frix and kept them for myself, that would be stealing them.

#22 Game Discussion » What's the thing? » 2018-11-15 02:05:36

Replies: 74

But, what's the thing though?

Joey, please tell us, what's the thing?

#23 Game Business » Spooooky Shadows... » 2018-11-01 06:01:55

Replies: 27
Happy Halloween, Everybody!

I hope you're all enjoying the spooky season, and to celebrate the big day, we're launching the finale in the trilogy of Halloween Campaigns present in Everybody Edits! Completing it will unlock the brand new floating Ghost NPC in the shop!

In addition, due to overwhelming popular demand, we have separated the Shadow Decoration block out of the Dungeon Pack into the new and completely free Shadow Pack! It should include every possible permutation of this shadow decoration you could ever want or need!

Other smaller updates include:
- The Smiley and Aura selectors have been separated for easier selection and use.
- Smileys should now stay in your Saved Smileys Bar when you add them!
- Divine name colors have been updated.
- Fixed a bug where some popup windows were rendering off-screen.
- Halloween site backgrounds have been updated.
- Zombie NPC is no longer a limited item, and will permanently be available for energy!

See you in-game!

~ The Everybody Edits Staff ~

#24 Re: Game Discussion » This game is trash » 2018-10-28 04:29:18

Kira wrote:

Campaigns are still the same boring crap as ever.

You made a bunch of them.

#25 Re: Game Discussion » Some questions about EE Universe » 2018-10-27 17:12:29

Janio wrote:

1. I'm wonder, will EE Universe still be a free game?

Staying free with optional micro-transactions, exactly like it is now. //

Janio wrote:

2. Is current EE flash version will be shuted down with release of EE Universe?

There will be an overlap period where both are available, but the current flash version will need to eventually be shut down, yes.

Janio wrote:

3. Is EE series will end like a club penguin?

Hope not!

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