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#1 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything! » 2024-04-09 18:15:45

Pqwerty wrote:

What were some of the most memorable (good or bad) moments for you as President of EE?

From a gameplay perspective, I do miss Super EE Party. It was a very impressive multiplayer level overall, and a lot of fun.

I think it's best not to dwell on the bad moments. I did enjoy creating the Patreon videos and the meetings we had every month. Community engagement as a whole was generally fun and positive, and it's a shame that community has (pretty much) all gone. Other than that, I loved creating the Treasure Trails and Easter Eggs. They were mostly things I worked on alone, and I was very happy with the outcomes. I think a lot of people enjoyed participating in them too.

Pqwerty wrote:

In hindsight now that it’s been 2 years, is there anything you would’ve done differently (besides the getting a lawyer part) as owner of EE?

I achieved my primary goal as owner, which was elongating the life of Flash EE to its conclusion when Flash died instead of shutting down as a result of lack of resources, and we collectively managed to finish EE Offline in time, which I am very proud of. Thanks to the butterfly effect, ultimately there's not too much I'd have done much differently, including the negative stuff. Perhaps I should have gone on a Community Management course.

Pqwerty wrote:

Do you think Satanya is feeling some of the same emotions you felt when you were the EE owner?

Perhaps a little, but our paths have gone in significantly different directions. She's done her best to close herself off from the community while I was trying to engage too much with the community. I think she's removed any notion of deadlines, while I was often trying to hit deadlines. Would be too much to speculate on much more about our similarities I think.

Pqwerty wrote:

If you wanted to, is there any advice you could give to people who are in or will be in a similar situation as this?

Plan ahead better. Don't rush into important decisions without first checking the true plausibility of your aims, and don't be too quick to trust people, especially when it comes to giving expected finishing dates off the top of their heads. Plan more contingencies.

Pqwerty wrote:

Were you a hero or a villain for EE?

A bit of both I guess. Despite many people asking me to step down as owner, people were very quick to nominate potential candidates for owner who didn't want to be owner themselves. People expected change overnight, and that just simply wasn't possible. I wanted to make sure I passed it on to someone who was passionate about it, and that had a similar vision for the future of the game that I did, and I thought I was doing that when I finally passed it on. But ultimately, I kept the game going, and we regularly had updates - More updates than almost any staff team prior to mine, so I would say I could be considered a hero in that respect, giving the players what they wanted when it came to game content. //

Pqwerty wrote:

Do you know why people are still here checking the forums?

Hope and passion. People want the nostalgia and news of being able to play EE like it was in the past, but 'EE!' has a completely different look and feel to it, and it's unlikely to port over anything from EE, so I'm sorry to see that it's unlikely that hope will ever be met with fruition. I suspect if 'EE!' ever does get released publicly, many of the remaining community here will try it and then leave, and they'll have to try to build a completely new community from the ground up.

Pqwerty wrote:

Do you feel welcome here?

On the forums? From the people who are active here, certainly! From Satanya and her team, no. I don't plan on playing 'EE!' if it comes out, unless they actually bring over all the existing worlds, which I doubt will happen.

Pqwerty wrote:

Oh also what’s your favorite food?

Recently, I've been particularly loving Keema Naan Bread, but overall I probably still stick with pizza when it comes to savoury meal food. Hula Hoops are the favourte snack, and Chocolate Mini Rolls for the favourite sweet snack.

Pqwerty wrote:

How’s your love life?

Non-existent. I'd prefer to be in a financially stable position with better living arrangements before I start getting myself out there again. Right now, I would feel I would be putting too much financial and emotional burden on a partner if I were to try to date.

Pqwerty wrote:

How’s life going outside of work and Sudoku?

Some parts are good, such as relatively regularly going out for free or heavily discounted meals with my brother. I'm binge-watching quite a lot of the TV show 'Monk' at the moment since it fully released on Netflix. Gamewise, I'm primarily just playing Genshin Impact on PS5, and some mobile games.

Boba wrote:

did you check out 'every build exists' when it was being actively updated around august-october? if so, what did you think?

I heard decent things about it, but never tried it out myself, no. Glad people are still working on fan projects though. //

#2 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything! » 2024-04-04 22:08:56

Pqwerty wrote:

How's your mental health now?

Better than it was a few years ago, but still struggle from time to time. Life can be stressful at times!

Pqwerty wrote:

What are you doing for work now that you aren't head chieftain of the EE tribe?

Admin work for a call centre, which I'm not overly keen on, but it's well-paid enough for me to get by. //

Pqwerty wrote:

What have u been doing the past 3 years?

During my period of joblessness, I was mostly spending a lot of time in the Cracking the Cryptic Sudoku community, solving and creating Sudoku variant puzzles. A lot of my puzzles are currently available on Logic-Masters Germany, and 2 of my puzzles have so far been featured on the Cracking the Cryptic YouTube Channel.

At the start of 2023, I finally got a part-time temp job, which then led to a full-time role in March 2023, and I've been doing that for a little over a year now. //

I do plan on returning to streaming on Twitch (and possibly YouTube) at some stage in future, although there are a few major events in my life that need to pass first before I get back into that.

I've also attempted a few Game Jams, but never completed a releasable project for them. I have quite a few decent ideas for games, but I do struggle to make them come to fruition.

Pqwerty wrote:

Do you hold any grudges against the current EE staff?

Yeah, because not a single promise was kept. As you may recall, trust is a very important factor in my relationships with people, and I've naturally lost all trust in the current staff. If any of them wish to try to repair their relationships with me, they can approach me privately.

Pqwerty wrote:

How do you feel about them scrapping EEU?

Very disappointed, considering they did claim they would continue to maintain and upkeep it, which simply didn't happen. I would be open to discussions of passing ownership back to me (or someone else) of EEU, and I could then work on it myself in my limited spare time. It would remain a standalone project entirely separate from "EE!".

N1KF wrote:

I can't guarentee for sure, but The Stone Temple looks like a saved world with no owner. It has over 12,000 plays, which would be very unusual for an unsaved world. The video describes it as a "nostalgic world", and it only has old blocks, including coin doors, which were owner-only for a long time.

The Stone Temple's ID is - It was a level considered for Campaigns, so I still have the list of all potential campaign levels. One of the reasons it didn't get campaigned is because we were unable to ask the owner for permission. If you want that level specifically, hope that helps in some fashion.

Tomahawk wrote:

Wtf that Geometry Dash port of EE looks hella convincing. Physics are a bit floaty.

The only main physics difference is that you can jump over 4 blocks instead of 3. Arrows work almost identically, even with elevators. Hook jumps work exactly the same, even 1x1s.

Here's Jump Jump Jump:

Hidden text

Still willing to answer questions people have, although at some point, I will simply stop checking this thread //

#3 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything! » 2024-04-04 00:00:06

2b55b5g wrote:

whats your favorite sudoku puzzle

Difficult to narrow down, but certainly one of my favourites is this Chess-based Sudoku:

If you mean one of my own creations, difficult to choose that too! But this is one of my favourites just because of some of the epic logic throughout the solve:

Onjit wrote:

if you had a truck what would you put in it

Depends on the sort of truck I guess. Might be a bit of a boring answer, but I don't currently have a piano, and if I could realistically have acoustic pianos (and potentially other instruments) put on the truck without having to do the work of moving them myself, I would definitely use the truck to transport those. //

Zumza wrote:

1. Do you miss the EE community?

To an extent, of course! I especially miss seeing people's creativity coming up with new creations and levels, but there's now been a resurgence of that sort of thing thanks to Geometry Dash 2.2 coming out.

Zumza wrote:

2. Do you believe that Satanya's decision to keep us in the dark until the game is fully developed and released a good idea?

No. The team was pretty keen on transparency early on, and it's a great shame they've decided to keep everyone in the dark about it. One thing I did learn was not to commit to specific release dates or release windows, because although such deadlines do help productivity to an extent, it can result in a worse and rushed product. Matched with the fact that game development is rather a creative industry itself, there are times where you just can't force creativity, and production naturally slows down.

As such, I think there's no real reason to not be teasing various upcoming content. As long as you have the disclaimer that it's in development stage and may not be exactly what the final product includes, I don't see a problem in releasing some concept art.

Zumza wrote:

Do you believe that Satanya would eventually release a game?

Sadly, I really don't know. From what I've heard (bearing in mind I'm not kept in the loop and it's mainly hearsay and rumours), there have been multiple times where Satanya has considered selling, and then changing their mind and wanting to continue, and then wanting to sell again, and then wanting to change their mind again, but I completely understand that mindset when you have those doubts that it will ever come to fruition come to the forefront of your mind.

I think that Satanya is somewhat of a perfectionist, and she wants things in very specific ways to match her specific vision. If something does not match that vision, she will commit extra time, money, and resources to pay people to continue working on something until it's exactly the way she wants it. As such, tiny things that may have taken our team for example 3 months to produce (not release) might be taking their team 3 years.

At this stage though, I think she's victim to the sunk-cost fallacy. She's put too much time and money into the project to give up now, so I think it's very likely she will eventually make sure something will be released. However, I do not necessarily expect her to release it publicly. I suspect she will release it to specific individuals she trusts and wants around her, as she doesn't want to have to deal with the wider community as a whole.

If it is eventually released publicly, I suspect if it's monetised at all, it will be through ads. I don't think she is a fan of the micro-transaction model.

Please remember though this is all speculation, and not to take any of this as gospel. I have not had communication with anyone on the team since 2021.

Zumza wrote:

Do you believe it would had been wiser not to transfer the ownership as EEU would had been functioning by now under your management?

If I hadn't transferred ownership to Satanya, I would have sold to someone else, although I may have still been involved with the project. Ultimately, the reason I sold to Satanya was because of two primary factors. One was that she had the resources to properly pay staff for their work, which was something I was never able to do. The second was the claim that Satanya's team could demonstrably program in one week what my team was doing over multiple months. As such, I thought that it would be a win-win for everyone, because she was passionate about the project, and she had planned (at the time) to continue development and upkeep on EEU while developing "EE!".

Overall, it was a matter of timing. If I'd held off selling to Satanya, there was a better prospect buyer that came along mid-2021 that I wish I had sold to, but can't dwell on the past too much. What's happened has happened, and I'm sorry things have turned out the way they have.

Edilights wrote:

1. Do you still regret what for choices would have EE developers taken after 2021 ?

I had nothing to do with those choices after January 2021. As mentioned above, I thought I was making the right decision at the time I transferred, so I don't necessarily regret the decision itself. I regret not checking the contract more carefully involved with transfer, because if I had been a little more diligent with it, there is a chance I could have made sure extra clauses were put in place to guarantee continued support for EEU, but "shoulda, woulda, coulda". //

Edilights wrote:

2. Does EEU function as same as now ? I might say this because some players are unable to log EEU via FB .

Quickly checking the site does seem to confirm the Facebook Authentication is now broken, which is a great shame. I have zero control over this, and I suspect the new team won't fix it, but at least the site is still up for those with Google logins. I suspect Facebook has some sort of dormant setting for authentication if the owners haven't logged in for over 3 years or something, but I could be wrong.

Edilights wrote:

3. Are there chances that the new game would succeed?

Depends what you mean by "succeed". In Satanya's eyes, it will likely be a "success" if it's a fully working product with about 20-30 total users using it. I don't believe it will become a commerically viable product, and I do not expect them to ever make the money back they've put into the project thus far. If I were to estimate, I would guess they're close to $70,000 down by this stage, unless they stopped paying their team at some point along the way.

Edilights wrote:

4. Who are the great players of this EE community ?

Alesmile was the best player in terms of skill. Kirby, Master1, and Supermouk are others that immediately come to mind, but there are plenty! Supermouk has been porting EE to Geometry Dash, and it's been epic:

Hidden text
Edilights wrote:

5. Is even a way to restore old world before 2013 ? I said that due the past videos from YT with EE content .By making a reference towards The Stone Temple , I saw worlds with owner and without names   ...

Even Benjaminsen said that when a world is gone, it's gone. There were no backups of anything prior to I think about 2015, so if they weren't downloaded before the shutdown, old levels are sadly gone for good.

BuzzerBee wrote:

have you made any music lately?

Composed and improvised a little on piano at my parents' house, but nothing created to be heard in recent years. I have the majority of a musical entirely composed in my mind, which is unlikely to ever be produced, but we'll see!

I have plans to return to DJing to some extent, so I may release some mixes at some point. Feel free to follow my SoundCloud if you're not already for those:

mutantdevle wrote:

If you could only choose one (publically announced) mechanic that was not in EE but was planned for EEU to make it into EE!, which would it be and why? I think I know which mechanic you'd choose if we were including mechanics that you wanted to keep as a surprise for later //

Slopes - The physics implications of those were incredible, combined with existing mechanics such as boosts and portals - They were a lot of fun in testing. //

MartenM wrote:

What is your favourite pizza?

Pollo Piccante from Bella Italia (before it had Nduja sausage added). As I no longer live near any Bella Italias though, Pollo Ad Astra from Pizza Express.

Hidden text
N1KF wrote:

Do you have the update log for EEU?

Might have to ask Priddle for that. Can't immediately find it myself, sorry.

N1KF wrote:

Do you plan to share extra resources from EEU? Like past versions, unused SVG files, source code, and such. I do have a copy of the current version and the physics source code, but I would love to see the game more broadly archived at some point.

I think I would need permission from the current team to release everything involved with EEU. I have no problems releasing everything I have in relation to EEU at this stage if allowed.

N1KF wrote:

The same would go for EE Flash, but that game's been archived much better at this point, and I don't know if you would have anything else to add.

As far as I recall, the only blocks I remember we didn't include in EE Offline were the custom uploadable competition blocks, but I think the code for them may have already been leaked somewhere anyway? So yeah, don't have much more to share in regards to Flash EE. Even all of the treasure trails are still programmed in EEO I think. //

#4 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything! » 2024-04-03 00:33:53

Schlog wrote:

hows it going

Mostly ok, thanks - Had some nice Easter Eggs over the weekend

#5 Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything! » 2024-04-03 00:05:10

Replies: 26

What could possibly go wrong? The rules are usually 24 hours to ask me questions, but I know it's unlikely I'll get that many questions if any. Also bear in mind I know nothing about what's going on with current progress since 2021. So with that out of the way, I'll probably just reply as and when I see questions over the next few days. //

Taken today:

#6 Re: Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2021-02-01 05:58:10

Master1 wrote:

intestine blocks WHEN?

Whenever Satanya wishes to add them.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #1: Can you extend this topic to 48 hours?

I've now answered all questions from 48 hours rather than 24, yes.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #2: Will there be a block limit in EEU?

Although the current world size limit is 600x400, it can theoretically go considerably higher than that. There has to be an upper limit of some sort though, for technical reasons.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #3: Why do you think you should step down has game owner or what made you step down?

It became clear to me that the speed of progress under my ownership was sadly far too slow to continue making reasonable progress. It was proposed to me that, under new ownership, they could deliver content and updates much faster, and I believed at the time that they had similar views and ideas for the future of the game. As such, I thought the best decision for the sake of the game and the community was for me to pass the game on to people with better resources and know-how, so the game could make enough progress to maintain and build the community, rather than weeks apart with no updates at all.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #4: How much do you think EEU will make?

I really have no idea.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #5: Who is Satanya? And why do you trust her?

Well, I don't trust her as much as I did when I passed ownership to her. Her former username is Lunarys, and she was an avid supporter of EE and EEU for around 2 years, having played the game off and on since it started in 2010. She seemed to be passionate about the community and the game, as well as our plans for the game in future, but now it feels like almost all those plans are being abandoned, and she's gone back on her word in multiple cases. I still wish the best for the game, the community and its future, but I've now lost trust in a person I thought had become a good friend over the course of two years, and it was a big blow to find out she wasn't necessarily as trustworthy as I thought she was. I had a few other offers from other people, but I trusted them less than I trusted Satanya at the time, and the end of EE's lifespan felt like a reasonable transfer point. Ultimately though, the aim was to have the game progress be much faster than it would have been if I had continued.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #6: Do you think the graphics in final in EEU?

No. They are likely to change.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #7: Are there plans for EEU to have frame skips. For Computers that lag with very smooth fps.

Not currently as far as I'm aware, although when drawing blocks, it fills in the gaps for you if you're lagging, which makes it smoother than EE.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #8: Do you think there will be rejected features in EEU in the future?

Of course. That's the case with any game project I think.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #9: Can you guess when EEU will be publicly released?

Not really, no. The aim was to make it Open Beta after the Server Rework and Shop had been added, but plans may have changed under new ownership.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #10: (Connects with question #9) How will it be publicly released? In what way?

Following Open Beta, the intent was to call it "Released" when we launched it on Smartphone Apps and Steam, but again, these plans may have changed.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #11: Do you personally think trollers make the game good?

Not if you mean trolling in the sense of scribbling over other people's work, no. I think it's very disrespectful to the people trying to draw good content.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #12: Will there be differents worlds in EEU? (Open World (The one in EE)/etc.)

Possibly, just not at the moment. We were planning on eventually having more game modes, before the transfer happened.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #13: Do you think EE Veterans will return to play/have interest EEU?

Many already have. A lot of people returned in 2020 who were previously only active in 2010-15. Whether they stick around or not is another matter, as I think they mostly returned out of nostalgia and curiosity.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #14: Do you have plans in joining future EEU Contests? Or other competitive Events?

Personally? Probably not, although I would love to see a lot more building and gameplay contests as time goes on.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #15: How do you treat your staff?

As they treat me for the most part. If we get along well, fantastic, and if not, well, that's resulted in some problems sadly.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #16: How do you treat your staff if they did a mistake?

People make mistakes. With some members of staff, we talked it out and it was usually ultimately fine, especially when it could be a mistake fixed easily.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #17: Do you think staff adore you?

No. I think some of them like how I was as an owner, but none of them loved me as a person. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #18: Do you plan in doing a live stream of EEU/EE?

I was. I doubt I will do now, but we'll see in future.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #19: Do you have plans in playing EE before flash ends?

I did indeed. I wanted to make sure to play Super EE Party one final time, and I succeeded in doing so, as most of the rest of the levels I could play in EE Offline anyway, but that one was multiplayer.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #20: What do you think about EE in its current state with only a little amount of players in the lobby?

To be expected, although it shot up to almost 1000 simultaneous players on the final day if I recall correctly.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #21: What was your favorite block pack in EE?

Sci-Fi (or Music).

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #22: Favorite Smiley?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #23: Aura.


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #24: And your favorite feature?

Not sure quite what you're referring to here, but Jumping I guess? //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #25: Do you perfer 200x400 worlds? Or 400x200 Worlds?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #26: What do you think about in its current state?

Appalling. I don't really understand how they're still in business at all. Their backend was mainly a nightmare to work with, they had numerous security flaws, and I'm very pleased to never have to work with them again, but we couldn't reasonably migrate away from PIO. Very hard to work with, but we made the most of the tools we'd been given. It's a relief that I no longer have to work with again.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #27: Do you think older dropped out staff will be able to become staff again with Satanya's ownership?

Some already have, yes.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #28: Do you think a even bigger world like 1000x1000 would be possible in EEU in the future?

It's possible, but there's no logical reason to have one that size, as it would never be properly utilised or made into a full level. I would love to be proven wrong here, but it would still take many months of work and effort to build a world with 1M blocks. In comparison, 300x300 in EE was 90k blocks, and 600x400 in EEU is 240k blocks. That means if it was taking approximately 1 month to make a decent 300x300, it would take 3 months to make a decent 600x400, and around an entire year to properly make a 1000x1000.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #29: Do you think minecraft mechanics is possible in EEU in the future?

Probably, although I doubt the new team would want to steal too many mechanics from rival games.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #30: Can you expose all the secrets of EE?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #31: Can you recall how did EE excatly began?

I wasn't around for its inception, but I'm pretty certain development for it started in 2009, with the first public build available circa May 2010. Accounts weren't available until September 2010, and that was just on Kongregate and Facebook, with main site accounts not coming in until October-November 2010. World saving didn't even exist I think until late November/early December 2010, and I joined in November, having previously played it briefly on Kongregate during the summer. If you still have a way to play Flash games, here's one of the original versions:

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #32: Did EE won anything in its early age?

Not sure, although Chris Benjaminsen did a series of seminars about its success in 2011.

Repeated Answers
AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #35: Are there plans for any "Grahpic Suggestions" to become real?

Some did, and some might. I feel like perhaps fewer graphics suggestions are likely to become real now after the transfer, but we'll see.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #36: Do you think EE/EEU will have some kind of copyright law?

Yes. Not sure what you mean by "will have" here, as it already has done, but it has copyright law applied to it and will continue to do so.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #37: Did your plan about bringing EEU to gamescom worked out?

Not in the slightest. I still hope it will happen in future. It was only going to happen if the advertising budget was large enough and we had already gotten to the stage of release. No point advertising it at this stage, because it's too early in production to do so.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #38: What does gamescom do?

Gamescom is Europe's largest gaming convention, hosted in Cologne, Germany. In 2019, 370,000+ people attended, so it's a massive deal. It can greatly boost playerbase and popularity, demonstrating the game to thousands of visitors at its own individual booth. I attended Gamescom two years in a row while working for Square Enix Europe, the second one of which I had been tasked with arranging and organising myself, so as I had the experience to do so, that's why I had planned to take EE Universe to Gamescom in particular rather than other gaming conventions. It was an amazing experience, and one I wanted to relive and share with other members of staff and the community, along with the intended massive playerbase boost that would have come from showcasing the game, helping the community and game greatly.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #39: When or will EEU Patron end after you step down?

It was disabled at the end of December, yes. Satanya has the financial side covered better than I could, so the Patreon is no longer required.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #40: How did you know about Satanya?

She became a Patron in August of 2018, and I have spoken with her relatively frequently ever since.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #41: What impact did Satanya do to you make you think that she has high potential for the game?

She convinced me of her passion for the game, and wanting to see it succeed and grow. She also demonstrated she had the friends and resources to update the game considerably faster under her leadership, and I believed she could make that happen. She also seemed to believe that many of the plans I had would still happen, even after I was gone, meaning I felt more comfortable in passing it on, but now I don't know whether that'll actually be the case. I may have made a mistake, but I hope I haven't, and I guess we'll see over the coming months.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #42: Can you put here "The topics from game suggestions that will become real in EEU?"

Nope, sorry. That said, I don't know if it's still planned or whatever, but one suggestion I definitely wanted to make sure would happen was Water Zones, which was from Game Suggestions. Unknown if that will still occur now though.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #42: Do you think you will be legend when you step down as a game owner? Along with tales of it?

I guess, although not sure it'll be a positive legend. // - People still talk of Chris Benjaminsen regularly, and are likely to continue to do so well after I'm gone.

Repeated Answer
AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #44: How often do you check EE fourms?

I used to have it as one of my startup tabs, so I'd quickly check new threads quite often, even though I would rarely respond or interact with them. I think I'll be done with them completely after today though.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #45: Have you ever been banned once? And for what reason xD

Not legitimately. Hackers banned me while I was owner, but I was never banned prior to becoming staff/owner, no.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #46: Do you think EEO will have a multiplayer feature in the future?

Nope. It is intentionally "Offline".

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #47: Do you think EEO will be used in certain contest events?

I doubt it, but if the community's able to organise some successfully, that would be cool.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #48: Do you think EEU will have guns in the future?

I didn't plan on including guns myself, no. There were many plans for other PVP options though.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #49: What makes EE so addicting?

Difficult to pin down, but I guess the fact that it got to the stage where there were regularly newly made community levels and content, so it always kept people coming back to play new levels and have fun. The mechanics in general were just fun to play with as well, so Chris had managed to make a game where even just running around and jumping in almost any environment was a fun thing to do. Then there's the fact there was so much versatility in minigame types and difficulty, so people could come and play casually or challenge themselves, and Campaigns (and eventually Time Trials) helped that sense of accomplishment and achievement.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #50: Is making EE servers still playable are possible after 2020?

I think it's unlikely, but that would be up to the new staff team.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #51: Do you think smileys are better without arms?

Of course! - They'd look weird with arms, but I do really like the NPCs.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #52: Is there anything that worries you about EEU?

Mainly just the fact it won't necessarily get the updates it needs to grow and succeed, but I hope I'm wrong. That Server Rework still needs to happen.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #53: Do you think there should be EEU game ownership elections in the future?

No, I don't believe elections are the right course of action for a game such as EEU.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #54: Do you think you might be a game owner again?

No, nor do I intend to be. I did the job I set out to do the best I could do it, and it's time for me to move on.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #55: Do you think Memes about EE should be allowed?

I don't see why not.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #56: What do you think about games that steals ideas from EE?

Generally, that's fine. Creative endeavours are almost always inspired or built upon ideas from other projects, whether it be in music, video editing, film and TV, or computer games. It would be almost impossible to create a fully original new game that takes no inspiration from anywhere else.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #57: Do you think casino worlds in EE are good?

No, because they generally promote gambling, and we want to avoid promoting gambling to people under the age of 18, as EE's demographic is 13-18 years of age.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #58: Are there still possible secret dragons in EE?

None that weren't already found.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #59: Is Secret Santa event is still a thing?

Sadly not. We had wanted to do it again for 2020, but it turned out there were a lot more complications in reimplementing it than we initially thought. It wasn't simply a matter of 'just turning it back on again'. Nevertheless, it was community-run for years, so I see no real reason for the community not to be able to organise it themselves in future if it's not official, except that world purchasing would have to be available by then.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #60: What do expect about EEU?

My expectations were definitely higher when you asked that at the time I've ended up answering. I hope for the best, but I really don't know what to expect at this stage.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #61: What do you expect about EEO?

I hope that making it Open Source will result in some cool new modifications, but for the most part, it's just there to allow people to continue playing EE if they wanted to.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #62: What is the purpose of EEO?

To allow people to continue playing their favourite worlds after EE shut down, if they wished. It was a preservation effort.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #63: Have you ever played any EE fangames?

Played, yes, although probably only once for each game. I played EBE and Nobody Edits at least once each at some stage, but never went back to playing them.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #64: What do you think about EEU in its current state right now?

I think it's reasonably playable, but it's definitely a massive problem that there's no World Purchasing yet. After people can easily gain new worlds, there shouldn't really be much holding people back from making great creative worlds. Sure, it's missing a bunch of the gameplay features from EE, but portals can easily be used in place of spikes in most cases, and there's still a massive amount of variety in minigames that can be created just with arrows and vision zones.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #65: Do you think there should be weekly updates about EEU? Or monthly?

If possible, I think fortnightly would have been best.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #66: Are we able to create our own music in EEU in the future?

No plans for that, no. However much I loved Music Blocks, they were too niche an item, and rarely utilised in actual gameplay. The current plan, as far as I know, is still that there will be Music Zones where you can select from a set of music tracks for the players to hear while playing.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #67: If Flash DID NOT end, what are your current plans for EE?

We may not have made EEU at all, and might have just continued working on EE, but I don't know. We'd definitely have worked on migrating the entire project away from PIO to make it easier to administrate, and we probably would have rewritten and streamlined far more of the code than we did. In doing so, we would have liked to have added far more content, such as lasers which Priddle suggested in 2018. Flash still had a lot of technical limitations though, so we may still have made the new game anyway.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #68: What are your ideas to bring EE's popularity back to play EE?

I never expected it to reach the heights of popularity it had in 2010-11 again. For the most part, it was a "build it and they will come" model, where if we managed to succeed in adding content and keeping it fun along with holding regular events, the community would naturally grow on its own, and eventually, it would get to the stage where we'd start advertising it to bring in more players.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #69: Do you remember the game "Everybodyedits 2", and what do you think about it?

I vaguely recall a fangame called that, but don't really remember. Technically, from 2015, EE was EE 2.0.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #70: Are there plans of "builder membership" in the future in EEU?

Not that I'm aware of. I had Membership plans of my own, but it's unknown whether they'll be implemented by the new team.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #71: Do you think there would be moving NPCs in the future?

I would love it if there are.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #72: How did you know that Satanya was part of the community since 2010?

Because she told me.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #73: In your own words, do you have a nickname for Satanya?

Not really, no. I'll pass up the opportunity to potentially start a new meme here. You can figure some new nicknames out for yourselves.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #74: Will there be seperated servers in EEU? Or just 1 huge server?

Unknown. Currently only 1.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #75: Will there be a player limit in worlds?

I don't believe there is currently. I believe we reached a peak of 109 in a single EEU world after EE's shut down, which is much better than EE's soft cap of 45 and hard cap of 60.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #76: What are your ideas of different contests in the future?

I had lots, whether it be specific themes for building, or leaderboard contests for time trials. Guess we'll see if any come to fruition.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #77: (Connects to Question #76) Do you think Santanya will make ideas real?

I did in December. Not as sure any more, but still hopeful.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #78: How much money did EEU pateron collect in total?

$14,310.24 total from August 2018 to December 2020, averaging at $493.46 per month, which went towards server/domain costs, and then paid out to various members of staff. Any amounts that initially went into an advertising budget were eventually paid out to staff as the Patreon dropped over time. For the latter third of 2020, the Patreon was bringing in lower than the total server costs, so the excess was being covered by myself, where necessary. I know the community doesn't believe me when I say that I made a personal financial loss overall from my time as owner, but I assure you it's true, and sure, I'm to blame for the money management here, so I don't expect sympathy, but it would be nice for people not to keep claiming I'm greedy and keeping all the Patreon money for myself, because that was never the case.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #79: What is the amount right now? And what is this amount for?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #80: Do you perfer EE's pixel art or the art EEU currently uses?

EEU's art personally. I know others prefer the pixel art though.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #81: Do you think the community is great?

I think some members of the community are great, and I think the community was great back in 2010-11, and I think it became great again in 2015-18! Not sure whether we can class it realistically as 'great' since, but I still love the community as a whole, with some incredibly creative individuals. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #82: Have you ever had fear about a community


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #83: Do you have plans in joinning community games? Like mafia? I know right?

I play Among Us regularly, including sometimes with members of the EE community. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #84: Who do you think is an honorable person/user in this community?

Kank. Wonderful human being, made amazing content for the game, and very supportive, understanding, and generous. He's amazing, and thank you Kank for everything you've done for EE and its community! //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #85: I've heard that 2B55B5G is very cute. Do think this is true?

I think I'd have to reserve judgement until I've seen for myself. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #86: Do have plans in making EE memes?

I don't purposefully generate memes myself, but it seems I've been turned into somewhat of a meme machine.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #87: Does the community itself can make EE great again?

I believe it really can! It may take a couple of years though.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #88: Does Egg taste better then meat?

Not in my personal opinion.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #89: Have you ever tasted a lollipop in your age?

Of course. Not sure when the last one I had one was though. It was most likely when I visited Blackpool with my family back in 2019.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #90: What is your opinion on tomahawak's awesome moderation in fourms?

He does a fine job.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #91: What does EEU fourms look like, and whose created EEU fourms

As far as I'm aware, Diff will still be involved with whatever the new forums are, but we'll have to wait and see.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #92: Can you post an image of your favorite EE meme?

Shush you. (Not so much an image, but those in the know know.)

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #93: Can you also post an image of a awesome chocolate bar of sweets?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #94: Do you grow pimples?


AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #95: What kind of content do you watch on YouTube?

Recently, quite a lot of Among Us videos, although I also watch a lot of Magic (Penn & Teller Fool Us), and then subscribed to people such as Jacksfilms, Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, and many, many others.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #96: Does Chris Benjamin know anything about EEU?

He is aware of its existence, yes.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #97: What is the difference between EE server and EEU server?

If you mean the Discords, the EEU server was specifically intended for those invited to EEU, while the EE server allows anyone in to participate and talk about EE.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #98: Who do you think is the silliest person in this community.

Quite possibly rat. She was the first to spring to mind. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #99: Do you eat... burritos?

Yup, love burritos. I often have Indian Butter Chicken Curry Burritos.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #100: Most awkward moment in EE

I'd rather not say. Sorry that this is an immensely disappointing end to these questions. //

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Question #101: Will EEO will get updates?

Not officially, but it's open source, so anyone is able to modify it themselves to update it and commit community updates.

Pqwerty wrote:

anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported or helped me through this difficult time in my life over the past few years. There have definitely been some highlights as well as the lows, and I thank every single one of you who brought any joy to EE in 2018-20, whether it was through staff, chatting, level creations, bot creations, just playing levels, or hanging out with friends. I'm glad I could at least help keep EE going longer than it perhaps may have done under someone else, as that was my primary aim after all, and I want to believe I helped the community as a whole, even if we had some turbulent trials and tribulations along the way. It's been a pleasure playing Everybody Edits with all of you, and I hope the friendships I made along the way will last long beyond this game and its community as well. Thank you again, and even though I may not see you in the next game, I hope you all have a wonderful future, whether you remain part of this community or not. //

Good luck to the new team and Everybody playing!

~ Xenonetix ~

Time to play Squarelaxy.

#7 Re: Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2021-02-01 03:32:29

Raphe9000 wrote:

A number's persistence is the number of steps required to reduce it to a single digit by multiplying all its digits to obtain a second number, then multiplying all the digits of that number to obtain a third number, and so on until a one-digit number is obtained. For example, 77 has a persistence of four because it requires four steps to reduce it to one digit: 77-49-36-18-8. The smallest number of persistence one is 10, the smallest of persistence two is 25, the smallest of persistence three is 39, and the smaller of persistence four is 77. What is the smallest number of persistence five?

I like this question a lot, as a mathematical puzzle to figure out. Without Googling, I think it would have to jump to the 200s at the bare minimum, although perhaps even 300s because finishing on an even number is more likely to be reduced down more quickly, and the 100s are all just multiplying a two digit number by 1, and none of the numbers between 77 and 99 would count. The number can't have a 5 in it, because that would always result in reaching a number with 0 in it in under 3 steps. It feels like 3 and 7 are the key prime numbers to be involved, but most iterations of the 300s seem to be around 4 steps. That means we jump up to 600s, as we're skipping 4 (even) and 5 (reduce to 0), and where the 6 can help keep the reduced numbers in 3 digits, at which point I think after checking the multiples of 3 and 7 througout the 600s, we reach 679-378-168-48-32-6. I may have missed a lower one at some point, but I guess that's my guess. 679.

Edilights wrote:

1. When everybody has right to go at EEU Discord and some of them were banned intentionally ? Does Zumza join us (He asked me why he can't join) ? Could he enter?

That would now be up to the new owners and moderators, although I believe there is a new Everybody Edits Discord for people to join if they wish.

Edilights wrote:

2. What's your opinion about this game ( EE ) and the succesor of it (EEU) ?

Overall, I loved Everybody Edits. It was a great game, even though it had many bugs and inconsistencies, the community-driven content was mostly very good, and there was just enough of a competitive edge to keep people coming back to it over and over again. The bots were mostly excellent as well, and I hope people make some amazing bots for EEU. EEU has a lot of great potential, and I hope it will succeed, but only time will tell.

Edilights wrote:

3. There are some players whose minds are against you even after announcement from forum . Do you think their arguments were right?

Depends which arguments you're referring to. Sadly I think this is too vague a question to answer accurately, as I don't know whether this is in reference to people wanting me to pass on the game, or wanting me to continue as owner of the game. Multiple people have multiple points from both sides.

Edilights wrote:

4. After your main game ? Do you try to find an another job?

After I've moved house, I plan on looking for a part-time job to supplement the sheet music work I do, or ideally a full-time job working on sheet music, but I've tried getting that for years to no avail, so not holding out as much hope for that.

Minimania wrote:

Will you still play EE?

I will most likely play EE Offline again for nostalgia in future, yes. I think I've played my fair share of EE for one lifetime though. //

peace wrote:

do you stay staff ? do you stay an comunity member?

I thought I'd be staying as staff, but it turns out I won't be. I may return as a community member in future, but not until after many months away I feel. We'll see.

peace wrote:

can you look into the not beable ot login bug on EEU? (facebook loggin broke)


peace wrote:

favourtie thign form being owner of EE (or any gam ein general)

It's a hard question, but I guess just the fact that I succeeded in my mission. My ultimate goal when taking ownership of the game was to make sure it lived on as long as it realistically could do, and I succeeded in making that happen, delivering enough updates to keep the game going, and keep a community, albeit a smaller one, up until the very end. I loved EE and was so passionate about it that I wanted it to live on beyond its own lifespan, which is why I set out to make sure EE Offline was made. The decision came as a result of the crushing blow that occurred when the site Gameglobe shut down, where thousands of players' levels and creations were effectively just deleted an inaccessible forever more. I did all I could realistically do in a preservation effort to make sure people could still play EE even after it shut down, and save their creations from 10 years of EE history. Although there were a lot of bumps along the way, we managed to reach that situation eventually. EE Universe was an attempt at modernising the game and making it more consistent and fun, and I really loved working on that too, and wanted to see that grow and succeed moving forward, but I'm proud of what I did as owner for this community overall. I tried to make all of my decisions about EE and EEU with the community as a whole in mind, even if I failed sometimes with those decisions. Most of them I think were the right call though, and it's just those few that weren't that stand out most, but I'll live with them.

peace wrote:

hardest descission to take as owner?

Passing the game on to someone else, because it's a big risk to take when you're so unsure of the future. I don't want to see all the team's hard work go to waste, so I want to believe I made the right call.

peace wrote:

reason of signature?

Because I really love this animated image. Thank you again to HG for making it for me. //

peace wrote:

yoour age?


peace wrote:

favourite packs in EE na dfavorite packs in EEU (whete released or unrealeased)

In EE, probably the Sci-Fi pack (if not counting the Music Pack), and in EEU, probably the unreleased Sci-Fi pack. The fact that EEU pack had a ladder that lit up as you climbed on it was epic, but I think that may never be added now. It was just such a versatile pack in both games.

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

xenonetix will you ask master1 to make ee legends in eeu

I know he had planned on doing so. I do not know if he'll continue to play EEU now though. If he does, I don't see why he wouldn't make them, but the game would need far more hazards and action blocks first.

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

can i make an alt and opt-in and claim the name 2B55B5G with my alt?

I think we resolved this.

rat wrote:

what's your opinion on homosexuality?

I'm straight myself, but no problem with anyone being whatever sexuality they want to be.

rat wrote:

what's your opinion on homophobia?

Against. It makes no sense to me to be homophobic, as its none of people's business what other people's sexuality is. If you have religious beliefs that are against it, just accept that other people don't necessarily have the same beliefs as you and move on, rather than trying to spout homophobic propaganda, slurs, and insults.

rat wrote:

what's your opinion on abortion?

Fine with it. I don't consider it 'killing babies', as they haven't developed enough of a brain to be considered sentient at the point of an abortion. If you reach the stage of an unwanted pregnancy, there is nothing wrong at all with aborting, because that's better than bringing a new life into the world into a family that doesn't even want or can't support them.

rat wrote:

do you think birthing a child is selfish?

No, nor do I understand how anyone would think it could be.

rat wrote:

would you ever have kids?

Yes, but if I do, it's much likely to be in later life. At this stage in my life, I believe adoption is the more likely path for me, but only after I've been in a very-long term loving relationship.

rat wrote:

are you infertile yet?

No. You claim this is related to 'personality', but how is this question related to personality?

rat wrote:

what's your opinion on menstruation?

Just a part of life. That's like saying "What's your opinion on clouds flying through the sky?". It just happens.

rat wrote:

what's your opinion on trump?

He should never have been President, and thank goodness he no longer is. He's done far more damage to the world than good.

rat wrote:

what do you think of burgers?

I like them a lot, both beef and chicken. I don't think cheese belongs on a burger though, as I think the cheese just overpowers the good flavour of the burger.

rat wrote:

do you believe hot dogs are sandwiches?
   -do you think that pickle relish belongs on hot dogs?

Yes, and no. It's not really a belief, but simply fact. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson says so. I don't like pickle relish much, although I'll have it if it happens to have come with it.

rat wrote:

favorite pizza topping?
   -do you like spinach on pizza?
   -do you like onions on pizza?

Chicken, no, and yes.

rat wrote:

opinion about pineapple on pizza?

No problem with it at all. I used to have pineapple quite a lot on pizza while I was at university, because back then, I used to dislike having meat on pizza, but now I usually get chicken instead, or sometimes beef.

rat wrote:

favorite cereal?
   -do you like frosted flakes cereal?
   -do you like coco puffs?
   -in what order do you assemble a cereal meal? (milk or cereal first?)

Honey Nut Cheerios (although I think they very recently rebranded to Honey Cheerios). I also have Shreddies a lot.
I used to have Frosties, but haven't had them in years now.
I used to have Coco Pops a lot as a kid, but haven't had them much as an adult. Still like them on the rare occasion I do have them though.
Cereal, then milk, obviously, although I sometimes add more cereal to the remaining milk if I've finished all the cereal.

rat wrote:

favorite movie?
   -opinion on horror movies?
   -opinion on rom coms(romantic comedies)?

It's a very difficult question, because I generally like series of movies rather than individual ones. The Back To The Future Trilogy I think is my favourite overall series, although picking out a single one is difficult. I also love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the Indiana Jones movies, and the Star Wars movies. Blazing Saddles is an epic standalone movie, but I'm not sure I'd call it my favourite.
I don't like watching horror movies. Some of them I'm fine with watching, but they don't entertain me in the same way I think they're intended to entertain people.
Romcoms are fine. I really liked Hitch for some reason.

rat wrote:

do you like dogs?
   -post pic of favorite dog, if applicable
   -cats or dogs?
   -favorite dog name?
   -have you ever committed bestiality?
   -have you ever hurt a dog?
   -do you feel empathy toward dogs?
   -opinion of "art of racing in the rain"? (book or movie, if applicable)
   -do you cry in movies when a dog gets hurt?
      -if no, when did you learn you were a psychopath?

Guess I don't really have a 'favorite dog' as such, although Jacksfilms's dogs are very cute.
Never heard of it.
Not sure I can think of any specific movies where dogs get hurt that I've watched, except animated or CGI. (I've never seen Marley & Me for example, although I know the spoiler.) I have cried at some animated movies with dogs in them. I do not believe I am a psychopath.

rat wrote:

how often do you check for testicular cancer?
how often do you check for breast cancer?
   -you are supposed to do a self exam once a month for breast cancer.

As often as any average person I suspect. All clear thus far, although my grandmother passed away from cancer, so there is a known danger.

terriamon wrote:

Your experience on playing EE?

Overall, loved it. I wouldn't have stuck around for 10 years if I didn't. //

bgic wrote:

As a logician, what is your opinion on the morality of suicide?

I don't ever encourage it, but I understand why people are driven to it, or feel the need to do it. I do think it can be considered a somewhat selfish act when there are other people who care about you and will be directly affected if one were to proceed with it. The main reason people do it is as 'a way out' of their own problems, which is a selfish approach in my opinion. If I were to ever do it myself, and I hope never to do so, I fully accept it would be a selfish action for me to take.

rat wrote:

can you rank these players in least favorite to most favorite?

I cannot.

Pqwerty wrote:

Did stanya give you the required $100,000 to sell EE?

No, nor was that ever the 'required' amount.

Pqwerty wrote:

would you describe yourself more as a DILF, a MILF, or a GILF?

None of them. I'm not a Dad, Mom, or Granny. From a purely gender-related answer, I guess it would have to be D.

Pqwerty wrote:

are you a top or a bottom?


Pqwerty wrote:

is the pp still 5.7 today? can you double-check? did ee increase or decrease pp? for legal reasons im talking about pokemon and the PP for each move.

I don't know of any Pokémon with a PP of 5.7. I've double-checked, and there still isn't one with that PP. I don't believe EE has had any influence at all on the Pokémon world.

Pqwerty wrote:

who was your favorite player to ban and who was your favorite staff to fire?

Don't really have favourites in this field.

Pqwerty wrote:

why'd u stay with EE as long as u did? cuz everbuddy was meme'ing you like 24/7

This is answered above when answering Peace's questions.

Pqwerty wrote:

did ee screw up your mental health or was that pre-existing? i say it's the former but other ppl say it's the latter so i'm just double-checking.

Both. I had depression long before I was owner of EE, although since I'd been on medication, I wasn't getting angry as much as I did before the medication. Some of the dramas and controversies naturally raised my blood pressure and stress levels to a point where those anger issues sadly returned, so I would definitely say working on EE overall made my mental health much worse. Hoping it can improve again now that I'm no longer owner.

Pqwerty wrote:

does your life have meaning?

Hope so. I hope I've made a positive difference to some people in the world.

Pqwerty wrote:

what is the meaning of life?


Pqwerty wrote:

do you feel old?

Somewhat, although not properly old. I suspect I'm reaching middle-age for my particular life, and I doubt I'll live past 70.

Pqwerty wrote:

boob or butt?

I was more likely to write 80085 on my calculator in school than 81177.

Pqwerty wrote:

can we get some mf feet pics to simp to?


Pqwerty wrote:

can peace/nn be a community manager? if not, why not?

No. That's out of my control now anyway. Not sure he'd want to be. I did consider doing some dramatic readings of his posts for a video at one point, but that never came to pass.

Pqwerty wrote:

do you love your parents?

Of course.

Pqwerty wrote:

do you love your friends?


Pqwerty wrote:

do you have amazon prime, hulu, netflix, or didney+?

Prime and Netflix. I've had Netflix for years, but use Prime on and off. I'll probably go for Disney+ soon for all the new Marvel stuff.

Pqwerty wrote:

which is better: ps5 or eeu?


Pqwerty wrote:

will eeu run on my KFConsole? what about my bud light bl6 gaming console?


Pqwerty wrote:

which media do u consume the most of: music, tv, movies, videogames, youtube?

I feel like video games vs YouTube must be incredibly close.

Pqwerty wrote:

can you tell us about a time when you really had to go to the bathroom but there was no bathroom around / you had to wait a long time to go?

Ok. I went in some bushes when no one was around.

Pqwerty wrote:

what's your wildest party story?

I guess I've forgotten the majority of the details of the wildest parties I've been to, but I had a lot of fun in my uni days.

Pqwerty wrote:

what is your ideal spouse like?

All of my relationships have developed through knowing someone for a very long time before actually getting together with them, so I would definitely say personality is far more important than looks, as I really don't care how they look. Other than that, just loving, caring, and supportive, and someone I can love, care for, and support in return. We should have similar interests and overall have fun in each other's company, doing whatever we want to do.

Pqwerty wrote:

what are your gender pronouns?

He, His, Him.

Pqwerty wrote:

what would you change about the way you look, if any?

Although I don't care that much that I'm overweight, I would like to be ideal weight if it could be a magic action.

Pqwerty wrote:

who is your favorite actor?

It varies a lot, although I've watched so much of Will Smith that, for now, I guess I would say him.

Pqwerty wrote:

what is your funniest ee experience as owner? ee experience in general?

I wish I had one off the top of my head to recall. I guess the reaction to my response to Kira about Campaigns was very rewarding (as John posted a screenshot of).

John wrote:

Also we are going to miss your savage moments!! … _Opera.jpg

Pqwerty wrote:

what's your favorite ee drama (it doesn't have to involve you)?

Not sure I have one. I've never been entertained by community drama, and, even if people seem to believe I like to perpetuate it, I really don't, and it's generally that I'm just incredibly pedantic and can't help myself but to point out flaws in logic, which results in people taking offence to what I've said. I feel like I've gotten better with avoiding it over time for the most part, although it still happens. I know you asked this question with the intent of a light-hearted answer, but I'm sorry I guess I don't have one. //

Pqwerty wrote:

has ee made u better or worse as a person?

Sadly, as owner, I feel like probably worse. As a player, better.

Pqwerty wrote:

how involved are u going to be with ee moving forward?

Unlikely much at all, although I expected to be more involved when I agreed to the transfer.

Pqwerty wrote:

do you have any stock in ee? do u get any of the profits if there will be any?

No. The current arrangement is that I receive 10% of EE's profits for 10 years, although I have my doubts I will ever see any of those profits sadly. We shall see. They're not shares.

Pqwerty wrote:

who is the best ee girl? best ee boy? best eebay? best ee non-gender-binary?

Bee. Nou. Presumably just eBay. No idea.

Pqwerty wrote:

who is your favorite staff memeber?

It's a very difficult question to answer, and it's fluctuated massively over the years, but most recently, John.

Pqwerty wrote:

are you addicted to anything?

Gaming most likely. I very rarely drink and I don't do drugs. I admit I used to have a poker addiction many years ago, but I haven't played for a very long time now.

Pqwerty wrote:

what advice do you have for satanya for being the ee owner?

Lsiten to the community (as a whole) more than listening to your own staff and intuition. They know what they want in the game, and the game is more likely to be successful if you listen to them and give them feedback, keeping them updated. Don't make a game that only you want, and don't be afraid to make decisions against what you believe yourself, because the game's less likely to be successful if you do.

Pqwerty wrote:

what life lessons / life skills have u learned from your experience as owner?

Sadly, don't put as much trust in people as you initially feel you should. Be very wary of who you ultimately trust. Don't give any time frames or predictions for anything, because they're more likely to be delayed than not, even with contingency built in. Nothing is guaranteed or certain in this industry. I've also learned that, even though I wanted to become a full-time Community Manager for over 12 years of my life, that is no longer the right career trajectory for me.

Pqwerty wrote:

how do u feel now that u aren't owner? relieved? disappointed? sad? happy?

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions, and I hope that ultimately, there'll be relief, but I have felt a mix of everything you've listed over the past couple of months.

Pqwerty wrote:

anything else you want to tell us?

I'll come back to this at the end.

bgic wrote:

How did the situation where u accused Emalton of giving me 2 gems + the purple ghost (which wasn't officially obtainable at the time) turn out?

Resolved I think? I can't really remember at all, and I think we discussed it since you asked this question anyway.

N1KF wrote:

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

Probably none unless it had good reason. I could throw a javelin for example, but I'm not sure I ever have done.

TaskManager wrote:

at what point have you given up on trying to sell ee for 200k usd/15k usd/whatever the price was

There was never ever a point where I tried to sell it for either of these prices.

KyYay wrote:

where did the name "xenonetix" come from

I took the name "Xenon" professionally on GameGlobe as my staff name alternative to "MegaLamb". I then moved to another project professionally where the name "Xenon" was taken, as was "Xenonex", so I eventually took "Xenonetix". It then became my online professional persona username, while MegaLamb remains my casual username.

John wrote:

Who from EE positively impacted you the most?

Probably Nou. Can't really explain precisely why, but overall, he made the most impact to my life as a whole for a number of years. He was also the reason I became staff in the first place, and if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have become owner, so the butterfly effect means he impacted me the most, although he massively impacted it long before I became staff as well.

rat wrote:

how much do you weigh?

Between 16 and 17 stone, although I have not weighed myself in a very long time.

Phinarose wrote:

Does the UK strain of covid-19 scare you?


Phinarose wrote:

How do you feel about wearing a mask when you are out in public?

Used to it at this point. The annoying thing is that breathing steams up my glasses though, and there's not much I've been able to do to prevent that.

Phinarose wrote:

Would you get the covid vaccine once you are eligible to recieve it?

Of course.

Phinarose wrote:

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Legitimately no idea. I hope to finally be in a long-term relationship at the very least by then.

Phinarose wrote:

Are there any new hobbies that you would like to try?

I've wanted to learn how to pilot light aircraft for the majority of my life. I feel like that's a hobby I'm more likely to learn in my 40s, whenever I finally have a stable income with enough savings, and nice living conditions.

Phinarose wrote:

What is your favorite type of pizza?

From Bella Italia, this is my usual order, the rare times I ever get to go.

Phinarose wrote:

What is your least favorite food?

In terms of food types, fish and seafood. For the most part, can't stand it, and mostly, my body has a seafood intolerance anyway.

Phinarose wrote:

What is your most favorite food?

In terms of savoury, I usually say Yorkshire Puddings, and for a meal, it would be a full Roast Dinner, with very nicely done turkey. In terms of the meal I have most as a favourite though, that would be pizza. When it comes to desserts, Sticky Toffee Pudding, ideally with custard, or Melting Chocolate Puddings.

Phinarose wrote:

What country would you like to visit (when deemed safe)?

Always wanted to visit Iceland. Relaxing in hot springs while watching the Northern Lights sounds absolutely amazing to me as a holiday. Very expensive place to visit though.

Phinarose wrote:

What was your least favorite subject in school?

It varied throughout school-life, but the one that I repeatedly hated most was History. I really didn't see the point of learning it. Some of it's interesting, sure, but unless you're going to become an actual historian, none of that mattered to me and I didn't care about what had happened hundreds of years ago.

Phinarose wrote:

If you won £1,000,000 what would you buy with it?

I'd give half of it to friends, family, and charity. The other half I would buy a house and car (Tesla) to live out the rest of my life I suspect. In terms of a 'frivolous spend' though if I weren't being serious, I've wanted to open up the world's first Laser Tag Go-Karting Course, but from my previous research, such a thing would cost far more than £1M to actually achieve. The aim would be that you could shoot sensors not only on the body but also the go-karts themselves, and could even effect the speed of your Go-Kart directly. There are certainly places out there that have both Laser Tag and Go-Karting, but none that combine the two.

Phinarose wrote:

What did you learn from your experience as owner of EE/EEU?

It's often still worth persisting with your aims and not giving up, regardless of any backlash and confrontation you may face.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

There's 5 Lollipops on the table, and all of those 5 lollipops are in different colors. One is Red, and the others are Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink. I took the green one. And someone stole the pink one. What lollipop will you get?

Blue. Guessing Satanya stole the pink one.

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Do you think 2B55B5G is eligible for joinning the mod team?

If no, then who?

Nope, and anyone we wanted to bring on as moderators were brought on as moderators, so there's not really a good answer to the latter. //

Luka504 wrote:

Did you truly expect that this AMA was gonna go any other way, Xeno?

Not really, but I'm fine with it.

Andymakeer wrote:

ye like jazz?

Yes! I listen to various Jazz regularly, and if you like Jazz arrangements of video game music, check out the J-Music Ensemble. //

Page 2 complete. I'll return to Allen's 100 questions in the next post.

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2021-02-01 00:45:50

Minimania wrote:

Chocolate in EE when?

Whenever Satanya wishes to add it. I hear she likes chocolate.

Satanya wrote:

What's your favourite colour?

Generically, blue, although I generally veer towards cyan specifically.

Satanya wrote:

Do you think pink is the best colour ever?

I suspect that's yours, so we can expect the pink-haired smiley in-game soon? //

Keztek wrote:

who was your favorite grandparent?

Although they have all sadly passed away, my grandmother on my father's side was very loving, caring, and generous, and I miss her the most. My grandmother on my mother's side was the most supportive though, although very strict at times. I don't really remember my grandfathers, as one was gone before I was born, and the other passed away when I was I think 3 years old, although I do have a vague memory of him reading me a bedtime story, and other than photos, that's the only live memory I have of him. They were all good people. //

Satanya wrote:

Favourite pizza topping?

I generally choose chicken in some form, whether it's Spicy Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Breast Strips, or pretty much any other form of chicken you find on pizzas. If I go for a pizza without chicken, I usually end up getting some form of chicken side instead (in addition to garlic bread).

Satanya wrote:

I'm hungry right now!! Can you recommend me a nice snack, please?

I expect you have a Chocolate Pack somewhere? //

Minimania wrote:

Chocolate in EE when?

Whenever you add it to Project M if you haven't already I suspect? //

Satanya wrote:

I wanna double-ask this. Can I add chocolate blocks in Everybody Edits? // //

It's your game. Surely this is your decision?

Priddle wrote:

Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate, easily. I'll have dark occasionally, although if I do, I prefer it be orange dark chocolate.

mutantdevle wrote:

What is your biggest regret from your time as owner?

I suppose how I handled things in January 2019, as that was the biggest turning point for the game, prior to the Data Breach, and we believe the Data Breach may have occurred as a result of the events of January 2019 anyway. It caused me a lot of stress and hardship for the remainder of my time as owner, although thankfully there were good times as well. //

KyYay wrote:

Whats your favorite EE smiley besides the bat?

As an emote, the Penguin, but in-game, I would often wear the Masquerade Mask and the Maestro as alternatives to the Bat. Nearer the end, I would also sometimes wear the Black Dragon, and during Halloween, I'd switch the Bat for the Gargoyle. There were a lot of epic smileys to choose from.

Priddle wrote:

Have you fixed your pc yet? :O

Sadly no. Every time I try to, I worry I'm just breaking it even further. I'm currently using a laptop plugged in to a monitor, but it's so much slower than the PC. One of my friends said they were willing to come help me fix it (as he builds PCs anyway), but simply couldn't because of lockdown/Covid restrictions, so I'm on my own. Going to try to commit more time to fixing it in February though.

Kankurou wrote:

Do you have a gable roof or a flat roof?

Gable roof on the terraced house I live in. Flat roofs are more commonly found on apartment buildings and in cities, at least in the UK, neither of which I live in myself.

LukeM wrote:

What are you plans moving forward after EE? (e.g. career, other hobbies you want to spend time on, etc)

My immediate plan is to work on moving house, some point during February/March. I'll continue my sheet music work in the meantime to make ends meet, and I would love to get back into composing music, but I need my main computer for that. I think I'll try to get out more, going back to Geocaching for example, which I haven't done in quite some time due to the area I currently live in. I really miss playing piano, but it's going to be a long time before I'm able to buy another one of those. Gameswise, I've been playing plenty of Among Us, and I'm likely to continue doing that.

Joeyjoey65 wrote:

worst 2 when

We very nearly added it, although as we were going to add it in December, we determined there wasn't necessarily long enough left of EE's lifespan for people to realistically complete it, and we didn't really want to add it to EE Offline. Naturally, now it will never happen.

rat wrote:

least fav ee player?

I think you already know, so no point restating. I think I may have answered it in a previous AMA as well, and it hasn't changed.

rat wrote:

how are you going to survive without the $80/month?

Considering that went towards server costs I no longer have to pay, this actually means I'm now saving more money as a result of not being owner, because I was losing money every month while the Patreon stood under $120/month or so. So I imagine I'll survive even better considering I'm not losing money to EE any more.

Boba wrote:

one last ego trip?

Guess so. These AMA posts are likely to be my last on these forums.

Excoluss wrote:

In a single word (well or more if you'd like) how would you describe your journey as an EE Owner?


Grilyon2 wrote:

What is your opinion as a staff about the spanish community in EE??

NoNK wrote:


Very positive for the most part! We had plans for Localization in EE Universe before the transfer of ownership. I do not know the new team's plans on that front, but I was very pleased to see how immensely popular the game was within the Spanish and Brazilian communities! You collectively made some wonderful levels.

4649 wrote:

Can I rename myself unchi to 4649? I mean can I get back to the old username in game?

I would recommend talking to John about this, perhaps messaging him.

bgic wrote:

Do you still want to punch joey, etc.?

Nope. We're on good terms now, and have been for quite some time.

Kkay wrote:

Why hasn't the game come down yet?

Because when you posted this question, it was before the shutdown deadline. Not sure why you asked frankly. //

John wrote:

Will you miss us? // Will you be an active community member?

I will miss many of the community members and staff as a whole. It's the end of an era. I wanted to be an active community member, but I don't believe that's possible any more, so I'm likely departing completely, however much I didn't want to.

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

Will you change the winner sign in be gone in both EE and EEO???? I just won many hours ago and my death count is 51273 so please

Guess this would have been a question for the Campaign Curators. Too late now, sorry, but congratulations on actually completing it nevertheless!

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

Btw can you add images in EEO

Nope, although I think some people have already modified it so you can.

John wrote:

Can you sign in my world and save it?

Done! //

Page 1 down. Remaining questions to come shortly.

#9 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-30 02:32:08

Hi Everybody - Just found out we had to update the Worlds To EE Offline EXE as well. If you previously used it to download worlds, Team Doors and in some cases Music Notes may not have saved correctly, so apologies, but you may have to download worlds again.

#10 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-28 03:12:11

Hi Everybody!

Thank you for the kind messages, and I'm glad I could be a part of EE's history. With that being said, we have now updated the EE Offline Exe to be a new version, because we found out the previous compiled version may not have lasted beyond January. Please make sure to redownload it!

See you soon,

~ Xenonetix ~

#11 Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2020-12-28 01:00:21

Replies: 78

Hi Everybody!

As many of you know, I'll be stepping down as owner very soon, so I wanted to give people one final chance to ask me anything! As usual, 24 hours to ask me anything you like, and I will attempt to answer all of them!

Looking forward to your questions!

~ Xenonetix ~

#12 Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-26 19:52:34

Replies: 47

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re very pleased to launch Everybody Edits Offline! Thanks especially to LuciferX and Seb135 for delivering this epic version of the game, so people can continue to play Everybody Edits into 2021, and thanks also to Capasha for providing an amazing tool to download all your favourite worlds, as well as all your own worlds as well! Not only that, EE Offline is Open Source for all of those programmers out there that wish to customise it further! Without further ado, here is Everybody Edits Offline (and the files are safe regardless of what browsers may claim):

Thank you to everyone who has Opted In to Everybody Edits Universe so far! Apologies for the delays on inviting some of you (with hundreds to get through!), and you will be invited if you’ve Opted In, even if your invite is received after Everybody Edits shuts down. That being said, there are a lot of accounts with fake emails, so please make sure to contact [email protected] if you need to update your email. Apologies also to all of those people we were unable to link the accounts of if you had a Facebook, ArmorGames, or Kongregate account you wished to link, but if you have contacted us by email, we will send an EE Universe Invite to you for your account using the email provided.

After all the Opt-Ins have been handled, we may also be sending invites out to everyone who ever got the Postman Smiley by signing up for the EE Newsletter all those years ago. If you still wish to Opt In after the game shuts down, please email us, and we’ll try to get you into EE Universe!


As we come to the end of the Flash generation, I have some big news to share with all of you. Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for playing Everybody Edits over the years, and it was a great pleasure to be part of such a wonderfully creative community.

With that being said, it is time for me, Xenonetix, to move on, and the end of 2020 is the end of an era. I’ll still be around, working in a slightly different capacity, but I am passing the game on to Satanya, who has many big plans for the future, and will be keeping many of our same ideas moving forward. She has the resources to make this game succeed in more ways than I personally ever could, and she’s just as passionate about Everybody Edits, if not moreso, than I am. We really share a lot of the same visions for the future, and I truly believe she can bring about a better game with more frequent and regular updates as we move forward!


Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us, whether it be through the game itself, through Patreon, or through purchases of merchandise. Thanks to your generosity, the game was able to continue and thrive right up until the very end of Flash’s lifespan. We will be shutting down the Patreon at the end of December, and the Everybody Edits Merchandise will be disappearing in January, so if you wish to get your own merchandise for this generation of the game, now may be your final chance!

Everybody Edits itself will be shutting down at Midnight UTC at the end of Wednesday 30th December, but we have done all we can to help preserve your work and creations over the years, and we hope you enjoy EE Offline, and join us in EE Universe!

Satanya will be posting her own statements soon, but believe me when I say she has an amazing team. She has been part of the community since 2010, same as I have, and I truly think she will be able to create a fun and incredible experience for this community moving forward, along with the power to grow it exponentially, so I hope you will all join us in the excitement we have for the future!

I would also like to give a shout-out to RavaTroll, who worked so hard creating music for EE Universe. You can access his album on Bandcamp!

Thank you all again – It’s been a pleasure, and see you in-game!

~ Xenonetix & The Everybody Edits Staff Team ~

#13 Re: Game Business » EEU Closed Beta Phase 2 & Black Friday 2020! » 2020-11-30 00:44:40

They now get a free 200x200 world in EEU in compensation if they have Beta when they opt in, and you've also missed out the 2 worlds they get for Beta in EE. //

#14 Re: Game Business » EEU Closed Beta Phase 2 & Black Friday 2020! » 2020-11-28 22:39:10

LukeM wrote:

PSA: Don't buy Beta in EE if you don't have it already! If you do then your compensation in EEU will currently still decrease even though Beta is no longer required to access EEU.

Unless you would like the Blocks and Smileys Beta offers, as it has done since 2010.

#15 Game Business » EEU Closed Beta Phase 2 & Black Friday 2020! » 2020-11-27 05:22:06

Replies: 40

Hi Everybody!


Anyone can now finally Opt In to EE Universe! We're finishing up almost completely automating the Opt In process, which we aim to complete in the next couple of days. Please bear with us while we finish this process, and we expect to receive a large influx of new Opt In accounts. In the meantime, you can now opt in to reserve your username and have your account compensated in EEU, and we'll aim to get emails out to you within a few days! You will need to at least have completed the Tutorial or earned Maximum Energy in some form though, just to prevent spamming the system, which we hope is an understandable restraint!

For EEU itself, we plan on bringing back Secret Santa for another year, along with the addition of the Jungle Pack, including EEU's first Face Block!

Black Friday 2020!

We've updated the game for the final Black Friday sale of EE, and it's going to last for the rest of the year! Enjoy 50% off everything, including Big Spender and Diamonds!

Not only that, the Postman is now available to everyone to purchase if they wish! latest?cb=20160121155121

If you choose to purchase Gems in Everybody Edits, you'll also receive Jewels in EE Universe! These equate as follows:

200 Jewels = $5
450 Jewels (+12.5%) = $10
1000 Jewels (+25%) = $20
2750 Jewels (+37.5%) = $50
5000 Jewels (+50%) = $85

We're also discounting our Teespring Merchandise with 25% Off! The code EEBF25 can be used until the end of the year too! Make sure to grab this exclusive merchandise while you still can, because we'll be refreshing the store with EE Universe Merchandise next year - Last Chance Sale!

EE Offline

EE Offline is pretty much complete and ready to go! We are having some issues when it comes to making it an EXE file instead of just an SWF file, but rest assured we aim to get this sorted very soon. In the meantime, we will be asking the EEU players to test it out before we launch it fully on the website here. Thanks especially to LuciferX and Seb135 for their hard work in bringing the final product to fruition! Cercul1 also deserves praise for enabling us to download levels from EE!

Have fun, and see you in both games!

~ Xenonetix ~

#16 Re: Bug Reports » Free Blocks Bug » 2020-11-27 03:28:27

Apologies for the delay - These are being fixed tonight, along with the half-blocks from the Domestic Pack. Thanks for reporting them!

#17 Re: Game Discussion » A list of plans for EEU » 2020-10-23 07:20:29

Minisaurus wrote:

Some of those points are very complex to analize, it is an immense shame that the staff right away discard features like this.
I sorta agree with some points rejected, but those rejections are discarding as well bigger ideas unintentionally, and that is where resides the problem.
For example, discarding guns might also discard projectiles of all kinds, even magic projectiles, that is really bad bad choise as it has a big potential for the future development.
I completely disagree with discarding enemies for the same reason.

It is in my opinion the worst mistake the staff has made to start to discard features so prematurely, I feel really disappointed.

I guess "Rejected" is sort of misleading. I meant what I said, that they are not currently planned. That does not mean that there isn't potential for them in future. Enemies are something I would love to include, but they are simply not 'currently' planned.

I suppose the truly rejected ideas are Zombies and Guns. Other stuff has potential for wayyyy in the future, and discarding guns does not mean discarding magic spells.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » EEU is like Gunz 2: The second duel? » 2020-10-20 15:56:32

Minisaurus wrote:

I am more afraid of the staff not fixing the tons of issues EEU has right now.
As I see it, the current staff is very likely to not be aware of those flaws or are going to just ignore those flaws.

Got a list?

#19 Re: Game Discussion » EEU is like Gunz 2: The second duel? » 2020-10-20 15:47:32

chzandham wrote:

Everybody Edits Universe has been in development even BEFORE the Everybody Edits 2.0 Update, which was released August 20, 2015.

Not quite - "UnitEE" was in development during that time, and was scrapped. EE Universe itself has only been in development since mid-2018.

chzandham wrote:

It took five years for Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya to develop Cave Story, an entire game that was created by one man, in just five years.

Cave Story is a great game, and there are many other examples of indie games developed in shorter or similar timespans, such as the Touhou Series, Undertale, and Hollow Knight, all of which have had either 1, 2, or 3 people working on them, but they're not online multiplayer games, which is a very different beast when it comes to development. I still accept we are developing the game at a slower rate than we would have liked, but a comparison to Cave Story doesn't make that much sense here. I guess the closest equivalent I can think of is the two Gower Brothers alone creating/developing RuneScape from 1999 to 2001, running it by themselves until December 2001 when they created JaGex and started hiring more people to work on it.

Nevertheless, if you're giving us a five year timespan, we have until 2023.

#20 Questions and Answers » Non-Shop Smiley Guide » 2020-10-06 16:18:33

Replies: 6

Hi Everybody!

Someone wanted a simple guide on how to earn any smileys that cannot be bought, so I thought I'd provide a quick list.

Magic Smileys

These can be earned by picking up Magic Gold Coins, which may randomly trigger when picking up Gold Coins. They are unlocked in order:

  • 023_wizard.png Wizard

  • 033_firewizard.png Fire Wizard

  • 042_witch.png Witch

  • 095_darkwizard.png Dark Wizard

  • 123_light_wizard.png Light Wizard

Campaign Smileys

All of these can be earned through playing Campaigns:

  • Smiley_thor.png Thor - Journey Tier 5 - Easy

  • 055_purple_ghost.png Purple Ghost - Video Game 1 Tier 3 - Easy-Medium - Used to be a Magic Smiley.

  • Smiley_squirrel.png Squirrel - Animal Antics Tier 4 - Easy-Medium

  • 111_redninja.png Red Ninja - Colorful Tier 3 - Medium-Hard - Used to be earned by collecting a Magic Red Key.

  • Smiley_golem.png Golem - Elemental: Earth Tier 5 - Medium-Hard

  • 134_raindrop.png Raindrop - Elemental: Water Tier 5 - Medium-Hard

  • 142_seagull.png Seagull - Elemental: Air Tier 5 - Hard

  • 086_firedemon.png Fire Demon - Elemental: Fire Tier 5 - Hard

  • 148_devil_skull.png Devil Skull - Perpetual Frustration Tier 6 - Insane

  • Smiley_reddragon.png Red Dragon - Trial & Terror Tier 6 - Insane

From Seasonal Campaigns:

  • 134_raindrop.png Raindrop - Spring Tier 4 - Basic-Easy

  • 142_seagull.png Seagull - Summer Tier 5 - Medium

  • 122_eyeball.png Eyeball - Halloween 2 Tier 4 - Medium-Hard

  • 152_scrooge.png Scrooge - Christmas Tier 4 - Easy

  • 049_grinch.png Grinch - Christmas Tier 5 - Medium

  • 126_penguin.png Penguin - Wintery Wonders Tier 2 - Medium

  • Smiley_frozen.png Frozen - Wintery Wonders Tier 5 - Medium-Hard

Scavenger Hunts

These are all smileys you have to do a series of events to unlock:

Official Clue
Official Clue
Official Clue
Smiley Triggers

These are all the ones that you can trigger in-game, but cannot own:

  • 032_diamond.png - Triggered by passing through the Diamond Block Diamond.png

  • 073_orangeparty.png074_greenparty.png075_blueparty.png076_redparty.png - Triggered by passing through the Cake Block Cake.png

  • 101_hologram.png - Triggered by passing through the Hologram Block Hologram.png

  • 088_zombie.png - Triggered by passing through the Zombie Effect Zombie.png

Miscellaneous Smileys

All the rest!

  • Smiley_platinumspender.png Platinum Spender - Available if you sign up for Platinum Tier Patreon or above. It's the game's only animated smiley.

  • 024_fan_boy.png Fanboy - Currently available if you purchase official Everybody Edits merchandise - Forum Link - Previously earned by sending postcards or fan art to Chris Benjaminsen in 2011-12.

  • 100_fan_boy_II.png Fanboy II - Currently available if you purchase official Everybody Edits merchandise - Forum Link - Previously earned by sending fan art to EE Staff in 2013, and by sending fan art to Nou in 2016.

Impossible Smileys

Hope this helps!

~ Xenonetix ~

#21 Re: Game Business » #GivePeopleBlocks - Done, and more! » 2020-09-20 23:19:08

Rivelka wrote:

Fixed. Can't remember why it was initially blocked off, but it appears to still be possible overall.

#22 Game Business » #GivePeopleBlocks - Done, and more! » 2020-09-20 02:52:35

Replies: 15

Hi Everybody,

Today's update included making hundreds of blocks free for all to use! This primarily includes most action items, and many of the most iconic packs from EE's history. A few have been left in the store for purchase, and the Domestic Pack has now become the Domestic Pack Expansion for a reduced cost, so mostly decorations can still be purchased, while many of the blocks are free!

Packs Now Free!
The Free Collection!

Next up, every Seasonal Campaign is now available to play permanently! Speaking of the Campaigns, we've also adjusted a few of the prizes to reflect the packs that have now become free. The rewards in those cases have been changed to NPCs.

Campaign Reward Changes

Finally, along with some bugs squished, we've increased the chances for you to earn Magic... again!

We'd also like to welcome LuciferX to the Development Team! He'll only be with us temporarily due to his own life commitments, but we're very happy to have him on board to help with EE Offline and EEU's Server Rework!

See you in-game!

~ Xenonetix ~

#23 Re: Game Business » Cya » 2020-08-24 19:09:53

Thank you for all the great work you did. You'll be missed.

#24 Game Business » Even More Staff Changes & State of Play! » 2020-08-15 00:35:32

Replies: 31

Hi Everybody!

Here's another overall report on how things are going with EE and EEU.

Staff Changes

There have been a couple more notable staff departures, and even more new recruits!

Joshua - Joshua (Criobite/ByteArray/TechnoWolf99) has been incredibly valuable in shaping Everybody Edits Universe, providing excellent foundations for our staff team to build upon. He'll continue to consult with our team for a few months just to help the transition, and we're very grateful for the amazing work he's done, primarily on the overall User Interface for the game, and the EE Universe Logo, but also contributing much more! Thank you for everything //

Kentiya - Thanks to Kentiya for all of his outstanding graphics for EE and EE Universe. He worked on most of the epic blocks currently included in the game, many of which are likely to be used in levels for years to come! You will be missed, and we appreciate you sticking around for graphics consultation as well. This seems like a good place to show off the spikes Kentiya created too:


LuridMetal35/FluidMetal90 - Thanks to LM35 for his work as a Moderator - It was very welcome at a time we needed it most, and although it didn't work out in the long run, we greatly appreciate the work you did, and that you may still be able to help us with Russian Translation in future.

Bud - Bud has been very supportive overall in regards to both Everybody Edits and EE Universe, and we massively appreciate all the work he's done for us. Real life time constraints have sadly gotten in the way, and he's leaving the team, but we hope he'll still drop by!

You will all be greatly missed, and we hope you're still able to play EE & EEU from time-to-time moving forward!

With that out of the way, let's welcome a bunch of new staff to the team!

Priddle - Former EE Owner NVD has returned to our development team, and has been doing excellent work with John to work on the Server Rework and is taking over Joshua's ongoing work on the frontend of EE Universe!

Capasha/Doh - Maintainer of EEditor and working on an EE to EEU converter, Capasha has been a vital part of the EE community, helping to boost many players' creativity in EE over the years. We're glad to bring him on board as a moderator, and he's already taking to the role like a duck to water!

MutantDevle - We're very pleased to have been able to bring MutantDevle to the Moderation Team! He's proven to be an excellent conflict mediator, and will be able to help shape and streamline EE Universe's moderation system as time goes on.

Minimania - With an extensive amount of moderation experience under his belt, Minimania looks to be an exceptional Moderator for both EE and EEU going forward. Welcome!

??? - We have an anonymous new Graphics Designer who would like to remain nameless for now. They've created the current One-Way blocks, upcoming Boost Blocks, Checkpoints, & World Portals, and are currently working on the Jungle Pack!


Current Staff & State of Play

Here's another quick run-down of what staff are currently working on.

Composers (Ravatroll, NeonSynth) - NeonSynth is currently working on a Factory/Industrial track which is shaping up very nicely, while Ravatroll's been producing a great Boss-Battle-type track, fitting the style very well.

Moderation Team (GrandSwordsman26/ShiningBlade, LRussell, Bud, Capasha, MutantDevle, Minimania) - Our largest Moderation Team ever! In addition to various new moderator training, we're continuing to work towards the the specifics of the Moderation Control Center, and a better guide for the community over precisely how the moderation system will work. We're also finally fixing Temporary Muting in Everybody Edits, so expect some mutes rather than bans in some cases moving forward.

Development Team (John, Priddle) - Both of our primary Developers are working mainly on the Server Rework for EE Universe, along with some work on EE following the events of a couple of weeks ago. Priddle recently reworked Portals entirely, and he and I plan to work on Boosts next. Cercul1 has provided us with the EE Offline code, so we will be taking over completing it soon, but we'd rather get EEU into Closed Beta Phase 2 first so everyone has the opportunity to Opt In to EE Universe! Joshua finished setting up the Shop and World Purchasing ready for when we're able to launch it following the Server Rework.

Xenonetix - In addition to continuing to invite new players to EE Universe, I've also been helping to train new staff. Other than that, trying to catch up with a lot of the admin work behind-the-scenes, as well as sorting out the plans and roadmap for the games to bring our new staff team all on the same page. I'll also be working with John to streamline the EEU Invite process ready for Closed Beta Phase 2, which is where anyone can Opt In, whether you have Beta or not!

What Is The Server Rework?

So I realised I speak about this "Server Rework" a lot, but haven't really explained what it is, why we're doing it, and why it's so important and necessary.

Overall, the Server Rework is about optimising the Server Code to make everything more intuitive and easier to use, including handling saving information to the server databases, but the most important part is that the server currently runs "Synchronous Code", which effectively means all actions in the game are queued up and executed in a row, almost no matter what the actions are. This is fine for the game as it is with a relatively small number of people playing at the moment, but it's impractical when it comes to a bunch of people wanting to do the same things at once.

For example, as a really basic example, if we already had the shop implemented with the current synchonous code, and two people wanted to purchase an item at almost exactly the same time, one player would have to wait (admittedly a matter of milliseconds) for the other player's transaction to complete before their own purchase processes. If you imagine this happening with hundreds of people at once, it could just result in the game freezing and timing out for dozens of players, which we wouldn't want to happen!

As such, a large portion of the current code needs to be rewritten to handle "Asynchronicity" instead, which would mean multiple people could do multiple server-based actions simultaneously without there being any such issues.

This basically means almost any server-based actions affecting and reading the databases need this "Asynchronous Code", which includes all the stuff we want so badly, but can't have quite yet. Primarily, this includes the Profiles, Friends System, Shop, World Purchasing, Energy Regeneration, and Moderation Control Center just to name a few. Admittedly, we could implement the Smiley Customizer, but as we plan to have the accessories available from the Shop, that kind of means we need the Shop existing first.

Thankfully though, it's not needed for things such as physics and blocks, which is why we're able to continue delivering content updates while the Server Rework is being worked on!

I hope this clears things up, and I hope we're finally able to add the Shop and World Purchasing soon! I feel like there may be a bit of a snowball effect with updates to Everybody Edits Universe after the Server Rework is finally complete, and I'm certainly looking forward to when that happens. //

See you in-game!

~ Xenonetix ~


#25 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE got pwned (Breach) again? Is it safe to continue playing EE? » 2020-08-01 00:43:39

LuridMetal35's views do not reflect those of the staff overall. He does not represent staff in his statements.

Minisaurus wrote:

Is it safe to play EE or it might be dangerous?

Currently completely safe. There is no evidence whatsoever of any further data breach occurring in this event.

Minisaurus wrote:

Are our accounts hacked? How do people got tons of gems and colored usernames?

Although we are still investigating, in a nutshell, PlayerObjects and PayVault were compromised, seemingly through an external server designed to hack into the backend.

Minisaurus wrote:

Can someone in the staff confidently say answers to those questions please?


Minisaurus wrote:

Can the staff ensure that this will not happen again?


Minisaurus wrote:

What measurements has been taken by the staff?

We already took the necessary security precautions last year, such as no longer storing IP addresses, migrating the site and client away from PlayerIO, making it impossible to export personal data such as emails, and hardcoding all members of staff. We've contacted PlayerIO to take the necessary steps to block out all incoming connections again, but we cannot guarantee there won't be a further attack of some variety.

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