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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Are Everybody Edits login servers down? » 2019-01-13 02:10:26

There is another way to login, and that is with Authenticate.
A example how to code it, also guest cant create rooms.

#3 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEditor 4.0.4 - Offline Editor » 2019-01-08 14:45:57

Looks like 4.0.4 contains some beta testing. So if you guys have problem go down to 4.0.2.

#4 Re: Questions and Answers » can someone link me the ee animation bot. I have a few fortnite dnaces » 2019-01-04 17:48:51

I don't remember animation tool by anyone that have their name started by S.
But I found this one, … p?id=40510
And the one by Aslai/kaslai is outdated.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Remove Super EE Party from the hunt. » 2019-01-01 23:57:04

This must be the biggest joke ever. Why add a 4 players world to even get the blue dragon.
I'm so tired at the staff. Where is all basic worlds?  I want to have some npcs or aura that everyone else can get.
Because this game isn't focused at bad players or new players. Always the good players get what they want.

#7 Re: Game Business » Finishing 2018 With A Bang! - Time Trials & Lobby Overhaul » 2018-12-31 10:57:03

Thanks again for a great update. Here comes some stuff about the update.



  • Everything feels much faster.

  • It's now better to sort the worlds by x in a dropdown

  • Friendlist show now the exact time when someone was online

  • It's now much faster to load the minimap and data from a world in lobby.


  • You can't sort your own worlds



  • You can now speedrun and show your time.


  • There is no leader board. Would be nice to see top10 speedruns time a player have. It's only showing a little icon at the top left.

Other things. The code that generate the image could end in a crash.
There is no checking if the world have no data, aka is null.

               var o:DatabaseObject = param1;

#8 Bots and Programming » [Beta] CapBot » 2018-12-30 05:15:11

Replies: 1

I just release my bot I made today, and some code from koya's snake code.
It still in Beta so it could be bugs and such. Ranking isn't finished yet. But will be when I have more time.
I will maybe add some more functions too.



#9 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2018-12-29 12:37:03

costin211 wrote:


Have you tried to add spaces to the link?

#10 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] Everybody Edits Account Manager » 2018-12-28 23:47:40

The JavaScript hosted on left is " … inified.js"
The JavaScript from PlayerIO's  SDK JavaScript on right.
Everything is the same, nothing changed.

If you guys still don't trust me or HG, then just ignore this thread.

#11 Re: Creative » Official Sony Blog Thread » 2018-12-27 20:04:05

akahaka wrote:

you have mental disorder characterized by abnormal behavior, strange speech, and a decreased ability to understand reality?

Yes he have mental disorder. He have been talked about it so many times. You would notice that.
And what I remember does he not have many friends and he live cheap and have problem with his family.

I'm not a stalker, but I have noticed this since all his other blog posts in this forum page.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » New Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt » 2018-12-26 01:19:09

The only hunt I got from scripts is that if you press shift while you click on someone in the userlist, you can get a copy of the nicknames userid.
Can't really see why they would make such option and it isn't admin only either.

Edit: I think the world that is in the globe have something about the easter hunt. Before was it multiple worlds  inside the globe. Now there is only 1 inside.

#13 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » What is your wallpaper? » 2018-12-25 19:00:38

TaskManager wrote:
Gosha wrote:
TaskManager wrote:
Gosha wrote:

My windows is not pirated, but i find totally black screen much more pleasing

i dont get it, how do these two even correlate?
also what are the blurred out icons on the wallpaper huh

Enurp wrote:

black because I pirate windows because I'm poor as ****

but what about the hidden icons huh we can make a conspiracy theory off of that

I wonder this too. But Edward and George is not hidden. Is it his brothers?

#14 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » My current favorite song. » 2018-12-25 18:53:00

So you can only have 1 favorite song each week?

#15 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEditor 4.0.4 - Offline Editor » 2018-12-25 18:45:26

Updated to 4.0.4

Added all new npc's.
Added all shadows.
Added a light button which will change the background color to white.
Fixed the npc's menu.

4.0.5 will come a bit later because I'm recoding the uploading system.

#16 Re: Bots and Programming » Why can't I connect eeditor? » 2018-12-20 17:39:20

mikelolsuperman wrote:

What kind of info do you need then? There isn't really anything I can tell you other than what I already told you, when I click connect it freezes at trying to connect. No error messages or anything.

Give me the roomid you are trying to upload to. So it's nothing wrong with the room.
Give me which OS and version you are using, and if it's 64bit or 32bit.

#17 Re: Bots and Programming » Why can't I connect eeditor? » 2018-12-20 15:35:38

I can't reproduce this. Everything works fine for me when downloading benjaminsen world and then upload to my home world.
Looks like it's one more guy that can't upload to his world. But I don't get enough information.

#19 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » What I was dreaming of last years - My ideology to the world » 2018-12-11 14:55:21

We need to clean the world from humans before. I really hate humans.

#20 Re: Bots and Programming » Is there a bot that has stalk and snake? » 2018-12-09 20:21:12

mikelolsuperman wrote:

It has no stalker or snake command... Don't think people can copy a bot and add custom commands as easy as counting to 3 just because you can.

Contains "Boss Tools - Adds some classic bot assisted boss minigames, currently just snake and rain, but I'll add more in the future"

#21 Re: Bots and Programming » Why can't I connect eeditor? » 2018-12-09 20:19:37

It could be because you don't own a block. But it shouldn't freeze the client.

#22 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEditor 4.0.4 - Offline Editor » 2018-12-09 19:37:21

KirbyKareem wrote:
capasha wrote:
KirbyKareem wrote:

capasha thank you so much <3333333333333333 the last one was buggy with the thing with invert i hope this works this time <3

I didn't update EEditor yesterday..

i mean whatever one was last not yesterday like a few months ago idk

also if ur going to take a break how are we gonna transfer worlds from ee to eeu D:

Ask someone else that want to transfer worlds. Maybe ByteArray could code it. I can't really see a future of EE or EEU.

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