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#5 Re: Forum Games » Invitation to Mafia Championship Season 10 » 2023-04-24 15:12:45

Onjit wrote:

Hi, I'm onjit! I drew this boat!

there better be a hidden amogus in there

#8 Re: Compost Bin » WHEN DOES THE PLAYGROUND CLOSE » 2023-04-02 10:47:55

Please stay. We have candy and lemonade.

#9 Re: Compost Bin » do whatever you want » 2023-04-01 14:45:41

Don’t you love it when a forum admin with no access to the back-end can modify the entire website because he found an exploit to inject HTML, CSS and JS.

who needs Diff eh

#10 Re: Game Discussion » who do you miss the least » 2023-03-31 09:00:50

This topic is indeed cringe. Why would you actively encourage people to be unwholesome?

I'm disappointed in you Zoey, and glad that people didn't immediately start talking trash. Maybe we've changed.


#11 Bots and Programming » The Longest Wait - Auto-generated scoreboard » 2023-03-16 18:21:31

Replies: 1

N1KF's forum game The Longest Wait is cool, but he didn't consider the work needed to calculate the scoreboard for 100+ posts.

We should campaign automate this...


Holy mother of jank it works.

I used Python to crawl all pages of the thread and retrieve their HTML, and Regex to search the HTML for post timestamps and authors. The time difference between consecutive posts can then be calculated to generate the scoreboards for both The Longest Wait and "The Shortest Wait".

Example raw output
Source code

@N1KF - ur welcome

#12 Re: Forum Games » The Longest Wait » 2023-03-16 17:18:16

The Longest Wait (Days, Hours:Minutes:Seconds)
1. 9 days, 1:17:07 - Kentiya
2. 8 days, 16:30:50 - Nuclear Gandhi
3. 8 days, 1:00:20 - Abiqi
4. 6 days, 7:37:01 - ExFabian
5. 4 days, 23:23:13 - Core
6. 4 days, 8:21:40 - BuzzerBee
7. 3 days, 8:29:01 - Nickelbath
8. 3 days, 0:44:10 - Blackmask
9. 2 days, 10:09:33 - Zumza
10. 2 days, 9:42:52 - Snowester
11. 2 days, 2:34:30 - Onjit
12. 1 day, 23:44:56 - 2b55b5g
13. 1 day, 21:22:47 - theoldinese
14. 1 day, 20:10:00 - Tomahawk
15. 1 day, 9:51:43 - GravityDonut
16. 1 day, 2:47:50 - Edilights
17. 21:34:33 - KyYay
18. 20:43:27 - hummerz5
19. 19:53:57 - soniiiety
20. 18:05:45 - NoNK
21. 17:32:35 - N1KF
22. 15:29:34 - Sticksam
23. 7:15:48 - Firecrackericebreak
24. 5:09:47 - wjyg
25. 4:55:10 - Minimania
26. 4:47:48 - Norwee
27. 2:57:10 - Drone Striker
The Shortest Wait (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)

(doesn't include doubleposting)

1. 0:01:28 - ExFabian
2. 0:02:58 - Edilights
3. 0:03:12 - N1KF
4. 0:04:44 - 2b55b5g
5. 0:06:57 - Tomahawk

Explanation of how I automated this.

#13 Re: Forum Games » The Longest Wait » 2023-03-10 19:17:17

BuzzerBee wrote:

why is this topic stickied

wasn't me, unless by accident

#14 Re: Worlds » EE Web Archive » 2023-02-17 15:56:51

0176 wrote:

Plus it's now acessible from and not just smh me for breaking the former link

But what about


#15 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion: Everybody Edits || Our Silence » 2023-02-14 10:19:52

If every leak and announcement is like kicking a bees nest and getting stung, then the obvious conclusion is to not kick the nest. Doing PR for EE has been a masochistic role for the best part of a decade, and this result was probably overdue.

dcomet wrote:

It's like detonating a nuclear bomb to stop three burglars.

And therefore what? Staff should grow a pair and keep getting hit? Do you see the irony of criticising staff, and then criticising their response to criticism, all in a thread made by a toxic **** whose purpose in life is to say **** things to good people?

We're not in a position to assert how badly drama and negativity have affected the staff. They're just regular people with good intentions trying their best, and we certainly wouldn't do a better job alongside them or in their place, because it's been tried.

Obviously it's frustrating for the majority, but it doesn't actually matter that much, and if people took a vibe check and stopped treating EE like a United Nations summit, we might deserve to be included.

#16 Re: Forum Games » Assassination 2020 » 2023-02-13 18:54:48

My heart when Onjit bumps a thread:


#17 Re: Forum Discussion » Enforce HTTPS » 2023-02-13 18:15:58

Some browsers like Edge automatically redirect to HTTPS if the site supports it.

But yeah, HTTP should probably serve a 301 redirect rather than 200 OK. No excuse for it these days.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion: Everybody Edits || Our Silence » 2023-02-12 18:05:23

In today's thread, Kira throws yet another tantrum over a situation he helped create.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » rain!! » 2023-02-02 13:36:19

I once made a bot do falling rain using BG blocks.

The lag was amazing.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Why the EE development is communicated poorly, and how it hurts us. » 2023-01-23 00:11:24

Kiraninja wrote:

there is an entire community behind you that are ready to help at any time given the opportunity, help that will drastically enhance the quality of the game in a record time.

Let's role-play that:

Hey guys, Anna here! Please welcome A, B and C to the EE! development team! They're exactly the passionate EE veterans we need to release EE! by Summer 2023! They're unpaid volunteers with job/college commitments, so their working hours will be between 0 and 30 hours per week, without notice, for an undefined period of time! A and B will be helping with programming, so they'll be spending their first 2-20 weeks familiarising themselves with the software tools and existing codebase before retiring, going on holiday or feuding with other staff members and dramatically announcing their departures. Veteran C will be putting together a Trello board with features we've already thought of, and having long, well-informed and extremely productive conversations with us about community expectations and good PR.

Collectively, all three newcomers will begin sharing work-in-progress game features with the community on a daily basis! This'll be an exciting change for us, and we're looking forward to every graphic and game mechanic being dissected, criticised, misconstrued and misunderstood. This'll let our staff get down to business debating implementation details with our invaluable community, which will boost staff morale, speed up development and diversify our vision for the game!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for Saturday's vlog, where Yaroslav and Oleksiy show you how to select retro 8-bit colour palettes during a power outage!


I'm all for community engagement, but we've run the experiment on crowdsourcing EE development, and it doesn't work.

#23 Re: Forum Discussion » Suggestions to make old posts less confusing » 2023-01-09 22:13:38

Different55 wrote:
N1KF wrote:

Solution: List the dates of old posts as "A long time ago", "Before the forum transfer", or something else general like that.

Sure yeah okay

Hot damn he actually did it.


#24 Re: Creative » To whom this may concern! » 2023-01-09 14:41:06

no don't fight pls

Frostflare, have some chill. Mini, don't engage.

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