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#1 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » how healthy am i because i am fat » Today 10:24:50

272 wrote:

even if you are considered to fit within the BMI of "obese". that it doesn't necessarily mean you are unhealthy

Pulled that fact straight out of your ****.

PSA: 272 is not a qualified doctor. Obesity is bad for the body.

#3 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2019-02-17 13:53:40

Gentlemen, meme threads are for memes.

If you’re not adding lols, you’re in the wrong topic.

#4 Re: Game Business » Happy Valentine's Day! » 2019-02-15 23:18:42

Let's focus on the update. There's a couple of threads in Off-Topic if you wanna discuss Valentine's specifically.

#5 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Happy Valentines! » 2019-02-14 20:33:20

Moved to Graphics Suggestions.

Congrats on it getting added.

#7 Re: Forum Discussion » The unofficial official tomahawk appreciation thread » 2019-02-13 16:55:04

Only quality appreciation in this thread pls, or I'll add an [Official] tag and sticky it to Forum Business.

Then permaban Diff.

#8 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-02-12 23:40:00

^ Previously, if you went on the forums and had a bunch of unread posts, then closed the forums without reading those posts, they would all be automatically marked as read if you didn't return within 30 mins.

#9 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Eurovision 2019 - 64th edition » 2019-02-12 21:38:30

UK's entry is better than last year, but still pretty generic. Maybe top 30.

#10 Re: Debates » UNOFFICIAL STAFF COMPLAINT/ DEBATE » 2019-02-12 02:30:01

You know you've made a quality thread when the first 5 replies are ****.

Please stay on topic. Only unofficial complaints are allowed from here on. This diagram should help:


#11 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » What is the Perfect Gift for Valentine? » 2019-02-12 02:06:50

Pick one:

  1. A charity voucher;

  2. $2 Subway giftcard;

  3. Ready meal for one.

#13 Re: Forum Discussion » what the beep why is there a new forum mod. » 2019-02-10 16:05:51

soniiiety wrote:

alright since I see improvement. i will let this one slide.

Very kind of you.

#14 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » What is the Perfect Gift for Valentine? » 2019-02-10 13:58:14

Only a fool treats Valentine’s like a game.

Moved to Off-Topic.

#15 Re: Debates » Underwater » 2019-02-10 01:03:33

Nah, it would be cheaper. There's 3 parts to a water bill:

  1. For fresh water piped to your home;

  2. For waste water piped away from your home;

  3. For dealing with surface water that drains from your property into the sewer.

3 wouldn't apply, and maybe you could filter the water around your house to avoid needing 1, making the total bill about 70% cheaper.

#16 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-02-09 21:47:37

Handling reports is a bit easier if there aren't duplicates. Only one report is necessary to bring the post to a mod's attention.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Ways to make the game better? » 2019-02-09 02:51:52

Gilfromtacobell wrote:

EE is dying bc people do not speak out about the in game issues enough.

I don't think this community has ever held back criticism.

But most of the time when people say "the community", they really mean the tiny fraction that posts in these forums and not the >1000 other players who don't. You'd need to do something like a poll within the game itself if you wanted a representative opinion.

Regardless, you can dig up "EE is dying" threads from 2014 and earlier, so hating on campaigns is kinda short-sighted.

"EE is dying because - *rolls dice* - the Logout button is too close to the profile button, so when players accidentally log out they get annoyed and quit EE forever."

Gilfromtacobell wrote:

Tomahawk, whats you[r] campaign count?

Uh, I did the tutorial campaign but then they added a fourth level, so technically 0.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » Ways to make the game better? » 2019-02-08 13:43:53

You might be oversimplifying.

EE is dying because the campaigns are too hard?

#20 Re: Forum Discussion » what the beep why is there a new forum mod. » 2019-02-08 02:40:13

Soniiiety, I regret making fun of your English a couple of times in the past, if that’s what you’re referring to. I’m glad it has improved.

If you or anyone else disagrees with my moderation in the future, they can PM Diff and he’ll deal with it - unless you don’t trust Diff either, in which case maybe go to Xeno (with good proof) since these forums are part of

I might be a little biased atm, but I think polls would get skewed by users who want more relaxed moderation, even though those users should be campaigning to change the rules rather than change the mods who enforce them.

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » I'm not a joke » 2019-02-07 17:54:34

Ima lock this because the chance of any replies being supportive or constructive is around 0.

#22 Re: Bots and Programming » Most painless way to make a bot » 2019-02-07 17:04:01


Make sure to use the forum search feature to find similar "how to make a bot" threads. Some of them have useful info.

For learning C# and about WinForms, I'll make the same suggestion I always do.

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