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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Why are you doing this to us » 2022-01-05 04:24:51

What has this game even turn into?

I can't even access EEU LOL.

#2 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits! New Artstyle | Progress Report (May 28th, 2021) ☆ » 2021-07-20 13:50:05

Good stuff. Can't wait when this game is no longer in closed beta (never).

#3 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2021-01-10 12:32:19

Goodbye, EE. Although I should've said that in early 2020, I haven't. So yeah. I'm back to check on the forums that I've forgotten about in 2020. I left EE for over year. Man, it sure is good childhood memories. BTW, how's EEU going now?

#4 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 43 Sign ups » 2020-03-05 07:06:19

peace wrote:
Kirby wrote:

just post something below if you wanna join, also let me know if you have any questions, might've missed something

!in slo whats wiht the f;etcher reede? role? what is th ebeneift of having this role?

It's called a miller role.

#6 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-13 06:07:45

I'm going to post my reads on other people.

Hidden text

#8 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-13 05:44:39

I've been thinking, should I vote Task or Shadow. I think I'll just go with the more suspicious.

!vote TaskManager

#9 Re: Game Suggestions » Maybe the High Gravity option under Low Gravity? » 2019-11-13 00:22:49

Trytu wrote:
peace wrote:

trytue imagine hihg grav+low jump+zombie //

imagined, isn't able to swim in the mud, nor sin in the watterr, cannot jump (except above hole 1x1), even on half blocks, the only way to "jump" is to stand on the arrow, that boost the player for very short moment, then makes him boost down, can be useful in systems, through you fall faster than normal, so your speed between boosts doesn't decrase as much,
still, normal speed decrasation after 3 blocks gap between boosts isn't very time consuming in the comparation of higher gravity 3 blocks gab between boosts (it saves not worth amount of time)

player that gets high gravity effect, isn't able to use fly effect succefully, and it only makes him stay on the same hight if not just slightly slower falling, (that would be interesting feature)
still the idea don't gives us so much complexity in level building than other effects, it has some features, but doesn't give enough many

And then it would turn into a "so-fat-that-cant't-swim smiley"

#10 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-11-13 00:15:40

Yes you can't prevent that because there are unicode characters ranging from #0000 - #1FFFF and #90000 - #9FFFF. It's not reasonable to check every single one of them.

#11 Re: Game Suggestions » Maybe the High Gravity option under Low Gravity? » 2019-11-12 14:50:54

This suggestion was posted posted before and then it got ignored by the staff…… Maybe you could post this on the Discord channel?

Since the low gravity effect is like 0.25x gravity, maybe high gravity should be 4xg gravity, and then the player would fall as if they were on a boost. Although with the high gravity effect the smiley would only be able to jump seven eighh of a block high, but it's worth sacrificing the jump. Also if you combined this with low jump, the smiley would only be able to bouncce on the ground lol.

#12 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-12 14:43:42

NoNK wrote:
ILikeTofuuJoeHow wrote:

in the world are you fairly confident that you're town? Did you even read your role PM?

Why are you attacking low hanging fruit instead of responding to my post?

Wait what were you asking again?

Oh. Oops, I probably missed that. My suspicion on Shadow and Task still stands and this is what I think. By the way this is what I think of the nominees.
If Shadow flips scum, the scum team could be Shadow-NoNK-Ele/Zelda/Me
If Task flips scum, the scum team could be Task-??? -- I can't figure this out, but his partner is likely to be in one of the lurkers.
If Ele flips scum, the scum team is probably stupid.

And the last case, which is that this is a 3 town pool, then my prefered lynch is on Zelda, Kira, and Slabdrill. They are not really doing anything. Also, I'm not attscking low-hanging fruit, I just noticed it and posted it. At least I think we are supposed to post things and let people respond to it.

#13 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-11-12 12:43:38

Bry10022 wrote:

I wonder if Everybody Edits Universe will support inserting unicode letters, unlike Everybody Edits?

I think I remember the staff said that is true.

#14 Re: Forum Games » NEW Fortunately Unfortunately » 2019-11-12 12:40:56

Fortunately Peace made only two typos.

#15 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-12 00:43:27

eleizibeth wrote:

i was thinking that shadow was probably meant to be the lynch bait because mafia realizes he looks sketchy because he pushed for a townie's lynch, so they wanna take advantage of that. if shadow was mafia, he wouldn't be so adamant about a townie's lynch, bc he knows that'd make him sus, unless that's what they want us to think~~

right now, i'm most comfortable lynching task because i'm FAIRLY confident that shadow is town, and i'm fairly confident i'm town too

(also NoNK, for future reference, i am a "She," thank u)

How in the world are you fairly confident that you're town? Did you even read your role PM?

#16 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-11 14:39:25

NoNK wrote:

I'm a bit offended that I"m not nominated. Also, these nominations are literally a townblock I posted yesterday. I put ele in the townblock as a joke to get reactions, but it seems mafia actually believed it.

This pool is 3 town. Scum Shadow does not self-nominate twice in a row when there's all this suspicion that a mafia nominated themselves day 1. Spoiler alert, they didn't.
Scum ele doesn't self nominate when it's been demonstrated we love lynching weak players.

Scum Taskmanager does self nominate here. That being said I don't think he's mafia, but he's the most likely of the three to be mafia.

!vote Taskmanager

You said this pool is 3 town, then cyou said Task is mafia.

NoNK wrote:

That being said, knowing this pool is 3 town puts me very close to having a full solve.

Mafia have been nominating good / active players all game (I consider peace to be a good player). Mafia tend to nightkill (or in this case nominate) people who are NOT like them, so they have better chance of surviving to endgame. (read: C9++). The fact that this trend has continued makes me think that yeah, this pool is all town.

8 players left. {Task, Ele, Shadow } are all town. Doesn't matter who we kill today as long as we agree the other two are town, though I highly discourage lynching shadow. I am ok to lynch task or ele, but I'm not 100% on who I prefer more though. I think ele being nominated 1 day before LYLO more or less spews him town beyond a reasonable doubt though. That being said I'm not confident he will perform in LYLO whereas I think taskmanager will. So I'm indecisive on that at first glance.

5 players left. I read my role pm, so { NoNK } town.
4 players left. I /think/ the last town is {ZeldaXD }, but that's a less confident read then the rest, so I want to bring zelda to final 4..

I think the exact scumteam is { Slabdrill, Kira, IliketofueJoee }, with zelda as a wildcard.

Going through the ISO's, that scumteam actually makes sense.

Kira is playing more or less the perfect EE forums scumgame, in which you just lurk hard and lynch town. Kira is the kind of person who, after flaming out last game, and watching shadow lurk to the end, would absolutely just lurk this game and push scum agenda through votes.

Slabdrill's ISO is just explaining the game, riding wagons, and contributing nothing. That is par for the course for slabdrill, however what makes slabdrill more suspicious to me is the fact that Kira called him mafia out of the blue, which just feels exactly like the distancing I did on shadow, by calling him mafia when there was no chance he was going to get lynched. There's no harm in Kira also calling task and shadow town, since he's about to endgame anyways. I think if one of the two of them flips red, then the other will also flip red.

Iliketofuejoee is my most confident mafia read, and it's for a bit of a silly reason. Read his iso, it's just bad. He buries peace (bad), just defends himself about mutant (bad), is now suspicious about shadow despite him being town and also onjit replacing out? Bad bad bad. Okay, so get a load of this bad player who can't scumhunt right? Well the reason I think he's mafia and not bad town is literally that he hasn't replaced out yet despite that town's in a losing situation, instead he's just comfortable just existing in a losing situation for town.

-- F8 -->lynch (task/ele)
-- F7 LYLO --> lynch joe/slab/kira
--F6--> nomination lynch town ({ele, task}/shadow/noNK)
--F5 LYLO--> lynch joe/slab/kira
-- F4 --> lynch last mafia
-- F3 --> lynch zelda if game is still on

Final 2 alive are two of (Taskmanager, shadow, NoNK, ele), if no one trusts me to go to endgame that's cool too, just kill me at F6

And now you might be thinking "NoNK how could you possibly have the whole scumteam on day 4?" Well ok first of all read my post, and second of all, if you don't think that's the scumteam, that means I'm either wrong on zelda (which is fine, because we bring zelda + (the stray townie) to final 4 and then lynch them back to back), or you think I'm mafia (which doesn't make sense because I don't even have myself surviving to endgame), so I would have to be partners with one or more of {taskmanager, ele, shadow}, which will look pretty stupid after we lynch one of them today and they flip town

You stated that if you are mafia, you have to be partners with at least one nominee. We can't eliminate the posibility of you bussing task. It is also very suspicious that you came to a conclusion at the start of the day. Especially when it's an even day. If you posted this right after you were replaced, you might have been able to convince people to lynch me. But you didn't. Although you have a piece of eviddence which is that mutant flipped town, but that you can't really get a strong scumread of me out of that. Your theory soundds hilarious. Why does I'm not being replaced out of the game say that I'm scum? Well, I got a warning from norwegian saying that if I continue to be inactive he'll just replace me out. I want to finish this game. I'm trying to get better at mafia and if you know the games I've played before, I just posted useless junk in the thread and got policy lynched almost every time. The longeset I've survived without being policy lynched is to Day 3. I'm not leaving the game nor I'm being policy lynched. That means I'm getting better at mafia. Although my posts are still bad but it's not completely iseless anymore. I mean, why the **** do I get scumread literally every single time I play mafia? Once I literally threw the game for that.

#17 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-11 14:17:04

I'm trying to complete a game here ok. The last mafia game that I completed was AITP four months ago.

#18 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-11 11:07:03

ZeldaXD wrote:

I think they are doing the same thing as in d1 where all nominations are seemingly town so the weakest player (ele) is lynched.

It's not day 1 it's day 2.

#20 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-11 11:04:11

Although I have almost nothing to say here, but I claim start of day.

I'm a bit suspicious of ShadowsEdge.

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 35 game thread [MAFIA WINS] (GAME OVER) » 2019-11-09 07:54:37

TaskManager wrote:
ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

Since Mutantdevle was one of the nominees on Day 2, TaskManager might be thinking to push the lynch on Mutantdevle or someone else.

Who's to say scum!mutant wouldn't throw himself into the lynch pool and play victim if need be?? Iirc he even admitted himself that it would be reasonable for him to nominate himself

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

This is a scummy action as how TaskManager pushed the whole policy lynch wagon on KirbyKareem

As per mutant's definition of pushing the wagon, I did not push Kareem's wagon. I simply voted for him and rightfully so. And so did other players. I wasn't the first one to cast the vote and I wasn't even online for a good chunk of the wagon's build up, so I don't know why you're picking at me specifically
Also, I put Peace in L-1 because I believe the whole discussion was exhausted at that point

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

I don't see how Mutant has disagreed with me except for the post where he questioned me why I did the useless post about Peace's grammar. So where is the slight connection between me and Mutantdevle?

if two players agree with eachother most of the time thats what points to a connection between them
gg you just argued against your own point
By the way, imo having played 10 games is enough to deny you the "noob buff", so to speak

Kira get your **** together and post something of value
How much time do we have left?

I guess I have to point out that forr the most games I've played, I left in the  middle of the  game. I've only completed two games in total.

Also, is there any evidence that will disapprove scum!you will put Mutantdevle in to the nominees? I'm seeing you agreeing with Shadows read and giving me pressure to gain townie credits. You are both suspecting me and Mutantdevle are both scum. But you did it later, and ussed Shadow's points to back up your own thinking. Also, you are more aggresive so there must be some motivation behind throwing me into the "nominees" for the mojority lynch today.

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