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#2 Re: Game Discussion » why do you stay on ee » 2019-03-30 00:07:52

peace wrote:
Vinyl Melody wrote:

i like to spend energy on cow npcs when i get the chance

lmao how many cow npc's u got?

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

Guess: 100

much less actually, i haven't been active recently

#3 Re: Game Discussion » why do you stay on ee » 2019-03-29 13:54:12

i like to spend energy on cow npcs when i get the chance

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-09 17:18:11

Afkalot wrote:

Well, if the owner of the post does not want his post to be open, then he has the right to close it, everything is very simple

Luka504 wrote:

Because Anatoly is unable to keep his topics open for five seconds, I'm gonna have to open up my own.

There should be a rule where people aren't allowed to close their topic if there's an active discussion going on (with a few exceptions like an active mafia game). This stops people from ending a potentially important conversation if they feel that it isn't going their way.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Why using Forum Page instead of for leaderboard? » 2019-01-03 11:24:21

atleast one pros of using is that the videos of the runs posted there is a bit more accurate to the time that you actually got, regardless of server lag. isn't organized very well for games that are very IL heavy.

why not just use when it's a speedrun of the whole campaign? (single segment but not counting the loading time)

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2018-12-27 10:05:04

welcome to EE, enjoy your stay!

oh, and it's too late. you can't escape now //

#9 Re: Creative » Santa's List » 2018-12-26 09:44:28

thank u santa!!!11!!
now melody has cowbell and feel happi!!111


#12 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-29 02:44:10

Everybody Edits Zones

These Zones would be areas where any players can edit in the area created by the World Owner! The block picker would automatically show up to players when entering the zone, and disappear when leaving the zone.


#13 Re: Creative » Share your computer graphics. » 2018-11-04 13:45:28

dam, i don't make enough computer graphics :0

smol draw i did for halloween (but big res)

#14 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release | Not A Client btw] LuaEE » 2018-09-19 02:02:05

psst, hey

new version

please test to see if there are any bugs that i missed :0

also check the github repo's for some info about writing the bot, since there's a few stuffs that i've changed

link is at the main post

#15 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release | Not A Client btw] LuaEE » 2018-09-10 12:46:13

Nexus221 wrote:

I crash everytime i launch it cri

Oh no! Can you please message me the error that it says? I'll make sure to fix it in the next update.

Anatoly wrote:
Nexus221 wrote:

I crash everytime i launch it cri

Fatal error: Virus has no connection with the owner to steal your passwords

This bot is 100% virus-free uwu. It's only purpose is to take in the C# data and send it as Lua function calls!


I guess at this moment, the bot is broken atm. And sadly, my PC needs another reformat. I'll make sure to start fixing the bot as soon as possible!
For now, I guess have this github project link.

#16 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release | Not A Client btw] LuaEE » 2018-09-09 17:24:47

capasha wrote:

Any way to get the sourcecode?


well, as of now
still has to fix my PC due to win10 problems
but the project might be on my backup hard drive
will check asap, upload to github and notify /)

#17 Re: Bots and Programming » a way » 2018-09-09 15:39:33

I did make a thingy for that.
It's a C# console application but you do most of your bot code in Lua.
if there are issues with it just pls let me know :3

forum topic

#19 Re: Crews » Airship Crew [AC] » 2018-08-25 15:42:37

EE Username : MelodyCow
Minimaker, builder, artist or tester?  : Minimaker, Tester
What block packages do you have? : Not the ones on the classic tab
What campaigns have you completed? : Every campaign except Video Game 2 and the four Extreme campaigns
Example world :
Timezone : UTC + 8
Do you have beta and/or gold? : Beta

#22 Re: Game Business » [Registration] OFFICIAL Everybody Edits Tournament » 2018-08-12 12:58:59

Team Name: horse
Team Leader: MelodyCow
Team Members: lol it's still just me

#23 Re: Bots and Programming » Does Javascript PIO has support for case "add" when player already ... » 2018-07-27 12:41:22

I think Anatoly meant if the add message contains "yup this user was here before the player/bot joined", afaik you cant.

P.S. Just like LukaM said, all the clients gets treated the same, so you don't have to specify what language you're usig when it comes to PIO messages

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