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#1 Re: Bug Reports » not sure if its an bug or not but.... » 2019-11-20 20:18:51

Generally I'm against locking topics because pretty often there is more information, related issues or questions, and if the topic is locked we end up with 5 topics about the same / similar things, which makes it a lot harder to keep track of and find important information.

#2 Re: Bug Reports » not sure if its an bug or not but.... » 2019-11-20 14:11:23

Yes it's a bug.

It's because Xeno and Josh wanted to get the update out by a certain time, so Josh didn't have time to polish some of the things he'd have liked to. I assume it'll be fixed either next update or soon after though //

#3 Re: Bug Reports » EEU bug » 2019-11-18 20:28:37

(It's the bug with collected coins being displayed incorrectly)

It's a known bug caused by iirc an unintended consequence of a later change, I'm pretty sure Josh has fixed it and it'll be back to normal next update //

#4 Re: Questions and Answers » I am missing my account of 8 years and I can't retrieve it. » 2019-11-09 15:43:14

If you did end up sending an email to [email protected] then sorry if we missed it, sometimes there's a bit of a backlog of emails to get through.

Xenonetix is currently the one handling anything account related, so I've messaged him letting him know about your problem.

#5 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-11-08 15:43:10

PiotrGrochowski wrote:
PiotrGrochowski wrote:

so it turns out the developers changed their mind, because the font being a webfont, it can be replaced successfully:

to make it so that it couldn't be changed, it would have to have each character in an swfsvg file, the same way you did the blocks

It can technically be changed through browser hackery, yes, it's just unsupported and will likely break things.

#6 Re: Questions and Answers » What made 1x1 hooks possible? » 2019-11-04 20:10:24

tl;dr: it was an unintended consequence of allowing you to fall into one block gaps.

There's a problem with collision detection where if you have a gap with a width close enough to the width of an object, that object won't be able to fall into it. This is the reason why almost no games have a character with width exactly one block.

EE solved this with a bit of a hack. It only calculates collisions with the blocks in a 2x2 square around the position you'd end up after the end of a tick if you didn't collide with anything, which means that for a single frame you can actually go through the corner of a block as long as you do so in a single tick. Here's a diagram I made a while ago:

EEU however takes a pretty different approach, it keeps track of the direction you're trying to go when you're sliding against a block, and when you slide off the edge of a block it will prioritise this direction before the other if for example you're at the corner of a block. This leads to the same effect when it comes to sliding against a wall or the floor, but doesn't introduce the bug that allows you to jump through the corner of a block.

Edit: Here's a diagram of what EEU does:
(you can imagine that it's checking every block for collisions, although it omits some that don't make any difference for efficiency reasons)

#7 Re: Bug Reports » EEU soemtimes needs a few refreshes to let me play » 2019-11-04 18:04:50

peace wrote:
peace wrote:

sometimes it gets stuck on the sign in page where the fb icon is loadin (loggin me in wiht fb) requiring 1-3 refreshes then it logs me in and sometimes get stuck on initializing requriing another 1-3 refreshes an dif im unlucky it alos can get stcuk on connection process require another 1-3 refreshes

lukem bumb i think you didnt read the OP did you?

I did but I forgot to reply it seems, we're currently looking into these problems but haven't been able to replicate them ourselves yet (I've switched my own account over to using Facebook since this was first reported, but I haven't had any problems yet). We are planning on redoing the login system slightly when we add support for non google/facebook login methods so if we haven't found out the cause by then then it should be fixed anyway, but that's fairly low down our priority list so it might be a while.

If you or anyone else has any more information that could help then please let us know (I guess if there are any errors in the console when it fails to load or anything), personally the only thing I've managed to do to stop it from working is enable strict content blocking (which is disabled by default and warns you that it may break sites), but I can't think of a situation where this could cause it to sometimes load and sometimes not.

#8 Re: Off Topic Discussion » I have two questions about: Adobe Flash dies in 2020 & shockwave died » 2019-11-04 17:19:21

Minisaurus wrote:
Different55 wrote:

They will not receive security updates so for safety you should run flash things inside a sandbox or VM.

Like the SFW files comes with a door that hackers can use to introduce viruses to my computer later on, or do the viruses already come inside within the SFW files?

Are SFW files like doors for hackers?

Adobe currently try to fix any security vulnerabilities they find with Flash as soon as they can, they're basically making sure that people can't do any damage to your files or computer, or get access to anything you don't give them access to. Once they end support for Flash they'll no longer do this though, meaning that it's possible that there is some (currently unknown) exploit that will allow someone to do some (currently unknown) damage in some (currently unknown) way.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-04 01:23:05

Processor wrote:

The discussion dynamic shifted away from the point I was making.

Yeah, it sounds complicated to do physics independently of graphics, but that's exactly why so many libraries exist to help //

You're reinventing the wheel.
It's silly to assume that you have implemented a superior solution to what has basically been the industry standard for a decade.
Do not underestimate the amount of experience AAA game engine developers have in this area.
They are smarter than you are.

As a player, I honestly couldn't care less about how the physics are ticked.
Instead of focusing on things that actually matter, you have spent your time on some over engineered solution to an already solved problem.

My player vibrates and I hate it.

To be perfectly honest, the reason I decided to design the physics engine like that was because I wanted to try out some related maths I'd been studying at uni and thought that a physics engine would be a good use for it. The reason that the industry standard is what it is is that it's a lot faster to implement, and in most games the physics engine isn't important enough to spend a lot of extra time developing something better when the problems are small enough that you don't usually notice them. EEU is pretty much just a hobby for me so if I have the chance to do something that is more interesting and results in a better end product than the industry standard, I'll choose to spend the extra time any day.

#10 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-03 22:30:28

Processor wrote:

The solution to that is to just interpolate between the last two frames. This article explains it pretty well: … _timestep/

That would be a possible way to do it, yeah, but it would lead to small inconsistencies and complications and our physics system supports doing it properly anyway, so that's not how we're doing it.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-03 22:21:06

Processor wrote:

On a 120 FPS screen, my smiley "vibrates" when falling down.
On a 60 FPS screen, it works fine.

So whatever "better" method you're using, it isn't working as intended.

This is a solved problem guys, there is not much science behind it.
Original EE ran physics independently of the graphics.
Which is the industry standard for multiplayer games (to ensure identical results on different machines).

(About the issue):
That's an issue with the camera being handled seperately to the physics system, it's on my list of improvements to make.

(About variable framerates in general):
That system looked terrible in EE though, it's the reason people claimed that EE didn't look smooth even when they were running at 60fps, it means that you alternate between advancing one tick and advancing two ticks per frame, which makes it look pretty bad.
In EEU we have a pretty nice system that allows the game to truly run at different tick rates without leading to the inconsistencies you mentioned that most games that do true variable refresh rates have.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-03 21:08:38

Processor wrote:

This is a 2d platformer game with axis-aligned rectangular hitboxes. Writing a physics engine for it is not rocket science.
Variable framerates and handling state are not novel issues and good algorithms and libraries exist for both of them. Every game in existence deals with that. I fail to see how that can be so challenging.

Don't have time to go into the detail right now (I've probably given some more detail elsewhere if you want it), but the physics engine we're using is more than the basic calculate a; v += a; d += v; check collisions; thing, and supports non-rectangular non-axis-aligned hitboxes, and we're doing variable framerates in a better way than most of the default implementations you're probably thinking of.

#13 Re: Bug Reports » EEU soemtimes needs a few refreshes to let me play » 2019-11-03 17:47:04

mutantdevle wrote:
LukeM wrote:

I'm pretty sure we plan on doing the same thing as we're doing currently for the forums.

Was this a recent decision made in light of the recent drama? Because Xeno has explicitly said that his company will own the EEU forums and that he will have moderation powers over them (but that he doesn't intend to do any moderation once EEU is fully out with diff being in charge).

TBH I'm not completely sure, it was mostly just him and Diff discussing it directly, I just know that it's Diff setting it up and that we're no longer (since before the recent stuff happenend) planning on integrating forum accounts with EEU accounts, so it would make sense to be running them the same as the current forums.

#14 Re: Bug Reports » EEU soemtimes needs a few refreshes to let me play » 2019-11-03 17:32:42

Gosha wrote:
Growler wrote:

I thought eeu forum already exist?

also peace there's a dedicated discord to EEU. Hell its managed by EEU staff as well.

please, who gonna join forums controlled by official staff and not by Different. It's like signing a document that gives them permission to censor you at any cost

He was talking about the discord, I'm pretty sure we plan on doing the same thing as we're doing currently for the forums.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-02 16:52:56

Processor wrote:
LukeM wrote:

I meant more the sorts of things that aren't easily changed later on

Like what?

The core physics engine, the ways we handle state, how we handle varying framerates, those sorts of things.
I guess things like the graphics and UI systems too, but we're still in the process of designing those systems so they're not final yet.

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-02 02:58:30

Processor wrote:
LukeM wrote:

The reason it's been taking longer is that we've been making sure that we design things in a way that is sustainable, [...]. EEU is supposed to, among other things, be a chance to start from scratch and make the correct design decisions from the start [...].

I wish what you say was true...

I feel so removed from the community when playing EEU due to the way the menus obstruct my screen if I keep them open.
Is this really the best you could do?

I meant more the sorts of things that aren't easily changed later on, but yes, we are currently in the process of working on a better layout for things like chat and the user list, that was just a first concept for how we might decide to lay things out so that we could try it out and see what it feels like, that's what the beta is for after all.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » [EEU] Secret Santa 2019 » 2019-11-01 21:28:31

XxAtillaxX wrote:

T'is the season for some new forum drama. Falalala, la la la la.
You two should give each other a hug, sing some carols and host the Secret Santa together.

or postpone it for another few weeks because it's not anywhere near Christmas yet!!!

#18 Re: Game Discussion » [EEU] Secret Santa 2019 » 2019-11-01 20:03:35

Zumza wrote:

I never said such thing, nor insinuated. On the contrary actually. Please reread my response to Zoey.

Again, my intent is to popularise an idea that is truly beneficial for the community, and indeed a meaningful gift, that is: having a Secret Santa in EEU for all, this December.
And I have the conviction, that the odds are in our favour for this, regardless of what staff may state at this point. //

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you, but I thought it was pretty clear that Zoey was planning on running one, I guess she just doesn't want to stoop to announcing it several weeks before things like this usually begin. We're not trying to stop people from celebrating Christmas, again, sorry if this is what you thought I was saying, it's just that the day after Halloween is a crazy time to start the celebrations, especially when it means that you're asking people to sign up to an event in a game a lot of them can't even play yet, and last year you were saying the same.

Edit: I guess what I'm saying is that I didn't think that there was any reason other than to take it from Zoey for starting this early, especially when you were publicly against starting it this early last year. If there's a good reason for it that I'm missing then please correct me.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » [EEU] Secret Santa 2019 » 2019-11-01 19:26:03

Zumza wrote:
LukeM wrote:

My interest with this topic is not to reserve my spot as an organiser.

My interest is to popularise the idea of having a Secret Santa exchange in EEU for-all.
And I think I can make it happen, provided I have enough support from other people to support this idea.

Is there a reason you think that Zoey wouldn't be fit to run it or something? I don't see why that means that you had to jump in front of Zoey and start the secret santa two-ish months before Christmas...

#20 Re: Game Discussion » [EEU] Secret Santa 2019 » 2019-11-01 18:31:54

Can we hold off on the arms race to create the Secret Santa topic as early as possible just as a grab to be the one organising it? It's getting pretty ridiculous, even shops haven't started stocking anything christmas related here and they already do it insanely early... //

Zoey has claimed it pretty loudly and openly a year or so in advance twice in a row now, and both times people have still dashed in as soon as possible to beat everyone else to it... You even wooted the majority of the posts complaining about this last year, so you obviously know what's been happening...

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-01 16:05:33

den3107 wrote:

Perhaps an extension to what LukeM said above, not sure if this is true (LukeM could confirm this I guess)

Benjaminsen also had a lot more time he could put into the original EE, whilst I'm fairly certain the devs of EEU had EEU, potentially other personal projects, study, work.
While it might've taken a long time, we don't really know how much FTE was actually put into the development (and they really don't have or had any obligation to share that information).

Pretty sure PlayerIO was Benjaminsen's full time job at the time, yes, and EE was basically just an extension of that, but don't quote me on that as I might be mistaken.

Right now EEU isn't really any of our full time jobs, it's more of a hobby with a potential job if you want it at the end I guess. I'm a full time student at University, Josh is a self employed game developer but he has several other projects than EEU, and I think similar things are the case for the graphics and music teams (and for pretty much everyone else when they transition to working on EEU), Xeno is probably the closest to working full time on it, but it's not really making enough money to be a full time job, so he earns most of his living from other things on the side.

So I guess tl;dr: don't expect it to be developed as fast as games with a budget for a full team of developers or whatever, but we are trying to make sure that what we do produce is as high quality as possible, it'll just take time.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Mistakes in transitioning EE to EEU » 2019-11-01 15:06:49

Just going to respond to this bit ^

The reason it's been taking longer is that we've been making sure that we design things in a way that is sustainable, it's a lot faster to build something when you don't care what happens with it (EE was originally just supposed to be a quick and easy proof of concept for Benjaminsen's main project PlayerIO). EEU is supposed to, among other things, be a chance to start from scratch and make the correct design decisions from the start so that it doesn't end up as a mess like EE has, this just takes a bit longer than throwing something together without planning for the future.

I get that a lot of this work isn't obvious to the general player yet, so it doesn't look like we've been making much progress, but that's a price we decided early on that we were willing to pay for hopefully a better outcome in the long run.

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (Xenonetix addresses hazards in EEU) » 2019-10-30 16:53:04

Trytu wrote:
peace wrote:

there shoudl be multiply ways of usoning ramps i don tthink you always want to push the player to <when falling on /

what about slippery (ice) and rough ramps?? slippery would make it impossible to run on them, and rough would make player not to go in ramp direction when falled on it

I guess if we were to do this ramps and stairs could work pretty well.

Trytu wrote:

btw when i played EEU few times there was some missing thing i experienced... are there plans to add autoalign?? i know i can just hold spacebar to jump into the hole above, but will it be possible to jump without holdspace in the future?

We thought that in EEU it would be better to have an auto-align system you're in full control of, so it doesn't align you when you don't want to be aligned. The current system aligns you to a gap when you try and jump through it, which generally does pretty well at achieving this goal.

#24 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-10-30 16:49:58

peace wrote:

will there be an bot toool in EEU to allows ANYONE wihtout coding code some bots i mean for some players who cant code but still want to make bots in EEU for digbto i would asume you can select a bclok tuype and if touched wiht movement pqacket it chnage bloock to (none or dot wwhihcever oyu like) and add a chnace to drop X ore ect btu it cfan alos sllow for other bots  maby guns like if X block is placed it shoots X block in Xd irection ect

We do plan on making it at least easier to make bots in EEU than it is in EE, but those sorts of things would probably be better as third party configurable bots, similar to what ninjabot was.

#25 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (Xenonetix addresses hazards in EEU) » 2019-10-29 23:54:54

TaskManager wrote:
LukeM wrote:
TaskManager wrote:

when will people realize that ramps dont make sense in EE/U

Is there a particular reason why you think that? Personally I think they would be pretty useful and fit in quite well.

There are multiple issues with them that would have to be resolved, for example:
falling onto a ramp with high velocity should push you sideways according to ramp's tilt
the speed of a player climbing/descending from a ramp should be different than horizontal movement speed
gravity on the tile where the ramp is - that's another issue. until we get a completely separate layer just for gravity, this will be a problem for ramps and other blocks that don't have a full square collision shape

The first few should already work properly, the physics engine we're using for EEU was designed to simulate things like collisions realistically to make it easy to implement these sorts of things without inconsistencies or spaghetti code later on.
As for the gravity thing, I think we're at least considering adding gravity zones, which would effectively work like a gravity layer as you were suggesting.

I guess ramps are something where I think we would need to put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that they work consistently and correctly, but I do think we could get it right if we did.

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