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#1 Re: Game Discussion » My resignation » 2020-08-04 18:48:48

Idk, everything they said seemed to be pretty obviously their own speculation / opinion to me

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE got pwned (Breach) again? Is it safe to continue playing EE? » 2020-08-01 19:09:42

Crybaby wrote:
Minisaurus wrote:

Xenonetix said that attacks can be expected, so I wonder how bad can the next attacks be (EE is exposed to whatever hacker, not necessarily known ones)
The staff said that all user data is secured, but I am certainly worried of what the staff consider "safe"
How much damage can the hacker do to the player (About Privacy & Security) theoretically?

Given the extent of the hack made a few days ago, I'd venture a guess and say that the most damage a hacker can do to a player right now is:

• Delete all of their account data
• Give them admin powers
• Give them gems
• Give them access to all blocks and smileys
• Edit their worlds, including the ability to clear their world and save
• By extension, delete the campaigns
• Otherwise alter the campaigns in such a way to make them impossible or to make them easy
• Kick players from worlds they don't own, including the world owners
• Change their username one or a few times
• Edit crew data

I don't have any proof that this is the fullest extent of what a hacker can do to the game, but based solely on statements made by the developers after the hack before the last one, and Atilla's actions during this hack, this is what I assume to be it

I'm not part of the staff team anymore but I've been speaking with some of them and I was there for the previous hacking incidents so I have a rough idea of what's going on:

- Atilla only modified data from the database (i.e. most of the things you mentioned).
- He also claimed to have access to the source code for EE and EEU, but has not yet done anything that proves he does.
- They have no evidence of how atilla got access, and have not yet found any exploits that would allow him to do so other than finding out one of their passwords.
- Although atilla hasn't yet done anything other than manipulate database data, if he did find out someone's password he could likely do a lot more.
- I don't believe atilla would do anything dangerous such as collect/leak user passwords, but if he can gain access it's likely that others can too.
- Currently the staff have changed their passwords and restored data, but afaik they don't know whether that was the attack atilla used and haven't done anything meaningful to prevent him (or anyone else) from getting passwords again.
- A vunerability I found last year allows anyone who had a staff password to continue to have access indefinitely until the game is transferred to a new PlayerIO account.
- I don't believe they've completed such a transfer yet.
- Xeno has started up the game again and is asserting that it is "completely safe".

#3 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE got pwned (Breach) again? Is it safe to continue playing EE? » 2020-08-01 01:41:22

I should probably point out that the vulnerability I found with PlayerIO last year wouldn’t apply in this case so this is probably not the same thing, a similar attack would have needed access to Xenonetix’s passwords, in which case all bets are off on which parts of the site are compromised and whether another major breach might happen.

#4 Re: Questions and Answers » In what "technology" is builded EEU? (Programming Language?) » 2020-07-16 09:21:17

(It uses TypeScript which is basically the same as JavaScript, which is what HTML5 games are made using)

#5 Re: Bug Reports » Campaigns errors » 2020-06-11 18:25:07

(Reminder to be super careful about changing these sorts of things, Flash isn't a very secure platform and PlayerIO doesn't provide a secure 'remember me' service, so make sure you understand all the implications of any change before you make them or passwords could be at risk)

#6 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything 5 - Xenonetix » 2020-05-24 12:02:51

What changes have you made to resolve the problems with your ownership?
Please touch on the following main areas:
- Have you made any progress with the potential ownership transfer?
- Lack of information within the staff team (e.g. the design/roadmap documentation being private or massively outdated)
- Unacceptable communication with community members in private
- Anger management within the staff team
- Little of the community being 'on your side'
- The general feel of 'working for you' instead of 'working as a team of peers on a common hobby'

Ideally try not to use "a lot of the staff that complained have quit" as a reason for improvement for the obvious reasons.

#7 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 22:55:30

Thought I should probably talk a bit about where I'm at after all this has happened. First Chris does have access to all the server stuff I worked on, not sure why he made it sound like I was refusing to upload it or something... When I quit he had everything apart from maybe a week or two of stuff that was still in progress, which has now been uploaded.

Second the stuff about not enjoying working under Chris on the staff team:

I do still enjoy programming and will likely continue with similar projects (and would definitely consider joining back if there was an ownership change or something), it's just that I really wasn't enjoying working with Chris and I don't think anyone should spend their free time doing something they don't enjoy.

I did really want to enjoy what I was doing though, there were plenty of interesting things to work on and I'll probably finish quite a few of them anyway for my own projects. Leaving the staff team was pretty much a last resort, we've been talking to Chris about these problems for more than a year now (and previous staff were talking to him about quite a lot of them long before that) and sadly not much has changed. We would bring up some problem and eventually come to some agreement that we thought would fix it, but then it would just never really happen. I guess the promise that something would happen was enough to keep us quiet for a bit at which point he never really needed to follow through with things.

I really don't want the game to die out, but relying on people doing something they don't enjoy for the sake of keeping the game going isn't sustainable. Something does have to change, I guess the question is what.

Chris did recently say that he was considering selling the game to someone else with more resources, and if that means people working on the game as a job that's probably the best chance for success, so hopefully that doesn't get dropped.

Failing that there's definitely still plenty of people who would be happy to donate their time to support the game, just most of them don't want to because of how things are being run right now. Maybe if it were done as more of a community project instead of a full on business that'd be more successful. I know that quite a lot of the problems I had came from attempting to run it as if it were a proper business without having the resources to do it properly.

Anyway I guess we'll just have to see how things go. Hopefully John joining doesn't cause Xeno to drop his plans for a transfer or anything. I've known John for a while and he definitely cares a lot about the game, he probably just has doubts as to whether any transfers or anything will happen and doesn't want the game to be abandoned.

#8 Re: Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-19 19:23:00

Just clearing up the timeline of when things were being done for the server rework: (if you want the short version skip to the bottom)

I can't remember when exactly I started thinking about / doing small amounts of research on the project, but I was mostly working on other things like getting to the closed beta stage and the various changes and fixes around that until mid-late October last year. I probably intended to be properly working on this sooner, but the hacking incidents, my summer internship, and blosed beta stuff ended up meaning that wasn't the case. By this time I was already back at university so didn't have much time to spend on it until the Christmas holiday (which was technically 5 weeks, but this includes getting packed to go to/from university, holiday assignments, revision for exams, and pre-term exams, so it's effectively quite a lot shorter). This holiday was split between relaxation time with family/friends, this university stuff, working on the server rework, and working on portals / the secret santa / physics changes / whatever. I believe that without this extra stuff I would have had time to get it finished during that holiday, and I might have said that I still believed that it would probably be finished with the extra stuff, but this ended up not being the case. It would have been finished this holiday if these events hadn't happened.

So it has now been around 15 months since I started working on EEU, probably around 9 months since we started properly considering the server rework, around 6 since it was my main project, of which ~4 were taken up by university stuff, leaving ~2 months of proper free time, some portion of which was spent working on EEU stuff (the server rework, portals, physics changes, secret santa, etc).

#9 Re: Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-18 20:43:37

Just to be super clear about this, I'm not saying that I don't have any problems myself, I'm just trying to explain things from my point of view and the reasoning behind leaving the staff team so people can make up their own decisions.

Yes I'm generally pretty slow at getting things done, that's partly because I have relatively little time to work on EEU, that’s partly due to low morale, but that's also partly just the way I am. With this sort of thing I guess I just prioritise the quality of what is produced over how quickly it is done, that’s just what I find enjoyable.

What I wanted was a fun hobby where I can spend time doing things I haven't done before, EEU seemed like an excellent opportunity to do that as it was meant to be the time things were done right instead of just fast, and a lot of the things that needed doing were things I found pretty interesting and hadn't done before, so it seemed like my interests aligned with the game's goals.

I can definitely see reasoning behind Chris's viewpoint, even if I don’t agree with it. It seems to me like he believes that I'm being unreasonably slow, so he wants to make me speed up. He seems to feel like he doesn’t have any other leverage, so tries to do this by limiting what I’m physically able to do, and removing the enjoyment that I get from working on things slowly, so that what he wants me to do gets done faster, but this does just end up making me enjoy working on the game less and I end up spending less time on it and things end up getting done even slower than before.

I do legitimately believe that throughout all this Chris still wants the best for the game whether or not he does it, to be honest there’s no other logical reason for him to still be here. Although we’re very thankful for the money from the Patreon, it is enough to pay for the servers and little more, if he wanted money he’d be better off getting a weekend job at McDonalds or something, and, well, the ‘fame’ is obviously not going too well. I was just no longer enjoying working under him so I’ve stopped. This is a mix of me trying to give my own perspective so people can see both sides of the things he has been saying about me, and I guess just wanting to make my reasoning clear.

So yeah…
Does he have good intentions? I believe so.
Does he have good ideas for the direction of the game? I also believe so.
Do I like working with him? No.
Am I part of the problem there? Probably.
Am I the one in the wrong? I don’t believe so, but that’s not for me to judge.
Is he a good owner overall? Maybe not, but again, I’m a bit biased here so I can’t say for sure.

#10 Re: Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-18 12:33:39

Thought I should probably clarify some things around the server rework:

I'm not sure when exactly I started researching the project, but if I gave an estimate for it being finished by the end of September (not that I recall doing so) that would have been before I had a good idea of what needed to be done, and I would have made it very clear how uncertain an estimate before you really know what needs doing is. Over the summer almost all my time was taken up by my internship, the hacking incidents, and getting the game to the Closed Beta phase (improvements to hosting, authentication systems, world saving, etc), and by the time all that had been finished I was already back at university.

While I was back at university I put a bit of time into researching what changes we would need to make to support everything we would need in the future, but much of my time was spent elsewhere so this understandably wasn't quick. The goal for the project was for it to be the last full rewrite of the server backend, so it needed to be designed with knowledge of a lot of our future plans in mind, and we didn't want to deal with multithreading problems in the future so it required a lot of knowledge of the .NET threading and concurrency system as by default C# doesn't support this, so we would have to implement it ourselves. I was implementing small parts of the project as I went but we didn't want to rush this as it would likely mean another server rework in the future.

Now a lot of the research had been finished, I estimated that if I had worked solidly on the server rework I would have expected implementation to be finished comfortably by the end of the Christmas holiday. I think what Chris is likely referencing when he says about working on portals since September were the few diagrams I sent describing our options for how they could act, but there wasn't a lot of discussion about that so it took up almost none of my time, and I only started implementation at the start of the Christmas holiday. This along with some changes to the block state system and the Secret Santa ended up taking me up to Christmas with little work being done on the server rework. After this I spent a couple days collecting feedback about portals and trying to find any quick changes we could make that would solve some of the problems they obviously had, as this was the small window we had where we could change them without breaking too many worlds, but these features were never released as Chris told us not to make any changes until he had read through everything, and then went mostly offline for a while. After this I did continue to collect feedback when I noticed it as feedback is very important for these sorts of things, but this was mostly done when I wasn't at my computer from my phone or laptop, and when I was at my computer it was just the occasional glance over at discord once every few minutes while I was doing whatever else I was doing, so it didn't take a significant amount of time away from EEU.

After this I properly continued work on the server rework (with a bit more time being taken to work on physics changes with Chris), but at this point there wasn't long left of the holiday, and a large chunk of the time that was left was spent with family and friends as it was Christmas after all, finishing holiday work, revising for pre-term exams, and getting packed to move back, and then taking those pre-term exams, (although term technically does start when Chris mentioned, the holiday effectively ends quite a bit earlier). There was also a bit more work that needed doing than I expected, so it was now obvious that it wouldn't be finished before I went back to university. I believe it was around this time that the threat of being fired if I didn't ignore university happened, it probably wasn't that exact wording as I'm not in the discord to check quotes anymore, but it was something along those lines.

There were also discussions about hiring another staff member to help with the rework, but I explained that this wouldn't really make sense, as I had already done most of the research so either I would need to explain everything to new developer which would take more of my time than actually finishing the project, or they would have to redo all that research, which would be a massive setback, along with the fact that at this stage there just aren't many small projects that need doing for new staff members to get used to how things work, and I didn't believe that recruiting a new staff member and instantly throwing them in at the deep end on something like this would be a good idea. I never overruled any decisions about this, I just explained the problems and Chris seemed to begrudgingly accept that this was probably correct.

So that brings things back to this holiday with maybe 2-3 weeks of work left on the project, but with morale lower than ever due to the things he has been saying to me and others, this has been going even slower. Sure, I could probably have it finished a week or so from now and we could have started work on the shop, but he has promised that things will change in the future before, so I'm not inclined to believe this. If someone is going to say these things to me and then say "but it's fine, just finish X and I'll stop" then honestly I don't want to be part of that.

#11 Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-17 12:31:10

Replies: 109

So, the rumours going around probably deserve and explanation.

Yes, I have decided to leave the Everybody Edits staff team, sorry for this short novel of a post, but this has been building up for a while so I thought it best to tell the whole story. Most of this is already public knowledge, I just thought it would be good to get some of it off my chest and tie it all together. I have tried to be unbiased but this is just my point of view, so it probably tips things in my favour a bit, I guess make of it what you will.

(Note: I no longer have access to the staff discord so I can’t fact check my quotes or the orders of events, but I’ve tried to be fairly accurate from what I remember)

It's no secret that me and Chris haven't been getting along very well for a while now, this generally started back in the Alpha when we were discussing where the game would be heading. Chris wanted certain limitations and restrictions and I disagreed, which led to a long debate about these sorts of things. Of course, it’s alright for people to disagree, but he tended to pick out and criticise my wording or bring up a load of analogies that didn't really make sense instead of giving clear reasons against the general ideas I was proposing, and I tended to spend a while trying to explain what I meant by that exact wording, and trying to explain why I didn't really think the analogies he was making made sense. This has ended up causing several needlessly long and fairly irrelevant discussions while I've been part of the staff team, and a toxic relationship between us.

He decided to solve this problem by hiding information from me and the rest of the staff so we couldn't discuss it. At first this was just chunks of the EEU roadmap, for example often the first I’d hear of a lot of plans would be when he posted them publicly on the forums, which was annoying and it made us feel like less of a team working on a shared interest and more of his (almost) free labour. This might have been fine if it were a job, but Everybody Edits is a hobby project for us, so if we’re giving our time almost for free I’d want us to feel more like peers.

Then came the incident with me, Phina, and Gosha. Tensions were high and things were behind schedule, so a lot of pressure was being put on us. We had been working on an update for EE, and we were at the point where we were ready to upload. The button was pressed and… everything crashed. The game was reverted to the previous version and we looked to the error logs to see what the problem was, Gosha saw a load of ‘nonsense’ error messages so he cleared the error history (still not really sure why he did this). What he described sounded similar to some other error messages I had seen in the past caused by some PlayerIO weirdness, but we couldn’t know for sure whether this was the case as we no longer had the error logs to prove it. We spent a while testing things on our development servers and looking for problems but we found nothing, so in the end we explained that we had no option but to start up the servers again, and it’d either be a PlayerIO thing and it’d just work, or we’d get the error messages we needed and we could revert again. Of course this was unacceptable, how could we suggest such a thing? Intentionally uploading code that previously didn’t work? We tried to explain that we had no other option but in the end he said that if we uploaded it and it broke again then we were both fired. We again tried to explain that we didn’t really have a choice but at this point Gosha and Xeno were getting angry, and saying things to each other that probably shouldn’t have been said. That was when Gosha was fired.

At this point I was fed up, I was saying that we were the ones that knew what we were doing here, and that he should be trusting that we were correct, this was when I was fired. Some time during this Phina tried to complain about how Chris was acting (can’t remember exactly what order this happened in), as she had done several times in the past, this again got out of control and she was fired too. Later on when Josh came back he recompiled and uploaded the code and everything worked fine, and later on he had convinced Chris to hire me back. We ended up discussing a lot of the problems we had with each other, in which he agreed to share more information, and we tried to make some changes that would prevent these sorts of arguments and debates in the future.

This is when the hacking started. People weren’t happy with what had happened, and Chris had renamed Gosha’s account, making him think it had been deleted, so Atilla somehow found a backdoor that allowed him to delete Chris’s account. He gave us a textual version of the account data to restore it, but this was only supposed to be for debugging purposes, so it wasn’t in an easy to use format (it was loosely based on JSON, but very invalid so you couldn’t use a premade JSON parser, and had no type information), so this was quite a bit of a pain to restore. Atilla claimed that this was a bug that specifically allowed the deletion of accounts, but we removed some development tools to be safe, and it died down for a bit.

This was around when I was moved to working on EEU instead of EE, which started off fairly well, we still weren’t being told a lot so I was still pestering Chris to share some of his plans, and morale was still low from the three of us being fired and the hacking incident, but other than that nothing was too bad. EEU was now significantly behind schedule though, so I tried to convince Chris to push the aim for the public release (now less than a month away) back to the summer holiday, as we wanted to get things done right, and if we rushed things and ended up with a lot of the problems EE had all over again, a lot of this would have been all for nothing. In the end Josh was a bit more optimistic than me about when this could be finished, and Chris changed the deadline to ‘Early 2019’.

The physics engine was one of the first things I worked on and was a very interesting project, and being mostly designed by me, not knowing what else was going on wasn’t really a problem. It went fairly slowly as I was now at university, so I had a limited amount of time that I could spend on EE, but once term ended I managed to wrap things up and after a relatively small amount of bugfixing the project seemed to be successful. Things were behind schedule but what we had was a good foundation on which to build a better game.

During this time EE started being attacked again, this time with bots spamming some non-family-friendly links. This was another hit to morale but we eventually managed to get this sorted out, but straight after they managed to somehow get access to the database and do things like giving other players admin and delete account data, at this point we audited everything we had access to, removed several keys used for development access to the database, and all created new accounts with new credentials and fewer permissions just in case that was the problem, and the attacks seemed to stop. At this point I worked on creating a proper tool to restore PlayerIO exports (which are slightly less invalid JSON) and managed to get the affected accounts restored. Shortly after this the first data breach happened. This was a mix of some data which to my knowledge had always been publicly accessible but probably shouldn’t have been (although some previous members of staff said they didn’t remember it being public, so that may have been changed by someone at some point in the previous year or so), and a PlayerIO export of all users emails and facebook names. At some point were made aware that someone knew of a PlayerIO exploit which allowed anyone to download these exports without permission, you just had to guess the time at which they were made (which was fairly doable), and I had found an exploit which allowed a development server token from any staff member (even if passwords had been changed, and I believe even if they were no longer a staff member) to get full database access. At this point we made all data that did not absolutely need to be public private, removed some data like IP addresses from the database, and notified PlayerIO of these issues. They quickly fixed the export issue, and manually invalidated all previous development server access tokens, and the problems seemed to die down.

Now morale was pretty low, we were all down from the hacking and the data breach, and Chris’s plans were still being kept from us (which at this point I was complaining about fairly frequently), but EEU was nearing a live Alpha release, so we tried to power through and I started working on the server hosting. This was also an interesting project and something I hadn’t done before, so there was quite a bit of learning involved, which I always find enjoyable. After I believe a few weeks and just before I went back to university I had a server architecture planned out and the hosting was set up, so the EEU Alpha was live! (Although now quite late)

At some point there was another incident where people’s gems were spent and friends were deleted, I quickly restored friends using my previous tool, but PlayerIO exports don’t include purchase information so I was unable to restore gems using the same process as before and Chris ended up scanning through a lot of the sales manually to try to spot ones that looked fraudulent and reverse them. This just seemed like someone managed to sign in to other accounts rather than get database access, so it wasn’t as hard to fix, it looked like someone had somehow managed to get the private key for the old linked account system, so we generated a new one and all seemed to be fixed.

At this point Chris showed us a document containing some of his plans for EEU, the idea was that this was a Google doc where we all had suggestion rights which would allow us to give feedback and generally work on ideas as more of a team. I wasn’t there at the time as I believe I was back at university at this point, but from what he says he got annoyed when some of the other staff had a bit of fun doing Google doc things (you probably know the sorts of things I mean) so he scrapped the document.

This was now exam term at university so didn’t get much done during this time, I changed some small parts of the physics engine to make it easier for Josh and the rest of the staff to tweak the constants, and did a bit of research into the rest of the hosting setup, but other than that I had little spare time.

By the time I finished my exams we were now significantly behind even the new deadline, so Chris was putting more pressure on us to get things done quickly, although I still didn’t have much time as I was taking part in a full time summer internship. I started working on the databases (a fast searchable SQL database for storing player data, and a larger but not searchable file database for storing worlds), this is when I realised that we had a problem. Josh has loosely based the previous room system on PlayerIO’s and what he was familiar with in Flash and Haxe, which meant that things were designed synchronously (meaning that we couldn’t easily wait for something like a database operation to occur without locking up the whole world until it loaded or ignoring threading issues and introducing a lot of nasty bugs that couldn’t easily be fixed). Just to be clear I don’t think he’s at fault for this, it’s just that he had had been using languages that didn’t support modern asynchronous code (which made these sorts of things much easier), so he had no way of knowing that what he was doing wasn’t the current accepted way of doing it. I continued to implement the databases using asynchronous code but as the main server didn’t support this this meant if we wanted to avoid those nasty bugs we could only load data when rooms were first created, and we couldn’t wait for data to be saved.

Unfortunately the hacking now started up once more, someone had access to the EE backend again and were putting non-family-friendly images in worlds. I believe that minimaps were removed straight away and some other in-game measures may have been taken, and I think this was this time that I asked for some pretty extreme measures to be taken for the backend as what we did previously obviously wasn’t enough. All non-critical access to the backend to be removed, so this included me, Josh, and Cercul, leaving only Chris able to make any database changes and update the game. I then began updating my previous tool to work with worlds, and created a program that would scan through worlds and spot some of the tell tail patterns left by this hacker then restore them to their previous backup. This was the summer that reached almost 40 degrees C, and I was still in London for my internship in a small student accommodation place with a window that opened maybe 10cm and no air conditioning, so working in these conditions was pretty hard, but I just about got the worlds restored. However I failed to notice that worlds had continued to be compromised after the first countermeasures we took, so although I had restored almost all of the worlds that were compromised originally, there were some new ones that I missed. Chris had some fairly colourful things to say about me after this, and unfortunately they had removed the easily detectable signs so after trying to do this automatically for a while, Josh ended up creating a tool that rendered a screen full of minimaps of worlds and looking through every single world that had changed since the attacks first started (kudos to him for this, it must have taken ages). However we weren’t done, someone managed to log people’s passwords for a few days from the EE site. After this we immediately shut down the game, and I convinced Chris that we couldn’t start it back up again until some even more extreme measures were taken. This led to me moving the whole site to static hosting that only I have access to (at this point it was very unlikely that it was my account that was compromised, as my access to the EE backend was removed pretty early on and the attacks had continued), and without anything to do with PlayerIO just in case this was another problem with them. Since then luckily there haven’t seemed to be any problems.

Now we were even further behind schedule, a good chunk of the time I had over the summer had already been used up, and morale was somehow even lower than before. Luckily we were at least fairly close to Closed Beta, the main thing blocking us was the authentication, which I was working on while Josh worked on generally polishing the game. This is something I really didn’t want to rush, especially after what had happened, so this ended up taking up most of the rest of my summer holiday, but Open Beta was finally released just as I left back for university.

So, now was time to get back the big project, the server rework. I really didn’t want us to need to rework things again, so this time I spent a long time researching our options and planning out how we’d want things to expand in the future so I could make sure the new server system could easily have other systems that we would need in the future added to it. While I was back at university things went fairly slowly for obvious reasons, and to be honest I wasn’t very motivated, from a mix of the hacking, the fairly unrealistic deadlines being set and passed and the pressure Chris was putting on us because of it, and how Chris had been treating us and certain members of the community. At this point I believe I said that I thought it could be finished over the break.

Then came the Christmas holidays. I believe that this was the point at which Chris started intentionally hiding as much information as possible from me because he believed that if I didn’t know about anything else that was planned he could force me into spending more time on the server rework. All this meant I just wasn’t really enjoying working on the game anymore. At the start I spent a bit of time working on the server rework, Chris asked if I could work on portals, so I said that it would delay the server rework but I didn’t think it would take too long, and we wanted to set up a Secret Santa, which I believe I said would take a couple days so Chris said that would be ok. I did admittedly get a bit side-tracked as our block state system was a bit of a pain to work with from a physics standpoint at the time, so I spent a week or two maybe designing and implementing something that made that easier and implementing portals on top of that, but the Secret Santa was finished in about as long as expected. As it was Christmas I also spent a lot of time with family and friends, so in the end the server rework was delayed by a few weeks maybe so I still had quite a bit of work left at the end of the holiday that I didn’t manage to get done in time.

Since then Chris has been putting more and more pressure on us to get things done, and has been trying more and more things to try to force me into getting things done faster, to the point that he once said that if I didn’t ignore university and get the server rework done there and then he would fire me, which I obviously said no to, as since I joined the staff I have been clear that university comes first, and that I might not have any time to work on EE during term time.

So here we are, the following holiday, Chris has said some more unacceptable things to and about me and members of the community, and he continues to try to do stupid things to force me into working on EE more even though I’ve made it clear that this just makes my time less enjoyable, for example for the April fools update he didn’t tell me anything about it until maybe a few of hours before we were supposed to update as he thought I would waste time working on EE? Josh (wasn’t told/forgot?) that he needed to be there, and I didn’t know when the update would be (there might have been a short window between when I knew when the update was planned to be released and when Josh left for the night, but not sure about this) or that he needed to be there so I couldn’t have reminded him, so I ended up having to spend several hours setting things up to compile EE myself (as Flash is losing support finding compatible versions of compilers and things is getting increasingly more difficult, so when I got a new computer fairly recently as EE wasn’t really supposed to have any more updates I never set things up). I asked to have one last staff meeting to try to change some of these things, but it seemed like not all that much was going to change, he did agree to make the team channels in our staff server public but reverted it within minutes, and after a vote to change it back he disabled message history to make the change effectively useless so he could technically respect the vote while not actually changing anything (admittedly it didn’t pass with a huge margin, possibly because a lack of information was more of a problem for me than the rest of the staff, not sure, but it still passed). He has made it clear that he’s not going to stop doing those things to try to force me to work more on EEU while there’s something he thinks needs doing quickly. (He said that when things like the server rework were finished he’d stop, but not before that, and there will undoubtedly be times like this again in the future.)

So now I just don’t believe I can enjoy working on the staff team anymore while Chris is in charge, so I’ve made the decision to leave. I’m not sure how much of this is me and how much is him, I am certainly slow at getting things done but I don’t believe I’m unacceptably slow, and I do tend to seem to stretch out debates quite a bit, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem when I’m talking to other members of staff and I’ve heard from other past/current staff members that they have also had these sorts of problems working with him. I guess there might just be a type of person that he just can’t work with, and I might be that type of person. I do believe that he wants the best for the game, and to be honest his plans for the game that we have seen have been mostly good, if for example this was a job so the expectations for enjoyment and information were lower and more time could be spent on the game, and he managed to deal with his anger problems I do believe that he could successfully manage a game. I do genuinely wish the rest of the staff team the best and hope that they can find enjoyment where I no longer can and I’d like to thank the community for generally being supportive of most of the staff team (most of the time). I am genuinely sad that I have to go, but if I can no longer enjoy doing what I do then I don’t want to be stuck doing something I don’t enjoy.

I wish you all the best and hope to stay in touch as a member of the EE community,

#13 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EE Adobe Flash programs » 2020-04-06 16:50:17

capasha wrote:
LukeM wrote:

The executable is just a basic browser that automatically navigates to packaged up into a single file (Microsoft provides a simple browser which is basically a stripped down version of Internet Explorer to be included in other Windows programs).

Can't really say it's a webbrowser. It just using Internet Explorer's flash version Aka Adobe Flash Active-X.
These tools doesn't use Internet Explorer's webbrowser component. Just pure Active-X, which is bundled to Internet Explorer when downloaded.

I haven't seen the source for the EE perfect loader, but the old official exe did literally just create a .net WebBrowser component and remove the normal browser controls.

#14 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EE Adobe Flash programs » 2020-04-06 14:52:43

The executable is just a basic browser that automatically navigates to packaged up into a single file (Microsoft provides a simple browser which is basically a stripped down version of Internet Explorer to be included in other Windows programs).

There aren't really any concrete reasons to use it over the main site, some people just find it more convenient, and some people have said that they get slightly better performance using it, but I've never found this to be the case myself.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » xeno fix my account instead of breakign all my alts its not fun » 2020-04-03 13:06:40

Is this fixed now?

Josh didn't know when the update was planned to be or that he would be needed so he wasn't online at the time, and since I got a new computer semi-recently I haven't worked on anything for EE, so didn't have things set up to compile a version of the client. Now that Flash is losing support this is getting progressively more difficult to set up properly due to incompatibilities so I ended up setting something temporary up just for that update, so the current theory is that the couple problems were something to do with that.

This last update was compiled properly by Josh so if that is the case then the problems should be fixed, if not then let us know and we can try to work out what's happening.

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Why do they do this? » 2020-03-31 15:00:55

TaskManager wrote:
Yu wrote:

I run program. It does poop for me.

teach me the bowel skip

There’s a good tutorial here:

#17 Re: Questions and Answers » Everybody Edits Universe Beta INVITE » 2020-03-30 22:24:17

If you use the link in the email you should be able to link your EEU account to a Google/Facebook account for you to sign in with, once you've done that that account should be given access.

#18 Re: Bug Reports » EEU soemtimes needs a few refreshes to let me play » 2020-03-20 02:24:27

peace wrote:

i alos use chrome lukem maby you use a diffrent browser

I use Firefox, I guess I'll try using Chrome for a bit and see if that changes anything.

#19 Re: Bug Reports » EEU soemtimes needs a few refreshes to let me play » 2020-03-16 20:09:32

I still haven't been able to reproduce the problem. I've had my account set up to use Facebook since you first reported the issue and still haven't had any problems.

At some point fairly soon we'll probably be removing the extra login page and including it in the client so if there's some weird behaviour with cookies or the page reload that might fix it, otherwise I guess we need to wait for more information or a way to reproduce it before we can do anything about it. If it's still not fixed towards the end of the Beta I'll probably spend more time trying to collect information and reproduce it or somehow debug what's happening.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » I need a little help.. » 2020-03-16 19:52:18

Currently Xenonetix is the only one who can handle account transfers, I let him know about your PM yesterday and he said he'd get around to it when he next has time.

If he hasn't contacted you in a few days let me know and I'll make sure he remembers to do it.

#21 Re: Game Business » 2019 - What's to come? » 2020-02-07 10:55:27

Gosha wrote:
Crybaby wrote:

they promised yet again (recently) that EEO would 100% get done. I doubt it.

Not a year, not a month, a YEAR! No one can believe these lies for over a year. even if eeo is being developed, they push small commits like one per month

We’re not in a rush, we don’t need to release EEO until we shut down EE, and that won’t be for a while. I’m still not really sure what’s happening with Cecul (I know he came back for a bit recently, but he hasn’t spoken to me so I’m not sure how much progress has been made), but as long as it’s finished before we’re ready to move to the open beta in EEU (the earliest we could possibly shut down EE) there aren’t any problems with that.

#22 Re: Bots and Programming » EE Client in JavaScript » 2020-02-07 00:36:37

N1KF wrote:

For months now I've been sometimes working on an EE clone in JavaScript. I don't know if the EE Staff are willing to make Everybody Edits Offline web browser compatible, but if not then somebody will need to make sure it is.Having the code from this client would probably save hours of coding.

Just clarifying that we currently just plan to release a Flash version with the online capabilities like multiplayer and the shop removed (and some small additions to make it work offline), it's not ideal as official Flash support will be ending soon, but you should still be able to play it if you already have Flash instealled, and I'd assume that there will still be workarounds to run Flash programs if not.

If you want a better performing generally more modern version of EE then that's what EEU is for. It wouldn't really make sense to do two full rewrites as that'd probably just delay both of them even more than they are already, so we've been focusing on making sure that EEU is a good replacement for EE rather than trying to move EE to something that isn't Flash. Sure it's missing a lot of the features EE currently has, but over time we hope to add a lot of the things it's missing so hopefully after a while there shouldn't really be much of a reason to play EE instead of EEU other than to look through old worlds.

#23 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2020-01-28 13:51:07

PiotrGrochowski wrote:

I officially refuse to ever play EEU. The HTML5 is a disaster and I don't trust it at all.

Could you explain why you think that? We might be able to help by explaining or clarifying some things.

#24 Re: Forum Business » Official Christmas Watch Thread » 2020-01-04 13:31:20

Snow's more of a winter thing than a christmas thing, I say we keep it until the 20th March //

#25 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2020-01-04 13:27:23

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

I wonder how EEU will handle rare cases like players jumping into random worlds and immediately sending messages and few moments, leaves the world and jumps to the next world, does the message again and same process. These messages can be anything, adverticing, offensive, Nsfw, etc. Because of this, there's not enough time to react to report the player jumping worlds sending quick messages and leaves and jumps to the next world.

I've also found it pretty annoying that you can no longer do things like that or kicking people with the 5 minute timeout thing if they leave before you're able to do it. It'd probably make sense to allow you to do those sorts of things after the player has left the world, either by recording which players left recently or allowing you to do it by right clicking on a message in chat or something.

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