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how do i decompress eelvl with python

Somehow I managed to decompress eelvl with JavaScript but now I wanna do it with Python. (I forgot where I put that so I can't use it for reference right now.)

I don't have much time right now so here is the code, now figure it out yourself my peasants and report back to me via carrier pigeon or a forum post

import gzip
with'OOGLYBOOGLY.eelvl', 'rb') as f:
    file_content =

I get a gzip.BadGzipFile error. The eelvl file loads fine in Everybody Edits Offline. I assume the problem is that it isn't a typical compressed file; instead of compressing computer files it just compresses a bunch of C# variables mashed together. I don't know how this would be handled.

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Re: how do i decompress eelvl with python

An EELVL file is a raw Deflate stream, not a full gzip file. A gzip file expects a bunch of metadata that isn’t provided by default by Flash.

I’m not sure how you’d handle this in Python, but a quick Google comes up with this, which seems like it might work: … mentations


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