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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits leak sensitive information. » 2019-04-07 14:32:25

Xenonetix wrote:

But there's nothing we can do about that in EE without breaking Friends lists or disabling Friends altogether, such is the nature of crappy PIO

Stop blaming PlayerIO for literally everything. There is something you can do about it, and it's ridiculously easy to implement.
Besides that, if we're comparing this against Facebook; I'm pretty sure Facebook allows you to hide your friends list.

#2 Game Business » Goodbye. » 2017-12-23 18:15:23

Replies: 25

Hey guys,

I'm leaving as a staff member, I've been planning on leaving for a while now, and I finally made a decision.
It's time for me to move on, I've been quite busy recently.

Emalton will take my place now I suppose, no one didn't know anything, not even any of the staff members, about this until today, thanks NVD...

Anyway, I had great fun developing stuff, I wish you all the best of luck.

#3 Re: Questions and Answers » What takes worlds so long to appear? » 2017-08-12 17:16:07

GrebBot uses my API to grab minimaps, this API can load minimaps as fast as your download speed can handle (aka in a fraction of a millisecond), the reasoning for this is because I save every minimap in a database and indexed it by worldId, this way it can instantly grab the image data. However, if you want to load lets say... 30 worlds, it would probably take way longer. That's because you're requesting them one by one.

The way EE loads your worlds is by requesting every world one by one, which is extremely inefficient. I've fixed this issue by simply loading all your worlds at once by using only one request.

#4 Re: Bots and Programming » Favorite Worlds Removal » 2017-08-04 02:21:34

Regarding the bug: I'll fix this bug later today by not saving favs/likes in your PlayerObject, but in a different table.

Some people wrote:

It unfavorites from the lobby!

It doesn't unfavorite a world from the lobby. In order to quickly unfavorite a world, you have to join it with the joinData which Gosha mentioned earlier:  { "QuickAction" :"unfavorite" }
If you do this: The server simply unfavorites the joined world, and then disconnects the client. (yes this works even if the world isn't visible)

Rough C# 6.0 (or above) Example

Besides the bugs, I find this tool pretty useful and decided to quickly write one in Javascript, so it can be used on any platform c: Sorry Goshanoob <3

#5 Re: Questions and Answers » Changing E-Mail » 2017-07-04 21:13:06

You can send a Private Message to Showpath or I on the forums.

#6 Re: Bug Reports » Non-requested username change » 2017-06-30 15:34:42

I didn't see this topic, but I've just got a PM from Zumza and I solved the issue, sorry for the delay.

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Banned » 2017-06-18 17:09:28

Strange, something must have gone wrong. I see no ban records on your account.

You've been unbanned, sorry for the trouble.

#8 Re: Bots and Programming » Protocol documentation » 2017-06-12 16:43:31

Xfrogman43 wrote:

That moment when developers of the game don't update their information and someone else has to... You should update it either as you work on it or right before the update

I wish I could edit it, but NVD doesn't reply to my question "Can you give me permissions to edit EverybodyEditsProtocol" //

#9 Re: Game Business » [Update] 20th of May 2017 - Lots of cool stuff! » 2017-05-21 19:24:09

SmittyW wrote:

It's "suppress" not "supress"


#10 Re: Game Business » [Update] 20th of May 2017 - Lots of cool stuff! » 2017-05-21 19:07:37

Bug Fixes!

Fixed /hide players
    Team/GodMode effects no longer render when you hide players.
Fixed Gravity Effect UI Bug
    The Gravity Effect in the top left corner now corresponds to the Gravity Direction you have.
Fixed Onground Bug (credits: destroyer123)
    When holding space with MultiJump effect, it won't reset your jumpcount when touching the ground. This has been fixed.
Fixed Water Flip Bug (credits: destroyer123)
    When having the Left/Right Gravity effect it now pushes you in the correct direction
Fixed Ceiling Bug
    You can no longer get Inf Jumps when hitting the ceiling.
Fixed /geffect for gravity
    /geffect username gravity down now removes the effect instead of giving it.

Fixed /geffect for multijump
    You can now give up to 999 jumps with the command. Using -1 or 1000 gives them Inf Jumps
Fixed /unmute
    When using /unmute * it'll now show the correct amount of players unmuted.
Fixed Volume Slider
    Volume Slider now saves to cookies.
Fixed Invisible Smiley Bug
    Giving an invalid Gravity Effect with the /geffect command causes your smiley to go invisible. This has been fixed.

Minor Fix:
    Changed the tag "Dot" to "Down" for Down Arrow.
    Changed the order of how the arrows are shown in Blocks Tab.

Thanks to everyone who helped me find these bugs so quickly! //

Feedback on some of the replies

#11 Game Business » [Update] 20th of May 2017 - Lots of cool stuff! » 2017-05-20 20:14:53

Replies: 51
A new update with lots of cool new stuff, changes and a few bug-fixes has arrived to Everybody Edits.


Check it out! //

+ Something got added
– Something got removed
% Something got changed


#12 Re: Game Suggestions » Direct URL Button » 2017-05-15 20:11:47

Click - Copies URL to clipboard
Shift + Click - Copies ID to clipboard


#13 Re: Worlds » EE/Place » 2017-05-06 21:41:20

Devlin wrote:

Will it ever re-open? Like in a fresh world or something?

Maybe I will.
I would love to host this again, but maybe with a much more advanced system.

#14 Game Business » [Notice] A safety reminder concerning client modifications. » 2017-04-22 19:37:59

Replies: 25

Hey, a quick heads up to everyone.

We've recently become aware of an issue concerning fraud in relation to use of widely distributed client modifications.
We have at the very least so far, received 15 separate instances of reports which undoubtedly include messages emanating from these clients.

Understandably, it's nearly impossible for us to verify in-game fraud claims on an individual basis.
We don't know who committed any actions originating from your account, whether it be your little sister, your cat, or your modified client.

As a reminder, if you are using an unofficial client, you are placing your account at risk of phishing, impersonation, and/or fraud.

As the rules clearly indicate, by allowing access to your account, you accept the risk and take full responsibility for any actions on your account.
In addition, we do not allow the spreading of malicious content, not exclusive to phishing but also to clients which enable fraud.

Thank you, and stay safe!
Everybody Edits Moderation Team

#15 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2017-04-21 13:43:18

capasha wrote:

It save the smiley in playerobject and as a flash cookie. What I think is that jesse doesn't read the smiley from the flash cookie.

I'm not sure why this happens, sorry. It works fine for me and many others.
Maybe clearing your Flash Cookies would resolve the problem?

Path for EE's Flash Cookies: %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\6AKX2QW2\\everybody-edits-su9rn58o40itdbnw69plyw

#17 Re: Game Suggestions » get position without moving » 2017-04-05 15:33:18

Tomahawk wrote:

EEPhysics is a tad overkill.
Also it's not 100% accurate with portals.
I suppose a command could be written that pulled a player's position directly from his client.

Sadly there is no other way of getting the exact location of a player without simulating physics.

The reason portals aren't 100% accurate is because the client decides which portal you should go to, not the server.

The command '/getpos username' does grab their exact position, however this is clientsided, not serversided. We won't make this command serversided because that means we would need to simulate physics in the server which isn't smart at all.

#18 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-10-19 17:32:01

Onjit wrote:

mfw my ISP won't let me access the sites I want...
Could you make a mirror link?

I've added a mirror link for version 3.2. Hope this helps!

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » Allow as many You's in your world but only count it as +1 online » 2016-10-01 17:50:59

hummerz5 wrote:

Does PlayerIO have a 6-per-IP limit or something?

No, PlayerIO doesn't.
However, Everybody Edits' Serverside does have a limit coded in were you can only connect with 6 accounts per world per IP

#20 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-09-03 13:52:57

Tomahawk wrote:

Does this always load the most recent version of EE?

Yes, it will always load the latest version of Everybody Edits without any update required.

#21 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-08-18 16:10:42

latif wrote:

Close confirmation doesn't work! Please fix //

It only asks if you have 2 or more tabs open. However, I could make it always show if that's better.

#22 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-08-15 13:27:45

capasha wrote:

You just need to add this value, axShockwaveFlash1.AllowFullScreen = "true";

This wouldn't work Capasha. It will crash the Flash Player since Flash is stupid.

#23 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-08-14 20:57:04

GermanPower68 wrote:

how to make fullsrceen with EE PerfectLoader?

If you right click in-game and enable 'Show All' it will scale up when you resize.


#25 Bots and Programming » [Release] EEPerfect Loader » 2016-07-30 15:13:45

Replies: 60

Hey everyone!

As you might know, using a webbrowser whilst playing Everybody Edits might cause some lag issues.
So I've created a "Perfect Loader" for it!
It's basically the .exe you can download from the beta (or normal) website of Everybody Edits, but with tons of features!

New version available! (v3.3.1 (64 bit), v3.3.1 (32 bit))


Please, report any bugs (via a PM) if you find them!

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