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#4 Game Suggestions » Tag block » 2018-08-09 13:24:02

Replies: 7

Who ever touchs the block will be it (with a little icon above the smiley) you can go around tagging people, also no tag backs.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Plans for Patreon! » 2018-07-25 18:35:40

So if you pay the max amount you wont get the other options like, alpha access to the reboot, name color, join the discord.

#7 Re: Game Suggestions » frontground » 2018-07-01 19:22:51

Somebody suggested this, the action blocks in specific.

#8 Re: Game Suggestions » Veteran Badge » 2018-06-11 15:40:40

Or just display how many years on everybodys profile how long they have been around.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » demod ravatroll » 2018-05-24 02:21:03

I can already see a troll smiley coming.

#10 Re: Game Discussion » demod ravatroll » 2018-05-21 21:18:12

Gosha wrote:

who is ravatroll?

Why is ravatroll?

#11 Re: Game Suggestions » smiley with multiple versions » 2018-05-14 22:59:53

In many country's cops, firefighters, nurses ect don't looks the same.?

#12 Game Suggestions » smiley with multiple versions » 2018-05-13 19:01:22

Replies: 3

Some people like the old graphics for smileys why not add them back?

#14 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-19 15:22:55

Latif wrote:

I know Oray's physics idea makes more sense, but you can really make better game play if the speed keeps the same: … fy4xiQ.png
(not my best curve)

I'm wondering what should happen if you're doing nothing on a slope. Maybe move the smiley down? So when holding left it would increase the "resultant force", which makes you go down faster: … l3ZPGA.png

They would have to tweak with the physics a bit, like the smiley when stopped on a block it fixes itself..

#15 Re: Game Suggestions » Put smilies into categories » 2018-01-19 15:17:44

Had the idea awhile back, smileys that look the same like the wizards or the 1st one..

Just hover over them and another window pops up showing the other varietys.

#16 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-13 22:31:58

LukeM wrote:

Well there are two main options with how these would work:

One is that they should work the same as stair blocks would in minecraft (but with 16 tiny steps), so when you fall vertically down none of that is converted to horizontal velocity, and when you move up them you move like you would on flat ground but moving upwards as well as sideways (with no extra vertical velocity). This would probably be the simplest to understand, but would still have a few problems as you stated in your post in the other topic (I dont think it would be as bad as you are making it sound though).

Another option would be to go all out on the realism, so they would work exactly the same as a ball would with a slope (but without elasticity). I think this would be the best option, and it wouldnt really break too much (as there wouldnt need to be many special cases like the other option would need), although it would still require a fair bit of effort and a good knowledge of physics to implement it.

Edit: If the second option were to be chosen, there would be the question of whether you should be able to stand still on a slope, or whether you should slide down. With the current physics engine there is no 'stiction', as drag is always proportional to speed (wheras in real life friction is constant), so something would need to change if you didnt want to slide.

As for the round blocks, you would just extend how sloped blocks would work to curved shapes, which would require some more sophisticated collision detection, and if you did option 2 then also gradient calculation, but overall I do think it would be possible (whether or not is should be added is another question though)

Exaclty, its not a horrible idea just needs work.

#17 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-13 05:28:58

I think both ideas can be approved and implemented into the game just need work, and if it does work don't use them..

#18 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-11 01:52:37

People want ramps and that work basically the same..

#19 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-08 03:32:52

They already confirmed they ain't adding ramps..

And if that's true we need another suggestion..

#20 Graphics Suggestions » Rounded blocks » 2018-01-08 02:07:13

Replies: 28

for a smooth look to worlds..


(graphic by AnatolyEE)

#21 Re: Game Suggestions » valentines ideas » 2018-01-03 15:21:58

Maybe not letters because people would abide that.

#22 Game Suggestions » valentines ideas » 2018-01-03 04:40:36

Replies: 6

A cupid smiley with wings and bag of arrow on his back.

Decor - Vase of flowers that are morphable with colors and design's.

Decor - hearts with phrases on them.

#23 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Thinking smiley » 2017-12-19 21:12:54

Would be nice maybe instead of the hand a lightbulb.

#24 Game Suggestions » color wheel block » 2017-07-31 00:50:57

Replies: 5

Basically a solid color block you can set to any color on the color wheel.
I think it would be good..

#25 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics ideas topic » 2017-07-04 14:07:08

soniiiety wrote:

cool idea btw they might already have it btw welcome to the forums you may msg if you want btw can you also have picture of what it would look like??

I'm not new to the forums. Ha and I'm not cool enough to make pictures of things sorry.

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