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#1 Re: Questions and Answers » how do ee hacked clients work? (for research purposes ofc) » 2023-01-24 21:33:19

i’m not sure how it works with EE offline but for old EE you could just edit the actionscript file and use your own .swf to play the game

there weren’t really any server side checks for “hacked” clients so people could kind of do whatever they wanted as long as they had a way to edit the actionscript

#2 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2023-01-23 07:30:44

Edilights wrote:

I won't be longer helping young players.
For who took care of me . I faded.
Nobody listened to a truthful person. That's right.
Well . I spoke correctly this time . It won't be locked .
This mystery should root up all dark secrets.

not sure if this is an outro or a poem but at any rate it didn't belong in Debates so i merged it here

#3 Creative » High Fashion » 2023-01-20 15:29:08

Replies: 0

i released a new song owo go stream that ****

#4 Re: Game Discussion » old ee gameplay videos » 2022-11-04 18:01:27

i love watching old gameplay. even without all the new fancy blocks and whatnot, just the physics in this game have always been so satisfying and fun. i think that was one of the biggest appeals and something that a lot of remakes have gotten wrong. EEU’s physics didn’t feel nearly as bouncy or satisfying.

i hope the new remake will get it right

#5 Re: Game Discussion » KIRA SAYS HELLO » 2022-10-15 03:27:41

don’t tell kira to be polite. hostility is the only way these forums stay active

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits v273 (New Update - Space hallucinations) » 2022-09-29 16:52:34

Victoria wrote:

°. this is bad

please stop coming on the forums only to be negative and talk bad about other people’s work. even a dead forum isn’t a place for that kind of ****

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Is the two-weeks gravedigging warning still relevant? » 2022-09-26 23:38:00

nah i don’t have access to the site’s source code, the only things i can manage are what’s actually built into the administration console

if anyone wants reputation back i can do that

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Is EE! ever going to be a thing? » 2022-09-19 02:22:29

Pqwerty wrote:

They've put a lot of money into it and I assume Stanya doesn't generally go out of her way to spend tens of thousands of dollars on nothing, so I assume EE! is going to be a thing one day. Maybe not like early 2019 soon but probably some time within the next decade or so

i think early 2019 is still a possibility

#11 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-15 23:12:10

can we all get access to dead chat and mafia chat

also rip to shadow when i scumread you and you actually were scum

i quickly tried to take back my vote but it was too late

#12 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-15 22:41:50

yeah i got lucky and role checked elijah n1. very convenient kill for us

thanks for playing everyone, i had fun. would love to play with y’all again

#16 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-14 13:27:47

we’re running out of time so i’m gonna hop on the wagon with the most votes

!vote 2b55b5g

i still feel like Gandhi is scum but based on the interactions today between 2b and Gandhi it appears highly probable that one mafia rests between the two of them. if 2b flips scum, easy peasy, that tells us Gandhi and Minimania are town. if 2b flips town today tho, Gandhi is an easy candidate for lynch tomorrow

#18 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 22:05:22

2b55b5g wrote:

why do you think Gandhi is a good lynch option if you think Pqwerty has a reasonable conclusion?

i think it's reasonable as in i don't think Pqwerty is just shouting random **** to try and solve, but i don't necessarily agree with it. as to why Grilyon was probably killed last night, i agree more with Pqwerty's first theory

2b55b5g wrote:

and i might've missed it but where did you pressure Gandhi?

here, here, and here (now that Marshmallow flipped town, Gandhi is a red flag to me)

#19 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 21:17:02

sorry for the billion posts in a row. i'm gonna be busy tonight so i wanted to get all my thoughts out lol

enjoy the bright turquoise filling this page

#20 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 21:15:53

or a Gikkle lynch. i'm still not fully convinced Gikkle is town

Gandhi or Gikkle would be solid choices

i made my case for Gikkle in multiple posts throughout my ISO if y'all want to look back

#21 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 21:14:16

i feel like a Gandhi lynch would be a wise idea today

if Gandhi flips scum, me, oli, and gikkle are pretty much cleared from all the pressure we've put on him, and with mini cleared, all of this highly narrows our lynch pool for tomorrow. it would pretty much be either Pqwerty or 2b

#22 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 21:03:36

grilyon gave us so little to go off of though it's hard to make accurate assumptions.

Minimania wrote:

Technically we could still have a bus driver

also this could also be true

#23 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 21:02:10

Pqwerty wrote:

Like what if this is a sign that our reads so far are all wrong up to the point where the mafia would rather kill an inactive to have us stay wrong and mischop Gandhi (the other vote candidate from yesterday) the same way we mischopped MM?

i was about to say you're reading too far into it but going off grilyon's last post this does seem like a reasonable conclusion

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 20:58:23

Oliwaz144 wrote:

also is this tmi that there 2 wolfs on wagon!??!?
!Vote BB
Sr you earlier already i think

can you explain your thought process here?

Oliwaz144 wrote:

Ooh it says its a tiered readslist the next post
Yeah then its BB for sure

and here??

scumreading me is one thing but just trying to stir things up for no reason when we're one day away from LYLO is not helpful whatsoever

#25 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 52 Game Thread (GAME OVER) » 2022-09-12 20:56:44

Minimania wrote:

Buzz how many games have you been in

Minimania wrote:


i haven't played in a couple years lol

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