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#1 Re: Worlds » 1,000!!!!! » Today 09:07:03

hi stay on topic please

#2 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » I'm so sorry. » 2018-05-28 07:23:58

Wow I didn’t think a joke topic could be derailed any further but y’all proved me wrong

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » excuse me why were forum discussion and bug reports switched » 2018-05-25 18:45:49

Made more sense to me to have four game-related subforums in a row rather than three game-related ones, the forum discussion one, and then another game-related one

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » Rename Rooms to Worlds » 2018-05-25 15:09:14

Also changed the positions of some of the sub-forums

#6 Re: Worlds » The Level Library 2 » 2018-05-19 18:23:41

Ooh nice, you should add the ones from Koto’s stickied topic too

#7 Re: Worlds » Random Art and Creative Levels - Last update: 30.04.2016 » 2018-05-19 13:05:28

Went ahead and un-stickied this topic since it's outdated.

Someone should really make an updated level list topic

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Last edited by » 2018-05-14 18:21:55

Mods/admins have the ability to silent edit, I think everyone else should too. Tbh what’s the point of seeing when a post was last edited?

#10 Re: Forum Discussion » Fix the forum welcome message » 2018-05-10 00:47:01

I had to make a new account to figure out what you were talking about
In case anyone was wondering, it's this:

#12 Re: Forum Discussion » Rename Rooms to Worlds » 2018-05-03 19:20:44

In that case Level Creation should be renamed to World Creation for the sake of consistency (not that it was consistent to begin with)

#13 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2018-05-03 09:46:06

soniiiety wrote:
TaskManager wrote:
soniiiety wrote:

my organs and body has alergic to mold and metals i also have a virus and fungus.

dude what. Is that yet another pseudoscience doctor

no search up on google shes a natropath etc , you can't search("eviromental clinic dr. bianca

God please see a real doctor and call the police on your mom

#14 Re: Game Discussion » HYPE THREAD » 2018-05-02 20:01:49

Bluecloud wrote:
NorwegianboyEE wrote:
Mait wrote:
benedani wrote:

but they are beta only and cost a LOT of energy individually

They're like 500 energy each, the robot is 750. It's really not that expensive

What if you want to for example replace 60 signs in your level with an NPC equivalent? That would take alot of energy...
Wouldn’t it be much cooler if you only had to make one bigger purchase or decreased the cost at least?
*wink wink*
*cough cough*

The problem is that NPCs take up quite a bit of processing in large amounts
They did this so there would be less NPCs
as with too many the NPCs a world will not save or save improperly

So what you're saying is a year from now when people have saved up enough energy to get hundreds of NPCs, everyone will be complaining about their worlds not saving?
This should've been considered before NPCs were released, even as beta

#15 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » How quickly could you get rid of three hudred thousand limes? » 2018-04-28 22:27:35

By getting rid do you mean there has to be no evidence that the limes were ever in your possession? Also are the limes boxed? Bagged? Are they just loose taking over my kitchen

#16 Re: Game Discussion » No Free Speech » 2018-04-24 23:11:06

closed, stop making all these topics
and @everyone pls just report instead of replying

#17 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2018-04-16 15:22:22

let’s stop replying to the gravedig

closed for now unless someone thinks there’s still a discussion to be had here

#18 Re: Game Discussion » REMOVE VISIBLE PORTALS REMOVE VIISLBE GRAVITY » 2018-04-16 15:19:10

if you’re gonna make joke topics at least make them funny


#19 Re: Game Discussion » [...] moreso about game rules. (a scuffle on my level) » 2018-04-15 10:50:02

merged topics, in turn closing AK's topic

y'all are literally the most dramatic people

good for the forums tho, makes it interesting

but chill

#20 Re: Forum Discussion » Have you ever witnessed a raid? » 2018-04-14 11:46:15

I've seen many a raid through my days on the forums but this is one I actually missed because hummerz dealt with it like 30 minutes before I checked the forums lol
They're always fun

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » Good Post Award » 2018-04-11 21:13:12

I really don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I feel that this is too formal for these forums. The fun thing about woots is the room for interpretation. I warn users for making a rule-breaking post, but sometimes I’ll woot the same post if it’s funny or something just because it’s not that deep lol

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