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#1 Re: Forum Discussion » My Internet » Yesterday 16:01:09

When I see someone double post the exact same thing within seconds of each other I don't issue a warning because it's usually pretty clear that it was an accident

#3 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Joke Suggestions » 2017-09-18 17:37:47

AnatolyEE wrote:

Damn... The topic's sense died faster then expected.




#4 Re: Forum Discussion » EE forums actually dead » 2017-09-18 10:00:48

what happened to Creature, btw?

he was the source of this forum's life

#6 Re: Forum Discussion » EE forums actually dead » 2017-09-17 02:08:31

Someone needs to start up more drama smh

#7 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Off-Topic Discussion thread » 2017-09-14 04:34:17

Pingohits wrote:

the heck is a wallmat and why do people put mats on their walls answer rapidly

isnt that where people go to buy cheap, generic clothes and dishwasher detergent

in other news, my laptop (Dell XPS 13) sometimes doesn't go to sleep when i close it and when i come back to it, it will be super hot and/or dead. does anyone know wat i can do 2 fix

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » BULLETIN: kick hummerz5 off the basis of authority WHOO!!!!!!!!!! ^<^ » 2017-09-11 23:31:14

I don't know what any of this means but I'm moving it to forum discussion and closing it because we have enough topics about hummerz5

#9 Re: Game Discussion » NEW MAGIC BRICK !!!!!!!!!!! » 2017-09-10 06:16:26

okay y'all can stop talking about where the topic is gonna go. Since it's a new brick that hasn't been publicly announced I guess it's fine here for now.

Anyway ye discuss the brick I guess

#10 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » what is planet earth look like from planet earth » 2017-09-08 03:11:59

no fun allowed
seriously tho let's not post nonsensical topics

#11 Re: Game Discussion » NEW MAGIC BRICK !!!!!!!!!!! » 2017-09-08 03:10:03

Ernesdo wrote:
BuzzerBee wrote:

im confused

are u saying u got a magic brick even though you already have them all? if so it should be moved to bug reports

or are u just saying you got a magic brick? bc then it should be merged with look what i got

why would you move something thats already confirmed a feature to bug reports

Bc I didn't know it wasn't a bug this topic is literally just a title and a screenshot there's not much for me to go off of

#12 Re: Game Discussion » NEW MAGIC BRICK !!!!!!!!!!! » 2017-09-08 01:31:46

im confused

are u saying u got a magic brick even though you already have them all? if so it should be moved to bug reports

or are u just saying you got a magic brick? bc then it should be merged with look what i got

#13 Re: Game Suggestions » Allow 6 repeats » 2017-09-04 06:55:04

moved to game suggestions. I feel like this has definitely been brought up before but i dont even know what to search so if someone can find a previous topic, lmk and I'll merge

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Admins please read. Important message from all CHAT buyers in the past » 2017-09-04 06:52:14

rdash wrote:

I want a refund for the hundreds of "Potion of Flaunt" that I was tricked into buying!

haha i was first to woot

also people have been complaining about this for years. im pretty sure EE is already in the hole financially so refunding everyone's chat would really add up and put whoever the hell owns this game now into more debt

#15 Re: Level Creation » TOOP and Badoosh Cut Content » 2017-09-04 06:43:15

Hello friends please be kind to each other there's no need to be rude about people's worlds. Just offer constructive criticism. Thanks, ta ta for now

#16 Re: Forum Discussion » Here I made new lobby graphics :D tell me if u like it » 2017-09-01 21:06:40

Thanks for turning yourself in, champ

Moved to forum discussion and closed

Also general reminder, if you're replying to spam you are also spamming, both marco and slabdrill have been warned

#17 Re: Forum Discussion » a good forum suggestions » 2017-08-22 07:01:40

god you guys bicker about everything

if you want forum games to be gone, actually make a decent topic and state your case clearly and for the love of god dont turn the thread into a flame war

as of now there's no reason to get rid of forum games


#18 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » what's your favorite soft drink? » 2017-08-08 23:58:30

I'm not a big soda fan, but I'll throw down on some ginger ale if that counts
Idk why everyone's posting a pic but I'll do it too I guess

Also side note, how many of you nubs call it "pop"

#19 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » when u realize » 2017-08-07 18:07:51

Oh god, I posted this almost two years ago and now I'm at about a third of my life spent on EE how bout y'all

#20 Re: Forum Discussion » GOOD ban reason » 2017-07-30 04:01:25

Ok I think we have enough rant topics about hummerz. You guys know the rules please stop attacking him for doing his job.

#21 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Guys, i need help! Quick! » 2017-07-26 17:20:42

Can we stop with these types of posts, please?

#22 Re: Game Discussion » EE might dye? Here are my ideas. » 2017-07-26 02:29:01

we don't need one of these topics, let alone two

#24 Re: Forum Discussion » Calling Out Hummerz PART 4 » 2017-07-16 23:18:52

Closed pls stop drunk-posting
O also I moved this to forum discussion

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