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#1 2024-06-10 22:57:22, last edited by MartenM (Yesterday 14:27:26)

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[PixelWalker] BETA - Realms

It has been no secret that I think world discovery in EE should be done differently. Example 1 Example 2
So instead of just making another suggestion, I decided to make one bot to rule them all.


Start discovering a list of curated, and rated levels by difficulty. Or browse (completable) community entries that have been submitted!
Upload your own and compete for the top 1 rank in trophies!

Pick a world, start playing and compete for that number 1 spot!
Or for the builders: Start building, publish your world and get builder points!


Publishing a world
Use the command following command in the lobby:

.publish <world_id> <difficulty>

Follow the instructions to finish the publishing process.

Planned features:

  • Better Web UI

  • Player Profiles

  • Builder highscores

  • Different levels of features

  • Duration of a world in UI (Based on previous completions)

  • Ability to update a level

All PixelWalker rules apply by default.
Cheating is not allowed and will result in a ban in Realms. It's that easy!

Known issues:
Ghost bots stay connected

World copyrights
Want you world removed? Contact me, I used some initial worlds to test the system with.
Other members cannot upload your worlds!


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#2 2024-06-10 23:36:44

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Re: [PixelWalker] BETA - Realms

Crazy stuff man, I told you in game how astonished I was to see this. Once I am done with my 8th world, I will submit all of them


Wooted by:

#3 2024-06-11 04:44:19

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Re: [PixelWalker] BETA - Realms

moved to game discussion



#4 Yesterday 14:26:45, last edited by MartenM (Today 07:40:39)

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Re: [PixelWalker] BETA - Realms

Realms has undergone quite some changes in the meantime.
I will post updates here periodically.

Changes since last update:

  • High scores for builders

  • Better icons for difficulty

  • More robust layout

  • Checkmarks on world completions

  • Improved world preview

  • Player profiles

Realms bot:

  • World portals are now spawned in the lobby world

  • Replays are now being saved.

  • Builders are credited on joining the world.

And probably some more changes I forgot to list.
Image on the forum post has also been updated.


Ingame: marten22        My steam: MartenM



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