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#1 Re: Game Discussion » KIRA SAYS HELLO » 2022-10-15 08:46:37

Pqwerty wrote:

Just like this post, this is completely unprovoked and out of nowhere, but you guys should totally read these EE fanfics. Hopefully this event can inspire some more.         (Kira: I was just pretending to like you. It's not like I love EE! and EEO just isn't cutting it for me and I'm trying to bully you into making your game faster so I can finally get my fix because it hurts so much without it. Baka.)

My Neighbor is my Boyfriend Legendary Series: Magical Girl Kira x XENONETIX Act IV Scene 69
[The scene starts with Kira and Xenonetix hugging tightly. In the background, the cherry blossoms are blooming while the sun sets.]

KIRA: I wub u so much XENONETIX-kun.
XENONETIX: I know, and I love you, too. But...
KIRA: But wut?
XENONETIX: You know that a relationship between a game owner and his best player is forbidden.
KIRA: No 1 will evr no. We can keep it a secrit.
[XENONETIX touches KIRA on the shoulder. KIRA shivers.]
XENONETIX: I can't keep it a secret. You know I can't control myself around you.
[XENONETIX leans in for the kiss, but KIRA pulls back.]
XENONETIX: Kira-kun...
KIRA: Th-This isn't right anymore... You can either have the game, or you can have me.
XENONETIX: What's your end game here?
KIRA: I want you, Xeno-kun. And I want us to come out together...
[There is a very long pause. XENONETIX turns around and turns his face back at KIRA.]
XENONETIX: I'm sorry...This game is my livelihood. Without it, I am nothing.
KIRA: [shouting] Well you mean something to me, regardl-
XENONETIX: [interrupts and begins to walk away] No, Kira. We're through. I have a game to run, and five other male roommates to attend to.
[Another long pause. XENONETIX is probably 30 ft away.]
KIRA: [shouting] Screw you, you pervert! Pedo! I hate your guts! I hope you get replaced by your head programmer! I never want to see you again!
[KIRA knew he didn't mean what he said. XENONETIX sprints back to him, his 5.7 flying in the breeze.]
XENONETIX: [shouting] You never want to see me again, huh?! Well, FINE. You're BANNED from my game.
KIRA: Xeno-kun... You're going too far! I'm the best player on there! You can't do this to me! I thought we were fr- [Kira pauses, and then whispers] lovers.
XENONETIX: You're right, Kira. We WERE lovers, but now...
[XENONETIX turns around again and begins to walk home]
XENONETIX: We're nothing.
XENONETIX: Goodbye Kira. Good luck...
[The camera pans to KIRA, falling on his knees, his hands glued to his face as he begins to weep. XENONETIX waves without bothering to face KIRA. He just continues walking towards the sunset.]

Now my bed sheets smell like you (By: Orton)
You are a fortune teller and Xenonetix is a freelance video game developer, you and Xenonetix have been best friends for years but things change when Satanya mistaken's you for Xenonetix's girlfriend.
This story happens in the same universe as my last story with Kyungsoo
Chapter 1
Chapter Text
"I finished it!" Your best friend basically yells into the phone causing you to pull your cell away from your ear.
"Well hello to you to Xenonetix" You say, smiling to yourself. The phone ringing had forced you to get out of bed and greet the day, although you would have been fine with laying in bed doing nothing at all for the day.
"I'm coming to get you, we have to play it and make sure everything is working they way its meant to." He says.
"Didn't we already do that?" you ask, walking around your apartment in oversized pajamas.
"Yeah but I had to fix allot so we have to play it again." He said like it was common knowledge.
"Okay, how soon are you going to be here?" you ask, you look down at your light blue, cloud print pajamas knowing Xenonetix would kill someone to see you in your pajamas while you were without a bra.
"I'm almost there" He says.
"Okay so should I change now or let you help me?" You tease. This was something the two of you did often. Not so much flirting as it was a game of who could make the other more awkward. At first he would win all the time but in the last few months you've been wining more.
He groans into the phone "Oh god, please let me help"
You laugh. "Okay I'll wait for you"
"See you soon" He says and hangs up.

You do actually wait for him to show up, this made the game more interesting. It was like playing chicken. See how far you'd go before pulling away. You found out that he loved the idea of helping you undress but when you actually told him to he became very hesitant. The furthest he could go was unbuttoning your shirt.
Your other friends thought it was weird that you would do this with a man you weren't sleeping with and weirder when you told them that you two were just friends. But it was fun and no one took it farther than the other was comfortable with so you saw no reason to stop. Xeno would talk a big talk but couldn't walk the walk.
When Xeno did show up you made sure you had the top button of you pajamas undone before answering the door. "Finally, I thought I was going to have to undress myself" you tease as he walks in.
"I'd never leave you in a horrible situation like that" he says, stepping close to you and pushing the door closed.
"Ah, my hero" you say, reaching your arms up around his neck and hugging him.
He smiles and hugs you back, sliding one hand up your back. You feel him tense up as he realizes you don't have a bra on. "OKAY!" he says stepping backwards, freeing himself from the hug "You... You just... go change now"
"I could change right here" you say popping open the next button on your night shirt.
"NO!" He steps forward, his hands catching your shirt and holding it closed "I-I think you should in the bathroom" He says, trying and failing to keep a cool composure.
You laugh. "I don't know if I'm getting better at this or if you are getting worse Xeno"
"You're not playing fair" He says pouting.
You shrug "there are no rules against what I do, you just cant take it"
He lets go of your shirt, still pouting. "go change cheater"
You walk towards the bathroom "Should I leave the door open for you?"
"Stop it" He says.

You laugh, pulling the door closed behind you before quickly changing and putting some makeup on. When you come out of the bathroom you find Xenonetix sitting on your bed looking through your phone. "Did you find my nudes yet?"
"What?" He asks, looking at you with wide eyes and tossing your phone to the other side of the bed.
You walk over and pick up your phone, frowning at him "Are you okay? It's never been this easy to win before"
He shrugs. "Yeah, I haven't been sleeping much these last few weeks, that's probably what's wrong"
You sit next to him. "Is it the game that's been keeping you up?"
He shakes his head, his brown hair falling in front of his fivehead. "I don't know what it is"
"Maybe you need to have sex?" You say laughing.
He smacks your arm looking at you appalled. "When did you get so carefree about talking about these things?"
You shrug, still laughing.
He shakes his head. "I mean if you're offering I won't say no"
You shove his shoulder "There's the Xeno I know. And I wasn't offering"
He smiles and stands up, holding his hand out to you so he can help you up. "Come on, we have a long day of video gaming"
"Work, Work, Work" you groan sarcastically walking with him to your door. You grab your keys and bag, locking your door behind you.
~~~ (edited)

Xenonetix lives with a girl called Satanya, you've only her him a few times. She apparently has a job as a driver for some important guy so she's not around much, and when she is home he's catching up on sleep. Since Satanya is at work you and Xeno don't worry about keeping quiet, not that Xeno is ever quiet while playing video games.
"There's a one on one boss you can participate in now, shall we give that a try?" Xeno says, he's sitting on the couch next to you, blankets, pillows, and snacks are everywhere in the living room making it feel like a giant pillow fort.
"Sure, what do I get when I win?" You say, following his character on the computer screen. You see him grin from the corner of you eye before he answers you.
"How about the looser of each minigame has to take off an article of clothing?" He say, turning to look at you.
"Sure, but you cant blame the lack of clothing for any losses" You say.
He looks at you confused "Why would-"
"Are you saying that if I were sitting here in just my underwear you wouldn't be distracted?" you say, pretending to have your feeling hurt.
His ears turn pink and he looks away, grumbling "No..."
You laugh and 30 seconds into the first mini Xeno's death count is at 50. Xeno is staring at the monitor, his mouth hanging open. You grin at him. "come on Xeno, you have to take something off, it was your idea in the first place."
He pouts and pauses before pulling off his shirt. Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Who knew he looked that good under the loos fitting shirts he always wore? He notices you staring and hugs a pillow to his chest.
"Stop you're making this weird" He says, pink tinting his cheeks.
"Since when did you look like that? When have you been working out? Why haven't I seen you without your shirt on?" you ask, trying to pull the pillow away.

He laughs "I guess I'm not the one that's going to be distracted"
"Guess not. Would you quit? I want to touch your abs" you say swatting his hands away.
"What? Why?" he asks grabbing your wrists and holding your hands away from him.
"Because..." you falter, you don't have a good reason, you just want to touch him.
He smiles at you "Wait, y/n... Do you think I'm attractive?"
You frown at him. "Well you aren't ugly"
His smile gets bigger as he looks at you. "Aww. But no, no touching while we are playing."
"Rude" you say, picking your keyboard up again.
The next minigame lasts a bit longer but again you win. When you look over at Xeno, he's hanging his head in shame. "I made this, how are you beating me?"
"You didn't think this through did you?" you ask looking over at him "I mean how many more times can you loose before you're naked? Three?"
"Shut up" He says, pulling off a sock and tossing it at you.
You laugh and direct your character to the next minigame. This one Xeno wins. You roll your eyes at how excited he gets about not loosing. You unbutton your shirt and pull it off, you're now in an almost see through tank top, you underwear, jeans and socks. You still have more on than Xeno. His cheeks are tinted pink as he watches you remove your shirt, and he looks away quickly when he notices he can see your bra through the tank top.
"What no comment?" you ask, scooting closer to him.

He shakes his head and you nudge him in the ribs with your elbow before going back to the game. A few more minigames down Xeno is in just his underwear and you've taken the tank top off. Xeno has a blanket over his lap he says to keep him warm but you know its because he's being shy.
"Okay Xeno its been 6 hours. I think I'm going to head home" You say, placing the keyboard on the coffee table.
"Aww already?" He asks pouting.
"What do you mean already? Its been 6 hours" you repeat.
He keeps pouting. "Okay"
"I'll be back tomorrow" you say before reaching over and placing your hand on his belly.
He yelps in surprise and wiggles away from you but its too late, you've already touched his abs. You smile at him before pulling your shirts back on and heading to the door.
"Bye!" He calls from the couch
"Bye" You laugh because he always walks you out but because of his own doing he is currently almost naked in the other ro

Naw no way we just gonna let this pass by bro wrote a whole fanfic about him and some other guy on a dead forum lmao

#2 Re: Creative » officual pecae fanar tthraed » 2020-04-02 02:31:03

I actually believe Peace is gonna go down in  EE history

#3 Forum Discussion » Theres only one solution » 2020-02-18 03:21:11

The Party Animal
Replies: 1

we must sacrifice peace and make it seem like he was never alive.

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » Worst Forum Mods (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) » 2020-01-02 08:49:44

can we go for EE Staff also cause Xeno takes the cake

#5 Re: Game Suggestions » ramps in eeu » 2019-12-20 21:25:11

lets not forget ramps for the disabled EE users this would be very helpful

#6 Re: Game Suggestions » ramps in eeu » 2019-12-20 01:56:30

Onjit wrote:

i think eeu should have ramps

thank you for reading


#7 Re: Game Suggestions » gun in eeu » 2019-12-10 01:10:14

peace wrote:
Pqwerty wrote:

As a fellow American to this patriotic Onjit, I approve this message!!!!!

i  still find it a werid alaw that you may own a gun in america you see what happens on schools.. many kdi sdie if one kid goes crazy

yes kid gun school shoot bad ee gun me shoot gun in ee yes

#8 Re: Creative » Santa's List » 2019-12-07 06:46:07

That feeling of finding all the dead bodies i've hidden since the last Christmas would be nice

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Xenonetix » 2019-10-21 02:04:59

Their argument went from South Park to a game and then went to a video and then to families and then to cussing each other out sounds about right from every argument I seen before.

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » custom smileys » 2019-06-21 20:24:49

Play the "can't believe my gf actually passed away" card

#11 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-12 03:06:51

I see more drama on EE then a "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" episode.

#12 Re: Questions and Answers » What aura is this? » 2018-11-10 20:54:31

From what I remember i think that was the old EE Beta Aura when you bought that Beta BS

#13 Re: Game Discussion » I have received my Bubble aura. » 2018-10-15 02:35:46

peace wrote:
Kira wrote:

God bless for giving me this aura! … 7vq2zg.png

Flex a pic if you have also received yours!

... ... ... you call that a bubble aura ((tjpo i woudl liek tosee him inside the aura)


#16 Re: Questions and Answers » Gem transfer, and delete the second account » 2018-08-12 15:42:35

Damn why you gotta do that to him you must be really stupid to not understand what he's saying I know his grammar is a little off but even i understand what he's trying to say.

filter dodge is a no no -hz5

#17 Re: Forum Discussion » what happened and why is this a thing » 2018-08-12 15:36:47

This happens to me also but I see no problem with it it literally loads for like 5 seconds.

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » how gnostics and illuminati has effected humans and us today|IMPORTANT » 2018-08-11 00:44:38

It's all this stuff you watch the reason you have all these weird dreams lmao

#20 Re: Game Suggestions » Usernames with upper and lower case characters in the reboot pls » 2018-08-07 17:02:55

Trytu wrote:
TaskManager wrote:


why do you shouting?

Shouting do you why?*

#22 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Piano » 2018-08-05 16:01:20

EDIT : He uses a piano as a background beat

#23 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits T-Shirts! » 2018-08-02 03:32:30

Jet wrote:
Kkay wrote:

why does the mouth look like a pocket ****? lmao

censor dodge - don't do it -hz5

#24 Re: Game Business » Fanboy Smileys From T-Shirts, Mugs & Phone Cases! » 2018-08-02 03:21:42

If these dont make money theirs gonna be cutbacks from the staff team im sorry but....Zoey you're gonna have to go

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