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#1 Re: Game Discussion » everybody edits has an imzy now! » 2016-06-16 19:18:10

Firstly, why not just use the forums? Secondly, why not just use one of two reddits instead if you aren't happy with the forum?

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Overlapping auras » 2016-06-04 20:48:26

Kirby wrote:
skullz17 wrote:
Pyromaniac wrote:
Bimps wrote:

did you use a clickbait title





#3 World Creation » The Dome [Demo Version] » 2016-06-02 20:54:35

Replies: 0

I've been working on my level, The Dome, for a while now (although there was a small 5-month break // and I'm really proud of what I've made so far.  One of the goals of this level is to look nice for the player directly as well as have good gameplay, and focusing on minimap looks second (Hence things like blue streaks on the minimap). I'll start to finish it soon-ish, but until then I will make small improvements or planning for the future. I just have to find the time to work on it.

Anyways, heres the game.


#4 Re: Game Suggestions » Compensation » 2015-11-16 13:33:05

So, basically, the developers of the game are multiplying you current amount of everything by infinity and you want some rewards back for it? No. Just take the free crap and be happy. It's not as if they are removing those items from the game.

Also, you're forgetting on essential thing. Me and the hundreds of others who have bought builders club that will just go to waste soon. I think that any days of BC you had left should be transferred over to Gold Membership days.

• I am a Builders Club member and have a few months left. What happens to my Builders Club membership?
It will automatically be converted in a Gold Membership.

Nevermind that last part //

#5 Re: Questions and Answers » Daily Rewards » 2015-10-23 01:15:12

I got admin powers already, what's next?

#6 Re: Questions and Answers » Question For Staff (Yearly Fundraiser) » 2015-10-20 12:36:46

But if everyone gets the blocks, what is the point of shop?

#7 Re: Game Discussion » GEM HUNT | Sixteen Days of Halloween » 2015-10-15 04:11:28

I figured it out already. Here's the full explanation:

Hidden text

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Everbody edits 2 is coming out tomorrow! (AYB: BOOOO put bad comments! » 2015-10-11 19:55:31

Hey, everybody, don't be so quick to judge. This could be the ultimate block-building 2d experience with HD graphics and a world-renown physics engine. It could begin a gaming revolution and open up new gateways of quality for all art forms.

Just kidding, this will never happen.

#9 Re: Game Suggestions » gem reward for completing endurance campaign » 2015-10-02 01:46:14

How about a mystery reward? It chooses one block/smiley you don't already have (If you have them all, there's also spike, fire, etc.) and gives it to you? You just have to hope you don't get unlucky and get something you didn't want...

#10 Re: Bug Reports » EXTREME lag in movement only. » 2015-10-02 01:39:08

Hexagon wrote:
Purge2202 wrote:

So I have been experiencing huge lag when moving, but all other functions stay the same. [...]

I get this sometimes, except it's a little different; key presses are relatively lag free but the frames are so low (1-2 FPS) it's really really hard to see what's going on.

Check the task manager to see if anything is using unnecessarily high CPU, or using too much ram. If you're using Linux, try disabling intel_powerclamp using sudo rmmod intel_powerclamp.

I find that the latest Firefox works better with Flash than Chrome, but that's just me. What browser are you using?

I've tested in both Chrome & FF, but I mainly use chrome. It happens in both.


Do you happen to know if you are touching a sign (or two) when you experience this lag?

I was never fast enough to make it to a sign, so no.

#11 Re: Game Suggestions » Selectable Text on Signs (and clickable links-ish) » 2015-10-01 12:39:40

Different55 wrote:

What if we only allowed links to the forums, where all links are moderated?

Just an idea.

It could be like this:



#12 Re: Bug Reports » EXTREME lag in movement only. » 2015-10-01 12:38:35

rudik3000 wrote:
Purge2202 wrote:
rudik3000 wrote:

You'd better.

I'd better what?

Go and buy better pc

Did you not see my previous post? I've even tried this on my freinds PC, and it's able to run GTA5 fine, but the bug still happens. I swear, It's like people see the word lag and don't read any of the posts & just assume "Oh, it must be his PC".

#13 Re: Bug Reports » EXTREME lag in movement only. » 2015-10-01 12:20:08

rudik3000 wrote:

You'd better.

I'd better what?

#14 Re: Bug Reports » EXTREME lag in movement only. » 2015-10-01 12:14:32

It's not just me though. I have asked several other users and they experience it also, so it can't just be me needing a better PC. Also, I very clearly stated that half the time it's fine and every other function works fine. That's not how a laggy PC works, making 1 single function in one game lag only.

#15 Re: Game Suggestions » Crew Chat! » 2015-10-01 03:29:59

TPA2 wrote:
Purge2202 wrote:

Just slap a "Chat" button there and it's all good.

you dont just slap a chat button and it works theres alot of stuff you have to do for it to work

I know that, I program myself. I was just referring to the placement in that sentence.

#16 Game Suggestions » Crew Chat! » 2015-10-01 01:00:40

Replies: 3

Why not add a Crew Chat? It could be VERY useful. It could be in 2 places (Yes, both of them).

Firstly, In the crew tab. Just slap a "Chat" button there and it's all good!

Secondly, In levels. The bottom bar could simple have a crew chat button. It would switch out the main chat with Crew Chat. This would make talking across worlds much easier.

#17 Bug Reports » EXTREME lag in movement only. » 2015-10-01 00:48:02

Replies: 13

So I have been experiencing huge lag when moving, but all other functions stay the same. Placing blocks, picking blocks, and typing are all okay. This happens like every other day, some days it's perfectly fine. The worst offender is campaigns, where the problem happens most. When i try to move, I must hold for a really long time in order to move at all, and when i do move, it goes all the way to the next wall (Or 14 blocks). Trying to move short distances doesn't work, no matter how long I wait after a relatively short button press, only holding has an effect.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » Feedback and brainstorming: The Block Bar » 2015-09-30 12:37:07

Spinastar wrote:


Today I worked on two more suggestions for the block bar.

But before talking about them I think the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

1) Old players may know exactly where every block is without the need to see them all, but new players may always want to see all their block inventory.
3) We do NOT want to hit extra buttons when building like pages or extra menus for blocks as they require LOTS of time (at least if you intend to use 10+ different blocks)

All your ideas are great, but I don't agree with these statements...

I'm an old player for sure, and I have no freaking idea where everything is.

Also, if you don't want to switch pages, be on the page with eh most blocks you need & put the others on your block bar at the bottom. Easy peasy.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Feedback and brainstorming: The Block Bar » 2015-09-29 23:56:46

Spinastar wrote:

This is my personal suggestion:

The quickbar would work just as it does now BUT when clicking on a block title (or maybe alt/ctrl clicking?) it adds the block pack itself to the quickbar, thus making it easier than selecting the single ones you need.

EDIT: The width of the block bar could be selected as an option (as in small, medium or large) allowing more or less blocks to be shown on each page and thus determining a smaller or greater amount of pages.

EDIT2: Here is what a "Large" Block Bar would look like:

I agree with this.

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Sales? » 2015-09-27 20:13:58

JaWapa wrote:

everything is going to be 20% more Expensive


#22 Re: Game Discussion » Update Spoilers » 2015-09-27 20:05:46

The update is so hyped that the hype broke my flash palyer

#25 Re: Game Discussion » Sales? » 2015-09-27 02:09:03

AYB wrote:

yeah and if yer gemenrous give all of us 15 gems

There is a difference between sales and giving away money...

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