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Warning types

Name Description Points
Minimodding Attempting to do the mod's job for them. For example "You're going to get warned for that" or "That post is spam please stop." While the thought is appreciated, if you see a post breaking the rules you should report it and let us handle it. 0
Off-Topic Continuing to post content irrelevant to the topic after a polite request to stop. 1
Spam (Minor) Posting in the wrong topic, or posting something that doesn't add to the discussion. This includes ads. 1
Spam Posting nonsensical or incomprehensible content. Or ads. 2
Inappropriate (Language) Swearing and using vulgar language while evading the censor. In general, any language that isn't appropriate around children. 2
Troublemaking Unnecessary rudeness, or purposefully trying to start a fight. 2
Inappropriate (Minor) Posting content that may not be appropriate for children. 2
Report Abuse Repeatedly reporting posts that should not have been reported.
Basically, wasting the staff's time with false reports.
Inappropriate For nsfw links, sexual imagery, or explicit language. 3
Account Fraud Creating an unauthorized alternate account to evade a ban. 3
Personal Info (Minor) Posting the personal information of another person without their consent. For example, real name, email, picture, stuff like that. 3
Nub General purpose warning for things that aren't technically against the rules, but are disruptive to the forums. Typically you'll be asked to stop whatever it is you're doing, and if you don't that's where this warning comes in. 3
Flaming (Minor) Like flaming but minor 3
Garbage For purposefully posting complete trash. 3
Flaming Verbally (textually?) attacking another forum member. For example "I hope you die" or "You're bimpsing retarded." 5
Illegal Posting illegal content. 6
Personal Info Posting the personal information of another user such as facebook or address with malicious intent. 6

Automatic bans

Ban period Reason
1 days 3 points
3 days 6 points
7 days 9 points
1 months 12 points
3 months 15 points
6 months 18 points

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