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Red Ninja Reviews: Super Drift 3D

I was initially debating whether I want to put this on Creative or Game Discussion, but if any staff member wants to place this into Creative then, I'm cool with that, but I guess the main reason why I'm putting this here first, is because I have made the red ninja return, as a game critic now:

May or May not contain Swearing

And so far with this series I'm planning on continuing, here are my plans for future games so far (or maybe anime if you guys want me to get to that):
1. Super Drift 3D (Done)
2. Initial D: Mountain Vengeance (Upcoming)
3: ???
4: ???
5: ???

So if you guys got any game suggestions that you want me to criticize as the "Red Ninja", feel free to leave it down on replies please, or if you have criticism of your own on what I should improve on, feel free to put down those too, or just simple comments.
Thanks for reading this post, and hope everyone's still doing well!

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Re: Red Ninja Reviews: Super Drift 3D

Moved to Creative since Game Discussion is for EE stuff.

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Re: Red Ninja Reviews: Super Drift 3D

do everybody edits



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